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China, officially the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state in East Asia. It is the world's most populous state, with a population of over 1.388 billion. It was established in 1949 by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. Its capital is Beijing. The major cities are Shanghai, more.


BY FAR THE WORST COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! They are the most dirty, thieving, lying, cheating, greedy, animal abusing, stupid, racist pigs I have ever met. They steal western ideas and pass them off as their own. They pee, spit, and smoke WHEREVER THEY WANT (once in an elevator a man peed while I stood inside, the smell was vile. A women allowed her son to take a crap at the top of a supermarket escalator what and many more disgusting things I can't explain as don't have the space).

They only care about money and never help people in a crisis (and by people I mean a 2 year old girl who was hit by a car in the middle of the street while people walked on by like it didn't happen).

Charity doesn't exist, esp not for animals. Abuse towards animals happens on a daily basis almost like a sport and is the sickest form of abuse I have ever witnessed (not personally witnessed because I would have killed the bastards but seen in chinese video clips and can tell with their ...more

Well, I have been living in China for a bit more than 6 months, but I can tell you, that Chinese people are not hygienic at all. I have seen a lot of times when parents allowed their kids urinate in the middle of the street, I also saw adults urinating in the middle of the street and people were passing by without paying attention. They do smoke anywhere they feel like, without considering others, they litter, they burp and spit, and fart. And they don't really care whether it is a restaurant or an elevator or any other place. They just do that. They have no manners whatsoever, they never let people out of the door, instead they will crowd around the exit. They are very disorganized, they have very poor management skills and many of them are just incompetent. I am working as an English teacher and I have to give classes together with a Chinese teacher. And she doesn't know English, she doesn't understand the difference between long a short phonemes. She always messes up no matter what ...more - Alice12

If you are implying that all Chinese people are rude, cheating, lying... Etc, Then I am afraid that you are delusional and narrow minded. Not every Chinese person is bad, so save the repulsion for yourself. They do not poop, spit, or use everything as a toilet. I should know this because I am also a Chinese descendant, and lived in China for part of my life. They do horrific things sometimes but they are are also good people. I live in the US and heard all these implications that Chinese people never help and eat puppies. That may be true for some people, and I understand your disgust, YOU DON'T NEED TO BE RACIST AND INSULT EVERYONE IN THAT COUNTRY!

China, stops invading Vietnam now. Paracel and Spratly Islands are in Vietnam. China is a gangster, a brigand forever and forever.

I don't want to criticize but are you telling China to let Vietnam take it's territory (Yes, that's how the dispute started), and keep going into China's mainland? Probably cheering for that to happen, notice how China has been bullied by other nations. - RoamingPerson

The most unpleasant attitude, arrogant people. They have this strange thinking that everything on earth is from China. Even Mongolian's history is theirs? Nonsense country.

They are distorting their history all the time throughout the history. Recently they even elongated the official length of Great wall like a rubber band. This country is by far the worst nation in Asia along with Japanese.

They do not want to learn other culture. But they feel so proud when other people say good thing about their culture. What a culturally egocentric beings. Probably it's because of their poor ethics.

Money is everything in china. They make fake food for money. Even baby formula was tainted by some cheap chemicals.

They copy virtually everything. And soon enough, they will claim it's invented in china. They don't deserve to be a UN sec council member. They still teach Korean war was initiated by South Korean intrusion of North Korea with the help of US.

China, ...more

Let Tibet be free. Tibetans would rather be ruled by Dalai Lama than the communist government which tries to destroy Tibet's culture. - jaymac111

Egocentric is technically ethnocentric, remember high school man.

To the people of China, please mind your manners.
1. Do not open your mouth when you are eating. It is just disgusting.
2. Stop claiming your rights when you do not acknowledge other's.
3. China is not the center of the universe nor the most important.
4. Your so-called protesting is nothing more than violent havoc.
5. Educate yourselves more.
6. Make no mistake that the economy growth that China has seen is not due to its people, but it is because of the cheat labor.
7. Please learn the meaning of human rights.
8. Do not claim other people's lands as yours just because you want it. That is the logic of of an infant. Grow up.
9. Your people nor the government do not seem to understand copy rights, intellectual properties, and other global standards.
10. Considering all that has been stated above, don't you dare act as though you or your country is sophisticated. In fact, in most people's eyes you and your country is looked upon as cockroaches on ...more

The only reason they are getting mad because this post was 100 and ten percent true! - Brandonjoe77

I can assure you that your comment is 100% stereotyped. Because I am not racist and of course, every country including everyone is racist, probably even me. - TheExtremelyFairPerson

They are horrible liars and have no conscience. No religious mind but greed. Greed, just greed. I do not foresee if the inevitable fall of
Communist from power will improve the situation but I am rather
Pessimistic in view of the profound damage communist's rule has given
To the peoples moral.

