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One reason americans hate mexico is because of drug cartels...
Well they should look at themselves taking cocaine it not our fault.
All drugs go to you americans..

The government is very corrupt there, they claim that they capture criminals and help their country but those are all lies. And even worse, the government has ties with criminals and drug cartels, just to suck out as much money possible.
I know some Mexicans, they can be hard-working and compassionate, but their government is just making the country fall apart.

Why are you guys so bias against Mexico? It wouldn't be the USA without Mexicans, you ungrateful Americans. Not only that, we gave you land. God, you over-patriotic Americans disgust me. This is why the US is most hated: For racism.

That government! I like Mexico quite a bit but it's WAY too dangerous... And the people their have a lot of issues, from stealing, beating, drug selling and I don't want to say it but poverty makes a lot of them rude and tick skinned- the woman their come off as over emotional and the men as mean.

As an American we have to stop buying drugs, that's why there's so much violence from these cartels from Mexico, Colombia, etc etc

Thank god Donald Trump added this on the list it was the best country until the new governor corrupted it like Venezuela. This country has too many drug cartels drug wars border crossing people getting killed or too many violence in the Mexican border so Trump will build the wall and if Mexico doesn't pay for it. The Wall would pay itself and like that the Mexicans won't go anywhere they won't go to USA anymore they are all ugly and disgusting dirty poor So, keep that in mind build the wall.


Honestly no offense I am Mexican my self and been living in Mexico for a couple of years now the corruption is huge, the people are so ignorant and closed minded about gay rights and also about animal abuse. If you are a woman you will KNOW what it's like to be harassed sexually. Oh, and the police hardly ever do their jobs, they are the ones who steal from you or harass you if you are a woman.

When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you, or you. They're bringing people with lots of problems, and they're taking those problems with us. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists, they're killers. And some, I assume, are good people.

Mexico sends its illegal immigrants to ruin this country. My parents came here to be full blooded Americans, not blended with Mexico who bring diseases and hell to our country. I want to stand my ground and bring all the Mexicans back to their own country. I do not want anymore Illegals taking over this country.

America sneezes and Mexico catches its cold

Ugly 3rd class people, dirty country, corrupted government. Stupid people overall mean racist and rude people drug wars crime and violence with the worst police so retarded SO RACIST! With the worst School Education Systems with Teachers blocking the roads and striking happened since May 2006 dirty schools and dirty water bad economy. Has the worst laws and governor over there also has the worst Taxis and bad women rights. Too many drug problems and very violent crime rate and violent culture SO RACIST!

1: they is so much crime and not being able to solve their problems because 60% of the population is poor 2: they come across the border because they come to find jobs to provide for themselves and or their family. Get your facts strait

Mexico is like most of the Central American countries, they suck and are trashy and have a very disorganized government, not to mention the constant Illegal aliens catapulting themselves over the Rio Grande, only to cause problems in the states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Also drugs. I mean all you hear about on the world news is all these people in Mexico and all their drug deals.

You know how hard is too live I a place like that I used to live over there and you can't sleep at night because there is a lot of shootings and every time you go to school teachers hit you in arm it is very painful for a 9 year old and also it is very dirty compared to America.

I live in Mexico, it is a really beautiful country with nice people and delicious food, the problem is the government, corruption can be found everywhere so I think the real problem here is the economic system that has been imposed since the NAFTA that has destroyed their national industry and has made that many people here to do manufacturing with minimum wage without the services a government should provide, such as free healthcare.
NAFTA has also been bad for the USA because it has left a lot of people unemployed, so if Trump really wants to make a change in the country he must eliminate this treaty if he wins. I don't have any problem if he wants to build a wall, but he is really stupid if he wants Mexico to pay it, he should better finance it from his own emporium!

Mexico is the reason I have a dog. The reason I love tacos. Why I love chihuahuas. STOP HATING MEXICO JERKFACED HATING STAINS!

The worst country ever Donald Trump builled the wall and Mexico will pay for that. Has the worst laws and governor over there also has the worst Taxis and bad women rights. Too many drug problems and very violent crime rate and violent culture SO RACIST!

People I live in there, yes there are bad people but also there are good people and we are not very dangerous, besides we have BETTER FOOD, THE BEST CULTURE, GREAT RUINS, and WE ARE A VERY UNIQUE COUNTRY.

The problem is that this country is getting worse back in the 90s it was the best country now everything the government has ruent it the drug cartels wars, violence, corruption people starving stealing money this is getting evil like North Korea that the country starves and the us border crossing is getting more dangerous! Like Nazi Germany and its getting evil the government sucks!

Bunch of hypocrites and sellouts.

Too much violence, lack of government, needs economic growth, Cartels and drugs are everywhere.

The Dallas Cowboys should be a Mexican Team and so should the LA Dodgers

Mexico Is World's Second Most Violent Country, Report Says after Syria

The Americans should migrate en masse to Mexico. A little reverse migration is the idea here.

Mexico is very corrupt. It creates a lot of problems for the United States. Trump needs to build that wall. - Philos48