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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


They only think of themselves and are inconsiderate to the others around them. Whatever they do is acceptable and whatever the others do isn't. They also have a sense of superiority over everyone for some odd reason. I shouldn't be making judgements from a few minor groups of people but I seriously have to say, that I hate Indians with a strong passion.

Agreed. You know, I tried for many years to get along with Indians that have moved into the neighborhood, but they have not made themselves very likeable. I feel they are very obtuse and creepy people. - NJGuy

Disgusting corrupted, filthy rapists, pedophiles, outrageous religious rituals, even the law are a bunch of rapist asses. It is full of filthy sick minded uneducated people. Way to many brutal rapes even of the youngest children. Incest. Men rape women whether they're accompanied by a male or not even if they're with family no girl/women/child is safe in this vile country.

Oh and I am a Indian saying this. I am sickened by this country. All the politicians need to be shot. The police are pathetic e useless filth as well.

This is not true for all but gosh, I agree with you. I am an Indian teenage girl and living here is like living in hell. I am not allowed to go out alone or with a guy. I'm not allowed to wear mini skirts or short dresses in public. People here are so uncreative. I told one of my friends that I want to become a filmmaker and she laughed at me saying that people who want to do artistic stuff will not survive. They undervalue the arts program... I wish I were never born in India! And the government here is so corrupted. I can't wait to get out of here.

And don't even get me started on the education system!

I hate India.

How about you shut up because of people like you, India is turning to shame. I am an American and I think India is great. Yes there are problems, but people like you do not need to go around rubbing it in, because the politicians are trying.

People like you are the burden behind the development of the country. They never try to change the bad name instead they praise it.

1) Dirtiest People in the dirtiest nation. If there was a ranking of dirtiest nations, India would take spots from 1 to 10. Visit the nation for proof. Enough said.

2) Most Bureaucratic Nation and also one of the most corrupt.

Try starting up any Businesses there. Good luck with all the bribes you will have to pay and the zillions amount of paperwork to be filled out to get even the simplest permit. Their 'officials' are barely literate and are incapable of even correctly filling out the forms that they themselves mandate. From education to government jobs, nothing is based on genuine merit and achievement but on nepotism and paying bribes.

3) Idiotic people. Low intelligence. Out of a billion people at the most 10, 000 are actually intelligent. These are the ones who make headlines around the world and convey the wrong impression that the rest of the country harbors geniuses. The education system is designed for rote learning. Most of the so called educated ...more

I find it extremely ridiculous that they don't wear deodorant. I dislike them because they're completely inconsiderate towards others. Most Indians just have god awful attitudes and that is why I have nothing good to say about them now. If hey all left the country, they definitely wouldn't be missed. They cause more issues than good.

Well India has just sent a probe to Mars on half the budget of NASA and they also make up 30% of NASA too

For about 4 years now, I have been working as a receptionist at an apartment service where most of the inhabitants (and I mean almost without exception) are IT consultants from India. I have during this time come to hate this people whole-heartedly.

They are stupid, refuse/are unable to think for themselves, lie constantly, steal stuff from the rooms, never listen or follow the hotel rules, look down on me because I am a woman, ruin their rooms with their disgusting cooking (you can't imagine how often we need to renovate the apartments) and they are INCREDIBLY stingy and will never pay for anything without a fight, doesn't matter if it's just a phone call for like 50 cents.

They can't raise their children either, the little bastards scream and run around everywhere and don't care if I tell them to calm down in the hotel lobby. It never helps if I talk to the parents either (big surprise right? ), they will just say "yes yes" and then history will repeat itself ...more - Fjunegull

Totally concur! Indian people are one of the most if not the most inconsiderate people in the world. They are intrusive, rude, cheap, backstabbing, and filthy. The majority of the Indian people that I have encountered so far is either rude or ass holes. I wonder what the education in India is like. Aren't they taught how to behave in public and to be considerate to others? Are they taught to be selfish, cheap and backstabbing from young age? This country and its people must be exterminated for the well being of other people. I live in the US and 9 out of 10 American people hate them. We need to stop these cockroaches from invading the US and other countries. It is time we send them back to the filthy country where they belong. - avid_hiker

Well. I am an Indian and admire your patience. The story you described is 100% true, I think. If I would be there, you might not have this worst experience..! There are some special treatments to handle them...! - dukesaddahaq

Ignorant, obnoxious and arrogant. They think the world is made up of India only.

