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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.


Before I begin, I'd just like to say that I was born here, and I was raised here. Australia is a very racist country. Every white person here thinks they're better than everyone else. Queensland is loaded with rednecks. New South Wales is overpopulated. Victoria is full of scumbags. Australia's Capital Territory think they're the best. Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia are basically all desert.

This country's government and economy is also screwed up. Full of racist, homophobic bastards. Not enough money is going into the school and hospital systems, but rather into the rich people's hands. Most of the people here spell the American way, even though the British way is the correct way of spelling here in Australia--that alone shows how much the education system is lacking.

If you're thinking of coming to Australia, please don't. Even I can't wait to get out of here.

I find it funny, and quite offensive how Australia is considered racist by non white migrants, when it is a country that allows people from all parts of the world in, then celebrates and promotes multiculturalism within its community. A country that has suppressed its own culture selflessly, to welcome others and make them feel more comfortable. When a lot of them are coming from countries that won't allow multiculturalism in the smallest way. It's a classic case of giving people an inch and thm expecting a mile. Australia has given you and your family a chance at a better life, so respect the country and it's citizens, or leave, because there are plenty of people who will respect us and would love to migrate here.

Australia is great, middle eastern immigrants and African immigrants in particular are extremely racist towards aboriginals white Australians and just about every other race Australia is home to, they then continue to blame every white Australian for being extremely racist when its actually them. Australia used to be great.

I hate it because it's a 22 hour flight to get there otherwise I envy them. Kinda funny that the British sent their prisoners to this tropical paradise while they lived in dank England eating festering pig stomach or some other boiled atrocity.

Australia is a Great country, I'm a White Australian and I love our aboriginal history and HATE the British for what they did, This was Aboriginal Land, and we took it from them, I saw a page on Facebook against Aborigines, I was SO ANGRY. I noticed that a Brisbane City Government Personal was being racist, I threatened to Report him for a Hate Crime for what he said. I'm only 12, But that's good, it means the Australia youth are starting to respect the carers of this Great Land. Aborigines don't get a good education because they are bullied and can't get employed, because the White Owners wont employ them, meaning that they can't support there family and end up having to steal. I hope that the Aborigines thrive and dominate the White population, and these are words from White Boy - s9111472

I live in Australia and I find this quite offending, Australia is NOT racist, I am an Asian and I have only faced racism once in all of life (21 years), it wasn't even that serious, a man called me "small eyes" on the train and I noticed his rudeness towards other people too, mainly WHITES (he was a white Australian).

Personally, I'm thankful this isn't in the top ten but number fifteen seriously is too high, the lowest I would say is around number 30, Australia can be hated sometimes and I respect everybody's opinion, but being this high just blew my mind.

I have been in Australia for 1 year and half. I am a white south American from Portuguese heritage. Well... I think even I been sort of white guy... I felt a little bit out of Anglo Australian society. I talk with some people... they believe this is the best country in the world. They cannot see that each single country have good and bad things. Also they are very very closed-mind. I think compared with other anglo nations... australia is the most closed-minded. After studying in a good university there and having scholarship for being a good student... I realized some Aussie people hate me for this... they have sort of Poppy tall Syndrome... And they try to put you down... Some people are so dumb and xenophobic that If they see a turban means that the person is Arabic... So I should one picture of Jesus with Turban and they thought Jesus was Muslim.. hahaah... Oh my god... I also told about Zlatan Ibraimovic the good football play from Sweden parents from Bosnia Herzegovina. They ...more

Boring, overpriced, overrated and very very narrow minded people. I was born here, lived in Europe for 5 years and I'm back to the same old thing. People born and raised here in Oz need to get out and experience the world and what we are missing out on in life.

I've lived there for 10 years, it was nice in the beginning, the weather and food are really awesome, but after a while you realize how stupid, ignorant and idiotic the average Aussie is. The country itself is, apart from a handful of attractions, dead boring. Outside of the 2 to 3 real cities the majority people are just totally uneducated racist rednecks. The cities are so ridiculously expensive that even Switzerland seems cheap, it is just a joke. We called it "the great Aussie scam", and we never regretted leaving it behind for a more interesting and relaxed life in Europe.

I live here in Sydney. In Sydney there is a lot of Graffiti displaying a graffiti of a penis. it's disgusting.

