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England, or the kingdom of England, is one of four countries located within the United Kingdom. It united with Scotland and Wales in 1707 as Great Britain, and later Ireland in 1801. English is the primary language of England and one of many official languages in the U.K


LOL. Brits keep saying "Invaders" won't adapt to English culture. Ever heard of Imperialism you hypocrites? I'm pretty sure you haven't because the media makes you think your country is so great. In reality, America is better than England because it is more racially accepting, and you don't, "have to adapt to American culture." England is full of people who think they are the most powerful country in the world, when really they are old news. First work on becoming the most powerful country in Europe. Then you can try and brag about how "powerful" you are. Seriously, most the people in England still think that it is more powerful than countries such as Germany, Japan, China, India, Russia, and even the US.

There is nothing redeeming about England, except maybe for Top Gear, and that's cancelled now. The English are miserable bastards, through and through. None of them are happy. They still stick to a rigid class system and woe betide anyone who steps out of line..they can tell by one's accent which class a person is from, and then immediately hate that person for being "posh" or a "nacker". The weather? hell. Cold and rainy and dark is the forecast no matter the season. The food? The worst in Europe if not the world, Ethiopian UN maize food aid included. They boil the crap out of everything until it has no more taste..they eat Indian food just to taste something, and in typical English fashion claim they invented it. Alcoholism is rampant, as is getting assaulted in the street by some drunken hooligan in an Adidas outfit. What they think of as amusing "taking the piss" is really just passive aggressive belittling of others. They are also filthy, and think ...more

To the racist, murderous, extremist and evil ignorant English bigot, who wants this list taken down: NO, it will stay and there is nothing you can do about it. That will teach you English never to be racist, bigoted, cancerous, discriminating, insulting, threatening, hostile and hateful towards the rest of humanity. You English, are nobody's friend and hate everyone. Go and jump into a volcano filled with lava or jump off a bridge and make sure you do not hit any cars and damaged the road when you fall to your death. Serves you English evil people right for being racist in the first place.

Americans only hate England because they're extremely jealous. How a tiny country could be more than an entire continent, how we're not arrogant people who force everyone to do everything the exact same way as us, how accepting we are of others and people's culture, about how we don't have a president whom hates everyone whom isn't American. How babyish of the Americans whom have so much jealousy that they pull out every stereotype to justify their hate instead of having any real experience with the country. Go to the right places and see the truth about it, it's as if this country is completely hidden because of these ignorant fecks whom think that they know us. - LemonComputer

We started the industrial revolution, the dutch started the slave trade but we just dominated the industry. All you American patriots reading your country is nothing less then a bunch of our traitors, we own the federal reserve so kiss your gold goodbye.
i've lived in america and england, and I see all you Americans commenting saying we are rude, stuck up, racist, etc. We are not rude you Americans can't take a joke, we are not stuck up because chances are you've been watching too much of your fox news to realise we are good people and when times are tough we band together. And most infuriating of all you are calling us racist haha I'm sorry but in which country has there been increasing racial stigma and not to mention 1 person has been shot by police in 80 years, you guys across the pond kill somewhere in the hundreds weekly.

I rest my case

Throughout History, the English, still remain an incurable cancer tumour and racist/terrorist insult, hateful, intolerant, ignorant, bigoted, hostile, confrontational, argumentative, abusive, murderous and offense to our respective countries and indigenous people's, languages, and undermining/contaminating our respective cultural identities.

The worst possible racists EVERR! They adore Winston Churchill who is the biggest racist the world has ever seen. While the whole world was and is going gaga about Mahatma Gandhi, this gentleman called him a two piece fakir. This just shows how narrow minded he was. He can be called as Half/Semi Hitler, because he was as bad as Hitler himself! And to see that he is supported by all the Britons, just proves that all Britons are total racists. They wanted to and successfully looted all the nations in the world to make themselves rich.. Bloody bandits, plunderers, rapists and tyrants! Till date, they have not even apologised for their tyranny and shamelessly adorned the queen's crown with the Kohinoor diamond which they stole from India. They are so shameless that they parade the things which they looted. They are nothing if not bloody pirates! Shame on all of you. And if any of you has the decency, then come forward and apologise for all the tyranny that you people did. Else go jump in ...more

What does it feel like to have NO friends, when the English hate everybody, FIRST? Jews and neo-Nazi terrorist's and sympathizer's in disguise. I feel very bad for ALL these Anglo-Saxon parasites, who choose racism, remorse and revenge ahead of reality, empathy, and compassion to all of humanity. Carry on being a waste of space.

