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I'm japanese and I'm feeling very sorry about what japanese army has done to south and north korea in the past, but can you stop asking for an apology? It looks like you're using history for your "Benefit".

You can get mad at Japanese government. I don't care. But we young Japanese have never been involved in that war, and there is no reason for you to hold on a grudge against us. We didn't do that. Japanese armies did that. Please understand.

And you Koreans need to know that you weren't the only ones that were killed. Your Armies killed some Japanese too. I know it's little compared to yours, but still.

There was atomic bombing by America in Japan 70 years ago, and they still have not apologized for that.

But we Japanese think that history is something that we learn from and move on to achieve peace.


Mate, if you guys REALLY felt sorry and apologised to us with manners, then we wouldn't have bugged yous to apologised at the first place.
German Prime minister wasn't involved in the war but he still apologised publicly.
Just because you younger generations didn't ACTUALLY got involved in the genocides doesn't mean you guys have the privilege to forget your past. You, younger generations are also getting blamed because of your apathy towards the distorted history.
It's your country and your history. You are not doing anything to fix the distorted history that is getting taught at this moment of time. And therefore we HAVE the right to hold on grudge against yous. Why? Because the false history is damaging our reputations on your younger generations. Don't you know how much your country damaged our reputation? You guys made us look like uncivilised country in the past to colonise our land. Our history goes back nearly 5000years. You think a nation could be uncivilised for 5000years? Your ancestors brutally forced us to look like it. Unfortunately, thanks to your ancestors, some still think of Korea as a third world nation. I won't go any deeper.

About the past away soldiers. Well yes, we killed your soldiers. BUT it was a self defense. If the stupid WW2 didn't break out, we wouldn't have killed you guys. But it is very clear, MORE of our people was killed than your people and remember, many were just normal civilians. Also, out of the many killed civilians, there were highly considerable number of killed CHILDREN and FEMALE (some being PREGNANT). Now would you still whinge about your soldiers who were killed by us?

Just because Americans didn't apologise to you guys, it doesn't mean you don't have to apologise to us. What kind of logic is that? Then did Germans apologise and regret their past because their stupid?

Lastly, unless you learn from the past, the same mistakes could be repeated. If you don't learn things properly, there will be no 'move-on' or 'peace'.

ps. Apology isn't our tool for our 'benefit' but it is our 'RIGHT'.
ps2. Next time please have some sympathy to our ancestors who have died innocently. Because I see you saying sorry with no sympathy nor interest whatsoever.
- visitor

If you guys need apologies from japanese people for your RIGHT!
than you guy apologies to Vietnamese people which being raped and murdered in Vietnam war!
ps. Am Australian
- visitor

Japanese does NOT need to apologize for Ugly South little Korea. - visitor

Many Koreans have accused Japan of receiving much terrible treatment to Korean people by an old Japanese government during the war. Of course there are few war experienced people. Many Koreans who have claimed have not had any experience of the Pacific War. In other words they have only learned war history of modern Korea which started the year of 1900. However, their complaints about war issues are related to Japan were wrong.
They claimed that Japan dominated Korean people during the war, and so on. However, these stories have no conclusive evidence. Are their criticisms true? If they want to get right information about the war history between Japan and Korea, they can get many facts from internet or books these days. Nevertheless, they have been maintaining and attacking Japan’s old acts in Korea since the World War II finished. This is very strange.
In fact their stories are wrong for three reasons. I want to give you the three facts about history between Korea and Japan.   First of all I would like to explain about the Japan-Korea Annexation. The Iljinhoe was a nation-wide pro-Japan organization in Korea. The party thought that Korea could not develop capitalism on its own, and demanded a merger with the Japanese Empire.
Secondly, Korea has claimed that they suffered by old Japanese government, but Japan established the infrastructure actually. In fact Korea was a very poor country in the early of the 19th century; so many foreigners said Korea was entirely unsanitary. The Japanese government created transportation infrastructure and official buildings such as schools, hospitals and post offices, and so on. Koreans extended their lives span in deed.
However, Koreans have not learned the fact in schools under the political reasons. Finally, I want to show you the data of participation of military and some facts after the war finished. Japan and Korea started only a volunteer military system in 1938. Korean military participation ★1939 Applicants 12,348 Accepted 613 ★1940 Applicants 84,443 Accepted 3,060 ★1941 Applicants 144,743 Accepted 3,208 ★1942 Applicants 254,273 Accepted 4,077 ★1943 Applicants 303,294 Accepted 6,300
(Part7)Hong Sa Ik, he was Korean, who was Lieutenant General of Japanese Imperial Army. Park Chun-geum was a member of House of Representatives in Tokyo. A seat in the House of Representatives was an elective post. He was elected twice from his district in Tokyo. Many Korean men joined the Japanese Imperial Army, and some Korean experts supported their countries because Korea was the same country as Japan, but they did not pay any postwar reparations to Asian countries.
(Part8)Not only this, Korea received Japan’s oversea assets which were in Korea and 8 hundred million dollars as war reparations from Japan in 1965. In conclusion, Koreans accusations are completely incorrect for these reasons. Therefore what they say is an absurd story.
- visitor

