Most Hated Countries have been voted by South Koreans

People who looked at the result must be wondering why on earth Japan is the most hated country in the world on this list, there must be something wrong with it. Well, you gussed right. At the time of 8, Sep 2012, the 64% of the votes are from South Korea, you know Koreans hate Japan and they're obsessed with it, and also I'm pretty sure that quite a few Korean Americans and the Koreans live outside of South Korea have voted to Japan due to some Koreans spread the propaganda in Korean sites to make Japan the "Most hated Countries"in this poll. Japan was in the bottom of the list before the words spread in Korean comunity. I know it's not possible for Japan to be the most hated country in the world. lol Japan was #1 country in the BBC Poll to have the best influence to the world last year as well. Anyway, that's the reason Japan has so many votes. lol I have to say Koreans are hilarious.


I agree to your opinion.

Korea insists on a thing a lot and criticizes Japan.
However, there is no evidence. It is really poor people.

They are blind in not only the Japanese evidence but also the evidence of even United States and EU and so on. If they understand it, as for it, it means their self collapse.

Therefore they do that they appeal for only in emotion. The reason is clear. The Korean government educates so it to the nation basically. It is the really bad government.

in Korea, some nations know that the Korean government tells a lie.
13-year-old Korean boy was arrested by the Korean police. As for the crime, he insists on the truth. I home his safety.

Anyone of the world can do what the boy searched on the Internet. However, within Korea the Korean government kills the information web-page one by one. I am really disappointed.

i think that they are basically active and are smart. Only education was bad. - visitor

Stop to blame korean people for the result of this ranking.
Simio de mierda! - visitor

Do you think there is no evidence? There are more than 10000 evidences. You just don't know them. US and EU's opinion about Japan's rule is negative to Japan. You just don't know that. - visitor

I'm an indian and in my textbook all I have read about japan is REALLY positive - every indian respects japan, no indian I know hates japan.

Korea? I have seen no signs of korea in my country until I met koreaboos in the internet.

We know damn well no matter how japan is, it can never be in the top of most hated countries. - visitor

They are not poor. Japanese people are really proud of what they did in WW2 and thinks they are heros during that time. there are lots of movies, dramas and books in japan about WW2 and also make themselves looks good. which is understandable that it is offensive to korean people.
koreans would get along well with japanese only if japan admit all their wrong doings in past completely.
What would you say if Germans said they are proud of Nazi and Hitler? - visitor

It is very sad to see the hatred of Koreans against Japan and Japanese people. Hatred does not generate anything good, but it only generates another hatred by those are hated. In my opinion, Japanese people are not so bad and at least they are not disliked by the community here in the U.S. - visitor

I'm korean but I don't hold any grudge against japan and none of koreans (in all age group) I know really speak badly of Japan or hates them. so its really confusing to me, koreans don't really hate Japan as much as people from other countries thinks we do. I can only see lots of japan-Haters on internet but I never come across korean who hate Japan, most of them would be interset in visiting Japan and Japanese culture. - visitor

It is very sad to see the hatred of Japanese against Korean and Chinese people. Hatred does not generate anything good, but it only generates another hatred by those are hated. In my opinion, Korean and Chinese people are not so bad and at least they are not disliked by the community here in the U.K.

- visitor

That is not true. If so, they are just not familiar with the far country and just no idea.
Actually I have experienced bad feeling while I was traveling England that obviously they treat us ( Chinese people ) badly.
And some of the hotel rejected us. I Hardly saw any Chinese advatisiment in uk but at a toilet,
There's a Chinese letter "be in the line" "wash your hands" or something like that.
And also I saw some board saying "no Korean allowed". And I saw many Korean people pretended Japanese they were obviously not Japanese though, - visitor

When I saw this ranking, Korea was first and Japan was sixty four.
Then Korean journal "Searchina' say about that and Korean vote to Japan.
It is nature. - annaso

Yes. Japan made South Korea first. - visitor

Then why is it so that Korea is in second place? I would expect North Korea to be ahead of all those countries. Stop making such a huge assumption to carve out the reputation of a country. - visitor

>Then why is it so that Korea is in second place?