Potentially the most RACIST DISGUSTING hole I have ever had to endure...significantly WORSE than Ukraine...significantly... god forbid you visit this hellhole of a land - the people are racist xenophobic liars hellbent on attacking anything and anyone foreign - they'll do it one way or another by creating a totally toxic atmosphere - the houses look like coal miner's houses (that's because they are) and god help you if you try and talk to one...the majority (87%) are racist and will LOVE to pretend they're not to your face - but - when 'where you from? ' isn't answered there's always the 'WHERE ARE YOU ORIGINALLY FROM'... I'm from your manginas...that's where I'm from you bastards.

England... Imperialism runs through your every core, & class in your fake society. Bastardised every foreign land your people have set foot in. I noted that someone else complained england is listed as 7th most generous country: guilt! Blood money!
Someone else defended it's not their fault for being bigots, immigration is a real problem cause folk don't integrate with "british" culture. Anyone know what that is?!?! They don't havea culture, not an original one other than deluded identity & sense of worth they uphold over EVERYONE else. England! You are such a hasbeen. Hangin on to your imperialistic beliefs without even realising it, that's how engrained it is, how intractable you are. England! Needs to be cut off from Scotland like the dead inferior conjoined twin she is, draining the life's blood from us because we are the last Jewel in the crown, the last nation of their slaves in Europe. England! You ate like an obsessive ex girlfriend who just wilnae take the hint, "GET TAE! "

Most people in the world, know how evil and bad the English truly are. Look at their bad and evil Imperialist History, it says it all and to make matters worse, they hate immigration - a resopnse to their evil colonization and exploitation of Ireland and non-white nations. It really saddens me, the cancerous English never face up to the facts and face reality. If the English were prisoners in my country (Ireland), they would be extinct within immediate affect, because their evil existence serves no purpose to humanity.

The English, will always pay a very dangerous and permanent price for their racism, colonialism, bigotry, intolerance, inequality, manipulation, denial, terrorism, extremism, Zionism, murder, hatred etc. The world takes the cancerous English discrimination, very seriously and also are an enemy to nearly all of the world. An Englishman, is always a Terrorist/troublemaker in other people's countries, as their dark colonial and racist history and anti-immigrant/anti-refugee abuses etc.

I like the English that I meet and I quite get a long with them even though I'm from a totally different background, however, what I hate is that the English think that the world revolves around them and anything they do shall be accepted, yet, anything others do is strange and out of order. Plus, they they still think England is good at Football.

The English are the gods of the world and the rest of you should worship us (oh wait a minute you did once) - pidgeonslayer

This wonderful country has also given many advances in science, education and health to the rest of the World. Unlike the other UK nations (apart from Scotland although lagging behind England) England is probably the most intelligent country per head in the World. More Nobel prize winners than any other nation. It pours vast sums of money into other countries to help with local poverty even India and Pakistan both nuclear powers are letting their people starve and England gives money to help them.

Therefore for all the bad the UK has done England has advanced the World more than any other Nation.

You harrass, criticize, insult, threaten, mock, riddicule, manipulate, offend, demonize, undermine, terrorize, defraud, destroy, kill, lie, humiliate, disrespect, prejudice and embarrass people who are not Anglo-Saxons/neo-Nazi Terrorist's. Your evil humanity-hating race turns a permanent blind eye against you have done wrong - you deny in public but admit it in private.

