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Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.


I have to say they are altogether the rudest people I have ever come across. I think they're the only country in the world where their own people don't like each other.

You must have met a bunch of horrible Germans. :( I wish you'd come back to hang out with my friends & me, I'm sure you'd realise that there are rude, mean people but also some open-hearted, polite ones.. - autumnleavespoetry

I met so many germans and they are definitely nice people and respect them because they are hardworking and welcoming yet they are so quite and humble peeps they don't brag about their success unlike some other countries - NatalieSpencer

Generally mean, always pointing to others when something is wrong even if it is their own fault, deeply believe that they are the only ones who really know how to do everything, never listen to anyone, selfish, always ready to say their opinion even if nobody is interested, they say they are proud to be straight forward but most of the it is just unpoliteness...

I've been living here for the last year and now I can say without hesitation that I would get the hell outta here as soon as I can. Germany is one the worst places in the world, and I've been in quite a few.

Funny thing is, I really liked Germany before coming here. Now, they can close the damned frontier because I will never step back in.

I lived there my whole life until I moved 2007 to the US. I am an American Citizen now and I refused to keep my German one. Germany is pathetic, they think they are always right, they know it all. They are so liberal they except everything and everyone but a different opinion! The media are lying constantly about the bad bad US. I hate that Country! No moral, too expensive and way too overrated. People are arrogant and feel superior. - Buratino

To the Nice for you: probably a GREEK? And what is the Greek? Is it the new Jew? Who is biased now?

Disgusting people inside and out. They think they own the world and everyone should just do as they say. Stupid Nazis. If you're not German or speaking it then you're weird to them. They all stare at you like you just murdered a person and ate his butt. They're still just a bunch of racist people who looks down at everyone else. I can't stand them at all.

Very ignorant. Germany is today one of the most multicultural countries in the world. In addition, there are significantly more racists in the US and in other countries than in Germany. You are a good example.

How dare you call them Nazis there are more Nazis in the US than Germany! Nazi Germany was never Germany, Germany was infected inside-out and was forced into it GERMANY IS NOT EVIL - GermanyAintNoNaziNoMore

I don't know why you say this, but I have to warn you: Don't EVER call me a racist! - Mesel

The most racist messed up low intelligence selfish egoistic destructive people in the world. A race full of hatred to other people. They are nothing but animals. Still think thru are better then others and somehow they have the right to chew up other peoples rights. I have been hurt three times by Germans. I suffered emotionally and physically. They damage you internally. They damage you without telling you. They attack you, your personality and they are killers. If they have the opportunity, they will destroy and kill you. If given any opportunity they will rule the world by killing other races.

The whole country is a parasite that is sucking money out of other countries by its exports. But actuelly, not the people themselves but the state and its enterpreneurship while the Germans themselves have to suffer from an ever increasing tax rate and sinking wages!

It seems the Germans never learn.. They tried to impose themselves in the past, not only failed but made the whole Europe hate them.. Now they're starting to get confident again and looks like they plan on doing it again.. Oh Germany..

They are still the same Nazis that they had been 70 years ago. Deep down in their hearts and minds nothing has changed, absolutely nothing.
They still believe that they are the "Ubermensch", destined to be the ruler and master of all non-German peoples.
In reality I have hardly met other nationalities who would have been more subservient in the face of authority.
My dislike of Krauts have nothing to do with the crimes their grandfathers committed way back when - but with the attitude of those living today towards those crimes and towards the victims of those crimes.

I'm German and I am really sad that everybody is thinking of us as Nazis. Germany has the smallest National-Socialist Party in the entire world! We do not refuse to apologize for our mistakes and fail decisions. We do not feel as the "Aryan master-race" or any like that. We just don't talk about it cause we are ashamed by the fact that we did this cruel things. Someone said that we hate everybody not talking German. That just ain't true! Google "Sorbish" and you will find an language, only spoken by about 500 people guaranteed by the law! Every citizen can rely on the government. Another one sad that we were trying to take over Europe with our economy. Why should we do that? Just why? because that feels cool or what? You are just creating someone you can fear, cause it's boring otherwise. "Nazis in their heart" Why? Why should every German be a Nazi? We've got almost no nationalist in our country! And we aren't more productive/ efficient than anybody ...more

Old prejudices die hard. I was born during WWII and was just old enough to remember gas rationing. I was raised in a society that held very strong prejudices again the Germans and the Japanese. I am not one of those. I do not believe there are many that think " Germans today are still Nazis." The European countries would no doubt hold some dislike (hatred? Maybe) I suppose that any country that lost hundreds of thousands of young men in two world wars that took place within 20 years would feel that way. As might the Russians. Remember, 20 million Russian military and civilians were killed in WWII. Relate that to every man, woman and child in the New England states being killed. There are few families in Europe that were not touched by death as a result of those wars. I still look upon Germans in general with suspicion, not hatred. Of course that may be due to my ignorance of the German people. Right now we have more reason to dislike France.