Yes they are territorial thief! It should be on top 3.. They keep on harassing other countries with less power like the Philippines. Just because they are many doesn't mean they are the most powerful.. And even though, their products suck!

Chinese people always speak so loudly. It makes people upset even embarrassed. They also cut a line and don't know order. Noisy, selfish, dirty, dishonest, merciless, thoughtless etc. These represent the symbol and propensity of Chinese people.

Poisonous fake products, brainwashed people, corrupt government official, nationalistic land thieves, and evil bastards. They think they're the middle Kingdom, the center of the universe, where everyone else are "barbarians. " They're extremely evil, ignorant, arrogant, and think that they're so special and highly innovated, even with copied technology from Russia. China is not a likeable country, period.

Their animal policy is gruesome, the way they exploit their own people to gain money and thus power in the world, the culture who prefers to "not lose face" even if this makes matters a lot worse, the selfishness, self-conceitedness, relentlessness and inability to work in a team, that I noticed in a Chinese co-worker, their toxic products and relentless modification of medicine they sell, that too many products are made in china, that they are extinguishing elephants for useless ivory, how they invade neighboring countries. I also hate the industry in Europe and us who is selling our souls to china to make more money.

I'm Chinese (but not China-born Chinese) and I hate to say that Chinese people are a bunch of shameless and inconsiderate people. Besides having no basic etiquette in public (they talk loudly, spit, smoke, piss everywhere), all they think about is money. They don't care about reasoning, they only make sure that they are not at a loss. All they have to do is to be louder, louder voice equals more reasonable. I hate the people here. Sure they do have some nice places to visit, it's a convenient place to live in (I'm in Shanghai), but I can't go to work without cursing for a day. People here has never stopped being annoying. At first I was trying not to generalize everyone, but after 9 months here I want to conclude that the people here are disgusting and selfish. I've had enough!

I'm Chinese American, I agree with you. These mainland Chinese people make me sick

They are so arrogant and think they rule other everyone. They expect respect for themselves but never actually intend on giving respect to others. They are very very VERY rude. And they don't show manners in public like actually taking a shower

Chinese people don't care about the world, they don't care about China, they don't care about other Chinese and they think they can bully Tibet, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and many other countries but most importantly they don't care about the environment and animals we share our planet with. Yunnan is the most beautiful place on Earth and they are turning it into a capitalist wasteland by massive deforestation and Dam projects. 30,000 big small rivers in China have disappeared, many animals gone, now they want animals from other countries for their fake medicine and tasteless Shark fin soups... dirty jungle people who just had taste of money and if there are some good indigenous tribes in China they soon will lose their culture. If humans are a plague on Earth then Chinese are the epicenter of that plague.

They have a corrupt government who believes they are superior to they rest of the world. They are arrogant and are billed as the next superpower because of their evil government who steals from its people. They are a threat. Also they give no thought to the environment or international law and refuse to free Tibet.

Hi everyone. I'm 12 years old and Chinese. This is just my take on all of this. These sort of things are just starting to dawn on me and I am so shocked at how much hatred there is in the world.

China - when you say most hated, do you mean the country? The government? The people?

China is a beautiful place (if you take away the pollution). It has an old, beautiful culture and a fascinating history. And I know, the government definitely isn't the best. But don't take that out on the Chinese people! Don't discriminate because these two cultures are different! Here in the U. S, it seems like a crime to eat say... Dogs. But that's the U. S's view! In China, people view things differently. If you are saying that the way that people in China view things is wrong and the way that the U. S view things is right, aren't you the one who is being arrogant and self-centered?

China is obviously a very hated place, I mean, look at all of these comments! So a lot of things that ...more

Yes, the Chinese government has done bad things, and yes, there are bad Chinese people. But, it doesn't mean ALL Chinese people are bad. Such examples are my Chinese friend, and they are very good friends of mine. (they aren't the kind of people listed in the comments) Also, I have a feeling that most of these comments are stereotypes of the Chinese people. I feel this way because I've once went to China myself and most of the people were nice to me. So please, STOP posting comments ONLY based on stereotypes. - hk2254

The comments here are based on the experience of living in China. I can tell you more. I really hate when Chinese people working in restaurants or stores pull idiots when a foreigner addresses them. They make such a sick show, like start laughing, talking to each other and discussing a foreign person standing right in front of them. I got so tired of such a behavior. May be Chinese think that it is amusing for foreigners? NO IT IS NOT. It is annoying and frustrating, because I have to put way too much efforts to get a simple service. They just waste my time and they enjoy it. I think it is disrespectful of them, inconsiderate and inappropriate. I'd rather leave a store without a purchase than waste my time and efforts trying to explain that idiots what I need. - Alice12