Mate, that's because every country has at least some idiots who'd vote for vengeance. You know this voting is just a sheer joke, I encourage you not to question a thing and leave it at that. - visitor

Because south koreans are really the most hated of the world, they just voted against japan when they saw this on news laugh out loud. Sad korz - visitor

"Because south koreans are really the most hated of the world"? Do you Japanese think so? Japanese who hate South korea always say that. But do you know that? Only Japanese hate South Korea. People of Asia(except Japan), America, Europe, Africa, Oceania don't interested in South Korea so world people don't hate Korea. - visitor

"Japan was #1 country in the BBC Poll to have the best influence to the world last year as well. Anyway, that's the reason Japan has so many votes". I don't think so, being influence doesn't necessarily explains they are not hatred - visitor

Shut up, South Korean. - visitor

Only Koreans who have never left the Korean peninsula think South Korea is 'great' -- Once they travel, Koreans realize what a dirty, polluted, litter-riddled, dung-heap their country is. Without the US paying Korea to allow their soldiers to "be ever-ready" for war against China or Russia, South Korea would be as poor an undeveloped as their Northern brethren. - visitor

Unlike South Korea, people in industrialized countries such as Japan can touch real facts easily whenever they want to do so. Each school can choose appropriate history book from many options from left wing to right wing. Japanese people can decide truth for themselves. However, Koreans don't have a choice, but just one national history book which is based on made-up stories with a bunch of bias. Google, "Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC" - visitor

I searched nathan schwartsman in google. He blamed joseon-jok. They are not korean. They are chinese-korean who live in china. They always make crime. So korean also hate them and don't recognize them korean. - visitor

Koreans're crazy! Laugh out loud - visitor

Korz can't live without japan laugh out loud, they live in their lies world 3th world brains - visitor

Sony, Toyota, Honda, Nintendo, are falling.
Congratulations. - visitor

No. Everyone. You guys all don't know the whole thing. I'm korean. I didn't vote. When the vote started, all the japanese (and there's a lot of extremists in japan against south korea, USA, and China) started voting the most hated country as South korea. The Koreans heard this news and they were mad about it and started voting. The ones who started was the japanese. Don't get the wrong information. We didn't start. - visitor

I agree to him. We South korean don't think the origin of sushi, samurai, kendo, judo, ninja is Korea. But you Japanese announce the wrong information, Korean Think the origin is Korean, to Global people. We are mad. You did first. You must recognize it. - visitor

Koreans just want to believe that Japan is hated by everyone because they are brainwashed by their government.

Face the fact that Japan is loved by the whole world except for Koreans and main land China communists.
See the result of BBC poll rather than such this unreliable votes.

Everyone in the world knows the truth.

Those who don't face facts will never receive Nobel Prize in science.
Only those who face facts can receive them.
Japan and Taiwan have got them, while Korea hasn't.
Japan, Taiwan and Korea were the one nation before 1945.
Japan really modernized Taiwan and Korea because they were Japan.
Japan built national universities in Taiwan and Korea before Nagoya and Osaka.

Taiwan admits this and tell truth to its citizens. Taiwan face facts and receive the Nobel Prize in science.
Korea tries hard to hide the fact from its citizens.

Japan has received 20 Nobel Prizes after 1945 because Japan has faced real facts. Japanese citizens can touch every very truth at least after 1945. All citizens can recognize what happened and what was not happened in the past.

Korea got just one Peace Prize. Korean citizens should be aware that Korean government has hidden real many facts about Japan and Korea.

Japan has got three Fields Medals in Mathematics.
Only those who face facts can receive Fileds Medals.
Korea cannot Fields Medals at all.

Who face facts and who try not to look at facts?
The answer is obvious.
Face the facts!