Wow, you are great copying and pasting. - joonpark

So how do you think about the article itself? - visitor

Hey! Please stop to blame people of korea about the result of this ranking, OK?
And it's no sense what you said. - visitor

Good opnion. You know the history. - visitor

Korean army killed tons of people in Vietnam and they have never apologized. - visitor

I'm sorry about that. - visitor

As a Korean, I think the Vietnam incident stands out from other massacre. In the war, Koreans killed the Vietcongs to create a capitalistic society, so they weren't entirely harming the Vietnamese. But sure, with all the killings and let's admit, raping of the Vietnamese people, Korea should be apologizing, but really who are politicians? BUT, the Japanese massacre of Koreans and Chinese people were different. They harmed the two countries completely. No need to let them benefit, kill them. That was the point. Therefore, Japanese killings were a LOT more crimeful than the Korean killings. - visitor

According to your words, it ISN'T this generation that did it. But still, they apologize every year.

Don't be a fool. No offense, but YOUR COUNTRY DID IT, and it was the generation before who had to apologize. If they didn't you guys should.

You just said, history is something you guys should learn from and move on.

What Japanese government is doing, won't do any help to move on to achieve peace. You think what Japanese government is doing right now is to achieve peace? Oh, really? I thought they were about to start a fight with China, Russia and Korea.

Get things right boy.

We DIDN'T HAVE an army during the time Japanese have been harassing Koreans.

You guys blamed Koreans for having Earthquake in ganto (� - �東) or what ever you guys call it. Think back how much Koreans have died just for the reasons, we made the earthquake. Do you guys really think we are gods that can make up such things?



by the way, Japanese aren't really the only ones that were affected by the bombing. More than ten thousand Koreans were victimized because of that bombing. You guys at least get the "victim of atomic bomb" title - we don't. I don't really think it's a nice timing to bring atomic bomb in here. - visitor

Wait... Korea blames Japan for the comfort women right? Didn't the Nazis kill like 6 millions Jewish followers? Or is there more to this? - visitor

Well... The catholic church of Poland also excused to the germans for the eviction and murder of germans in Silesia, for example, after WW II. The czech gouvernment did something similar.
With the Nazis it's also something different, they were something similar to a sect, and - what is often overlooked - at the end Hitler wanted to annihilate... The germans. Simply because they didn't lived up to his expectations.
Now I ask you: How would you act after you have been in some sect and/or been linked to a mass-murderer?
Besides: Before 1910 Korea had also a modern army, which it had build up with japanese (! ) help.
But Korea of the late Joseon Dynasty was a failed state, and if not Japan had annexed it China or Russia would have done it. Japan also founded Seoul University - wonder why Koreans in their hatred for Japan haven't already teared it down? - and helped to end slavery in Korea.
Today China and Koreans are the one who can't make peace - a trait they share with Hitler - and I as a german think that China and South Korea should apologize towards Japan and Vietnam. - visitor

So, what was Korean army did to Phillipine people? - visitor

Koreans did not go to war in Filipino. What actually happened was when Koreans purchased the Northern Philippness, they reside there, and make family there. So 'rape'? I don't see it like that. 'New starts'? More likely. - visitor

Almost all Koreans are liars. And they are less than monkeys. - visitor

You are apparently a Korean, aren't you? This is the most favorite attitude what you want to do. - visitor

