Your Comments About Saudi Arabia are Wrong

Listen people I have read your comments and half of them are wrong I'm a 16 year old Saudi girl I don't cover my hair or face in public most of the time no one said anything to me for 16 years of my life no one ever made me cover up I only started wearing my abaya last year and I don't even close it sure if you come visit our country you have to wear it but still when you go to other peoples countries you should respect our culture and not diss it. As for women can't drive is not because they consider women as lower class citizens but because we have one of the highest accident rates in the world if you want to drive you have to be rude or else you won't be able to drive there plus we have a law that states if an officer sees a woman driving he has no right to pull her over and arrest her. I honestly love my country and half the comments I read were wrong my country will pay for my university education. universities are free in Saudi Arabia regardless of gender plus they give you a small salary of about 1000 riyals. Also if you get good marks they send you to study outside the country any where you want whether it's a nacho lees degree or a masters or doctors covering living and food expenses and will pay for the first one or two years needed to learn the language you're going to study in. Plus college education in Saudi Arabia is available for everyone though the Saudi will have the better chance of getting accepted but for foreigners who get like really high grades they can go to public universities we have private universities as well for everyone who's able to pay. Plus I actually like our king he's a kind hearted man but he's a very old man that's very sick so the people who work for him take advantage of that sure we have a bit of corruption in the government but it's slowly getting fixed. Women do have rights and the husband is obliged to pay her a salary even if she does have a job and the husband has to pay for his children as well and the mother isn't obliged to pay a single penny from her pocket. And even if a woman gets divorced her former husband still has to provide her with a home and pays for her until she gets remarried. But sadly sometimes these laws are ignored by some but the woman that don't have their right like if the man doesn't provide money for her or their children or the husband hits her or something or if he cheats on her she can go to court and take her rights but sadly a lot of women don't do that cause they don't want their problems made public. So if anyone does feel like dissing my country I would like you to actually have evidence like a written law or something and for those who judge a country by going to one place please think again by the way we do have YouTube. I once went to this town near the border in Germany and I hated it because the people were so rude then we went inside Germany and met other people in other towns and actually the people we very nice so don't judge a country by one city. Saudi Arabia has many people with diffrent ethnicities and cultures it a big country so don't judge a book by its cover I myself lived in many countries Canada, Italy, uk. So I'm able to look at the good side and bad side I know a lot of people who cover them selfs in Islam it's a choice and mainly covering oneself is a choice and no one should force anyone to cover up I know some people make their daughters cover up against their will but I know some people who don't but their daughters do cover themselves and those daughters deserve respect. As for the people flirting I know some guys do that but they don't do that cause their horny they do that for fun it's not nice but we have some youth that spend their time wisley we have a lot of youth foundations that have a lot of charity work like cleaning up beaches or raising money for cancer and these foundations are for youths regardless of gender I did some volunteer work and the guys were very respectable they never flirt or do anything to offend you and they treat you with respect and that is the Islamic way that Quran has taught us to respect people regardless of religion ethnicity or gender so I would very much appreciate if people don't judge an entire country just because a few individuals


You should not pay attention to racists. They don't know anything about history. They cannot understand that there is not even one pure race in this world. German, English, French and all the countries of this world are a mix of tribes and civilizations. Wake up people and stop being so dismissive about other countries. There are a lot for you to read and learn. People who look down on the Arabic world are stupid. The Arabic civilization is one of the greatest. I tell you that without being prejudiced, because I'm a Christian and I'm from Europe, so I'm not partial at all, just objective.

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