to. japanese

Censorship and 'education' program implemented in Korea has been successful for many years to brain wash the people, and they really think what they are taught is all true. They truly think, based on no evidential or historical facts, lots of Chinese and Japanese cultural things, and even pizza and pasta are originally created in ancient Korea, which didn't even really existed. Worst of all, they export lots of these lies (along with lots of prostitutes) to the world and try to make not-knowledgable people believe them, and believe it or not, this is conducted and funded by the Korean government

what ?? 'pizza and pasta originaly created in ancien korea??? i never heard about this. !! did you heard about that on 2ch? and what!! i saw one interview of confort woman. she dragged by japan police to manchuria japan military when she was 12. liar is not korean government, liar is japan government. and other women were deceived, they heard they'll go as student, labor.

japan insist DOKDO was a Uninhabited island. and even so, korea government didn't protest.
Dokdo and Ulleungdo was conquered by Shilla(ancient korea country) in 512.
Korea historians recorded about dokdo(form, location, inhabir animal) as korean's territory. (1018,1157,1454,1770,1908)
and korean fisherman fishing in dokdo during long period.
suddenly, in 1905. japanese government transfered dokdo as a dakeshima. and a year later japanese government notified about that to Ulleungdo governor. that time Ulleungdo governor had jurisdiction over dokdo. and korea government directed to investigated about 'japanese dokdo transfer'. but korea government couldn't delivery protest to japan. because korea is diprived diplomacy by japan in 1905.

WE think the treaty was oppressived. japan emperor send a letter to korea emperor. that content was 'followed ambassador's command' but korea emperor don't want contract the treaty(give diplomacy to japan). and in 1905 november 17th, japanese soldiers were stationed around korean palace. japanese ambassador held a meeting without emperor(Gojong). on the meeting, 5 korea vassals signed on the treaty. BUT emperor didn't sign on the treaty. korea was deprived diplomacy by japan

that treaty was void!! but that treaty was contracted. few days ago 'japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs' announced dokdo on korea history was not real dokdo. korea historian recored dokdo's form, location, inhabit animal. why don't stick yours lying? why add lie on lie.

DOKDO IS DOKDO, not takeshima

i want to tell you why my firends hate japan. history teacher show us 'Japanese colonial era's picture. on that picture, japanese police was laugh, but korean was korea was fainted on the ground like a corpse.

japanese executed 'independence activist' using a straw cutter. i saw that picture. that was really cruel.

1919,1,21. GoJong (last emperor) died. he was fine until the day before. there were many rumors like poison because his body looks not only HEARTATTACK. (Gojong always live with fear. because his wife(Myeongsung empress) murdered by japanese and pro-Japanese korean) 1919.3.1 korean yelled 'korea independence hurray" japanes police shoot them. identified bodies was 7509, injured person:15,961, arrests:46948. one girl died on the prison. she was 18. she lost her parents on 3.1. in the JEAM, was occurrenced independence act, japanese police announced, they have something to announce. citizen were gathered on church. japanese police blocked every door or window, shoot everyone. and arsoned JEAM village. this is not history distort. USA missionaried write a report, and sent to newpaper with a picture. there were young child, and baby.

do you think japan civilized korea? first electricity, korea ruled by japan 1910-1945. but electricity inflowed korean in 1887. second, railroad. korean labor get wage 3/1 compared with japanese labor. and korea railroad using japanese military materiel transport. on the school, korean student make a straw bag.

WHY korea& Japan voted most hated contries? this is crazy thing.

i'm sorry but i voted japan. but i didn't using swear words. i write a comment about dokdo and korea confort woman. this crazy thing originated from our knowledge's different. we think about each other's opinion is lying. i think my knowledge is right. but using youtube, or like this site. i wondered 'why japanese theirs opinion?, why don't put their basis, why just using swear words?'

(i'm young, i'm not erudit about history. so i using my textbook to write this post...).