I am an Italian Historian and let me tell you this you are completely wrong and this is what I have to say

Most of the world did not get it's knowledge from India, It was European development, Science and early Muslim technology such as the first rifle which was a hand cannon or Ottoman Science and don't get be started with Roman developments and architect, India did not make any of that. India is just a country of corruption that has been funding terrorism in Pakistan so their government can collapse and Indian troops can occupy it. I spent a lot of time researching on the History and Politics of India so don't say that crap.

Well technically the world is mostly made up of India since they have the largest population in the world - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Indians over confident and idiots nothing of their own just copying west..from bed time stories to bollywood movies everything copied, they even don speak their own native language to their children... How any one so ashamed of their own, can be called good

Did you know that the west actually copied everything from the Indian myth.

Go check Indian myth and then come talk to us. You just don't understand how much hurt your sick, sadistic comments cause, you bozo.

Stop calling us copycats anonymously.

Come and try living here once, you stupid pampered westerner, and we'll see if your view doesn't change. If you had so much guts you would come here and tell it to our faces what you think about us. You disgust me.

Most disgusting and racist people I have come across. I was eventually removed from my accommodation because they had traveled thousands of miles to my country but couldn't tolerate anyone but their own kind in what became 'they'd house. I was subjected to racist arrogant diatribe, constant noise, hideous smelly cooking which permeated the whole house, threats, lies, physical attacks, broken windows and lies to authorities about things they did that they attributed to me. When I finally retaliated in a small way I ended up on charges since they lagged me to police. They had no problem whatsoever in attacking me as a group of at least four onto one on numerous occasions. Somehow their punches left no bruises. They would laugh about this and their ability to lie to all and yet somehow gain sympathy. My advice: have NOTHING to do with them. So many dumb women in this country want to date them because they are foreign and they like to dress up and look pretty. I know they will regret it ...more

Indians make me wanna puke. I can t even list all the bad things about them, I can write a whole book, rude, impolite. They have no respect for human beings.
And yeah you will live the worst experience of your life if you work for an indian employer or they are the supervisor you report to.

True! Micromanagement, horrible attitude, incapable of taking constructive criticism and affinity to lay blame on others when something goes wrong are 4 "outstanding" characteristics" of Indian people in the US. They make me want to puke in their own nasty faces. - avid_hiker

Of all the cultures I have to deal with, India strikes me as the most unintelligent. They are the only people I know who, over the phone, will interrupt themselves while speaking. Even if they appear to speak English well, they don't seem to comprehend basic common sense. No other culture on the phone gives me this kind of difficulty. Its not a genetic issue. I'm sure they are quite capable of great things, but their cultural upbringing makes them look really "stupid".

Yes India is a foul place. The funny thing is that western Indians do nothing to change the situation in their own country but will jump up an down when they are apparently wronged in the west. In my job, Indians are bay far the biggest scammers, and the funny thing is, is that it doesn't matter whether they are a doctor or postman. I find the Chinese/Japanese are at least respectful of our culture in the west as western culture is VERY subtle and not overt like the east. And they don't scam on bus fares and public housing like Indians do, they also attempt to speak English in a public area. I work in the Australian Government and have never came across another race so deceitful, whist claiming to the most moral. Walk up to any Indian on the bus, they will have a fake education id, plus concession cards even if they are a doctor!. I think they should be a little more respectful, since places like the UK, Australia, Canada are doing all they can to help them, since they cannot do it ...more

