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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.


Rascals, they took our culture and are arrogant. I'm Indonesian but I don't hate Malaysians, only Malaysian government.

I am from east Malaysia (borneo) and I agree that for a "culturally diverse" we are incredibly racist to each other, no quarrel there. I mean- there isn't a country in the world that could call itself free of racism. The malays did steal a lot from Indonesia but that happened too long ago and trying to change that won't feed a hungry family.

The big problem with Malaysia though is the government. Corruption here is off the charts. The documentary they did recently about sarawak's shady politics shows a lot. Moreover, sabah being the country's money maker (sabah has oil and great ecotourism) is treated with less attention as opposed to west Malaysia. Sabah's infrastructure is a disappointment. And the government is improving on that ever so slowly. In fact, I don't even know where most of our money is spent on; probably to fund another private mansion in Australia for a politician.

In short Malaysia treats their wealth poorly.

Malaysia is corrupted, full of rude people, cheaters and con men. You can work like a horse, but be aware, they probably won't pay you as promised! The immigration officials will cheat your money for working permit and leave you hanging. The police won't bother to report your case and will steal your money too! People are racist (there are 3 main races and they hate each other's guts), bullying, uneducated, unprofessional, unreliable and irresponsible - related to work attitude, that's really horrible. People are lazy too.

You are paying a lot of money for an extremely bad service, and I am talking about every single thing, from renting your apartment in horrific condition for a lot of money, for a bad health treatment, for a plumber, etc. I have paid thousands of ringgit to a hospital that didn't do to help me.

They are mistreating animals, there are stray dogs and cats everywhere dying of hunger and thirst on the street. When people move to a different part of the city ...more

A very stupid country with uncreative people
Just copied everything from their neighbour country, Indonesia

Country of thieves, especially stealing the island and culture from Indonesia and other countries

Corruption at it's best, racial discrimination at it's max.

Malaysia is a bunch of undeveloped islanders monkey so what you expect. In all of Asian countries Malaysia is the worse country, you bunch of monkey who worship China, oh yeah you guy r mixed with Chinese. Bunch of monkey say some island in the east sea belong to them, when it come to raise there voice over China about dispute islands they hide themselves, wait for Vietnam and Philippine to go again China. Remember your soccer game with Philippine a bunch of Malaysia monkey almost burn down the stadium and when you lose to Vietnam you pick a fight with the Viet fan. Did Vietnamese teach you guy anything after the soccer game at Vietnam? Even they lose they still show you guy how develops and civilized they are. Why all the Asian countries when they talk about economic development they want to copy Indonesia, Thailand why not Malaysia? Because people copy each other, people don't copy from undeveloped monkey. Still wonder why most of the Asian peoples hated you guy. I leave in Canada ...more

That entire country is nothing but a BIG FAT LEECH.

One of the most and worst ignorant, mentally-challenge, ungrateful, pretentious race I have ever met on earth.
That country is divided, there's no unity in there. All the Malaysians are selfish, arrogant, disrespectful and hypocritical.

1. The Muslims are all lazy ass, backward, dishonest leeches, the scums of the earth that does nothing but only feed.
While the majority of their Chinese I have met are selfish, proud, pretentious, ignorant and rude territorial thieves that thinks highly of themselves while they're just a 3rd class-Chinese citizen.

2. They also love to pose as other nationalities of people because they're ashamed of their being a Malaysian (sounds contradictory when you know how much they are proud to be Malaysians.) Just because the they've lived in a foreign country for years, doesn't make them a citizen there.
Get your facts right Malaysians!

3. They're also rude and ...more

MALAYSIA! I HATE MALAYSIA! They are so pathetic. Haha. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!? OH, GO TO MALAYSIA! THE PRIDE & PREJUDICE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! There is no country like that, never occurred and will never occur... Can you please show me its place in the map

I agree with most of the opinion even though I was born in Malaysia but luckily in Penang. The politics, education system ( looking at you PBS), taxes, racism, horrible internet speed and many other unfortunate events that happen here bother a lot of citizens here. I suggest whoever that is planning to migrate here choose another country while those already here study hard to migrate out of this horrible country.

I don't judge good or bad people buy their nationality or citizen. Not every Malaysians are good and not everyone of them are bad. If you tell me South Korea citizen are the worst ever, I don't agree with you. If you hate their country, it doesn't mean their citizens are bad. There are good Koreans, just that you never meet them before or heard about them.

Don't get me wrong but the people of Malaysia are very good-hearted, kind human beings. The problem looming this country is the weak governance and the corrupt leaders who position in power is no other than to collect riches from the taxpayer money. Bribery is common in Malaysian politician.