Just prove the reason why Korean never apology for Vietnamese before you ask Japanese for extra apology.
The Japanese government officially apologized before, and paid much money and still recompense many Korean who lives in Japan,
And even carry out many special measures for Korean.
If you don’t know the fact, that means the Korean government restrict the information and tell the fake information to their nation,
And if you knew the fact and still ask for apology (=no wonder that is absolutely money for korean),
Show me your attitude and show me the example how you apologize people by apologizing Vietnamese.
- visitor

・The Japanese government took over Korean's debt which was impossible for Korean to pay back.
・The Japanese government spent their money and established schools, courts, water supply and sewerage systems,
・Park, hospital, police, road, electric generation plant, agricultural land, rail road etc for Korea.
・The Japanese government established more than 5,000 schools and let the people learn Korean letters.
・Thanks to Japanese technology and money, Korea developed their secondary industry for 9 times and at the same time,  they developed the first and third industry a lot.
・The Japanese government created an environment of medical and raised the average length of life from 26 to 42.
・The Japanese government succeeded in creating the environment and it increased the number of Korean people 2 times more,  and they gave people food supply which can meet all of their demand.
・At that time, no country was willing to lend money to Korea, but Japan allowed Korea to lent money at the lowest rate in the world.
・To develop Korea, the Japanese government provided not only material support, but also, human support and technological support

That is how Korean could survive. Unless Japanese support, they don’t exist. But what they do is only criticizing to get more profit.  They never appliciated Japanese support.
- visitor

During the colonial time, Japanese stole ton's of natural resource and man powers. - visitor

Hey Japanes, Your grand fathers bombed pearl harbour and started war and lost. - visitor

South Korea is a crazy and abnormal anti-Japan policy country that teaches 90% fabricated history in history textbook. There are no world history class because their insisting doesn't accord with ordinary world history. In their textbooks they learn Korean civilization in one of ancient 5 civilization. How stupid!

South Korea consists of all kinds of lies and many people are brainwashed. And lyinf is based on their cultures.

South Korean President declared, 'Japan is already a slave nation of Korea'

And the other day, Yi president ordered Ten-ou emperor in Japan to kneel and beg before him and Koreans suddenly.

In the last 140 years of Chosen Dynasty before annexation of Japan, Korean population decreased by 4 millions. It was a poorest and dirtiest country without culture industry, toilet, bath and money economy. And 40% of the people was slaves. 8% Yanbang squeezed the rest of the people and killed many people like nazis.

Japan freed the slaves first and gave people to move freely, prohibited children prostitutions, made women and slaves have names, and doubled its population from 13 million to 24 million, the life expectancy, from 24 to 50, spread Hangul and the literacy rate increased from 4% to 61%.

Japan built all the infrastructures including a large dam in N Korea, roads, railroads(3800km), over 5000 elementary schools, 1000 junior and high schools, Seoul university, and introduced department stores, electricity, sewage, waterworks, toilets, legal system, and money economy. Japan made Hangul textbooks and dictionaries to revive Korean language.

But in their textbooks, Japan is depicted as Nazis that destroyed splendid Yi Chosen dynasty. But actually, vice versa. Yanbang was terrible Nazis.S. korea is such a country full of lies. - visitor

>According to your words, it ISN'T this generation that did it. But still, they apologize every year.

Then you want Japan to apologize (=pay money) every year because German does?

>You just said, history is something you guys should learn from and move on.

Yes, YOU move on.

>What Japanese government is doing, won't do any help to move on to achieve peace.
>You think what Japanese government is doing right now is to achieve peace? Oh, really?
>I thought they were about to start a fight with China, Russia and Korea.

Then you should look around your town.
Who develop the country?
And if you still don’t be aware, you are just blind.

>Get things right boy.

You said that for yourself, right?

>You guys blamed Koreans for having Earthquake in ganto (� - �東) or what ever you
>guys call it. Think back how much Koreans have died just for the reasons,
>we made the earthquake. Do you guys really think we are gods that can make up such things?

Then is there any reasonable reason to “celebrate” the earthquake?


I thought you suggested “move on”.
The younger generation learned from the old generation not to repeat the same thing.
But YOU bring back the problem again and again. When will you focus on the coming future?


