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The State of Israel is a country in the Middle East and the only country with a Jewish majority in the world but arab, african and east asian communities still can be found. more.


Because Israel loves murder:

1981: Bombed Iraqi power station killing 2 Iraqis and one French citizen
1982: Attacked and invaded Lebanon. 25,000+ Syrians and Palestinians killed
2003: Military incursion into Gaza and Nablus
2006: Attacked and invaded Lebanon, killed over 1,000 men, women and children.
2007: Attacked and bombed Syria
2008: February attack on Gaza, over 100 murdered.
2008: November attack on Gaza, killing over 1,300 civilians, and then refused to co-operate with UN investigations
2010: 9 murdered in attack on aid flotilla in international waters.
(before 1981 there's much more, like their sinking the U.S. S Liberty but it's just too long to list all their attacks :)

(oh and by the way... Iran: Zero attacks! That's for over 200 years

And Iran has inspections from IAEA for they signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty, so we know they aren't building any nukes, fact! Israel on the other hand is a known nuclear state of ...more

Israel is an apartheid state that commits ethnic cleansing on non-Jews. They treat Muslims and Christians like dirt. Most of their population is brainwashed by Zionist propaganda, similar to how Germans were brainwashed by Nazi propaganda. The government forced birth control on Ethiopian Jews in Israel. They are building illegal settlements in Palestinian land and they deny Palestine's right to exist. Israel also interferes in internal affairs in other countries and they're trying to control US politics. They have also created Israeli organizations as means to censor anyone who speaks against Israel. They are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They have broken their God's commandments and behave like imperialistic warmongers who whine about Iran having nuclear weapons, but Israel has many nuclear weapons of their own. Israel must be stopped at all costs.

I hate Israel.. They think they are always victims although they are torturing the Palestinians every moment.. They own the money, economy and weapons all over the world and they still they are the only victims.. They shows no respect to any other humanity except themselves.. Hatred is their culture and belief

Absolutely the rudest tourists, they are a pain to deal with in absolutely any country; they are ALWAYS wanting a discount and special treatment. They are the only people I've seen haggle for a discount on STREET FOOD in a developing country - you can't barter for that!

Having traveled all over the world meeting hundreds of people, it is really always quite easy to spot fellow Israeli travelers (either by their way of self-appreciating walk and behaviour, or they pathetic attempt to try and speak accent-free English, or the way they try to cheat locals whenever they can). They are generally really uncouth, obnoxious and extremely arrogant. Some countries in South America and Asia have already contemplated either putting a quota on Israeli backpackers or simply not allowing them to travel through their countries anymore.

It is quite understandable that those mostly young travelers behave this way, after their completely pointless compulsory three year army run, nevertheless, one would assume that traveling for months being exposed to so many different cultures would teach them basic morale, respect for other cultures and humbleness.

I have yet to meet non-arrogant Israelis. I'm sorry, but you guys simply do not rule the world, as much as ...more

As an Israeli, unfortunately I have to agree with most of the things you've mentioned. I'm completely disregarding politics since I'm not a politician and the government actually represents a minority of Israelis since there's always a hung parliament which means a coalition of small sector parties. In deed you can spot a group of Israelis a mile away. Not just because they're noisy. Disrespectful, pretentious, arrogant etc so I decided to do all my traveling alone so I can really meet people and I did - my wife - from Spain. We met on a small Thai island before continuing our travel all throughout India, South America and with time Europe as well. My plan was to return after six months but it took me 15 years. I'm suffering here but my kids need the sun and the sea. Israel is a great place to grow up in but I hope they'll run back to their motherland- England once they're 18.

Israel is not a country, just bunch of racists living around just because they are of the same race. Most stupid and racist country, the only so-called country which destroys other nations' houses to build its own cities.

Where do I start?
Control the entire west, sights on entire world.
They put their people into every movement, every aspect of life, all business just for the sake of control.
Its a devil country.

I hate Israel because they killing Palestinian people, putting children to prison and keeping them many years there, using torture on them to give false information to kill more innocent people. Israel made Gaza the biggest Ghetto on the world, cutting electricity and water to them, like they just want people to die there. I pray every day to have 3rd Intifada and destroy Israel. If this will not happen there is little chance for Palestine and will be like USA with Indians :(

No Israel no wars! Oh I don't hate Jews! Palestine was a part of United Kingdom empire after World war 1. After World war 2 they gave that territory to Jews, Jews expropriated Palestinians families from the house and lands that belonged to there family since hundreds of years! Ok why don't they try to at least give the expropriated ones a compensation or anything! Anyways everyone know the story! Israel is a war addicted country they love to kill they love to steal lands they want to control everything if they don't, they attack! Now they want to attack IRAN! Please Jews leave Palestine go to America or Africa because Israel is making so much problems on this planet! Lebanon Iran Palestine Egypt man they fought with the whole aria

