To koreans

Hi I am a korean girl living in Japan for my master's degree. Those who have never got out of South Korea may not aware that, but South Korea is strange country. I became aware of it only after I left South Korea.

South Korean people don't know how much money Japan has spent for South Korea so far.... Japan gave so much money for the development of south korea. What you do is absolutely nonsense and a shame of South Korea.

South Koreans mentality is very special and strange when you compare with the rest of the people in the world. I can read Japanese and English, and thanks to that I started learning the true history of South Korea.

What i have learned at junior and high school was total bulls***, and I started to hate Korean education. It's all bulls***. Korean people made up history, it is like a fantasy story.

You should face the reality and your enemy is the teachers who taught the lies. Wake-up, koreans people.


In the last 140 years of Chosen Dynasty before annexation of Japan, Korean population decreased by 4 millions. It was the poorest and dirtiest country without culture industry, toilet, bath and money economy. And 40% of the people was slaves named Pek-chon. 8% Yanbang squeezed the rest of the people and killed many people like nazis. Peoples' lives were like beggers.

Japan freed the slaves first and gave people to move freely, prohibited children prostitutions, made women and slaves have names, and doubled its population from 13 million to 24 million, the life expectancy, from 24 to 50, spread Hangul and the literacy rate increased from 4% to 61%.

Japan built all the infrastructures including a large dam in N Korea, roads, railroads (3800km), over 5000 elementary schools, 1000 junior and high schools, Seoul university, and introduced department stores, electricity, sewage, waterworks, toilets, legal system, and money economy. Japan made Hangul textbooks and dictionaries to revive Korean language.

But in their textbooks, Japan is depicted as Nazis that destroyed splendid Yi Chosen dynasty. But actually, vice versa. Yanbang was terrible Nazis.S. Korea is such a country full of lies. South Korea is a crazy and abnormal anti-Japan policy country that teaches 90% fabricated history in history textbook to raise natuinalism and proceed anti-Japan policy.
- visitor

I want to dis this wrong fantasy.
Paragraph 1: First, You said Yangban(It means noble in Joseon dynasty) squeezed people. That is true. But you said as if that only existed in Korea. In that age, There were noble and squezzed people in every country include Japan. France evolution was appeared because of them. Secondly, You said 40% of people were slave. Are you kidding? There has been no country like that. If that is true, show the evidence to everybody. 4% is true, not 40%.
Finally, You said there is no culture in Joseon. That is not true.
The number of Korean unesco world heritage things are simmilar with Japanese. If you want evidence, go to UNESCO site and search. - visitor

Paragraph 2: First, 'Japan freed slaves. ' It means Japan abolished class of people. But it is also false. Joseon educated people executed Gobo reform. Gabo reform(1894) abolished class and it was done faster more than 1910(Since 1910, Japan started to rule korea. ) Second, 'Japan prohibited children prostitution. ' In Joseon dynasty, If people raped children, They were killed by law. Any prostitution were banned. Finally, 'Japan spread hangeul(Korean letter) to Korean. ' It doesn't have worth to dis. 'Japanese made korean letter and teached. ' Is it possible? Hangeul was made by King Sejong in 1446. Don't make low quallity lie. - visitor

I feel sorry about this girl since she may feel uncomfortable to live in Japan, and also in Korea. Once I heard if you speak good of Japan in Korea, you’ll be arrested. Bad news are easy to spread.. Unfortunately I also heard bad news of Korea a lot… And it gives people who live in foreign countries a hard time, The government should be honest and neutral.. - visitor

In South Korea, the world history of convenient false vanity is studied for itself, and anti-Japanese education is performed for itself.

This is an unhappy fact that it cannot be an advanced nation.

Brainwash is unhappy.

