To Japan AND South Korea: We are not enemies, we have a common enemy

JohnKim I am Korean American, living in America. I have been living here for over 25 years. During my entire stay in America, primarily Los Angeles, I've witnessed the embracement of Asians from whites, to the rise of the Latinos around 2008, to the rise of Chinese immigration around 2012, to the seemingly overnight skyrocketing of Asian racism overall by White Americans at around the beginning of 2012.

From 2012-2014, Asian Americans are facing a new type of racist threat we've never seen as a whole. The attempted destruction of the Asian races through lies and deception by the White Americans to the Asians, and I'm assuming to the Hispanics of America.

You see white americans slandering the confidence of Asian men, with indirect notions and anonymous social media postings all over the web of falsified rumors, all slandering Asian men, and that White men are better for Asian women. Even in corporate white businesses, you see this being abused. With white execs attempting to hire Asian women (pretty much to raise the morale of their white male employees as whore-sex objects) while simultaneously not hiring Asian men, saying they are not good enough, not smart enough, not really good at anything, and just cause trouble (to the white men, of course).

It's been around 2 years now since the explosion of racism amongst White Americans towards Asians in America, and to this day, it is still unknown the amount of damage that is being done to Asians in America by them. However, it does look like you are starting to see a rise of more racist Asian Americans (duh, we Asian men have to defend ourselves).

But it's still not good enough because it looks like our Asian home countries do not understand what is happening to their citizens as they live in America. Proof of that is this stupid feud over Dokdo/Takashima islands. As a Korean, I'm gonna have to say S Korea should be the bigger man here and give Dokdo/Takashima back to Japan. Why? Because pride over a piece of land, as important as that may be, pales in comparison to the attempted mass-extinsion being attempted by White Americans over all Asian races.. RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA RIGHT NOW.

Wake up citizens of Japan and South Korea. Look what's happening to your brothers and sisters in America. And don't get this wrong with America as a whole or relate to the American military that is protecting our countries. I am talking about the WHITE citizens in America who call themselves "American". They are attempting to be a plague to Asians and Asian Americans.


Yes and? Koreans! - visitor

I think you're a cool guy!
But the reality is Korea and Japan hates each other it's very sad.
If you go visit Korea or Japan you will see how horrifying it is right
Now with there moods toward each other. They practically hate each other.
I think they are both stupid with there government making each other fight
And hate each other I think it's time for changes. - visitor

Japanese people rule and Korean people too! I don't know why but some people be like" Oh Koreans suck ass and Japanese people are gay" when really they have some of the smartest people on earth - visitor