- visitor

I love you so much YOu wrote all the truth :d - visitor

Japan is hated because of their freedom of hate speech laws. If you are a member of KKK, you can go to Japan and legally say "Kill all N******" There is a great reason why Japan is hated because they think hate speech is perfectly fine. - visitor

This is the truth. Japan killed millions of people during world war 2. Almost all of Asia hates Japan. China does for sure and that accounts for 1.5 billion people LMFAO. So how can you say japan isn't the most hated country in the world... Americans dislike japanese people as well. I'm laughing at all these japanese people with bad grammar trying to convince others that their country is the best... - visitor

Yeah, but America and other countries have forgiven japan. Korea is too stupid to do that. - visitor

It is not propaganda, Japan actually uses propaganda. - visitor

Do you know Nanking massacre? Japanese army killed 300000 Nanking people. It is very serious massacre. But any Japanese school books don't refer it. It is true and Japanese can't refute it. How do you think about Japan? - visitor

Then why South Korea is number2? Before Japan was selected as number1, South Korea was number1. Because Japanese selected South Korea. World people has no interested in South korea so there is no reason World choose us. But Japanese is different. They hate us. So Japanese choose us and for the revenge we choose Japanese. - visitor

I am Korean and I also saw the news that Europe people have negative mind to South korea. But it doesn't mean they hate South korea. They know South korea's life is as poor as North korean. So they see South korea negative. We don't make crime in Europe. It means Europe don't hate South Korea. I have a teacher who traveled Europe. My teacher said European see Korean pitiable. Just it. - visitor

To Koreans,
Please realize what you have been brainwashed by your government.
Many hoaxes about Japan have been made up for controlling citizens so that they hate Japan, but love their govenment.

Almost all famous stroies told by Koreans and Chinese are just hoaxes based on evil bias.

Check them for yourself with open mind.

Otherwise the entire peninsula will be back under domination of China.

As matter of fact, Japan has really helped Korea a lot before/after 1945.

Stop hated education agasint Japan, or Japan will never help you again in future.

- visitor

This list is feel like war of the worlds. - visitor

*eats popcorn *watch - visitor

I don't know all the details and the truth is I don't care... All I know for sure is that all these koreans using obscenities against the japanese really doesn't reflect so well on the koreans. I don't think celebrating the deaths of thousands of people after a natural disaster, using racial slurs, encouraging people to kill/rape japanese or manipulating votes shows you in good light... I mean, that's just what I've seen online.
If you really believe you've been wronged, I'm sure there are better ways to go about it... - visitor

The Japanese demonstrate all the time calling for the killing of Koreans in the streets of Tokyo, including in front of Korean schools. They call for the raping of Korean women and they also have manipulated votes here as well. So this makes the Japanese look just as bad. Do your research before you speak. You don't know all the details. - visitor

South Korea is 1st world country with an average of 40000$ per person for each income. Comparing this to north korea would be pitiful. South Korea is actually richer than most countries in europe. - visitor

Korea can't do anything on their own. Everything they were able to do was because of Japan. - visitor

So what? - visitor

I agree.

As globalization has become a world trend by the spreading of internet and media, Korea has been using such medias to "sell" themselves as the "first world country", but unfortunately they are doing terrible job. Everything is backflashing.

1. Mount Fuji and Sumo wrestler in their T.V. commercial. -> Many people thinks its Japanese Company

2. Galaxy sold -> lawsuits with Apple (their major client) -> mocked iphone -> got busted for hiring people to tweet negative campaign to HTC -> Samsung is in downfall

2. Kia and Hyundai attacked other manufacturers for poor mileage in commercial -> EPA busted them for their "false mileage".

3. PSY sold -> Korean American busted his "Anti-America" rap on CNN iReport.

4. Korean National Soccer Team was rising -> warned by IOC, severely hated by Iran, Italy, Japan, and now deteriorating as team and coach mocking each other.

