New Zealand

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Nice nature, but the population is a bunch of retarded inbred morons

Oh so we're retarded are we? Search up Ernest Rutherford and what he did. Also search up Russell Crowe and Peter Jackson. Russel Crowe being one of the best actors ever and Peter jackson being one of the best freckles ever - Aey

Many people told me before I went to NZ that Kiwis are gentle and humble. That was the biggest lie I've ever heard. The people here are probably the most big-headed, arrogant clowns I've ever encountered on my travels. Kiwis carry the biggest chip on their shoulder too. They always say how humble they are when they are so arrogant.

They think they're so important and that the whole world thinks about them when really they are so insignificant and irrelevant that no one gives a toss about them or their silly little country. Gee Kiwis talk about attention seekers.

I am a New Zealander and someone said we don't have corrupt people in government come on we got a half Jew selling the country of for a few coins we have got some people in government who wouldn't care one way or the other homeless people just died of and ost of these idiots are in the national government

Apparently New Zealand is actually one of if not the least corrupt country in the world - Countrylooker2202

'The least corrupt country in the world with Denmark' your statement is invalid - Aey

Living in NZ is a nightmare, Kiwis are so arrogant and love to criticize those who appear more sophisticated and classy than they are. New Zealand is a backwards country filled with backwards people.

New Zealanders are very insecure people. Any hint of criticism or say anything bad about their country and they come onto you like a tonne of bricks. They love to make jokes about other countries but then cry and whinge whenever someone makes a joke about them. They think they're so funny but they're not.

I've never encountered such arrogant, selfish people in my whole life. And New Zealand is full of them. Beware what they tell you though because they deceive you into thinking they are good people even though they're not. They're more arrogant than Americans and more selfish than the Chinese. New Zealanders are stupid.

If new zealand is so great why do they keep coming over to australia in large numbers. Seems like the NZIDF is in full force.

New Zealand is a plastic wannabe USA, Australia and UK rolled into one depressing country. They love bleating on about how great they are when no one in civilized countries gives a damn about them. They carry extreme jealousy towards Australia since Australia has a better standard of living and is a richer country, not to mention the warmer and sunnier weather which is why so many Kiwis live in Australia. They are also extremely envious of Australia's great sporting pedigree since Rugby is the only sport New Zealanders know they can get a win in. NZ has always had a huge inferiority complex towards bigger and better countries.

What is left of the forests is very unique. I got ripped off 12 times in my travels in New Zealand. I have been to 17 countries, and no where else comes close to this bad with people befriending me only to take advantage. I have never been to another place where so many people insulted me based on my eccentric behavior.

When I wanted to leave, customs refused to let me go, but immigration wanted to deport me. It took them a week to decide what to do.

Rugby this, Rugby that. Rugby, rugby, rugby, McCaw is God, All Blacks, All Blacks, Kiwis. That's all I ever heard over there, a very unhealthy obsession with Rugby and they think it's the only sport in the world. Did I mention Rugby?

A third world dump disguised as a Western developed country. Poor infrastructure, terrible housing, crappy trashed cars and cheap clothing that would make a beggar in Western Europe look like a King.

They think the whole world loves them when no one even knows or cares who they are.

STAY AWAY! New Zealand is a VERY racist country even though so many deny it. There have been numerous attacks in the last month against Asians. Racist Kiwis hate all foreigners.

Need to get this said. I don't know HOW many of you guys would understand, but you'll have to realise 2 things: A: Australia is our rival, but if you look deeper you'll see the relationship between the 2 is very close. And 2: Everyone country has racists, etc etc. Lots of these people are just assuming that every person in NZ loves rugby, etc. I personally hate rugby, but many people here would have trouble believing that...anyways, New Zealand does have problems, but not on the scale of larger countries. New Zealand isn't even that large. I could say how there are a few Americans that act like the USA is the holy god savior of the world, but then I'd be called a "racist"... le sigh, oh well.

Brainless people who think they're the bees knees when no one really cares about them.

I used to like New Zealand, but after seeing how much they hate Australia it is bottom of the list of countries I like. NZ needs Australia way more than Australia needs NZ, you guys can be a little more grateful of what Australia provides for you, yet you always find reasons to hate on Australia even though there's so many of you living and loving life here. If you hate Aussies and Australia so much then GO HOME! No one's stopping you.

They are secretly jealous of Australia. Australia is better than NZ in so many ways that they love to hate it all the while desiring to go and live there.

New Zealand certainly one of the worst countries to live. Why are they so insular and jealous?

If it isn't the butthole of the world you sure can smell it from here.

New Zealand shouldn't even be called a First World or developed country. People dress like beggars and have no sense of style and their cars and houses seem really poor as well.

Beautiful country, but rude and arrogant people.

Lol why is this country on this list... I have traveled the world I think I've been to about 16 different countries now and to be honest, New Zealand had the nicest people, also fun fact it is the least corrupt and most prosperous country in the world.

Actually I'm a kiwi and I'm not a racist person at all. No every kiwi is racist. In fact I have a lot of Australian family Who visit us. And saying that "Lol kiwis are just jealous because australia is more famous than them" We are actually glad we are not as famous because we wouldn't be a safe country if we weren't. - KateCollins

A huge chip on their shoulders for such a small country.