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Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.


They still racist til this day. They worship their religion more than anything, yet they ready to abandon it anytime for money, women, and power.

I can say that the local people is stupid and ugly, but the minority like Chinese is smart as they run the economy there. I know how hardworker they are... while most of the local is so lazy.
Also what they did to Chinese in 1998 is unforgivable. They ashame their own country's motto "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

Well, the country is rich and still developing, they can be a really (I really mean it) great country IF they can WORK together, not being a HYPOCRITE religionist, and STOP corrupting the young. - waqs

My friend, Indonesia is a corrupted country. But if you ever been to their international school the students are smart. - Marauder

They made holocaust to Chinese in 1998.

They are ignorance.. Stupid and easy to be provoke by others... They like to condemn other country and their citizens are the most violent and emotional people in south east Asia..

I've lived in Indonesia for a year and a half now and can say a lot of the things on here are true for Java the main island, not Bali which is the only island most people ever visit (for good reason).

To start, corruption is incredible in the government that is focused on getting rich and not actually improving the lives of the citizens. The government hides its history including it's genocide of Chinese and suspected Communist Party members, and lies about a made up grand militaristic fight for independence when it was more of an abandoned colony.

The people have some of the unhealthiest habits. Almost every local dish is fried and chain smoking can start at an infant age. The infamous YouTube smoking baby is from here. There is cigarette smoke everywhere and people aren't educated enough to know it's bad for their health.

Garbage is thrown into the nearest river as means of disposal or burned creating poisonous plastic smoke. The local rivers are also toilets ...more

This country is full of discrimination, racists, religious fanatics, also corrupt system and politicians. Diversity in this country is very fragile, the people are easily provoked into chaos, especially if related to religious issues. Indonesian always sugarcoat their country as the most kind and loving country in SEA, which is in my opinion blatant ignorance and lie. Most people can't mind their own business and love to force their opinion on you. Most Indonesian are uneducated and aggressive barbarians, they are so eager to solve anything by violence. And worst, most people who have high education also so eager to insult and act like savages because of their extreme religious fanaticism. In this oh-so-peace-loving country, it's okay to critic Christian and other religions, but if you critic Islam, they will act aggressively and send death threats to you. Don't get me wrong, there are truly kind and peace-loving moslems in Indonesia, but the extremist and blind fanatics overshadow ...more

Indonesia is most corruption country...
Indonesia often insult their neighbors.
Indonesia media often insulting neighbors.
Are ungrateful country.
Indonesia people are often cowed by the media
Country blind about history..

The worst country in the world with their corruption, arrogance, and violence. They slaughtered, raped, and robbed Chinese in 1998.

Lack of knowledge in history, blames other country without knowing anything.
Even their people hate each other. Big gap between rich and poor. Illegal immigrant from Indonesia can't even respect their neighbouring country, I hope they open their mind sometimes and learn to respect other opinion.

A reasonably fair statement. Perhaps their knowledge of history is a little more complete and nuanced than yours- remember they wrote their own factual and verifiable history after winning their Independence and it was not written by their masters. - PribumiJaya

Indonesia is famous with their 3rd mentality. No wonder their country economy hard to be developed. The citizen there love to condemn other country. I'm a tourist from Italy, I did visit there last time but I don't think so that I will go there again. Feel sorry. Get rid of your arrogant attitude. Your attitude is belong to those brilliant developed countries

Indonesians are among the most violent citizens in the world...

One word : racist. I am part of the minority here and I am feeling so underestimated. And not to mention the patriarchy is so strong in Indonesia. basically - if you're a girl, and happens to be a part of the minor ethnicity in Indonesia - everything is definitely going to be so hard on you, unless you fight for your right until your senses are numb.

The level of corruption here is unbelievable, it's all over the place. The people are lazy and dirty, they have slave mentality and have special sensor when it comes to money, and then there are the religious fascist. They're so lazy they just throw their trash everywhere, because they're too lazy to find a damn garbage bin. And let's not talk about pollution because it's too painful, the air is unbreathable. It's a beautiful country, not the government and the majority of people though.