5. Anti-Japan Pro-China Foreign Policy -> China is falling and the currecy swap is now disfunctional.

6. Mocked Japan for it downfall -> Goldmen, JP, HSBC and other majors are withdrawing, local tourism industry is severely damaged, even after tourists from China is rising.

On the otherhand, Japan is:
1. Korea celebrate WW2 Atomic Bomb and recent Earthquake -> Stock is rising

2. Voted most hated country by this site -> Stock is rising

This movement makes it look as if Japan is better off without having relation with Korea.

Seeing how things are going in the real world, I wonder how much truth is in this Poll.

One thing that I fell is that Korea should try A. To compete fairly without "imposturing", "faking", and "negative campaing of other manufacturer". No matter how good their products could've been, their corporate image are just terrible.
B. Grow out and away from Japan. Put your effort to domestic issue. Your (and China's) obsession to Japan looks just ugly while all other nations are looking at the future, not the past.

It is now becoming more apparent that the world economy is losing interest to Korea for its' negative campaign and lack of future vision. - visitor

I agree. I am american, have nothing against both races, have friends of both races. But I see the koreans always make fun of the japanese, but not vice versa. Japan tries to be nice, Korea doesn't let them. - visitor

I am Japanese

But most of us

Love korean people. - visitor

I hate South Korea.. They is the Liars.. People said They have a cute People in South Korea. But WOW surprise!.. They face is not original!.. They use of plastic surgery.. You KNOW!... YOU LOOK SNSD, They PRETTY RIGHT, BUT !.. THEY ALL USE OF PLASTIC SURGERY.. BEFORE THEY USE PLASTIC SURGERY, THEY FACE IS VERY UGLY! YOU KNOW... - visitor

Allied with Nazis and killed tons of people in WW2. (especially in asia. ) But in contrast to Germany, Japan does not show any regret or remorse of what she has done in the past and even glorifies-also feels proud of-it. Would it be forgivable if Germany is saying 'The era of Nazis ruled was the golden age of our country. '? But Japan is doing just same thing now. Japanese people, extreme right wings in particular- are still fond of imperialism and miss the time when they colonized many Asian countries and used them in most inhumane way.

Moreover, I read some points uploaded on the page and found out discrepancies. First, Dokdo (which Japanese call Takeshima) is not a territorial dispute place. The context of San Fracisco is saying it's neither Japanese nor Korean's island. In this case, effective control does work and Dokdo naturally is included in Korea's territory.

Secondly, Korea wasn't dominated by Japan? This is quite ridiculous thing to answer back actually. It is a 'TRUTH' that Japan participated in this colonizing race of WW2 and slaughtered innocent people throughout the war. Is it realistic that 40 millions of people brainwashed in same way, same time? Only by the power of government? You would know this is hilarious. I wonder who is actually got brainwashed by government or believing fake history.

Also, obeying China? Japan did more than that. They even use Chinese characters as their own language. Do I have to say more?

Typical Koreans.. Yeah. This makes me really laugh. Don't bring your one-sided prejudice to judge one country. You may meet those 'arrogant' 'fake' 'no manner' people, but it couldn't be enough evidence to judge whole country.

In addition to Dokdo (what Japanese say Takeshima), do you know Japan also claims to Russia o Kuril islands as her territory? I mean, Japan also has quarrel with China with Senkaku islands. Wow. Three in a one time. What a co-incidence. It seems like Japan wants some more lands to expand, but stop lying or disgracing other countries for your greed or own purpose. That offends
watch the documentary movie, "The Cove" - eggers

Do you know the long history between China and Japan?
We Japanese use Chinese characters because we made efforts to learn things from China long ago. So many people died on their way to China but we needed to learn. That's why Japanese people can't hate China. We know that the original of our culture and the mind of caring people came from China, even though we sometimes feel a long distance now.

Japan is Islands country. We are surrounded by the ocean. There is no wonder that there are issues between countries after war. "What a co-incidence" is so immature. Think deeply please.

