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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


Italians are lovely, well-educated, generous and honest people, with a good heart. I lived there for 15 years and loved it and many people I know share my same feelings for this beautiful country. Italians will be always ready to help you. Their culture, history and beauty are unique. Italy is a gift to all humanity. All those nasty comments must derive from an inferiority complex and a lot of jealousy.

Graffiti everywhere... Rude people, no air conditioning anywhere, the food did not live up to the hype (American Italian is way better), Italians on the street groping women, ripped off constantly (especially in Venice).

Why not travel to the countryside to get to know the "real" Italy and Italians; eat real Italian food, instead of walking into tourist traps?

I only saw graffiti in 13 and a half years of permanence (and life altogether) in Italy. Also American-Italian is usually terrible.

Why Italy should be on this list it's the best country!

Grandparents got robbed of everything and they were in the north of Italy, not even in a tourist place trap like venice. Italians can't keep their hands to themselves, kept touching my girlfriend and even my mother.. And when you try to do something about it they will drum up some more aggresive italians. Police doesn't help foreigners for the above mentioned. The food is terrible and whats even worse is when italians go (in rare occasions) on vacation themselves, they will only eat italian food and say that every other kind of food in the world is bad and theirs is superior. Italy in its current state is nothing more than a third world country that is to arrogant to evolve into a western modern society. I traveled around the world for many years, but have not come across a more terrible arrogant racist unmanered lying underdeveloped people. Oh and did I mention arrogant?

Not true that they are all rude, arrogant, selfish and just over-complicate things for no reason.
It's just the majority I guess. I speak fluent Italian, and yet they still laugh in my face (even if they don't know me) if I make a mistake or fail to remember a word correctly or say it in English.

You cannot get a job here easily as a foreigner. What I find the most debilitating is the fact that they consider it normal and are very relaxed about how slow everything moves around here.
It's easy to live in Italy if you are Italian. The continuous expatriate is very long and painful, sometimes unsuccessful.
You need time to make it work here.

I studied in Milan for 4 years. Where is supposed to be the most multi cultural and European city of Italy. I had two Professors, yes. Professors in the university who openly bullied my Chinese classmates in front of everyone.

I also had many different part time jobs beside studying; I had co workers talking racist behind many customers just because they were French, Arab, Asian, English,..

I worked in places where others refused to share the tips with me because I was just a foreign student!

I even different co workers or even bosses who said racist stuff to me in my face and humiliated me be because of my Italian skills, which is actually pretty good, in front of few other people.

Many of them have a "mafia" mentality in the work environment.

They may appear to be friendly, upfront or funny people at first but they are constantly judging everyone, speak in a threatening and rude way. But that's as not even enough for them then they go and ...more

Italy is a country full of dirty, lying, arrogant, thieving con-artists. Guard your possessions as they'll be stolen out from under you if you turn your back for a second. If they cannot steal your possessions directly, they will try to con you out of your money with overpriced tours, food, souvenirs etc. Even the government gets in on the act with rubbish city taxes and exorbitant public transport (I'm looking at you Venice Vaporetto operators). The amount of rubbish on the streets is also astounding. Italians do not appear to have any civic pride. Despite protests from Italians, it's not only the Romas to blame for crime and filth. It is endemic in Italian society.

Oh and basing your "amazing" cuisine almost entirely on "tomato sauce on bread" or "tomato sauce on pasta" is weak. Compared to French cuisine, most Italians (especially restaurants) lack imagination. Almost every restaurant, cafe or trattoria only seems to sell pizza, pasta and bocconcini/tomato salads. I'm sure ...more

One of the best countries in the world. I LOVE Italy. I love the people, the landscape, the culture, the food, and everything else. I am Half Italian-Half Croatian, and I would stay in those countried for weeks! Go Italia!

Italy deserves to be the most hated and Italians deserve to be the most hated people.