Can't really say I hate my own country, but obviously there are many things that are bothering me here: From the lack of respect, to others or themselves, seniority problems in some institution, hoax factories, religious, political and some other type of fanatics, curricular failures, scarcity of creativity and entrepreneurship, lazy and spoiled people with "rakyat kecil" mentality, corrupt, disciplinary and efficiency problems, conceited and shameless officials, lack of healthy competition and addiction towards monopoly and the list could still go on... But regardless of those, I still have faith that one day this country will prosper out, we have many assets yet to be discovered or used efficiently, and I have some faith in some of the recent politicians, like the president, a few ministers and a handful of others

It's not about the asset, it's the people. No matter how prosperous the land is, if the people can't manage it then it's worthless. - EnPiSi

Most people in there are discriminative, rude, stupid, greedy and arrogant. Their attitude is awful. And they keep claiming Indonesia is famous for their polite people

Indonesia people always discriminate people by religions, race, and many things.

They're always think that Muslims is much more superiors than other religions, but they're not.

Ohh maybe that just from your eyes, remember " don't judge the book by the cover" what I mean here don't you just judge indonesian cause what you hear, if you want to know just see it - Jerico

I'm an Indonesian but it is regretfully to say that this country and the majority of its people are still immature. These are several immaturity I see and experience through living in Indonesia

- The country is rich with natural resources but is abandoned or worse.

- The rate of discrimination by race and especially by religion is incomprehensible.

- The majority of its people do not have the slightest courage to say they are wrong when they are wrong (Instead they will just searching for reasons to justify their wrong-doings).

- The country has rich historical record and cultural assets but are not well cultivated instead copying and pasting other cultures seem to be more delightful (Even though they say that they love their country or say that their country is great).

- If anyone wants to join the military, police force or governmental services you have to pay illogically just to serve their own country (You can guess where all of those money ...more

Indonesian people are worst in the world. They hate non-Muslims and live in dirtiest conditions. They will always remain dogs and nothing will learn from their neighborhood countries. People of Sumatra are very deceiving, the Medan Immigrate officer begs money for visa clearance otherwise he rejects visas and discourages people to enter Indonesia by accusing them having business in the name of tourism visa. They don't like that outsider may visit their country in the fear that such people will disclose their worst habits to rest of the world. Indonesia is a hell where no one would like to go twice if he comes back safely. Don't hope that these beasts will improve themselves in 1000 years. Malaysia is quite developed countries in their neighborhood but they criticize it. Conservative thinking among Muslims of this country is the chief cause of their underdevelopment. India is far better as compared to cursed country of Indonesia. Don't go to hell Indonesia rather go to Malaysia, India, ...more

Lived here for my whole life. People are mostly over-religious, rude, try to be nice but rather be annoying. One of the first ten questions that an Indonesian will ask you when they first met you is "WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION? ". As a minority I tried to answer politely all the time. But it sickens me eventually when they try to preach me with their holy scriptures.

If the main topic for daily English conversation revolves around weather and daily activities, daily conversation in Indonesia will revolves around religion and races. When you type an actress or actor name in Google Indonesia, the first word appearing after their name would likely be "AGAMA" or religion. The majority cared about their religion so damn much and try to shove their religion to the minority all the time. All the time, I mean like everyday in almost every T.V. station. They accused the Christian of doing some kind of "ChristianIZATION" via social media or social ...more - wackonicko

Indonesia is the greatest country in the world. Reasons are simple,

Because you're Chinese, the local have all the right to treat them 'fairly'. They can call you as greedy ass or stingy ass because they cannot have extra money when their wage is not enough for their living, especially for all the daily cigarettes and some alcoholic beverage they buy everyday. They also always be able to tell that their president is stupid, especially that Jokowi dude because he is trying to make some change to the 'perfectly fine' mentality of Indonesian people.