I'm from New Zealand, there's why I voted

I'm Australian I must admit that there is racism, But not to the extent people say. Every country has racism not just us, I'm 17 and my whole life I haven't heard any racist remarks, But when I check social media I see that there is plenty of videos of racism. But racism is everywhere, not just in Australia. So stop accusing every Australian as racist, I have African friends, Asian friends and I have never said 1 racist remark. People say All Australians are racist, that's like me saying that all Americans are fat. We respect other countries, now its time to respect us.

Why is this not number 1? Now there are some really nice people in Australia but with that there is a lot of arrogant and rude people as well and it's really sad. I really wish I could love this country but I am finding it harder and harder to even slightly respect anyone here. - AGK

The biggest racist country of all. they suck to core..

I'm Australian and I'm constantly appalled at this country's celebration of ignorance as if it's something to be proud of and knowledge and/or intelligence are something to be hidden. And the comments are right, as part of that ignorance we seem to believe that racism and bigotry is acceptable and appropriate. We are a bunch of pricks...

Let the Native Indigenous Aborigines, have their own country back. All the British can permanently clear off back to their racist/terrorist country of origin United Kingdom/Germany, for good.

Australia is an amazing country, I don't understand why anyone would hate it, occasionally you get the idiotic, self centred person, but that is the same for every other country in the world. I came to Australia 13 years ago and there are so many lovely people, the people here always welcome you and start a conversation, white or black.

Amazing country, better people.

For a whole nation to pick on one person and make that one person the talk of the town via media outlets (newspapers, television, radio and advertisements) that must say something about the country. Or I guess I can always take it as a positive - for one person to have such an effect on a whole nation just by playing music and not saying anything I guess that is a skill and what you would call power of influence. Ignorance is bliss. Read the book "Power vs Force" quite interesting - might just learn something.

Aborigines, have been and still are the rightful indigenous peoples of Australia, for over 40,000 years. The British and other European criminals, have no right to exist there, in any shape, way and or form.

You're views are ridiculous, this is an extremely multicultural country that excepts all races. There are many bad things about Australia but the rasicsm is scarce, the majority of racists are large nationalists that you can find in any country. If you think you're being treated differently because of your race think again because it's probably you're short-sighted personality that cannot see past people's flaws. It's your intelligence that's lacking not rasicsm rising.

From what were mentioned in the previous posts, I believe Australia is an ignorant, severely bigoted and disgusting country. Coming from an Asian ethnic background, I've had derogatory remarks said to me within range or directly concerning my culture and race with no repercussion to the instigator. It doesn't matter whether I grew up here since primary school or have contributed to the economy through work. These true blue Aussies are arrogant and self-obsessed over the gloss that is this 'Great' (! ) South Land. Speaking from individual experience, multiculturalism feels like a myth that only seems applicable to the acceptance of ethnic European descent.

Rupert Murdoch, is a Terrorist. He does not have any right to exist.

Some Australians actually care about the original cusdotians of our land, not every single one of us is racist. I'm sick of reading that we are useless, if we were useless, why would we have soldiers fighting in Iraq? Can you answer that? And actually, we have some really good inventions that changed the world, like wifi. So we are not useless, and quit saying it if you have never walked in our shoes. There is a saying that goes Don't judge others until you are perfect. That applies here because there is no such thing as a perfect country, does everyone know what the White Americans did the African Americans? Get your facts straight.

In every country there is racism, it is annoying when Asians don't speak English and when Muslims a bad to women ever one gets priest off.

And we can't be racist to aboriginals because we take so much care to them and it is only people from other countries say that we're are bad to the aboriginals, they do not no what we do for the aboriginal, they have more rights then whites do.

They do not have to pay taxes

The government pays for there food, water, electricity and house.

And if there is racism in Australia it is because of the aboriginals they are racist to everyone whites, Asians, Muslims, Indians, islanders and Africans because they won't every body put of there countries.

Typical racist English bigot posted an inappropriate comment. Go back to the United Kingdom, where you come from.

Australia is racist I came to Australia at the age of 10 and from Israel and I have been discriminated for the color of my skin and with Israeli and Jewish stereotypes it needs to stop I have seen people attacked and abused because of their race does anyone else experience something like this because I find it's mostly hate toward middle eastern people and Refugees. - UnlawfulSquid