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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, also known since ancient times as Hellas is a country located in southeastern Europe.


Let's get one thing straight for all you ignorants who think Greece is lazy you can't blame an entire nation on some politicians secondly ever since Greece, Italy, Portugal and France have joined the European Union they've all lost 16% or more profits because of the euro they said that Britain and its sterling pound would be a catastrophe but they are worth more than a euro now the euro zone is a group of a bunch that only care for themselves they want Greece to pay them back but yeah they have payed us back for world war 2 you Nazis every soldier killed was payed 110,00 euro too country like Italy as a sorry but they never payed Greece and we lost the most people out of all the other countries they didn't want to refund us. So Greece tried making a deal don't pay us the 10 billion + that you owe us from world war 2 but keep it and we don't have to pay you back but those schnitzels eating are so greedy they don't want a change they are trying to create world war 3 while they sit back ...more

Greece is a beautiful country but most of today's Greeks are ugly people.

Please stop supporting Greece by going there for a holiday and giving your hard-earned money to that corrupt system. You are also funding what's probably a racist family behind the hotel or taverna.

Also, ask your school and university to stop teaching the overrated Greek history. It promotes Greek supremacism. Although modern Greeks are the laughing stock of the world, many people associate modern Greeks - who are barbarians for the most part - to the ancient Greeks and give them special status. Modern Greeks love that special status and it causes them to feel special and superior. They then use the special status to curse at other countries and to even beat up tourists as it has happened many times.

Recently, a 50-year old Scottish man that was sitting in a taverna in Crete began to criticize Greece, as he had every right to do, and after he left, 6 brave Greek thugs followed him and beat ...more

Macedonia, Turkey? They are against everyone. They can't change name of countries or change people.

Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Greece is the the birthplace of democracy. Ancient Greece inspired the modern western culture. Even today buildings in many countries are being built following the ancient Greek architecture. - execratis

Seriosly? Harsh mean people hate grease because they have differnt religons, I know some one who is differnt but hated but one of my bffs!

It is just amazing and beautiful... AND how is it posible to steal history from Macedonia if it existed for only 200 years? Open a damn book...

Stealing history from Macedonia

It is impossible to lose something that you never had.

I am really sorry to ruin your childhood and all the things that you've been taught in school but I believe that you should read history first and then understand why the history is actually GREEK.

Greece isn't stealing anything

They stole everything they think everything is theirs

No we didn't, Your mama is still there, isn't she? How could we, she is so cute, can't say the same for you though...

So many people are unemployed and broke here.

Greeks have a beautiful country with amazing monuments and history but they try to think and act like Americans forgetting that they are poor and also their goverment is consisted of traitors who have destroyed tourism, education trade and more

The truth has been spoken! Most of the people who hate Greece hate: me, my friends, my relatives and the rest of 10 million people living in this country. They can't look behind this situation and see that the only people to hate is the brainless politicians we have who simply can't control a country with so many things to advantage from like tourism etc. They have spoiled even the education system. I am a student and on November 2014 the whole majority of Greek high-school students protested against the new rules in the education system. They all want a country with people that will act like robots. No this isn't going to happen.

I am Greek (real Greek and not like some others that say they are Greek while they have origin from other countries, like Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria or Italy) and I voted for my country, because it is governed by a mafia of liers and fraudelents, who have produced all this corrupted system along with the help of foreigners.

Many people here have the mentality and behave like Turks, maybe because 100 years ago many refugees (around 2 million) from Turkey came here and changed a lot the greek society to the bad. The basic destroyer of Greece's economy and society, Karamanlis, is one of them. Somebody can look at nowadays Turkey and understand why these people behave that way.

I would not recommend Greece as a place for someone to live. It is good for a vacation, but not for making business. I am already planning to leave this country. I hope someday this country will change, but honestly I don't believe this will happen soon.

They still think that they own the land of ancient Greece. Always blame others for their own laziness.

Well Greece didn't steal any history of Macedonia bcs they were Macedonia. I'm greek and the only thing I hate is we can't use money that much.

Very rude and ugly people inside and out!