'most hated countries' vote should not erudited again. this is my final opinion


Korean, Don't be so paranoid.
We know, all over the world, people love JAPAN.
Only Chinese and Korean hate JAPAN, however, all over the world people hate China and Korea too.
You should face up to reality. - visitor

Another propaganda listener. A lot of people I know hate Japan. - joonpark

No worry, your true face will reveal to the world. Please don't act pathetic victim of the past to westerns just because you were nuked. You initiated the war and there is no way to erase it. Please stop complicating the relationship among other asians and either support peace or stay quite. - visitor

The people who tell the truth are oppressed by tyranny (the Korean government) - visitor

- visitor

This is just a general news though. - visitor

AGREED my country is the 2nd most populated country yet no one here hates japan - visitor

I know world don't hate Japan, but world hate South Korea? Laugh out loud. They don't hate South korea too. - visitor

There should not be such votes on this. The history is history and there is nothing you can f**king do to change it and just face reality so what if they lied? What can you do? What will you do? Can you even do a thing? The winner takes all and the losers do their bidding and it LIFE SO FACE IT PEOPLE - visitor

Takeshima is Takeshima. Takeshima is a Japanese land.
There is no docto. Docto is the ugly dream of little South Korea. - visitor


You better study the real history based on the truth.
Don't you really realize that the korean government make a fake history and teach korean nation?
that's why the korean government gets really serious and mad when they are pointed out that is not real, because they want to hide their miserable history... - visitor

If takeshima was really dokdo it would be in my textbook its not

Proof that takeshima is japan's : Treaty of San Francisco, 1951 by USA - visitor

A weird thing: japan is voted most hated but in the best country poll japan is WAY ahead of korea

What does this mean, huh? - visitor

You said South korean are studying fake history, but if it is true, where is its evidence? What did korean distort?
Show me those. - visitor

Takeshima is takeshima.
It is not dokdo.
As you know, Japan had made a lawsuit at this case in the International Court of Justice(ICJ).
We must play fairly battle at ICJ.
- visitor

Do you think that that fair battle is possible at ICJ?
The place is full of Japanese judges, and Japan is just trying to make Dokdo their land through a dirty way. - visitor

What a poor article,
the writer doesn't know the truth..
the writer has no choice but have to believe what the Korean government educated unless he or she know it's fake history which is created by the korean government.
Once you study the history and collect the evidence, you'll know the history which is tought in Korea is just a fake history which is created by the government to deceive the nation...
I hope you'll know the truth. - visitor

Stupid Korean killed tons of Vietnamese in 60s - visitor

And the Japanese killed millions in Nanking, China. You mad bro? - joonpark

That's none of your business. Please do not steer your issue with korea on to something else. You face it first. You were the mother raping apes to china, korea, and south east asia. It's pathetic to see how manipulative you and your government are. No worry. I did not grow up in korea so don't even come up with non-sense that I'm brainwashed... - visitor


Do you compare the number of the people who is killed?
and the reason why korean don't need to apologize is the number was less than Japan's one?
what a great thought... - visitor

>to joonpark

Do you believe several million people?
Or killed in any way, can you imagine?

It is all a lie.
Education in Korea is a lie.
So, being laughed at by the world.

I'll tell the truth you do not know.
Many Koreans have troops in China.
Korea at the time, because it was under Japanese control.

If, Who would had killed several million people? Is it Korean?
- visitor


What did Mao do to the Chinese? Obvious troll is stupid. - visitor

I know that lots of evidences can reveal lies of Koreans. That's all.
- visitor

Evidence came from japan? Who is being brainwashed here? Hehehehe - visitor


This evidence seems to be made by Korean that proved Korean's lie though.
I worry about his safety. This kind of people are killed or arrested in Korea, right? - visitor

The korean shuted up with the evidence. - visitor

You should know real history known outside Korea.
Korean government created fake history, historical documents...

Do you know what happened in Jejudo in the Korean war?
Do you know what Korean army did in the Vietnam war?
You should doubt what you learned. - visitor

Why do you compare with what japanese do to you
I mention what you do and the reason why you don't need to do anything to the victim because of korean is Japan doesn't do anything to you?
then it's fair, don't blame.

At least, Japan have already apologized, not like your country. - visitor

>visitor September 16

oh he knows history! Mamas so proud! Can you do me a favor and "RE"search a little more? You look like you just got out from middleschool - visitor

Please make it more clear before you ask me.
besides, don't be lazy to learn what YOU want to know. - visitor

Even though Korea insist the island belongs to Korea,
the international evidence proved that the island belongs to Japan,
and the Newsweek which is published in America also pointed out the attitude of the Korean government. Both Japan and the rest of the world except for Korean knows "Takeshima is Takeshima". - visitor

Nah bro. You are wicked. It is just your fantasy. You call it and picture it "takeshima" but there is not even a single root of bamboo... How did you come up with that imagination? Your mom's porn? - visitor

