I Live in India and I am a Damn Proud Indian


Enough said for you haters. You say we are "Smelly". Oh really? Like every single person in your country reeks of fragrances.

You say we are "unhygienic". No, I live in India. I know about it. As far as I know, most of us brush, bath and do all that stuff everyday!

You say we are rude and arrogant? Which country is their in this world has every single citizen extremely sweet, kind and polite. EVERY SINGLE CITIZEN? Every country has "those" kind of people. If you visit India, you will find many genuinely kind and generous people. And I am saying the truth here. "Our accents are annoying". Is it our fault? We were perfectly speaking out Language Hindi until the brits invaded us and "forced" us to learn English. Every country has different Indian accents. You find british accents oh so amazing, what is wrong with ours? It's not our fault how it sounds. But we try! We try to learn them. "We are poor". Yeah, blame the UK. It's a fact, we were one of the most richest empire in the world before they invaded us. Before they took away all the gold, Jewels, money and everything to their country and forced the people in India to work for them with absolutely low pay. "We are not nice to british people". Oh really? WHy don't you go and ask them how they killed, brutually whipped, BURNT, shot and murdered Indians when they were ruling here. How the BRITISH OFFICERS raped the women here. And you say, Indians are rude. HA. Yes, we may have problems of corruption, poverty and rape but we are working on them! Modi have come to India and I am sure corruption will be gone. Which country doesn't have a bit of corruption? Again poverty is a problem which we are trying to solve slowly, and we are making progress! And the raping percentage has decreased immensely. Thousands of foreigners come and visit our India everyday! We are proud of our culture and Taj Mahal. We don't kick out the visitors do we? "We copied Hollywood" No bitch we didn't. We also love movies. Indians also watch Hollywood movies. What's wrong with making movies in our language for our preferences? You didn't say this when you gave an oscar to Slumdog Millionaire AN ORIGINAL Bollywood MOVIE. What's wrong if we like to listen to English and Hindi both songs? This is our culture. And we are proud of it. I personally love other countries, but I would come to defend my country, my mother nation whenever someone attacks it. "We are racists". No we are not. It's like you just want to highlight our negative qualities and make a issue out of it. Every country has their own share of racists. Our country has them too, but that doesn't mean everyone is a racist here. "We think we are the best and super intelligent". No, we don't. We just like to be proud of our own damn country. Without us, you won't have any math. Without us you would only have 6 wonders of the world. Without us, no hotmail! Without us no American progress. We don' hate on other countries like you guys do. Which clearly sees that your own damn country is a hateful one. Sure you are giving a good example of your country by hating on ours. Your rants won't make India any worse. We are getting a good education from respectful schools. We have amazing parents who don't abandon us when we are "18" like yours do. We have a good society and we haven't invaded any other country in a span of last 1000 yrs which just makes us a better country than yours. We respect Irish people unlike the british. We respect every religion, culture and race. We ourselves have 4-5 different religions in our country and different race. We don't go around insulting them or your guys. So for god sake's stop hating on a place you have neve visited or you don't know about, and go get a life. I enjoy English music, I enjoy English movies, I enjoy Japanese anime, I enjoy other things. And many other Indians do too. We don't bring out other country's negative qualities. We highlight the positive ones. Try to do that for once yeah?

P. S This all is coming from a ninth grade 14 year old student. And you can perfectly see my grammer isn't "messed up". I live in India and I am a damn proud Indian.


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