Extremely rude and impolite people.
They stare and talk, like they want to gas you if you don't agree with them. At the core they are still Nazis.

I strongly believe that Germans are mean. I have friends in Holland whose economy has been crippled by the Germans.

Murders rapist obnoxious krauts who stole from every country they invaded under Hitler and dirty

I hate this country the have made 2 world wars and now an economic one. This country is a destruction to Earth

These kids don't know how arrogant THEY are Germany is not Nazi Germany its still a Country that regrets what they had done - GermanyAintNoNaziNoMore

The Germans are evil people just look at what they did in WWII. It is good thing for Europe that the Americans have bases on German soil the Germans are not to be trusted and will stab you in the back when they can.

This country has so far escaped the bad karma that they deserve. This country is guilty of 2 of the worst wars in recent history and one of the worst genocide in human history.

Germany is Nazi country. They are dangerous.

Okay yeah the past with the World Wars was bad. But first Hitler was Austrian and the fault to the World War 1 also goes to a Austria (a huge part). If you would have a history lesson once you would have known. And which country kills the black people? Is it Germany? No it's the USA. And which country takes all the refugees in Europe? Oh right Germany? And everybody who says all Germans are racist and Nazis just because one AustriaN person was is a racist too.

Germany is the most racist place in the world. They are so mean towards foreigners. They think there better than anybody. Please believe me. I'm not trolling or just hating Germany. I have been here for a year now and they are so mean and racist. I wish you guys come to Germany and see how they are.

Yeah, I'm already here. Since I was born. And I'm not a racist. And I know enough people who aren't. I just can't imagine what you mean. Do you still blame us for killing Jews. Honestly, WE didn't. These crimes happened more than 70 years ago. Exactly, there are still a few racists in Germany. And there are still a few Nazis here. Do you know what? I hate those people. I hate them so much. I feel ashamed because they are from my country. But there are so much other people in Germany. We have thousands of foreigners here. And the most important thing is: We have millions and millions of people in Germany, who hate Nazis. - Mesel

German's, have always been arrogant, unfriendly, ignorant, jealous, hostile and evil, mostly towards non-whites, in their own country and also in Africa, Asia and Carribean nations.

I despise the krauts. They're appalling creatures. Boring, rude, arrogant, haughty, completely humorless, stupid, delusional, etc.

I been living and will say the people are still racist ( I am a black woman) but there in more denial about than Americans. The hate the US and everyday I experience bashing of my sex, race, other races, and country at lunch. When I told my boss that it was wrong to bash mine or other races and basically anything foreign and it created an unhealthy work environment; I was told that no else had complained before and that is part of German culture. There a few nice one I haven't met them. 6 more months and I can't wait to as far away from the cold cruel albeit efficient people as possible.

German's, are a racist, extremist, economoic, political and terrorist threat to African's, Arab's, Asian's and Carribean people, worldwide. German's are so cancerous, arrogant and obnoxious, they hate everyone but themselves.

Germany is Nazi! They want to take over Europe again by hijacking the EU and using it for their imperialistic ambitions! They turn other countries into debt colonies and steal all their national wealth like Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy and have turned France, Belgium, Holland and Sweden into satellite states. Then they allow refugee terrorist to enter Europe and support ISIS in Syria because they want to steal Syrian gas. And Germany people don't give a damn about the atrocities their Nazi government commits, because as long as they are rich they don't care about the poor!

Honestly I just went to Germany, and I met a few nice people. Actually two. One taxi driver, one man on the tram, and a receptionist. Other than that I find german people extremely rude, aggressive drivers and refusing to try speaking anything other than german. Loudspeaking and noisy people, + impatient passive aggressive stares like. Everywhere. That would be so rude in my country.