I hate Israel for all I know is that I'm full of rage against this country...
It's the cruelty they do to innocent Palestinians that hurts me...
If they are willing the country is big enough for both the Jews and Muslims
But then all they need is make it their own and eradicate the other group..
They are the real cause for wars in this modern era.. Even September attack in America the one that destructed world trade centre was a well planned operation by both Israel and USA because all the Jews were on leave that day and how come that be?
USA is okay compared to Israel whose weapon power right now is even beyond USA but USA is eager to stop Iran from their development. ! This is absolute nonsense

They use past oppression committed on them to justify oppression of others. They always cry that no peace with Palestinians unless they recognize Israel when Israel has never and probably won't ever recognize Palestine. A nation which try's to portray the victim when they are armed to the teeth and are on a constant oppressive war path. Have distorted the historical beauty of authentic Judaism with a distorted modern day Talmud oriented concept of Zionism. Can't fool everyone

Israel wants to invade all over the world the America led the war to Iraq and Afghanistan and destroy her own economy just because of some political tactics by Israel, Killing innocent people specially children of Palestine by heavy bombings specially chemical weapons like phosphorous bombs etc is their main hobby,
They have no mercy to the human beings. It is illegally formed on the world map after Arab Israel war even they have attacked there own Daddy (USA) navy in the past the Israel should be number 1 because they does not deserve to live with honour and peace.

A world without Israel is a world with peace. Israel is literally behind all the corruption, pornography, child-pornography, money/economic unbalance, and the list goes on. They Lie to benefit their own cause. Jews and not God wrote the damn bible to advance their greedy perverted cause. Jews are embedded in all the world powers decision making, they control the masses because they run the media, and therefore love Democracy because if they can influence the population then they can run things the way they want. A truly worthless race of people. They do no good in the world.

A country based on racism, have excellent performance in controlling the world's media. Thus the rest of the world have no idea about the crimes the commit against the original land owners (Palestinians)

I just can't accept that jews take land with a suppose god's right. And that is something that nazis did

According to Israel, A soviet Jew whose grandfathers 1000 years ago used to live in Palestine would have more rights than a Palestinian whose parents were persecuted or ran away from Palestine 50 years ago
As an Egyptian I simply wish Israel would disappear forever.

When I was studying in Australia had a couple of people from Israel there and I was surprised by how arrogant they were, They have no history and are basically living on a land stolen from others... Some what America's Bastard Child in my opinion... Before going to Australia I was thinking that Indians are bad but really Indians aren't that bad... You need to witness Israeli people to see what "bad really is"

Well, they did attack a lot of countries JUST FOR LAND. Aren't they still bombing and destroying Palestine. I find that they never five up, in the worst ways. If you disagree, then read the following: You are an Palestinian boy sitting in you room, and you hear a heavy drop coming from the sky. You go downstairs, only to find out that you father is outside risking his life to save the country. If only your country (Palestine) had the hardly anyone left. And the bombs continue... So how would you feel?

Created on stolen land by racists. Mass murderers motivated by a religion that doesn't consider non Jews just inferior but a separate non human species.

A criminal nation for which a very special part of hell is reserved.

They claim they they want peace with Palestinians, yet they are against Palestine joining the U.N. and keep eating into their territories which is already a tenth of the Jewish territory to build settlements.

Israel should not be a country to start with. It is a group of pigs who stolen the holy land from their innocent owners after serial massacres and demolitions, and then got support from the next worst country, USA, in oppression and faking up the media.

Israel only exists by negating the rights of Palestinians - expelling them from their land, destroying dwellings, olive groves and water towers, imprisoning & torturing activists, kidnapping and abusing children, blockading Gaza to impose starvation rations and prevent rebuilding, and launching murderous attacks with state of the art weaponry against people armed with hand weapons.

If they didn't exist there wouldn't be a lot of the problems that are now plagued on our planet. More so it is Judaism that has been the main issue relating to the problem it is the simple fact that a lot of them came from Europe making it seem more like an invasion then anything else.

Zionism does with Jews what Fascism did with Germans. It is a political agenda which is based on ultra-nationalism. This kind of extreme nationalism often creates racism, superiority complex, a bloody lust for world domination and disregard for everyone else. Yes, Israel is the new Nazi Germany. Even some brave Jews stand up and admit that shamefully. Any people who see themselves as a "chosen superior race" are inevitably going to become Nazis in the end, whether they admit it to themselves or not. Superiority complex turns humans into monsters. Always did, always will. Fascist Germans were monsters. Now zionist Jews are monsters. of course the monsters don't see themselves as such and think they are "noble". This is the mind control which many Jews have fallen prey to. How could Jews behave like Nazis? It is simple when you understand how zionism works.

Need I say more? This site won't even list Israel because the Jews are special people. They would be voted Number 1 most hated if this site would list Israel!