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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region.


This country sucks really bad, people say this country is beautiful. Besides Rio, this country is probably one of the ugliest junks in the world, the government don't do nothing to try to improve the country and people have very bad habits, they don't respect you, they sneeze and cough and they don't cover the mouth. Even though Argentina is passing by some bad crisis in the moments, it is still much better than Brazil.

Rio isn't that beautiful, take a look in the slums. It's so dangerous, mainly if you're a foreigner walking over the streets. Be careful!

People there are so dumb! You're considered cool if you have many women, and it's full with religious nuts, I'm ashamed of my country!

That's true, thankfully the new young generation don't care to religion, that sounds nice. But the old generation still hates the atheists or agnostics.

If you like privacy like me, this is one of the worst countries in the world to live, you can't have privacy at all in this country, nobody respects privacy here, people talk way too loud and close to each other, people listen to really loud songs everywhere, sometimes at 2:00 AM and you're sleeping people put really loud songs to wake up the whole neighborhood, Brazilians have no ethic, you can see that on the internet where they spam everything and you could also see this in the Olympics when they booed the players because they don't accept loosing, I honestly would like to know where the image of Brazilians being warm came from, because as Brazilian who have already traveled to many countries worldwide including Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Spain and Italy, I can easily say we're one of the most obnoxious and loud people on earth.

I wish I could say better things from this place, but there aren't many, if I could pick a world, definitely "Corruption" would be it, and I don't mean politically, every single country today around the world is suffering with political corruption, the problem in Brazil is some kind of Social Corruption, most people are losing all their basic values, honor, respect, no more wrong or right, they just do what they want and that's it, its no surprise the country is now breaking apart, still... I like one thing about this place, with all this going on there are a few, a very few people who find reasons to smile, even living in hell...

Funny Brazilian love to complain about corruption, for sure it's not the nicest country, but it's so big it's has produced many big names in the world especially in sport. So many football players, Racing drivers as a matter a fact I think they created the greatest racing driver - Countrylooker2202

The country with most annoying Christians in the world, in Brazil to you get respect you have to put religion in first place of your life, Brazilians are really dumb, they're skeptical about science, they think about religion all the time, atheists here are considered criminal, most of atheists here are in the closet, fortunately in the recent years number of atheists has being growing a lot especially in the young people, but still, a very bad place to be an atheist

What screws up this country the most are the people!

The worst thing about Brazil are the Brazilians. Oh man, they are everywhere on the internet, yeah EVERYWHERE. I mean, if you upload a video on YouTube which talks about Brazil, even though the video itself is in Russian you'll for sure meet with tons of Brazilians. Sometimes it gets annoying. Online games such as MMORPGs are also full of Brazilians, most of them abuse of hacking the whole game to take advantage on something and if you disagree be prepared to be cursed. - Hakner

Corruption. Corruption. And if I forgot... Corruption. Beside that, people re really stupid, incompetent and materialistic. Government also is burocratic.

This country is so religious, we can't make even a joke about Jesus that people get mad, atheists here really suffer, me and my friends are atheists and we really can't believe how fanatic people are about religion here wow, you fees seem to be way less religious tough, but older people are the most conservative morons.

People here are stupid, they only care about soccer, samba and religion, that's all, they don't care about education, science. Country with the dumbest and most closed minded people ever.

This country is a total mess. High crime rates, corruption, lack of education, ignorance, poor healthcare and educational system, it's really a mess of a country!

This country is crap, people here are so stupid, they're easily fooled by anyone, the government doesn't give a crap about the country, Brazilians doesn't even care about politics, they just want to know about beach and party, it's hot the whole year, I almost die of hot, people don't give a damn about your feelings, Brazilians say what they want, they don't respect you! I can't believe this country is #97! If people knew what the hell Brazil really is, it wouldn't be so low at this list!

People here have zero education, they don't respect anybody, besides, old people here are conservative wow, fortunately younger people here are more open-minded, still s trash country.

The country of criminals, really, there are more than 50 thousand murders annually!

I just hate them cause of world cup 2014. Instead of feeding their country they decide to build soccer stadiums all across the country to host a soccer game?! Plus, they were cheaters during the world cup matched. RIGGED

Boring country, people there are so rude!

And plus religious, that is kinda annoying. They love churches as their lives itself

If you like criminals, this is the right country for you.

One of the most corrupt countries in the whole world. Every politician here is a criminal.

Land of the most criminal people on Earth. Corruption, arrogance and dumbness dominate the social life in every single aspect.

Beautiful country. What spoils it are the people. Corruption, violence, rudeness, vulgarity, world's largest consumer of crack-cocaine (1 ton per day! ), disrespect, a land of thieves. Religious fanaticism. Lazy people, don't like work. I've been stuck here for over 50 years, but finally I'm going back to my beloved country in the civilization.

Terrible country! Really a mess! One of the largest economies in the world and still full of poverty.

This country is the worst thing, why is Japan at #1? I wish I was born in Japan!

Worst country in Latin America to be atheist, enough said.

In some locations Brazilians treat the foreigners like they were aliens or something from another planet. They're so disrespectful to each other, especially in traffic jams. It's too risky if you're running around with expensive objects like digital cameras, smartphones or jewels in general. You don't even feel free to walk at night in the streets. Some Brazilians have said something like that: if you've never been stolen you aren't Brazilian. Greetings from Germany. - Hakner

One of the most dangerous country in the world need I say more?