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Canada is a country in North America that is next to the United States, and it's the 2nd largest country in the world (size is 9.985 million kmĀ²). This country has 10 provinces, and 3 territories. Canada became a dominion on July 1, 1867. Its 10 provinces are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, more.


Canada is growing, higher levels of unemployment, social assistance. poverty homelessness, suicide, mental health and addiction issues, public service keeps growing despite the rest of the population is experiencing lower standards of living, incentives to hire and educate immigrants growing, competition for Canadians to find work is growing, governments/agencies/unions interfering/controlling businesses growing, cost of living growing, greed growing, self entitlement growing, bad customer service growing, empire building growing, using each other for money growing, narcissism growing, materialism growing, debt and personal bankruptcy growing, arrogance/self righteousness/ disrespect/ abuse growing, individualism growing, loneliness, depression, hurtful behavior/ selfishness instability all growing... did I miss something

Canada pretends to be nice but all the scumbags that were not caught by england and sent to "prison Australia" escaped to here; all the greedy riff raff from Europe that could not get into america ended up here; halifax burned out the black cannibals in apartheid style; prime ministers have be involved in mysterious exchanges of envelopes of cash; saskatchewan cabinet was caught in a huge financial scam and some had to resign; premiere of British Columbia had to resign; still paying for the montreal olympics because of quebec construction fraud oh by the way a few years ago there was a mere $300 million scandal in quebec again with government involvement; toronto mayor is crackhead but toronto lawyers were too stupid to have a way to deal with it; manitoba is broke so roads in Lebanon are better; Alberta wants to become part of isa; can only vote for one of two idiotic political parties nationally and provincially so the mess never changes : and this is why we allow fighting in hockey ...more

I've lived in Toronto my whole life, and I've got to say, though it was once a good place, now it's nothing but an insanely agitating place to live. People are superficially polite, but definitely aren't actually concerned with your well being. There's absolutely nothing to do in the entire city (the biggest city in Canada), the sun sets at 5:00 PM in the winter (no joke), and the traffic is unbelievably bad because the subway system is close to non-existent and the people can't drive for s***. Oh, and construction on highways is NEVER finished.. They do one section only to finish it 1 year later, then return to the part they did a few years back, causing massive traffic congestion for eternity. Our politics is an absolute joke; most Canadians know more about American politics than our own. Tax money is pretty much never spent on new technology and innovation, and the city will never get better because politicians don't bother to do anything to progress society.

I can speak to this because I am a Canadian Ex-pat with no intention of ever going back. Fundamentally, Canadian identity is wrapped up in a little brother complex in regard to the US. Similar to how New Zealanders feel about Australia. It's palpable in the air. They get stupidly excited at the mere use of the word "Canada" in a non-Canadian movie and constantly pat themselves on the back for not being American every time America does something stupid..usually forgetting that Canadians do pretty much the same stupid things. Canadian movies and television are utterly terrible because Canadians cannot act. The reason they cannot act is because being dramatic..a prerequisite of frowned upon. Much like the Danes, Canadians have a deep seated "Who do you think you are? " attitude to being outspoken, speaking to strangers, flashing wealth, or any sort of success. The old saying that Canadians love 3rd place applies. Being outspoken is considered American, so ...more

Canada is a dead place. There is nothing here that makes you smile or anything. The cities are as boring as it could get. Living by the Rockies are better than living in Canadian cities. Cities are dirty here. Just dead. When was the last time I heard an emergency siren? Like last month. It's so quite. They talk about peace and quiet but it's too much in Canada. I've never lived in a boring dead place like this before.

I think That Canadians are really arrogant.

I live there now and I want out!

People think they're so nice and all but I'm telling you

Try Living here for two years, you'll see!

Americans look way better next to Canadians not by their clean and pretty country but by their attitude!

Canada is the most arrogant country in the world! I have no problem with the country itself, it is actually pretty nice, just the people who live in it. Almost all positive comments on this page are by Canadians themselves who can't accept there is something wrong with there country. They have a belief that they are so much better than the rest of the world especially the US. Maybe they are better than the US but they are way inferior than many countries in Europe and Oceania. Canada only ranks 8th in Human development (behind the US! ),9th inequality adjusted HDI, 10 by GDP per capita and very average education, health and welfare systems.