Probably South Koreans are not bad and all the past South Korean governments are bad.
- visitor

If a japan speaks bad of worshiping warcriminial is wrong-doing, she is beaten and threaten to death. If you want to know more of this video, please send me the reply. I will broadcast this video to the world, that she was getting beaten by right wing nuts on the street. - visitor

I agree with you. Thank you. - visitor

Dear great Korean girl, I admire that you are brave enough to post honest opinnion here. Please try to enlighten people in the peninsula so that they become able to know real facts both in the past and present. Since 1895, Japan has been helping Korean people a lot with huge money and advanced expertise. And Japan is always ready for helping Korea if Korea face the real facts and stop a hatred education against Japan. - visitor

Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC

The National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬�"원회) has found that there “are in fact a significant number of errors in Korean history textbooks sent to high schools this year. ” Concerns range from bias in the books to the expertise of the writing staff. - visitor

Korean Scientist Said to Admit Fabrication in a Cloning Study
Published: December 16, 2005

Plagiarism Imperiling South Korea's Academic Reputation
Steve Herman
June 05, 2012

While Korean got only one Nobel Peace Prize, Japan has got another Nobel Prize in 2012. The number of Nobel Prizes for Japan is about to reach 20 soon.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 was awarded jointly to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka "for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent"

Taiwan also received Nobel Prizes in Science.

Korea, Taiwan and Japan were just one nation before 1945.
Both in Korea and Taiwan, the first universities were built by Japanese government.

Taiwan has recognized Japan's contribution and receive Nobel Prizes.
Korea cannot recognize Japan's contribution and never receive Nobel Prizes.

Korean government has hid juge amount of contributions from Japan.
Korean government, instead, made a lot of hoaxes that Japan did really bad things during the WWII.

Atrocities of Japan, frequently mentioned by Koreans, are higly based on made-up stories by Korean governemnt with vicious bias.

- visitor

You are so brain washed living in Japan. Do you think the Dokdo island belong to Japan also? Do you think the Japanese are going to admit what they did to Koreans in their own text books? Why did Koreans fought Japan so hard to reclaim the country if they were so good to Koreans? My grandparents and the parents told me only the Japanese wore spoken in the school. They got expelled from school and some were sent to jail if they spoke or wrote in Korean. Did your family served Japan when they were occupying Korea? You are not a brave Korean girl by trashing Korea with Japanese propaganda. Please don't say you are a Korean because you are not. Only the Japanese will say that kind of lies.
- visitor

The reason why korea has been fighting to Japan is they want profits as much as they can.
the korean gorvenment even try to cheat people in korea, too.
open your eyes and choose what to believe. - visitor

Korea is good. - visitor

I hope more Koreans are able to get out into the world and out of their narrow minds and learn the truth before they go around spreading lies and half truths. - visitor

Honestly, the only brainwashed people are you Japan.
Get your facts stright. Japan has done nothing but try to take away korean culture and bring chaos to North and South Korea. What Japan did was wrong but I guess Japan isn't man enough to face that. - visitor

Koreans MUST face real facts such as Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat massacre.

Koreans are really evil.

Koreans unnecessarily torture dogs before they eat them up.
Koreans blindly believe that torturing makes dogs taste better.

Koreans really did a huge amount of atrocities during Vietnam war such as Phong Nhi and Phong Nhat massacre. But The Korean government has hidden the fact.

Korean government has hidden so many facts that are inconvenient to the govenment.

In fact,
Korea had been a slave country of China fore more than 1000 years.
Japan made it independent from China in 1895 by winning against China.

Korean government has hiddend the whole contents of the Shimonoseki Treaty between Japan and China in 1895.

Thanks to Japan, Korea had got independent for the first time in its long history.

In 1910, Korea asked Japan to aquire it into Japan.
USA, UK and other major countries officially approved the annexation.

Further more, USA and UK dilligently prompted the annexation because They are afraid of Russian control over the peninsula.

Anyway, Koreans MUST face real facts!

Some stupid Koreans say that Japan doesn't face facts.