>Your mom's porn?

it's all about your thought...
all the things on your mind is only that kind of thing...

just follow international raw.
what you do is so childish.
just come to International Court of Justice, that's all - visitor

Finish the topic at International Court of Justice.
what koreans do is just like a kid. - visitor


The one in Japan is "actor"
the one in Korea is "criminal"

Why do you compare Japanese "actor" with Korean "criminal"? - visitor

Korean historical understanding is "Fantasy".
I never heard 'Five Great Civilization" including Korea.
I think Japanese historical understanding is "neutral" - visitor

It is your fantasy. You call it and picture it "takeshima" but there is not even a single root of bamboo... How did you come up with that imagination? Your mom's porn? - visitor

Your fantasy is to make you mom porn star, isn't you. - visitor

Dokdo can be pronounced in Japanese as "Dokdo"... The hell? - visitor

What is Dokdo? There's no such a place on the world as a global understanding. - visitor

We South korean haven't said that Korean civilization is one of the greatest civilization.
Why you distort? - visitor

Hey, Japanese, You bombed pearl harbor and started war and lost.
You think US. Should apologyfor nuclear bumb? Wake up boys. US helped japan to be japan now. Japan surendered but not apologized to the countries japan invaded. If you think Japan is doing right things you are hopless. - visitor

Japanese is NOT Korean so didn't persuade US to apologize ever.
But if it Korea, even Japan help you, still now you want money from Japan.
Copy country, Korea - annaso

Nice copy and paste. Wheres you're creativity huh? - visitor

Yep that is how korean live. Their culture is just copy and paste. - visitor

China established first in asia, not Japan.
Why are nips so stupid? - visitor

That is pointless..
see the products in Korea..
there are so many countless fake Japanese products.
I guess korean even copied apple though. - visitor

Hey Retard, please refrain from producing. - visitor

South Korea is a crazy and abnormal anti-Japan policy country that teaches 90% fabricated history in history textbook. There are no world history class because their insisting doesn't accord with ordinary world history. In their textbooks they learn Korean civilization in one of ancient 5 civilization. How stupid!

South Korea consists of all kinds of lies and many people are brainwashed. And lyinf is based on their cultures.

South Korean President declared, 'Japan is already a slave nation of Korea'

And the other day, Yi president ordered Ten-ou emperor in Japan to kneel and beg before him and Koreans suddenly.

In the last 140 years of Chosen Dynasty before annexation of Japan, Korean population decreased by 4 millions. It was a poorest and dirtiest country without culture industry, toilet, bath and money economy. And 40% of the people was slaves. 8% Yanbang squeezed the rest of the people and killed many people like nazis.

Japan freed the slaves first and gave people to move freely, prohibited children prostitutions, made women and slaves have names, and doubled its population from 13 million to 24 million, the life expectancy, from 24 to 50, spread Hangul and the literacy rate increased from 4% to 61%.

Japan built all the infrastructures including a large dam in N Korea, roads, railroads(3800km), over 5000 elementary schools, 1000 junior and high schools, Seoul university, and introduced department stores, electricity, sewage, waterworks, toilets, legal system, and money economy. Japan made Hangul textbooks and dictionaries to revive Korean language.

But in their textbooks, Japan is depicted as Nazis that destroyed splendid Yi Chosen dynasty. But actually, vice versa. Yanbang was terrible Nazis.S. korea is such a country full of lies. - visitor

Takeshima? What is it? Is it a name of a person or an animal? - visitor

Oh, It's an island that is located in eastern part of Japan. - visitor

Takeshima is one of a Japanese islands. - visitor

It is your fantasy. You call it and picture it "takeshima" but there is not even a single root of bamboo... How did you come up with that imagination? Your mom's porn? - visitor

It is consisted under the global law.
If you call it as "fantasy", that means you are saying "I don't care the global law". - visitor

I've heard that there are 4 Takeshimas in Japan laugh out loud - visitor

So what?
Takeshima is not the only one place like that.
there are some places which has the same name though.
Speaking of English countries, there's also so many places which has the same name though.
You'll be LedOL - visitor

What is 2ch? I live in Japanese but don't know it.
But why you know? Laugh out loud
Yesterday, Japan. Today is Japan. Tomorrow will Japan. It is Japan. That is Japan. JapanJapanJapanJapann!
Korean are just stalk Japanese...
Takeshima is Japanese island.
Come to ICJ - annaso

2CH is a den of right-wing japaneses. - visitor

This is insane, people - visitor

Takeshima belongs to korea!
And K-POP is the BEST!
Go hell all japs monkeys! And no go out from your island!
Only japs hate korea!
Because I'm peruvean and I love koreans how they dance!
But how about japan? Anh?
I only know raw fish which smell is bad and some stupid words like otaku.
Japs always fail! BohWW - visitor

But unfortunately, chinese also hate korean.
and I found so many board saying "no korean allowed" in europe.
open your eyes and look around if you really want to see the truth. - visitor

Why korean call japanese as monkey?
they look so similar though.