So, you've met 10 million people right? You're so social! (it is sarcasm in case you didn't notice)

Greece is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY all those people that hate Greece are a dingus and I stand by that for my country

They don't pay their taxes and still want more money from other countries. Losers.

First of all those are just stereotypes I've been to Greece many times and I lived there for about 20 years there is nothing to hate except the government everything else is nice

Excuse me but you may not know that they don't have money to pay them!

I don't know how else to say this but a large percentage of the people in this country are absolutely horrible. Let's start with the horrible men. They have a staring problem, they are jealous of you and don't want you to succeed, and when there is an argument online or on the street, they will say curse words aimed at your mother, your house or your country. The horrible women are much worse. They have a grumpy expression and are looking for opportunities to quarrel with you. They are extremely racist and consider all good men to be gay. Horrible Greeks hate Americans, British, Germans and Turks. I believe that Greece systematically provokes Turkey although it plays the victim. A saint of the Greek Orthodox church said that Greece will be saved by a blonde culture. (It's interesting that many Greeks hate blonde people and a large percentage of Greek women believe that blond men are inherently gay). That blond culture is understood to be Russia that will destroy Turkey in a terrible ...more - Dikaios

I'm a greek and I wanna die. I seriously can't look at the current image of this god and forsaken country. It's too depressing to look at. The community (at least 60%) is stealing money from each other by taking advantage of the current economic situation. Not to mention the situation with Evan Savvidis taking out a gun at a football field. Greece is becoming worse and worse and no one from the community realized it. By the time they realize it, it's too late.

A beautiful country with beautiful people. Greece deserves so much more.

Greece is my country of birth. I am 100% greek.

I hate everyone here. Every Greek I know is self-centered, close-minded, a bigot, racist, homophobe, disgusting, evil.

Man, that gerontocracy (the youngest major politician is around 40), that arrogance (we think that we're the best, just because we are the birthplace of Western culture) and that damn hypocrisy (we wanted to take present-day Northern Greece, but all we care about is Athens), are the reasons why we, Greeks, won't go much further. And that being said by a Greek.

Greece is hated by so many countries that it's not even funny (haha). Greece is hated by there most close neighbours Albania, Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria and a couple of other countries. Greek people think that they are amazing, smart, fantastic, brilliant and just better than every country. WHICH IS definitely WRONG!


I am really sorry if you believe that. I am Greek but I don't hate any other nations. I am only irritated by people from FYROM (it is NOT Macedonia) for trying to steal our history but I DON'T HATE THEM. I would really like it if you could tell me why, because "I hate you because Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and FYROM hates you" can't be told by a grown up person but only by a 5-year-old.

While on the other hand, Brits, Americans, Germans, are the epitome of humbleness, right?

Put Greece in Number 1! Greek people are mentally ill and dangerous. They stare at you for no reason and create scenaria in their heads that you are an agent or some kind of spy because they don't like your face or because you look foreign. It is truly scary to be in the tram or the subway in Athens. These people are absolutely crazy and sick in the head. They were like that before the crisis too.

This country stole 10 BILLION from the European Union. They are screwing up Europe. I hate Greece so much, seriously. My salary has been cut 20% because of these losers!

Don't believe everything the media sells you. The debt was caused by a minority of Greeks, in which I will include politicians, corrupt lawyers, dirty cops etc. The middle and lower classes paid the taxes of the rich as well and to this day they struggle. A family of 5, who paid their taxes and the taxes of the higher class, was thrown out of their house because they couldn't pay the mortgage, and had to live in a Ford Ka in order to survive. The parents of this family, with 3 kids to feed, had a good enough job, but it wasn't enough to keep them afloat. The eldest kid had to work at the age of 13 to help its parents out. The next one in line, at 11 years, went out in search for work, but instead found himself in the garbage trying to find food. And all this because Germany exacts a greater interest for Greece's loans, but the corrupt politicians of Greece use the loan to buy weapons from Germany and France, because the U.S. is fueling a war between Greece and Turkey. And you're ...more - Chris1988

Your country stole Greece first and then your salary has been cut 20%. Hate your brain which is non existed.