I don't want to explain why, but I've just spent 2 years in this fascist country, and really I confirm it's far to be the country and the people described here or there. They have 2 faces, because they are the less courageous people we can ever meet.

Wicked, bad, nasty, evil, mean, naughty, bad, ill, poor, evil, wicked, nasty,

Unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, distasteful, unpalatable, unattractive... Country you are Italy.

Love from India! Rome is my dream place to live in!

The Vatican, should also be included in the most hated countries list. The most powerful man in the world, is the Black Pope - Adolfo Nicolas, Superior General of the Society of Jesus Diabolical Plan for a New World Order.

What I most hate about Italy is that they have no idea that they are no longer great or important.

They are haughty, boring and arrogant. Italy is like Nokia: they used to be Number 1 but they can't understand that today they are nothing. In my country (Bulgaria) we of course learn English. We also learn some German and older people speak Russian. SO why would I be able to speak fluent Italy in Rome? Yet when we go to Italy, the Italian laugh, ignore, are rude and arrogant when we speak to them in the world's international language (English). Italy is already an economic mess. This will get worse because the Italian people are so bad at English and they hate speaking English.

"Italians are arrogant and overly dramatic. One slip of the tongue and an Italian will hold a grudge on you for the rest of their life. They think they're God's gift to humanity and look down upon people. The country is beautiful, too bad the people are not. Its rare to find people who are laid back and who wont get angry for whatever reason'

Always racist, bigoted, threatening, exploiting to non-Europeans and an evil, fraudulent and cancerous colonial power. Italian's, have always felt uncomfortable outside of their own evil skin.

The last time I went there, my dad's money got robbed by a fake police who turns out to be a criminal, and some dude was looking into our car when we parked it (almost looked like he was about to break down the car glass)

But as much as I want to live in a small village there, I don't think I'll ever feel safe after that happened

It's kind of disaster, cities and beaches full of rubbish, no accommodations on highway etc...

Road infrastructures look like 60 years ago.

Always same kind of restaurants and food and far to be good.

And Italians are extremely rude and have really bad manners.

But there is 1 thing nice: returning back home.

Just because we are obliged to hate such arrogant country which spread this stupid and wrong information they are the best.

Italy and Italian are the BEST for the world, without us you would be all ignorant people. We have invented everything and is it for that you hating Italy the greatest country of all times.

If you want to be stolen and not by foreign immigrants, no by aboriginal, go there.
They drive like crazy, they never say hello, the cities are old and dirty, It smells sewers everywhere. Impossible to find a restaurant which is not Italian.
Hotels are really low quality and extremely expensive.
Be careful with policemen, they do not like foreigners, they arrest you and make mess.
Nobody in this country speaks something else than Italian.
It's a very old and boring country.
And for the beaches they are all private or full of rubbishes.

And for visiting only ruins, when it's possible to visit because of continuous strikes.
Escape to Switzerland, Austria or France, it's close and really more funny.

Because Italians are just nasty arrogant people living in an overrated country. They just believe they are better than anyone else even American people. The deserve to be hated as well as their stupid and old fashioned country: Italy.

I traveled in Italy (as a tourist for 3 weeks).

Always when I asked them about a location in other language like English that most of the people can understand, they shake their heads and say "Italiano please"..

I bet that if a insult them in English instead of ask about a location they will understand.

Just poor mind people.

I actually love Italy but I'm English and it seems the UK is getting slated for being a evil empire back in the day so I'm voting in Italy as those Romans had a way bigger empire and were really nasty to asterix and his friends. Oh... thanks for the roads, aqueducts democracy etc...

Many Italian tourists who visit other European countries speak Italian as if everyone else in the world knows their language! They are stubborn and arrogant people!

The Italians I have met have been extremely rude. Their products are extremely expensive and overrated. There are pickpocketers swarming around everywhere you go. Little to no means of entertainment in the cities. Beware before you come here for your summer vacation.

Some people are quite racist and arrogant, maybe cause I'm an Asian. Also too many thieves!