, it must be because of korean's cosmetic surgery - visitor

And I thought K-Pop was just a copy of American culture... - visitor

What a low quality copy, so terrible,
but the worst thing is when american listen to K-pop,
most of them think it's a Japanese music, so terrible,
seems like they don't have any originality. - visitor

I am korean and this guy is not korean. He pretends to be korean because he hates korean.
I am sorry about it - visitor

Absolutely China hates Korea, but they don't dislike Korea like Japan k - visitor

Do not reproduce, I repeat. - visitor

This is sheer jokes. - visitor

Why korean Dig korean's own grave? - visitor


"Korean 10 Lies"

Once you realize what is written in the site, you will easily understand that your government severely hid truths about Japan.

The Korean government tries to hide its own mistakes and miserable history by putting every incovenient burdens on Japan.

Japan is not an enemy of Korean people.

Korean people MUST wake up!

The real enemy of Korean people is the liar government.

Unless you become able to know real facts, no Koreans will receive Nobel Prizes in the natural science fields.

Korea, Taiwan and Japan were just one nation before 1945.
Both Japan and Taiwan received many Nobel Prizes after 1945, while Korea received only one Peace Prize.

Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC

The National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬�"원회) has found that there “are in fact a significant number of errors in Korean history textbooks sent to high schools this year. ” Concerns range from bias in the books to the expertise of the writing staff.

Plagiarism Imperiling South Korea's Academic Reputation
Steve Herman June 05, 2012

Face the facts!

- visitor

Japan is an enemy of korea - visitor

all Japan did to Korea are (or turned to be) good things only though.
I'm from HK by the way - visitor

Just check what Japan did during World war 2 and before

en.M. wikipedia. Org/wiki/Japanese_war_crimes#section_3

It is wikipedia So This is Not Korean text book by Korean Government.

- visitor

That means you don't know who wrote this.
What a poor quality evidence.
Would you quote Wikipedia article as an evidence at official place?
It would be ok in Korea though, international standard is far different from Korea - visitor

Oh! This was written by Ringt-WIngers!
Because everybody change the contents of every information - visitor

Http://cpi. Transparency. Org/cpi2011/results/

according to the research, feedback of Japan is much better than Korea though.

14 Japan

43 Korea
- visitor

It is well known to the world that Koreans often fabricate Wikipedia.
Administrators of Wikipedia has admitted the facts.

Koreans, don't fabricate truths!
Face the facts!
Otherwise Korea will never receive Nobel Prize (peace prize is an exception) or Fields Medal forever.
- visitor

I agree with you.
They also rort in Youtube and are hated by the other countries. - visitor

It is well known to the whole world that many articles in the Wikipedia were made and fabricated by Koreans. - visitor

You must check the"Rusk documents". - visitor

To Korean friends,
I don't ask you to love Japan, but to understand Japan correctly.
I think that Japan should NOT have acquired Korea in 1910.
I think that Japan should have had a different solution to Korea so that Korea would survive alone after 1895.

I feel sorry that Japan hurted Korean pride.
Please understand that there are huge amount of Japanese citizens agree with me on this thought.

Upon this, however, most Japanese cannot respect those who don't face real facts, but educate children to hate Japan based on fabricated made-up stories.

Many Koreans just claim that Japan did ONLY bad things illegally during the annexcation era.
That's absolutely wrong.

"Atrocities" often mentioned by Koreans are highly based on hoaxes with vicious bias.

Korean people must understand what really happended in the past and after 1945. Please look at not only negative side but also positive side of what Japan did in the peninsula.
People have the right to know all things about what really happened in the peninsula.

Korean government has severely hidden and/or fabricated many parts of true facts.

Japan banned the fuedal Slavery system of Korea so that all citizens of Korea relieved from real slaves and all children became able to go to school for the first time in the Korean history.