Fake people, a country that is run by Bollywood, a fantasy country on the outside, but the most backward and corrupt country in the world. They have this proud to be an Indian attitude and best then the rest kinda persona that looks down upon the world and even funny each other, laugh out loud its funny how much Indians hate each other, they will cheat every penny from you if they had the chance, they are hypocrites, liars, cheap, oh yes CHEAP, they will bargain the hell out of you for a dollar, millions dying on the street by hunger, yet they spend millions and millions of dollars in making a movie as if to compete with Hollywood. Yet slum dog millionaire movie comes out as a true glimpse of the majority of real Indians, they riot out in the streets saying Hollywood lied about India, haha, I've been to India, and its worse, to be a foreigner in India is like carrying a huge sign on your back saying, rob me, cheat me. It starts from the airport to everywhere, how come India has a ...more

No you westerners will end up in a circus not us and I am born In southern India I have been everywhere in India and never saw human poo and not all Indians are like the only some are only 50 percent of India is the way you described not whole India

PS I did step on dog poo though.

I think India world's most disgusting country. There are people most corrupt, not trust able, dirty with negative attitude. Food are disgusting. Infrastructural are not good. Here People are very lazy.

Suppose that You document are lost, you going to find document their department. They'll never help you.

If you want a help by Police officer, they talk very arrogantly.

I hate this country. This country destroy your future. I don't think your ranking is right.

Oh That's India is the fastest growing economy in the world? You racist fools just go to hell

Ho really India is one of the top 5 economies and this country have more varieties of food so please try to understand the Indians & their culture.

Indians are selfish, arrogant and not smart. I was on the road the other day in Toronto, they were chasing the ambulance and firetrucks that were on route to an accident! No other race did this, not Asians, Whites or Blacks! Only Indians! I could not believe my eyes. This says a lot about how selfish Indians are.

It's an okay place but my facebook account was hacked by an Indian. GRR! He used my account as a puppet! They are evil!

You can' judge a society by one person, wherever you are from I'm sure your country is hacking your computer too, which makes you evil. - TheElixirSorcerer

Just separate the Indian men from the women. Indian women are half of the population, and are none of these things. - indiansindians

Indians have serious attitude problems.
Service staff always encounter problems with Indians, whether they are nationals or immigrants.

They are also undeniably smelly, which is understandable, given that it is their culture to defecate in public and wipe with their hands, which is also why the entire country even the capital smells of poop.

Indians are also amazingly unhygienic, for some reason the concept of hygiene manifested in every other civilization in the world failed to materialise in Indian culture. They defecate and urinate everywhere, even in the capital, they toss their dead into the ganges river and shower, drink, brush their teeth in the very same river with corpses a few feet away. Water in India is so unhygienic that even gargling it will make you sick. They are undoubtedly the dirtiest country in the world, I've travelled much of Africa and the world and I can tell you India is a hellhole that far surpasses the worst of Africa.

Indians are ...more

India is one of the worst and dirtiest countries in the world. Corruption is in thousand crores. Government is rich but public is very poor. Lot of people still sleep on the roads in big cities. Poor planning I must say for the public.

When you marry an Indian man you marry the whole family too. The in-laws expect great respect from the daughter-in-law and can sometimes even be bossy in the couple private lives (this is cancerous, sub-human and unacceptable and completely wrong). If there is trouble, you will be to blame (also wrong).

It would make logical sense if the son and daughter-in-law, live away from the sons parents and daughters parents too.

There are many family events that everyone attends.

Indian brides are expected to look after their in-laws when they get older, and some Indian families live together with their in-laws their whole lives (this is completely inhumane and totally wrong). This is something you definitely need to discuss with him about expectations of family life.

If he marries outside his caste and even his culture, his parents worry what people will say (this is inhumane, cancerous, interfering and totally wrong). Maybe if he has a sister or brother, they may ...more

The main difference between an Indian and a dog is that an Indian multiplies the family and remains with family, Dog multiply the families but go on different paths.