Sorry mate but the hatred is justified when your government behave like a bully and your fellow Chinese treat every non-Chinese like complete retards and freak shows on top of that. The world is not all bright and rosy, especially not with China, growing up will teach you that. Your country and its people must change to be more like the rest of the world, or we will make you change. - Laowinner

I hate China because it is very traitor thief and humble either and their trying to claim the territory in Philippines including spratly island and scarborough shoal and china has only one child policy meaning only one child if their is another child the government will punish the child and their trying to kill china one of the most populated countries and corrupting government

First of all, many of the people from China are so brazen. They always cheat at many international competitions, including the TOEFL and GRE test.
In addition, they lack of manners. They always been rude in public, such as the Film Festival and other international meeting.
Moreover, they think that they are developed country. Actually they are not.
Finally, they think that Taiwan is part of their territory, even though most of the advanced country acknowledge that Taiwan is an independent country. Shame on them!

I don't agree with you, whether they are insidious or not. They are Chinese people, just not the same party

Okay, first of all, China is a developed country, if you are American I can tell you that they are developed and have been that way longer than America's reach to independence. I am not making a bet, but I would like to see you say all of this to an actual Chinese person.

One of the most hated country. This list is no true at most. At least US has their own true allies. China has none, unless you count North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. Russia? Laugh out loud, you might not know about the disputing areas. The other countries will soon know their true color.

I lived 4 years in China and speak fluent Mandarin, the more I understood them, the more I went from accepting their "culture" to hating them with fervor. There are some good people but they are outshadowed by the majority.

It is true that racism and xenophobia are parts of the Chinese culture but it doesn't excuse it, a culture can grow and evolve, Chinese culture hasn't evolved for the past 5000 years.

Most Chinese see themselves as different from other human beings, they see "Chinese and non-Chinese", this is a sick twisted view of mankind, this "us vs them" mentality is the reason why China will never rule the world.

They have no problem lying, cheating, backstabbing, manipulating or deceiving anyone to reach their goals, they have no respect for each other and there is no such thing as a Chinese national unity, in China the only rule is "each for his own".

Chinese are perfectly aware that not all of them will ...more - chinkssuckmydong

I hate China because there are so pride humble and traitor their trying to get our territory call scarborough shoal from Philippines that's why I hate china and china has largest population and powerful military

The Chinese Communist Party suggested that they would pay one million yuan to the family of a man who had burnt himself to death in Tibet if they sign the document stating that "his suicide was not for the protest against us but because of a conflict between husband and wife".

The man appealed for freedom of Tibet or the return of the supreme leader Dalai Lama 14th of the Tibetan Buddhism on 6th and committed suicide.

His family declined a proposal of the Chinese Communist Party.

China always try to manipulate the public with these lies but the ignorant people listen to these lies, I would not expect more from a communist country

I am half Chinese and Italian, I agree with the most comments you people posted. I asked my Chinese friends that live in China about it; these are not my thought, it's their response about what you people said. And here are the result.

Most Chinese people don't hate Taiwan, South Korea, US, Japan, Vietnam and India, most of them just want to make friends with people that are from another country. Some of them still hate these countries, they can't help it.

Chinese people nowdays don't think that they're in the centre of the world or the Universe, the reason why they call their country "the middle kingdom" is because thousands of years ago, they don't know anything around the world; so they think that they're in the centre of the world, so they named their country "middle kingdom", the country's name can't be change after they know that they're not in the centre on the world, those are the past.

China do abuse animals that westerns keep for ...more

Thief! Liar! Disgrace! I despise China they don't have good moral, they poison people with their products! They brainwash the young, bully, aggressive-coward, just I hate China!

They are arrogant, condescending, and disrespectful to neighborhoods. Their sinocentrism always have upset the rest of the world. They are so proud of ethnocentrism of the Han people and Han culture, but look. How many times Han people and Han culture was conquered and governed by so-called barbarians, which they refer their surrounding countries? Shame on them.

Their people have been brainwashed by the government
The government sucks, Chinese don't thank before they action, none of any creativity.
Chinese are selfish and rude. They sold fake and toxic foods to people, just because fake and toxic are much cheaper, they think money is more important than human life.
The ugliest people in the earth.

Still prettier and more civilized than your monkey people, lol, white monkeys - Finalepiohany

The government always ask for land so they can expand their country why the government always try to get land from other countries. They think other countries are annoying because Russia is the biggest country in the world. They can't handle not being the richest country, they always steal land from other nations, don't respect countries like Canada, England, Brazil and Ireland. Every country hates China because of their landmarks. They can't always win wars, they cheat all the time so they can steal from rich countries like USA, Germany, Poland and UAE. How come China always wants too kill people in other countries so they can move into other countries. They always change other buildings lights like the empire state building which is in New York will be invaded by china so watch out for them.