Before 1910, most Korean citizens could not read/write Hungle.
Children of the peninsula were taught both Hangle and Japanese during the annexation. The concrete evidence is out there so that everyone agrees.
Look the following site.
Google, "Korean 10 lies"

Japan top authorities have already apologized many times and paid huge money to Korean government in 1965. Korean government signed and declared that Korea would never require futher compensation any more.

Korean govenment has not only hidden the fact but they didn't pay money to its own people.

Koreans MUST check them for themselves and face real all facts.

Ask yourself why Koreans cannot receive Nobel Prize in science.
What is the reason why Koreans cannot receive the Fields Medal in Mathematics?

Japan got 20 Nobel prizes and three Fields Medals after 1945.
Taiwan also got a Nobel Prize in science.
Vietnam also got a Fields Medal.

Korea cannot reive them because Koreans so far try not to look at real facts straight.
Those who don't face facts will never receive Nobel prizes or Fields Medals forever.

Wake up, Koreans!
- visitor

I strongly agree with it, you guys just think about the negative parts and never the positive parts. PLEASE South Koreans PLEASE think some parts in a positive way. And stick to the real facts don't make up things, why do you guys never agree on the fact that Korea used to be a territory of China. It's a fact theirs evidence look at the map! An old one but it clearly has no border between China and Korea. You guys thinks that the Japanese "INVADED IT" which is complete none sense. Think about it what kind of a stupid country will give them education, make railroads and structures when they invaded it who the hell would waste money on these things when they could just be a slave? They never invaded it you guys they actually helped you become a very strong country which you are now (sort of). You guys are one of the most economically developed country because other countries helped you, USA, China, JAPAN, Russia etc. I'm just telling the truth you can say anything about it but I'll tell you one thing, you guys are brainwashed by your government. You think it's right because you haven't looked at an international perspective I lived in US for 10 years and Germany for 5 years and By seeing what other people say, I say that Koreans are brainwashed. - visitor

Okay I'm Japanese and I lived in US for a very long time. I have many South Korean friends and they are very nice. I don't think the South Koreans hate so much about us. And we don't actually HATE you guys you guys have great singers Kara, Girls Generation, 2PM etc. They'Re dominating the Japanese Music crap but I don't think it's a bad thing. I just want the Korean and the Japanese to be more friendly, can't we all just go to court so we can talk about this rather than just doing some stupid debate about who's island it is? - visitor

Korean doesn't do anything if they can't get any profit. - visitor

Do you know why? Japanese who hate South korea manipulated this poll. - visitor

If Chinese and Korean will get out and stay away from Japan, That will be the happiest moment for Japanese nationals.
They are glad to be hated which they have never liked for sure. Hope China to take care of Both Korea. South Korea has already-80% of their national debt from China <3 <3 <3 Sayonara forever!
debt from China <3 - visitor

Takeshima is Takeshima.
It is obviously Japanease territory.
See ICJ court. - visitor

If South korean say that Hokkaido is South korean island and we want to go to ICJ, since you don't go to ICJ, Hokkaido is South korean island, how do you feel? You may feel absurd.
We too. That's the reason why South korea don't go to ICJ.
Japan always says South korea doesn't have any evidence. It is false.
Http://dokdo. Mofat. Go. Kr/
This is korean governmental site about Dokdo and it shows many evidences why dokdo is korean island. - visitor

Please do not reproduce. - visitor

How does Japan pay back all the crimes during the World War2 and during occupantion era.. Anyway? Despite of unwriten and unsung ugly facts.. Now, Dokdo is Japan's..! Wake up with opening your ears and eyes! Study history with your heart! If you just close our eyes and claim, history would teach you someday like pay back to you if justice alive. - visitor

If the China catch supremacy of the world, Japan will be in destiny like Jews in WW2. I really worry about it. - visitor

Japanese have got to say sorry to comfort women of South Korea. All you can do is invade old women. Comfort women were enough to your Japanese hookers in Japan. And stop worshipping Tenno. It seems like false religious like Johnstown. - visitor

Japan stole too many korean cultural assets and they didn't give them to South korea. Give them right now. - visitor

All I can read here is hate hate and more hate, listen to yourselves!
I'm korean and I think this whole thing is just stupid, why not just split the fuel on that damn island evenly and be done with it for pete's sake - visitor

I do not know which is right - visitor

There is no Takeshima.. They made it up. Wake up Japan - visitor

The Japanese believe that the academic history. It is politics and history for the Chinese. History is the desire for Korean. Chinese and Koreans do not know the history of their own country too. - visitor

Japanese is considered to be the study of history. Chinese believe is the politics and history. History and desire for Korean.