Yes, you should wake up from the propaganda.
What you learn inside of korea is just a fake history.
Learn various kinds of historical evidences before you speak out.
You learn “A” as “B” in your country, and say that “A is B” at the international place,
But everyone knows “A is A”, you’ll just be laughed.

>by the way, Japanese aren't really the only ones that were affected by the bombing.
>More than ten thousand Koreans were victimized because of that bombing.
>You guys at least get the "victim of atomic bomb" title - we don't.
>I don't really think it's a nice timing to bring atomic bomb in here.

Make it clear, Korean had, and Japan had,?
Then it’s fair.
Japan doesn’t blame America. Japan just blame for themselves to have “war” itself.
Look at what you are doing. Just blame for profit, not for peace.
- visitor

Hello Japanese brother, I am a Korean and I would like to give you some understandings of your government.

First of All, we don't ask apology from your people. I think you and your people(ordinary Japanese people) don't know what politics is. We, Koreans are asking apology from your Government. Your politicians, especially the the right-wings are so ambitious.

The problem is not you and your ordinary people, BUT! Your Government.
Have you observed what your government is doing or what are they dreaming?

Bro, before you blame US, please see what your government is doing.
Your government doesn't teach the true history and they are distorting histories.

We Koreans are fighting with your government, not you and the ordinary Japanese people.

I don't have any grudge to ordinary Japanese people because you guys have followed what your government taught.

One thing I wanna ask you is please study your history out of Japan and observe your country and your politicians.

- visitor

Mate, I'd encourage you to do exactly the same for the sake of humanity. - visitor

>Hey Japanes, Your grand fathers bombed pearl harbour and started war and lost.

You just don't know what are there behind.
Japan doesn't start war without any reason.
Learn history before you mention. - visitor

Yea, I assume the Americans cut Japan's supply line and because of that Japan had to act quick in at maximum of 3 years. So they bombed pearl harbor. I've had to research to understand the reason Japanese bombed PH, instead of learning it at school - visitor

Who blames the U.S.?
Japanese never blamed the U.S.

Besides, Koreans should know what the Korean government does and to be seen by foreign countries
Before you point out the politics of the Japanese government

The Korean government creat the fake history and educate the nation fantasy story as a history,
That means cheat people. Don't you think it's too strange that the government treat the people who says good things ablut japan as a criminal under the capitalism? This is 2012. The way the Korean government does looks like so ancien regime

Wake up Koreans from the propaganda before you are hated by the world. - visitor

Japan never teach what they done. Never reflection what they done. History repeats itself without reflection. I guess, if WW3 occured it could by by Japan. - visitor

If ww3 occured, it defenetly must be done by korean or chinese. - visitor

indeed, - visitor

^I agree too. Japan doesn't have a army instead its called a "self-defense force". Kid, why would the Japanese teach their youths such horrible things? You're ugly. - visitor

Even though they have army or not,
their way of thinking itself are too dangerous and selfish.
stop korea and china - visitor

Korea's negative only the part you can see why? - visitor

Korean government is the most ugly thing.
They teach lie for korean people. - visitor

You're right. I think Asia should come together instead of arguing about the differences of their values. Look at the island dispute between China and Japan now, were getting ready for a nuclear war just for this stupid islands? Wheres the humanity man! - visitor

Only china is getting ready for war though... - visitor

To Koreans who think children in Korea are taught correct history.

Please discover real facts. Koreans are taught made-up stories with evil bias.


Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC

The National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬�"원회) has found that there “are in fact a significant number of errors in Korean history textbooks sent to high schools this year. ” Concerns range from bias in the books to the expertise of the writing staff. - visitor

Korean plagiarism is terrible. Even Koreans admit it inside the peninsula.
"Imperiling South Korea's Academic Reputation" by Steve Herman June 05, 2012
"Plagiarism Is Cheating
-Be Honest for Your Academic Success " by By Cho Ryeo-jin
The Post Reporter

"Korean Scientist Said to Admit Fabrication in a Cloning Study" by NICHOLAS WADE Published: December 16, 2005
- visitor