They have an environmental record so bad they are in the axis of environmental evil. They are the only country that has withdrawn from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. (Even North Korea and poor African nations members).

Have a native peoples policy almost as bad as as Australia's. Until recently they gave them ...more

They have a stereotype of being very nice. Total garbage... Very rude people.

Run by liberal morons who only care about making themselves look good instead of their own people. Immigrants come in and take advantage of the welfare system, people just cross the boarder like nothing, natives get ridiculous rights and some of them still complain about not getting enough rights (they get to fish all year instead of seasonal and live on reserves with cheaper stuff.) There is a lot of stigma on white men for being accused of racism/sexism (I don't know any racists or sexists who live here), we actually had to do a "sensitivity training" class in college where they basically called us all racist, and showed us racist stereotypes, for example, they showed us an asian man and asked us why he looks like he's good at math (I said his glasses lol.) We are all stereotyped to be nice people yet I've met a lot of people here who are two faced, fake and ESPECIALLY judgemental who will stab you in the back any chance they get. Not to mention we have the biggest MORON in the ...more

I posted something here about Canada stating hatred towards this country. I really don't hate it I hate what individualism has done to our culture. There is a substantial increase in depression, addiction, suicide than ever before. Unemployment is quite high, the cost of living here and the taxes are out of control. I don't believe our govt is managing things and there is a sense inequality in this society and an imbalance. I wish we cared more about each other and not material things and money. So that's how I feel. Canada was once considered a model for the world but now its become driven by greed and many people are out for themselves that's a product of western culture.

Most Canadians are fake and pretend to be your friend

Though it seems to be a western epidemic, it's sad to see that it has effected Canada as much as it has because we used to be the final frontier of genuineness and civility. But, I have noticed that a gross amount of entitlement issues and greed are infecting the people in this country like the plague. Particularly among the millennial generation who've been sucking their parent's teets all of their lives and probably wont let go anytime soon. There has become this very large snobby, yuppie, brat elite in our society, whom are more concerned about looking like the front cover of GQ than doing anything meaningful with their lives. As I am, myself, 25, it's become increasingly difficult to meet real people here. Since so many of my peers have lived in a coddled bubble all of their lives, they haven't been broken in by the real world. They live in a spoon fed fantasy world where they believe they are the be all end all because their mommies and daddies told them so. Consequently not only ...more

Far too socialist. From a Canadian who has lived here forever. Taxes should be the same for everyone and they're not. If you don't work, you get cash JUST for sitting around. It's like they want to encourage people not to work as an excuse to steal from anyone who makes any money.

If you do work, they tax you through the nose. Not even if you're rich, just middle class or a worker. I don't even think the rich deserve the taxes they get; they should pay for basic services and nothing more. But that's not how the criminal middle class is here. Everything is monitored so the socialist Liberals and NDP (and even some "Conservative" party socialists) can steal tax money from it. You can't even sell a USED CAR without being taxed. It's a ridiculous system.

It would make sense if people were actually pointing out how dumb this system is, but nobody even says anything because the Country will just gaslight them and say they're "not paying their fair share", when in reality, ...more

I hate Canada. Such a stupid country with arrogant people everywhere

Children of the English... A liberal and immoral people. Corrupt, greedy, selfish, cold and not close to family... So the prefer people from other cultures because they do not, over their own. All about amassing money and things... Education. Security, feminism, unions... To have the good life. Like all colonists from hitting... The immigrants love it compared to where they come from... A poor life for many born Canadians of English, French and indigenous ancestry.

I wonder why most Canadians are very cold, introspective, reserved, aloof... icy? They aren't like the Latinos, I mean very "warm", funny, friendly and socially confident. Above all if you are trying to be friend of a Canadian, it would be hard. - Hakner

I moved to Canada around 14 years ago with a lot of hope for a much better life and future! Before moving there I believed it is filled up with decent and educated people as this country definitely was at the top 10. Initially, it was alright despite of minor disappointments! But everything started to get worse, especially in the late 2000s. The first shock was in 2005-2006 - HORRIBLE school education. Many teachers explain nothing, a lot of them 'non-stop' chat about equality and et cetera. I am not saying it is right or wrong but it is just simply hypocritical and brainwashing, and pupils just learn nothing. If you believe that Canada has one of the highest IQ in the world - say thank you to the immigrants, who are on average more educated and intelligent than the mainstream. But that many Canadian pupils do not know geography - trust me it is not a myth at all. An expert in the subject you can find among the ones who studies at schools in India, China or Korea.