Chinese and Koreans do not know the history of their own country too. - visitor

Japan is sinking
Natural disasters will destroy it altogether soon
Hold onto your mothers and daughters when they come to your land
Of course they will come nicely with good intentions at first but give them a few years and in the name progress will do as they always historically done to Asian countries and try to do to America before atomic bombs taught them otherwise - visitor

Japan most hated? Nice try korea but you flopped - visitor

They should introduce a new word to Japanese vocabulary-darzeng - visitor

Wow are they stupid to not know their History? Are you kidding me. We know enough more about our history If you don't know just shut up - visitor

Ugh you nasty japanese people. You guys say that your textbooks say dokdo is your land? Well, your government is trying to hide the shameful history of yours... I feel so sorry for you people for not knowing the true history you japanese monkeys. Kimchi is our food, not yours. Dokdo is also Korea's territory. I just hope there is another earthquake in your giant island:) Well, there is a lower chance of korea getting an earthquake because it is not an island haha oh, don't forget, mount fuji or another nuclear plant will explode someday - visitor

Please do not reproduce. We don't need more stupid people in this planet. - visitor

As a north-western European having lived in Japan for 4 months, I can say its a wonderful country and the people are the kindest I have met. As an exchange student I made many friends, japanese, korean and Chinese. I don't understand this eternal hate?

What would solve the tension? A few damn small islands can't be the source of all this hate. - visitor

Koreans are MONSTERS. - visitor

Thank you korea and japan isn't that bad - simpsondude

Wait... Wait... Wait. Did he just say PIZZA and PASTA is Korean? LMFAO. I'm DEAD. I SERIOUSLY hope no normal Korean person actually thinks this I can't take anything Koreans say seriously anymore! Excuse me while I Die of Laughter! HAHA - visitor

I will just comment...S. Korea had erased history, several time. It's true. - visitor

Koreans are strongly reccommended that they search about the article No. 1 of the Shimonoseki Treaty from any history books inside the peninsula.

The treaty was officially signed by both Japan and China in 1895.
Japan won the war against China.

The article number 1 of the treaty claims that China first admits independence of Korean peninsula from China for the first time in the peninsula history.

The treaty was officially signed and many countries such as USA and UK are also agreed.

Thanks to Japan, Korean peninsula got independent from China for the first time in history.

Japan first tried to help Korea grow alone.
Korean goverment, however, was not smart to do so, but trid to help russia, which was most stupid idea for most major countries such as USA and UK.

Korean government has been trying very hard to hide the real fact in the peninsula.
So, no one could find the real contents of the treaty inside the peninsula.

Poor Koreans, wake-up!

Japan has been your friend for a long time.

But never consider Japan your younger brother.
Japan existed long before Korea got independent from China.

Face the fact that Korea had been just a slave country of China for more than 1000 years.

- visitor

Hey can you add two more nationalities that hate Korea? It's Thailand and Vietnam. - visitor

By the way why don't Korean Drama show how the real Chogori? Or traditional Korean costumes for females were used. I believe that it was normal in the early 1900s for Korean women to show her breast openly and publicly if she had a son. - visitor

I feel sorry for the guy who wrote this article ( BY THE WAY I AM NOT JAPANESE BUT A THAI ) since he seems to not know the truth. I suggest him to take a trip down to Vietnam and say he is Korean in rural village and see what happens. Do the same in Philippines and you get the same result. It is a fact that many of the war criminals in the Japanese army were Koreans and many Western POWs says the Korean in the Japanese army were more brutal and cruel than the Japanese. But again whenever Koreans does something bad, they say that they are Japanese even today so, I guess they have been doing the same since WWII. You say Japan is bad, but do you know what Japan is trying to do for the Koreans in Japan? They did so much even about anti hate speeches against Koreans when Koreans are saying all the bad things about Japan. Many Koreans chose to stay in Japan after WWII, but if you hate Japan so much, please go back. - visitor

We Thais also feel sorry for Koreans who are taught distorted and fake history of their own country. - visitor

Let Koreans be beggars like they have always been throughout there history. It's good to know that less and less Thais are visiting Korea. - visitor