Sorry as Japaneses.. Can't stand Koreans because we make them look bad in many many ways lately. Did they invaded Korea because Korea was poor? To help Koreans out of poverty? Then why invade China and Indochina? Why did they bombed us in Honolulu? One thing I want to say is that We all need to learn the facts from History and do not repeat the same mistakes. We all are humans on this planet, CAN WE ALL GET ALONG11111 - visitor

Whom do you ask the question?
the person you should ask is old generation who may not use the internet nor English.
If you ask the younger generation who are not related to the war "why? ", they can just answer you based on the general global understanding history, not fake history made in Korea. - visitor

To friends of Korea,

It is no doubt that almost all Japanese including the government sincerely admit that Japan made a mistake in the WWII era. I am really sure that every Japanese agrees on this except extremely weird people.

While Koreans claim that Japan(or government) doesn't admit or apologize for the past, Japan's top authorities officially apologized many times and paid huge money to Korean government. The Korean government has not paid money to its own people though.

I really think that Japan should not have acquired Korea in 1910.
Although the leades of Korea at that time asked Japan to do so, Japan should have had a diffrent solution so that Korea would survive alone.
I know that many Koreans in the peninsula didn't want the annexation even though the Korean gorventment officially signed the treaty.

However, it is no doubt that Japan really contributed to modernization of the entire peninsula.

Korean government tries to hide the fact that there had been the Slavery system in the peninsula and many citizens had been treated as real slaves until Koreans became Japanese in 1910.
Japan banned the Slavery system because all people of the peninsula were Japanese citizens.

Many Koreans often claim that Japan destroyed Korean culture and treated Korean people as slaves. It is, however, absolutely wrong.

Japan built many shcools including the first university in Korea and all children became to go to schools for the first time in the Korean history.

Children were taught both Hungle and Japanese at schools.
The textbooks used in the period 1910-1935 are maintained in many libraries. If you want to see them, you can see them for yourself.

Korea, Taiwan and Japan were the one nation before 1945. Therefore Japan made equall efforts for these areas. That's why Japan built the national university in Korea beofre Nagoya and Osaka.

As one nation, Japan really modernized both Korea and Taiwan.
Taiwan admits the fact, while Korea doesn't.

Taiwan has received Nobel Prizes in science.
Japan has received Nobel Prizes in science.
Korea hasn't.

Those who don't face facts will never receive Nobel Prize in science.

Japan has admitted its mistakes in the WWII era. Korea should admit not only negative side of Japan, but the positive side of Japan and stop fabricating truth.

Even if Koreans claim 1000 times that Japan fabricates more than Korea, the world calmy look at the facts.

Japan has received about 20 Nobel Prizes and 3 Fields Medals in Mathematics. Japan sincerely looks at the past, present and future.
- visitor

Nobel prize doesn't indicate your country is smart. Japanese are theif. - visitor

You are so mean please. Stop about this stuff! And I was also disappointed about what you said so please stop tjis - visitor

Wake up, normal smart Koreans!
Most people in the peninsula are brainwashed by the two governments: North and South.

Many Koreans claim that Japanese citizens are not taught correct history.
That's absolutely wrong. Some Japense just don't know what happened in the past just because they don't like to study.

However, in Japan, there are many historybooks that can be read by everyone. The contents vary from conservative to radical.
At least after 1945, Japanese citizens can touch very true facts just if they want to do so.

In Korea, on the other hand, children basically have no choice but just one historybook provided by the government.

Those textbooks convey very wrong vicious informations so that Koreans become to hate Japan.

"Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC"

Wake up Koreans!
Google, "Korean 10 lies"

I am really sure that many people will realize how terribly they have been brainwashed by the Korean government.
- visitor

Why are you saying sorry for Korea?
Are you nuts?
We just made Asian countries liberation from western countries.
You are a disgrace for our ancestor. - visitor

It's really ironic that they hadn't apologize to our country yet!
Even all the other counties who invaded the others had apologized all before!
Also Japan claims the Korean sea as theirs so in some maps it is considered as the Sea of Japan! Ugh I hate
Japan so much!
(P.S. I'm Korean) - visitor

Why South Koreans always ignore what they have done to Vietnamese? - visitor

>According to your words, it ISN'T this generation that did it. But still, they apologize every year.