Malaysia is a country that has always captured the culture belongs to Indonesia.

I agree, I am Indonesian so I very know culture in my country. Malaysia is "copy-paste" our culture and food and India. Gamelan and gong is Indonesia traditional not them. I know that Malaysia is more modern and rich, but Indonesia have more wonderful culture and view.

When I went to Malaysia the worst thing is littering, flats are dirty didn't paint, no lights at the highway and never give way to others (car)

Yep they steal from other culture or countries.

I hope Malaysia will make it to the top of this list. I just hate Malaysia, I hate living here. The people, they are so disrespectful and have bad habits and the government is the worst. The every day people do not have common courtesies and love to bully one another. I don't like it in Malaysia, only a few people are friendly. Most look at other people and races in a bad way, they love to ask "what is your race" (if they can not figure out your race by telling it on your physical attributes) They love to ask this so that they can judge you. They ask so they will know who and what you are basing on the background of your country. Yes, Malaysians love to generalize people. They laugh at you just because you are not Malay. I am so depressed about Malaysia, my home country. I am not a proud citizen of Malaysia. I know a lot of my fellow Malaysians would disagree with me because they want that their country will look good by others but I just want to tell you all foreigners about the ...more

Malaysia copied there language from Indonesia if it wasnt for Indonesia they wont be talking by now. And when one of the forests in indonesia near malaysia was on fire and caused haze in malaysia and singapore, they say they'd help but they didn't, they probably are just laughing on the edge of their seats while waiting for Indonesia to be blamed for the haze

Racist people, uneducated, undeveloped because they allow many low class foreigners into their country... I feel sad for the nice people there, all they wanna do is finish their education and travel overseas to a better place, to a place with nice PEOPLE

The PM is nationally regarded as a corrupt, incompetent(? ), selfish, lethal, unfairly-elected, dictatorial (in not-so-subtle-actions), horrible son of a political fascistic founding father. No one wants him to remain in office, especially with his idiotic antics and nationally humiliating scandals that was internationally seen should be enough for him to gracefully exit the political stage (like David Cameron). But no, he greedily and stubbornly clenched his power like a tightly held fist. And he was the one in the public light. What could be said on the dark undergrounds of the political battlefield? Incompetent and wealthy people controlling the economy and the local politics. Sell your soul to the government, they would reward you with more money.

Bureaucracy has been more than corrupted under this petty PM and his fascistic regime. Police? More likely to jail you for being a political opponent to the government than to chase down international terrorists. Immigration? ...more

They ban lot of things in name of religion. What kind of country puts religion before fundamental rights and freedom? Its 21st century already!

The only country in the world that practice Institutional Racial Discrimination. What more to say.

I like Malaysia but not the government. Keep raising taxes and makes your citizens miserable? You know our police officer is getting even worse, they accept bribery and let you go without summon! That's foolish and I can't really tolerate this kind of thing happens in our country!

The only place where racism and ethnic hatred has been legalized and daily ruled by the official government, overwhelming ignorance, childy and unnecessary pride, they envy and threaten anyone else does not belong to their "Muslim-monkey" breed, total lack of any awareness and respect about the environment they live (spoling) into. Eventually, deadly lazy people you would never have to cope with, far worse than Mexican or Brazilian.

Malaysia is MY country. We constantly make fun of our crappy economy, our crap services, but our culture DEFINES who we are. We did not'steal' Indonesia's culture, it's just very simliar. Back during 1900's during World War 2, most immigrants were from China and went to Malaysia and Indonesia. You cannot assume Malaysia is a crappy country because of the internet. Ask yourself! Have you been there? If you have, have you lived there?! If you haven't been there, YOU have NO right to make fun or torment MY country. Malaysia DID NOT mock the Indonesian national anthem, although the Indonesian and Malay language may be a little simliar, doesn't mean we 'copied' them. Indonesia has CONSTANTLY destroyed Malaysia and its' citizens, by BURNING TREES which had haze blowing all over Malaysia, and has been happening for more than a decade! Unfortunate for you if you have gone there and the haze had affected your stay in Malaysia. Don't blame us. You chose to come, didn't you? Malaysia puts up ...more

I don't mean to judge one of nation, but I just need to clarify for everyone, that every body, tribal, nations has their own culture so never judge or proclaimed one culture as own self because it will make the owner gets angry... Try to be pride as your self and show off of your own ability..

People will be more respect of that...

I do appreciate for Malaysian and Indonesian who can make a peace because we're a neighborhood country, so it's useless to insult each others..

Let's become a more wise person dear..