They are the most filthiest and the most dirtiest country in the world! What to expect? It's people does not even have an inch of knowledge for the word "hygiene". They don't take bath and the that curry thing just aggravates their normal stinking smell! They really eat curry.. Curry in the morning curry in the afternoon and curry in the evening! The are like the living and walking curry people.

Yes I am Indian and I hate it being here no respect on girls or any small kid.. I hate being here so I'm working hard to leave this place as soon as possible

Well for kind information no one actually eats curry everyday and curry smells awesome and compared to the the western people we have a lot of varieties of food so there are almost no people who eat curry every day - AkiraSharma

600 million of them go to the toilets on the streets yet they invest money in space travel. Majority of the population get no education or healthcare and live in horrific conditions. The super rich own everything and see others as inferior and not even human. They are known to be the most intolerant country in the world (Google it) and they have the worst track record for the treatment of women. The place is a living hell.

Space travel! Hmm that sounds great well you are just jealous about that and to be honest the space travel is cheaper than building toilets for 600million people I wonder if they want bath tub lol. Well any idea where these poor people come from? Well majority of them are not Indians and come from poor neighboring countries in search of better a future to build a better and a greater economy. What is really happening they are flooding without any official documents which does not allow them to take advantage of the funds supplied by government for poor people due to no documents. Talking about education it is a developing country you can not get all of them education. Whereas there is no limit and initiatives have been taken toward them by reserving seats in high education and minimal fees. Haha and talking about education I think we have been known for education! The starting of your sentence is made possible by an Indian ( Google it )

Talking about intolerant country well the ...more - nextfew

I think all of the stereotypes for Indian men, except a few, cannot be applied for Indian women. That's 50 percent of the population getting unnecessary flak. - indiansindians

Total hypocrisy... Poverty, corruption, we are always great mentality poor infrastructure no civic sense

It always seek for their own interest

Nearly all Indians believe in superstition which stops the development of country

Haha Americans are much more superstitious than Indians. What about the online selling of two ghosts in America in 90000$, some years ago?

Filthy, revolting, stinking hole, full of dirty, money grabbing, deceitful, uneducated, stinking, diseases excuses for humanity. They treat their own like dogs, and treat foreigners like fools. I hate India. I have visited over 40 countries in my life and have always found something to live about them all, but not India. India is by far the most revolting place I have ever been, from rotting bodies and human excrement in the Ganges, to people taking a dump at the side of the road to piles of rotten garbage, the whole country is disgusting and the smell will stay with you for days. I once loved India. I visited 12 years ago and adored it, now, it repulses me

I wold like to scapegoat all the problems India has, to Indian men. Indian women are much better than this. - indiansindians

I am an Indian and I hate hate hate this country. Please...the western world...take a look at our backyard and realize soon enough Indians will make something similar of your country. Indians honestly are...dumb as rocks, overtly emotional and God fearing, racist and worse of all hypocrites. I cannot even begin to describe the mindset an average Indian has- being a student of sociology I have more than enough evidence. A herd mentality- tribalism is at the core, people don't have a desire to reach for higher levels of consciousness, and understanding of the natural world. Everything begins and ends with society and status and money and fake pride. I can bet you my family the Chinese or Koreans cannot be this bad.
Indians lack a vision. They lack drive and are too happy to live in a lower mindset of things. No interest in sciences or arts Bollyhood is a disgrace to the art of cinema. They are parasitic and someday will rule your capitalist lands simply because this is their forte- ...more - Rishi851

This just shows how smart Indians are in the grand scheme of things - styLIShT

As an Indian I say that the filthiest people are Indians. I live in Australia for a while and I can say that Indians clean up someone's office, house etc for money but they don't clean where they live and even themselves. Majority of them have shower once a week. Indian men rape women, men even kids. I hate being Indian for myself.

They take advantage of any weakness or vulnerability. Have no goodness in them. Pure evil.