With the Koreans asking for apology and money every time, Japan is gonna go bankrupt laugh out loud!
It's like having a homeless in front of your frontyard, asking for money every time you step outside! - visitor

You're all stupid.
If Koreans are brainwashed, then the Japanese are just as brainwashed, if not more. - visitor

Sure, we'll simply stop holding the 'GRUDGE' Are you serious? Unless you actually and sincerely apologize, you guys haven't learned from your so called history yet. And how are we going to benefit from your potential and UNLIKELY apology? - visitor

How about Yasukuni? In there you are praying for your sin-parents and what they had done, to make war again. Saying that you apologized and praying for the sinful past behind? Do your think that's a true apologizy? - visitor

Umm.. I will just comment that Nanking bloodbath is a topic by China (you can easily find its evidence). Koreans must know, after WW2, that Japan was always supporting your country behind. We knew that it's suppoting acts are not mentioned to citizens but we kept doing that. Anyway, Japan will never help you. - visitor


Most koreans want to help japanese and WERE sad when the earthquake was there in japan. - visitor

Friend Koreans, wake up!

Face the fact that Korean peninsula got independent from China in 1895 thanks to Japan. This was the first time for Korean people to get independent from China dominance in their own history.

Korean govenment tries very hard to hide the famous treaty between Japan and China in 1895. The first article of the treaty is that China first admits the independence of the Korea.

All history books inside Korean penisula never mention about the fact at all. Korean government wants to hide the true fact.

After 1895, Japan first really tried the Korea to grow alone.
Japan never forced the annexation of the peninsula.

Hirobumi Ito was strongly against the annexation requirement from the Korean govenment.

This is very important point that has been hidden by the current Korean government. The truth is that Korean government at that time asked Japan to acquire the peninsula into Japan.

The Korean leaders at that time wanted to be Japanese citizens and get better life and qualities.

Hirobumi Ito, however, rejected the idea of annexation in his life.
He tried finding a different path for the peninsula to grow with Japan.

The stupid Korean terrorist: An Jun-gun killed Hirobumi Ito and the annexation policy got accepted by both Japan and Korea.
The annexation was strongly supported by USA and UK.
These two countries really wanted to avoid Russian occupation.
Without Japan, the entire Korean peninsula would be Russia today.

By the way, Koreans has no 5000 year long history. That kind of stories are all made-up to deceive poor Korean citizens.

In the science manner, it is proved that Korea was just slave country of China for 1000 years.

Korea got independent in 1895 for the first time by Japan's victory against China.

Everybody knows the fact outside the peninsula.

Stop absurd assertios such as comfort women stories.
They were prostitutes who had been sold by their own Korean parentes to Korean brokers.

I feel sorry for the women sold by their own Korean parents to Korean brokers.

Korean people should blame those Korean adults.

Japan government never forced any women to do sex in the war time, while it is proved that South Korean government in Korean war time forced Korean women to do sex with American army. The president of South Korea was the father of the current female president.

Koreans, face the facts!
You Koreans are deceived by your own govenment.

Only those who face facts will receive Nobel Prize in science.
Japan and Taiwan have received many Nobel Prizes in sience so far.
South and North Koreans have never received even just one Nobel Prize in sience.

Try to find any bit of clue that Korean citizens are deceived by the Korean government so that normal citizens become to hate Japan, not to blame the government.

We are living today, not in the past.
Our generation is truly responsible for the current and future, not the past.

Stop sticking onto fabricated past history, and grow together for our bright future. - visitor

What's Korea? Is it apart of china or something :o? - visitor

Ancient times Japan is belong to Korea (Beakje) - visitor

Koreans demanding apology from Japan! Are you joking? You are asking Japan for apology when you not alone did not apologize to Vietnamese people or paid compensation for them. Japan at least paid compensation to Korea! Koreans are always good at being victims but are always bad treating victims. - visitor

I feel sorry that Japan took your culture of wearing Chima Chogori exposing your breast. - visitor

Koreans even fake their own faces by doing heavy cosmetic surgery! It's a custom in Korea for the parents to pay for their child to have plastic surgery when they grow up. It's like denying your own DNA. - visitor

I am korean... but I love japen and korea both. - visitor

Let us try to be friend again... After 998 years later. - visitor