Japanese people often say bad things about Chinese. It's true. But it's not because of the history nor prejudge. Because of the differences in our culture and attitude.
Also japanese who hate Korea is only tiny tiny number of people. We have some Korean towns whish are always busy. Many people want to go to Korea, love Korean food and culture, and love Korean people who come to Japan.

But we know Korean hate Japanese very very much. When I went to Korea, I was shocked how much we are hated even though many clerks in shops speak Japanese well to sell things to Japanese tourists.

Young people here know that our history killed many people. I don't know if our history textbooks are right or wrong but of course we know how terrible our government was. People were forced to die in war (being alive after war was what people feel humiliated). They have to die without fuel to go back. The government started war... It killed innocent people.

I can say that people don't and can't hate Chinese and Korean by the history. All the recent images we get are their scream and shouting of hatred towards Japanese people. We will never celebrate terrible disaster or any bad things happen to Korea.

Sorry for my poor grammar and vocabulary. I just wanted to say how Japanese young people feel.
I'm going to Korean town to meet Korean friends tomorrow... - visitor

Yeah... Takeshima was originally Japan's, Koreans just try to take what is not theirs without evidence. - visitor

The South Korea government will repeat a Japanese criticism, if economy gets worse.
It is for national dissatisfaction and anger to prevent turning on the South Korean government. It is foolish.
Even if it repeats such a thing, the business of South Korea does not improve.

Prime Minister Abe is the right wing?
Japan is the country which ripened. Strong economy is chosen from war.
Japanese nobody participates in war.

Does it know? Japan compensated the Korean Peninsula after the war.
Those days, the Korean Peninsula is under war.
South Korea also required compensation of North Korea together.
"If north-south unification is carried out, Southern Dynasty vivid North Korea will be passed. "
Carrying out, the Japanese government paid it.
The amount of money is over compensation which Germany paid.
The Republic of Korea made the town from the compensation which Japan paid, and made the road from it.
However, the South Korean government does not inform people of the fact.
Japan, not to mention it, is taught militarism, and is instigated. - visitor

I am not Chinese, Japanese nor Korean. But here's one thing, besides you Koreans (probably some Chinese), I have met nobody that hates Japan. Let me tell you Koreans one thing, Japan also came to my country (I'm an south-east Asian) and they did the same thing like they did in Korea, you might not know about it just cause we're not babbling about it anymore. We moved on, we prefer to think more of the present and the future rather than complaining about the past that nobody can change. The young generation of Japan has got nothing to do with it, they're not the one who killed those people. You all Koreans need to grow up. - visitor

Totally agree. I'm Chinese, we really don't have anything against japan. I actually prefer them over you Koreans, who do nothing but state the past and copy for the future. - visitor

I am Mexican and I believe the country that's done the worst atrocities in the world is Japan.
Nanjing massacre? ?
I think japan people should learn from the germans. - visitor

To tell the truth, I do not know Korea well, Korean people and culture are not well known,
Why is no.2 Korea? Its suspicious! - visitor

As of Nov 3rd, Japan is ranked at 7th in the list of "Best Countries in the World" thanks to the votes from various nations. Korea is ranked at 22nd in the list mainly voted by themselves. Korea may be able to make Japan be the top of negative ranking on the internet but they can never be the top of positive list because... Everyone knows the reason. - visitor

Japan→ world war2 - visitor

Yeah its seem they almost kill my grandfather when he was younger at age of 6yrs old - visitor

South Koreans are voting to Japan
Japanese are voting to South Korea
Anti-Communists are voting to China and North Korea
Communists and Muslims are voting to America

More? - visitor

South Koreans are voting to Japan.
Japanese are Voting to South Korea. - Emmer3000

Um... Or South Koreans are voting to South Korea because they have realized how stupid they are. - visitor

