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Iran, also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a sovereign state in Western Asia. The capital city is Teheran and the major city is also Tehran. The language is Persian. more.


I personally think this country should be ranked as #2 on our list for TOP RETARDED country in the world! However, the people that come from this country are very nice, smart, and know a lot more than a great deal of other countries in the world. BUT because of their political regime none of that is viewed!

Hi I am an 14 year old Iranian boy, I love my country, Iran is one of the best countries in the world with very good people but yeas Iran has some problems too but the problems are all because of the Government the government of Iran is one of the Worst governments in the world and in history because the people are not important to them and the only thing they want is Money and Power and they kill so many people that talk about politics but we can speak about politics but if the talking is against them if they get us they would pot us in prison or kill us but most of this happened after the Islamic Revolution in Iran that I think is one of the Worst things that happened to Iran but som people think that it was a good thing but I think is a bad thing that happened to Iran and then very soon so any people realized that what they did to this people and this country but it was too late after so any year Iran get a bad country to the world and people think that Iran is a bad country but it ...more

Iran is a safe and powerful country. Each country has its own problems, but I am proud to be a Muslim and an Iranian in Iran is born in my country. Our country is a supporter of the oppressed... I am proud of the leader of my country and I recommend that you do look at the research and study the eight year war - saranik

I agree, the country is totally screwed up but the people are real cool

I've been to Iran and, I swear, It was the best. Wish I could live there. They're the bearers of truth and light in the world.

I am an Iranian. I hate my country and my president and I know all countries and people hate Iran but we are good people and we ever want freedom. Love you all

Persian people are very good themselves, the reason for them being hated by many is their government and specially their headmaster I. E ali khamenei, ahmadinrjad

I don't hate the people of Iran I hate their government...

Come on guys, I'm Iranian and the situation is not as bad as most of you think! And fortunately it's getting better. There is problems, but all of countries have their own problems.

I love Iran I love old culture of it I love beautiful Iranian people I love Iranian kind people

Iranian people is very lovely and cool

Why are you guys talking about it when you just hear these from the news, I lived in Iran and I loved it and everything is calm I don't know how people make all these bulls, I moved to Canada but I don't like it and I'm planning to go back

Iran is the world's most oppressed nations and all media unite against it

Iran is my love... Iranians love their country and Islam
Please don't say any thing when you know nothing about Iran and Islam
Go and search more about Iran

Iranians have good personalities. They don't hate any countries without a reason. But most of them hate America's government-not American people-because America's government ruined their country.

I just cried. Iran would be the best and the most beloved country in the whole world if it didn't rule by bad guys. I had another drop of tear right now.

I'm an Iranian too. I know that Islamic religion maybe is the reason that our country can't do the most of the activities and entertainments and maybe you think all of the Iranian people like it but I'm sure that 85% of the people hate their own country and maybe more of them are my friends and classmates. But I think next year me and my family are going to live in America. And please don't be bad with the Iranian teenagers in your country they are there to have a better future. Because they don't have enough facilities in Iran. Thank you.

The British, American's, Israeli's, French are the real terrorist's (they will eventually become burnt toast), NOT the peaceful, oil-rich, friendly Iranian's (they rightfully do not have a Rothschild Central Bank in their country).

I love Iran, it is an amazing country and I speak Iranian even though I do not live there, am nor from there and have never been there. Until recently they were enemies with USA but now after the nuclear deal, they have a small friend ship and I know that many people here love USA (I don't know for what reason because they are not even close to good) and after the deal are going to change their minds and suddenly say they are amazing!

I'm a Iranian girl and when I saw this I was sad :( why Iran is the worst? - yasamin

I myself am a Persian and I can safely say that Iran is a horrible country! It's largely due to the Islamic Regime and their complete lack of respect for basic human rights.

Our people are wonderful, our food is great, our culture is respectable, and our history is amazing! We were on the verge of becoming the world power but as soon as the dirty Muslims took over government, our people are treated like trash.

Islam is ruining Iran!

I am not Iranian but I have traveled to Iran once I don't want to talk about government but the people there were really polite and hospitable. If you see their historical places you will be surprised. Persepolis was amazing. Isfehan was really beautiful. I suggest you to go to Iran at least one time.

The people in this country are as western as the US. But the government doesn't want them to be like that. A good example of this is the kerchief. There is currently a trend in Iran to buy smaller kerchiefs. They are as small as the government allows them to be (sometimes even smaller) and they only cover the back of the head.

An other good example is a ski town in Iran. It's the only place where the government is less active. So people from all over Iran go to that city to buy alcohol and get rid of their kerchief.

The government is very crappy and I think it was better thousands of years ago (Persia). The people and culture are cool though. Also, things are not always like the media says. Media slaughtered pretty much all Middle Eastern culture.

Well I live in Iran and the country itself is good but I hate the government really really HATE IT

My description of Iran would be a "Hypocrite" nation despite being a theocracy I would agree that not all the people in Iran are bad, but the shia fanatics and the ruling shia elite are sickening lets see the list:

-legalized mutah (but prostitution is forbidden by death)

-Hanging homosexuals and others perceived as dangerous to the state

-Opressing sunni sect

-Persecution and killing of the bahai followers

-putting people in prison for moral and dress code

-persecuting political opposition

-Instigating wars all over Middle East (yes they do, its just they never are on the spot unlike the US for example)

HA and my favorite, the Iranian monkey mullahs always bragged about how US was a evil nation that meddled in other country's affair... Now guess what? They are fully in Syria to support the dictator bashar, bottom line, hypocrites and bloodthirsty savages that have not mercy on their own normal citizens nor anyone else.

I ...more - xenon25

Did people who voted for Iran here at least visited it? I went there and it's a beautiful country. People are so nice and they are always inviting you home for dinner or lunch. Irani food is delicious and also architecture is fabuolous. I found security in Iran, and I didn't find poor people. The government of Iran is the only government which is loved by people.