Muslim the the most Holy religion, so if you're other than that, you will have to bent your knee under them. When they're told about this fact, they will simply say :Muslim is already the most hated religion in the world and they will simply say that it justify their act toward the minority of Indonesian. IT'S A REVENGE FROM THE HOLY PROPHET.

Even if in fact you're a peace loving and kind Muslim, another one will speak ...more

I'm Indonesian and I never like it. But what can I do, God made me Born here.Those holy Muslims hate me because because I'm Christian. They always spit like animal in front my home and make fake cough although I didn't anything wrong. Find any job is hard because so many nepotism here. Lack skill and my financial make me can't travel to any other countries for better live. I hope someday I will get out from this hell and find a better place.

Hang in there buddy, keep your spirit up and believe we will get out from this pit - neyazula

As an Indonesian myself, and a Chinese on top of that I can vouch for the ugliness and corruptness of this country. The people of this country who are well educated loathe this country, the ones who truly loves and believes Indonesia is a good country are the corruptors, the uneducated, and or the naive optimist.

The racism is really bad, us Chinese born in Indonesia are discriminated and has a hard time especially when we have to do things related tp the government, such as voting for presidents, taking care of documents, etc. We receive so much hatred just because the Chinese usually happen to be more economically successful.

The only way to save Indonesia is to kill all the criminals and sell off most of the islands to pay off the debts and to fund further development of the lands the country have left.

Racism is so bad against Chinese- they chose to stay and thrive, instead of leaving to go home to wonderful China where the rivers run with beer and money trees grow on candy mountains.. And the People's Republic of China sell weapons to Indonesia which could be used against Chinese ships. - PribumiJaya

When I hear the word Indonesia, my brain would easily tell me that its all about corruption, terrorism, racism, prostitution and poverty. INDON people always say that they are best in SOUTH EAST Asia because they belong to the G20 and they got the highest economy. (of course, they have the highest population in SEA, thanks to their horny men and women. lmao) they always brag about their sea games medals ( where 206 medals out of 600 players wasn't a good thing). they always brag about something they are not and something they don't have. one experience we had with Indonesians, they brag about photos of foods and gadgets and claim it as theirs. then we just found out that they just stole it on Google, other fb accounts, and twitter. yeah. they're SOCIAL CLIMBERS. they love mocking other people's crisis, calamity and religion. they are the most warfreak race I've ever known! In pageantry, they bash and insult other country's delegates.. I don't know why, maybe they're just jeles and ...more

I'm Indonesian. You are right. People here are corrupted. From the smallest to the biggest. All corrupted. I'm not belong to this country. I can't compromise my value to blend and get along with these disgusting creatures. I just need to buy some time before I'm out from this filthy disgusting land. - momogitiramisu

Ignorant, how could they say other country at their area took culture from them, before they have Indonesia, people at there always migrate to other land looking for better life, So the whole region are the same people share the same language and culture. The root is they share the same ancestor.. Because they lack of education at there then they think the other country took they culture.

Well, basically Indonesia do have level-headed people. But a majority of them are just filthy dogs who think they are superior to the rest of the SEA countries. They have no originality whatsoever and fail to promote their culture properly, so they claim that others steal their culture and kept barking about it like a crazed baboon. Just look at their pathetic attempts to copy k-pop or j-pop, making girl bands whatsoever. No. Originality. Copycats, the lot of 'em.

I have several Indonesian friends whom I frequently visit and/or meet and even they say that they hate their country. Corrupted government aside, they have some of the most self-entitled citizens who think they have the right to every good thing in the world.

Love some of the people, absolutely hate the country.

This is a sewer of a country full of terrorism and hatred. They complain about other countries but they don't even clean up their own problems. Corrupt government and big business and a population too uneducated to know any better. They cry for help when natural disasters occur but soon forget the help you give them.