As matter of fact, Japan has been facing real facts at least since 1945. That's why Japan has recived many Nobel Prizes in science.

Koreans cannot receive any Nobel Prize in science.

Only those who face facts can receive Nobel Prize in science. - visitor

No matter how Koreans insist they are not brainwashed they seriousry hate Japan afterall. This means Korean society itself tend to be anti-Japan. Korean media always criticizes negative aspects of Japan and people take them blindly.
Anti-Japan emotion is nothing but emotional issue, no one will benefit from it. Many have gone extraordinal racist calling every Japanese "monkey".
While Japanesee government has never fanned people to be rightwing.
Japanese know better than that.
Koreans take history as ideology, Japanese take history as nothing more than learning. This is great difference - visitor

I am a korean living in a South East Asian country for 13 years now. I have realised that, the South koreans back in the peninsula are a bit over-sensitive about the tension between their neighbours. I have a lot of Japanese friends and I absolutely love Japanese culture and everything about Japan. I don't hate my home country but I do hate their attitude. History is just history, koreans are taking it way too seriously. I wish koreans realise the truth and accept the reality. Many koreans actually hate Japan for historical reasons and that lead to hatred towards anything related to Japan which is ridiculous. What does history got to do with the country's culture? I think a lot of koreans do feel jealous about Japan's success in the world (well, korea is changing as well but still has a lot way to go to catch up Japan). I, as a korean apologise for these acts towards the Japanese. I really love Japan especially their food :). I wish the neighbouring countries become friends. I might not know the situation back in Korea but from an outsider's perspective, Korea is too serious and confined in their own society. They have to open up. - visitor

You should be ashamed, young lady. I live in Canada, and do you know what? Japanese shouldn't have killed between 3 to 10 MILLION CHINESE AND KOREANS before they SENT THE DUCKING MONEY! And please, I don't think you have specific evidence to how Koreans teach fake history! - visitor

Yes, Japanese were the first to built modern infrastructures in korea but they built them for themselves not because they loved Koreans. In order to accomplish their ultimate goal, colonization of asia, they needed educated factory workers, roads and railroads to transport... Improving Korea was their first step to their goal. - visitor

That is right. - visitor

Do you know that Korean peninsula got independent from China in 1895 according to Shimonoseki Treaty between Japan and China?

Korean government tries very hard to hide the article number 1 of the treaty.

Find the very true fact (treaty) for yourself.

Thanks to Japan, Korean peninsula got independent from China for the first time.

This is the very truth that Korean govenment does want to hide.

However, rest of the world all know the fact.

Wake up, Koreans! - visitor

Hope more koreans will wake up and open their eyes, and wake from the brainwash deception that's making them sick and be hated by other people - visitor

Let's get out of the past and get rid our bad cultural habits. We can't get better if we stAy stuck in the past. We matters is what we contribute to now regardless of what was done to us in the past. Take responsibility as human beings and not repeat the things we do not want done to ourselves. - visitor

Korean doesn't try to accept the truth. I know that well because I have raised there for 10 years. Korean says that Japan murdered and raped many people but in the other way Japan helped South Korea when they were experiencing the IMF Economy Danger. Japan helped South Korea in many ways. But when you see the Korean history book, you will find that textbook is filled just with bad things about Japan. Koreans are taking the history too seriously. And Korean are so rude anyway. Even Korean makes Filipino women pregnant and just run away without paying. This is sad reality. The Korea of 21th century has so many problems. It seems that Korea is getting changed but still many thing to fix. When I see these Korean's attitude, I feel so sad and angry. - KimGoJa

Say, you grew up in Korea you would have no choice but hate Japan. Imagine the life filled up with anger and anxiety. It's obviously hard to enjoy. Besides, they still need to depend on the country they hate the most economic-wise. They are facing this contradiction right now. Use your head, live your own life. Don't waste your time with unproductive anger. No I'm not John Lennon. I just can't stand to see the nation control their people. - visitor