The ultimate ...more

Most people do realize that Canadians are the most racist, ignorant, elitist, arrogant, Xenophobic BUT pretentious people on earth. The worst part is that Canada is a glorified 3rd world country masquerading a an industrialized one. The corruption is just unbelievable and sickening!

People are cold and selfish, but they pretend they are nice.

Canadians are just stupid people who care about themselves and follow Americans everywhere, but make fun of them when the time comes. They bring immigrants that are smart from Asia, and make people think that they are the most educated country in the world: Basically their antisocial morons who have no life so they act smart and follow Americans.

When ever I meet Canadians they ALWAYS try act all passive aggressive nice (hard to describe.) but when you turn your back you notice how rude they really are! They also are dang snobby, at least the old ones! But I refuse to believe that all are like that, otherwise I'd be just as bad as everyone who talks bad about the US.

Canada just cares about their own country. They ruin my life.

I am 54 Caucasian French and English heritage with leukemia. I must leave Canada as I cannot find meaningful work here and support myself, due age and all the rules and regulations in our system. although my experience and work ethics are in demand in Asia. Sad to say but I don't like this country anymore and find the people self seeking, our public sector is out of control. we don't have democracy anymore here or public servants we have public masters wanting all the control and wealth for themselves. we are slaves to the elite, corporations, the rich and public sector the new rich in Canada. We do not have a responsible or caring govt. We need to look more at Scandinavian countries as an example of better govt because there is no way we are a good example anymore.

1. Government

2. Government's bad resolves on issues

3. Greed

4. Less wage to taxes/living expense ratio, if you can even get a job as a citizen

5. Government said it will boost more jobs in work industry for Canadians. Employers and big corporations would hire foreign workers, possibly for cheap, rather than citizens born and bred here. (Eg. Big tech company only hired 10% Canadians rest are foreign).

6. Education system doesn't cater to own citizens. Books and tuition are high. There are no subsidies for young citizens' education while all other necessity costs rise; Which leads to

7. Massive amount of exchange students come here just to study, no seats, increase of price and more certifications for jobs (waitresses may need Serving it Right and/or Foods Safe certificate and to update it), becomes a dog eat dog world just for education.

8. Citizens' taxes for healthcare. Lots of taxes.

9. Long wait times in the emergency ...more - rit

I read through these comments and am actually surprised people will actually complain about life in Canada. I am Canadian and I love my country and the people here. You don't have to worry about much violence or problems, I get along with everyone I meet and we are very multi-cultural. We have quite possibly among the highest level of freedom to do what we choose in the entire world as long as we don't cause harm to others. For example if you are gay, you're allowed to be gay, if you want to smoke weed you can smoke weed, if you want to drink well there is high taxes on booze, if you want porn there's porn on the Internet (I know some countries block this), if you want to have sex with woman and can't get a date there are massage parlors that are licensed. Most people here don't give you a hard time and we accept all different walks of life. So if you are religious you can practice your religion here no problem. They just legalized heroin, so if you are addicted to heroin you don't ...more

I love Canada, but do hate the passive-aggressiveness that comes along with the social expectation of politeness here. I also can't stand the undeserved sense of entitlement so many people here seem to have. As well, SO many people here are racist and anti-immigrant behind closed doors. If you are not Native American, you or your ancestors are also immigrants! On the flip side, there are the others who are so over-the-top PC, they take away rights from others with their smothering self-righteousness. One example is trying to make the phrase "Christmas tree" taboo.. I am not even Christian, but it is my culture and upbringing that my family had a Christmas tree, at Christmas. I'm not calling it a "Holiday tree". Others can, if they wish, or a "pagan tree", or anything they like, but it's crossing the line to take away my right to call it a Christmas tree. Can you imagine telling Jewish people that their Hanukkah menorah must be called a Holiday menorah ...more