I'm Korean. I'm just saying but I love Japan. Who said we hated Japan? It was about 80 years ago when Japanese people took over Korea. It's over now, and I wish that everyone would stop thinking that Korea hates Japan and that it's all our fault. Japan is an amazing place. The only people who hate Japan are the ones that need a life. I agree. But just please, one person that hates a different country doesn't represent us all! - visitor

Don't you get it you forgot that your country is racist against japanese and to black people even to poor country or to poor people you know I am very angry to you koreans your getting me pissed off it makes me sick, now tell me if every foreigner comes to your country korea and that foreigner is poor do you koreans discriminate him/her I think I wasn't wrong aren't you going to give up koreans? , you know what japan is better than you country I know they are responsible of world war 2 but unlike now your country korea is the one who brings disaster, because you and all koreans discriminate people, remember don't BE RACIST! I am an american. - visitor

Koreans don't know what good morals and ethics R. It's sad. They teach everything that is bad and leads to hatred and they spiritedly defend themselves. Korea=Sad - visitor

Yeah I actually know or heard that japan is number 1 rank list in the most hated country and koreans really voted for japan but you know koreans you are so racist to japanese people don't think about what happened before but I know some koreans don't hate japan but they are lesser than the koreans who is hating japan. - visitor

I suggest not listening to Japanese's opinion on this. They hate Koreans maybe as much as Koreans hate them. It's very easy to notice if a comment was made by a Japanese, laugh out loud, because 1) they search for any excuse to make Korea and its people look bad and change the subject at hand (too many Korean people voting for Japan as the worst country); and 2) they write in Engrish. Probably all of the comments about Japan were made by South Koreans, and it's obvious that the comments about South Koreans were made by Japanese laugh out loud stop being so obvious or better yet, stop hating each other like that - visitor

Or by you, eh? Biased south korean. Stop trying to change the facts. Japanese people like South Koreans. not vice versa. - visitor

The second visitor comment from December 13, 2014, is a biased Japanese. Japanese people hate South Koreans - they demonstrate all the time calling for the genocide of Koreans. - visitor

I challenge anyone to go outside and ask random people which country they like better, Japan or South Korea. I did this and literally EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON said Japan with absolutely no hesitation. Americans think South Korea is a 3rd World Country just only slightly better than North Korea. Americans think of Japan as a Super Advanced Rich Country with Anime, Ninjas, Robots, Sushi, Video Games! - visitor

Read this

Korean textbooks slammed over errors, bias, boringness
By Nathan Schwartzman May 18, 2011 12:29PM UTC

Korean Scientist Said to Admit Fabrication in a Cloning Study
By NICHOLAS WADE Published: December 16, 2005

Plagiarism Imperiling South Korea's Academic Reputation
By Steve Herman June 05, 2012

Samsung getting sued by apple, and microsoft, exposed as cheaters in the olympics and world cup... I can go on all day. country with the highest suicide rate in world=korea, I won't bother to continue as I know a korean is committing suicide every 5 minutes. - visitor

I'm half American half Japanese living in Japan. All I could say is, Japan do not have ANY hate for ANY country. Even for North Korea. Japan actually feel bad for North Korea. - visitor

I am korean but I love all country - visitor

There is a lot of hate between Koreans and Japanese... and it is understandable.
But the propaganda for hating Japan is sooo huge in Korea.
And yes, I do believe that Japan is on top of the list because of the votes of many Korean people. Obviously, they had every right to do so.

But in most counties, rather it's right or not, Japan is a respected county. I have lived in Italy, France, Australia, and everybody there loved or at least respected Japan.
I don't think it deserves this position. - visitor

Japanese nationalists, the "Most Hated Asian Countries" list has South Korea at #1, China at #2, and Japan around the bottom of the list. This list is irrelevant because South Korea is #2 and North Korea is #3, so it's a wash. The Japanese nationalists are doing the same thing they accuse Koreans or Chinese of doing. They also have demonstrations in the street where they threaten to kill Koreans and foreigners. - visitor