It always goes without saying, ALL Anglo-Saxon's and neo-Nazi Terrrorist civilian's, are a life-long cancerous embarrassment to themselves and their evil, intolerant, ghastly and inhumane country.

You hate most of the World and enforce your cancerous bile, globally. Keep away from other countries forever.

The sooner all Anglo-Saxon's and neo-Nazi Terrorist's are ethnicly-cleansed out of their evil and sad existence, along with their evil, nefarious, murderous, fear-mongering, mind-shaping, mind-conforming, bigoted, fraudulent and your victim-syndrome Jewish/Zionist Jewish racist/terrorist partners ...more

I live in England and let me tell you, it's nothing like this. The people are so nice, we know we're not the best country in the world, we haven't had wars for AGES and all we're doing is trying to run our country nicely. If you don't like that, go away, who wants you here anyway? NO ONE! This page is utter garbage! You shouldn't hate any country. They all run fine the country chooses how they want to run, and if you don't like that, leave that country, or if you're outside that country and it bothers you, SO WHAT DEAL WITH IT! You're not in that country so you can't change it!

Yes I am Canadian, and you stupox ignorant brits invaded our
Country fought with the Indians who were here first! The French,
Then decided this was your land. Now we have to bow to a queen,
Who arrives every year and doesn't do anything but sit on her fanny,
You're on our money, and there are other people here and you are so proud
To come here and parade around, go home the country is Kanata or Canada.

England is FINE! Some of these points are just stupid
"England is money mad" Really? If they were money mad they'd raise taxes much more, yet that would be wise to do so because education and healthcare should be improved. That's why labour should've won.
"Very athiest" Does that affect anything in the country's government that matters to life? Really? No.
"No culture" Again, neither does that matter. Culture festivals and mass merch just wastes money.
"They cause 79% war rate globally" That is just plain false. Are there any wars that British soldiers are fighting in or starting right now? No.
"They allied with USA" Shared military and money. That's not a problem.
"What's the point in the queen"... Well, no point... Good point!
"They brag about being the most powerful country in Europe" No they don't. They get into meetings together and they don't go "We're the most powerful country in the UK, we don't need the EU! "

Not the greatest country, yet still, ...more

The british are probably more racist than any other nation, they were also responsible for invading a lot of Asian countries in the past and bringing down their institutions.

They never forge friends with different and similar ethnic groups. When they do, they play the causal racist card, the same also applies in professional environments. The English, always turn a blind eye towards anything they have done wrong.

The English always think they are the best when in fact it's simple to see that they aren't. The Scots hate you, the Irish hate you. Most of the world hate you why not just kill yourselves saves a lot of anger in the world

Can I just say, this guy is just criticizing every country in the world on the same level. He probably put every country in the world on this list and just seems to be the type of person who likes pointing out the bad points of every single country. How dare he insult countries in such a way, as if he would do anything better if he were in charge of these countries! Whoever wrote these descriptions should know they are a disgrace to humanity for writing such untrue and horrible things to every country in the world. I'm not just talking about this country, by the way, I'm talking about every country on this list.

Permanently cancerous to all of Humanity. They hate peace, but love spilling blood of non-English people, boastful, racism, terrorism, hatred, exploitation etc, which they always deny in public, but will admit in private. They also have no friends, outside of their evil ethnic group.

English people are bigoted and intolerant towards ethnic minorities, young people, the unemployed and the sick and disabled. Scottish people are the complete opposite though - I'd much rather live in Scotland than England.

I agree with most of the comments posted against this cancerous and Zionist infested barbaric country. The English and their Zionist-infested cancerous and toxic values, have no right to exist outside of their own backyard, because they are truly narrowminded, hateful, racist, terrorist, child-abusers, xenophobic, bigoted, extremist's, subhuman, poisonous and violent people and a serious threat to other countries and our respective ethnic groups, languages, identities etc.

The English have nothing in common, with Irish and non-white people and cannot make genuine friends with other and similar ethnic groups, without forever being racist, extremist, bigoted, xenophobic, cancerous, toxic, insulting, threatening, violent, subhuman against humanity.