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The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea, is a country in Eastern Asia. Its capital is Pyongyang. It is currently ruled by the dictator Kim Jong-Un, after inheriting the title from his father, Kim Jong-Il, who inherited it from his father, Kim Il-Sung. more.


I don't hate the people much, just the government. Trapped in a nation surrounded with bombs making no one outside to get in. The government is crazy they think all the people outside are evil. Can you believe that? They hardly get any things from the outside world at all. They don't get to have stuff like pizza or girls wearing pants and worst of all, NO INTERNET ( hardcore Internet addict here ) Many people here rate countries by the stereotype and history leaving a few comments being 100% true but this one is probably 100% true cause I'm not sure about the pants and pizza thing The government should really do something about this or the people or pretty much just anyone, anything!

North Korea is the worst country in the world. There is no basic things that a human needs at least such as foods. There is no freedom and no human rights. They are the most miserable people and country in the world. They only think about war and nuclear weapons. - saypat

The North Koreans should be number one! They kidnapped many innocent Japanese people for many decades or just kill them simply after they learn Japanese or get some information on how to get into Japan. Wicked people. Megumi Yokota is one of the most tragic kidnappings done by a north Korean! The north Koreans are terrible people that should be punished!

It's not the people who is bad it's the government + Kim Jong Un who is bad. - njalabi63989

Kim Jong Un forces citizens to join the Military or he will kill their families. They may be way less powerul than South Korea, and they could easily kick their ass on their own, but South Korea is much more peaceful, and they won't attack unless they absolutely have to. North Korea is absolutely merciless, and choose to invade out of hate and anger. Despite their nuclear technology being far behind us (I live in the US), what they're choosing to do with it makes them our greatest enemy. Also, there is absolutely no freedom of speech or religion whatsoever, and very limited access Television Channels and Internet. And Kim Jong Un, oh my god. He is the most hateful, stupid, and ignorant man on this planet and happens to be a dictator. He'll go out of his way to kill thousands or even millions of people without any regards whatsoever so things will go his way. - thunderstar1124

I don't hate the people that live in North Korea, I just hate the government so much. I mean, they torture people, they force people to worship someone they never wanted to, they cut off all contact with other countries and people don't even have any human rights! This country is just all about stupid wars and how the outside world is full of evil people. I'd say that the North Korea's government are the evil ones!

I absolutely have no idea why this wasn't number 1. People have such sick minds if they think any other country is far worser than this one which means you don't care about the poor people living in North Korea and being mistreated by their government. Japan and South Korea are not so bad if you compare it to this country.

I do not think we have any chances to know about their people, but I do know the government there sucks. their president made bunch of stupid decisions, but it seems he thinks he is the smartest. they do not have anything, lacks power and no money, why they always try to threat others and demonstrate. I just cannot understand why they are so conservative. from the news, I saw people there trusts their government is the best and it is their pleasure to be led by Kim. I doubt the reliability. people there often cry for their president, when he visits or even gives speech. that does not really matter, but the most ridiculous thing is I saw the same crying people several times. gosh, how can this weird country survive?

Kim il sung quite frankly makes me sick. He erected a huge gold statue that all people, even forighners, must bow down to. He had a seprate lane for his car on all roads, had his photo in every house and bages that everyone weres. During his regin, 3 million koreans died of disease and famine. Kim Jong il was no better he tested chemical bombs on prioners in labs and was just as bad as his father. I am glad he is dead lets hope the rest of the government follow suit. South Korea should just deploy all its troops over the border and shatter North Korea like a broken mirror. I don't know who voted the UK onto this list, but even a country that is manipulated by the US (should be in the top ten) is better than one that has killed as much people as Hitler.

These people are animals, at least the government are. They brainwash their citizens and tell them how great North Korea is but ITS NOT GREAT! NOT GOOD, OK, BAD. North Korea IS HELL ON EARTH. Secondly they starve their citizens and when they desperately try to steal a piece of bread the lock them and their families in torture/prison/labor camps. Hopefully one day Kim-Jong-Un dies before the can have any children and this brutal regime ends. Also get rid of his followers (the ones that haven't been brain washed.) Also it's official name, Democratic People's Republic of North Korea or something like that, is a lie! North Korea isn't democratic or cares about its People. It's a shame such a nice country and its people were ruined by the Kim dynasty and Communist Governments (ahem, ahem, Russian occupation) I already said this but again, North Korea IS HELL ON EARTH!

The government are evil and crazy, the people are starving and don't have any human rights at all! The government are trying to hide all suffering of their people. This needs to stop and we all need to realise what is happening in that country. I don't know why South Korea and Japan top the list because this country is the worst of them all politically!

Just because you have absolutely no connection to the outside world doesn't mean you're superior to everyone else!

The citizens WORSHIP the Kim Jong what's his name for heaven's sake!

I just finished reading multiple documentaries about Camp 22, camp 18 and 14. This country truly makes me ill. These are modern things still happening today and of course their government denies any of these concentration camps from ever existing, I'm definitely not one to support war or get into other countries business but these are innocent lives being taken away for the sick twisted Kim families evil pleasures. I hope this country comes to an end soon even if that starts another world war..

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea... or North Korea, it's pretty obvious why we all have a strong dislike for them. I hate their regime, but I don't hate their people. I couldn't see myself hating people, but I still have a dislike for them. It's unfortunate that their people are not capable of making political choices for obvious reason. If it weren't for China or their 3-5 year mandatory military service, they wouldn't have such a totalitarian rule over the region. By the way, we all know that the true Korea is Republic of (South) Korea. Besides this, their leader(s) are crazy, manipulative, tyrannical rulers. Their 'leader(s)' are not even leaders.

I had to spend a weekend there for work.
Got to see first hand what a Truly awful place it is.
Was constantly being followed around the hotel lobby, two T.V. stations, one radio station, heavily censored Internet access, and heres the best part... I found sedatives in my meal. As in, they were drugging us to knock us out each night so (i'm assuming) we couldn't do any snooping around.

They still have concentration camps for sake, in which people are sent to if they speak badly of the government. That alone should earn it the top spot.

Honestly the way people are forced to live in this country is sickening, I truly hope the US invades it and slaughters everyone responsible for this tyranny.

The government is extremely authoritarian, and their heads are in their military rather than their survival. The people of NK need to be freed.

The government brainwashes their own people and they are forcing them to believe that the government is the best government in the world. They use threats and send them to other countries like South Korea trying to show how mighty they are with their nuclear arsenal and their dictator. They do missile tests which the United Nations condemns. They ban the Internet and the civilians have a limited number of hairstyles that they are allowed to have. I hope that many countries can defeat North Korea's nuclear testing and to stop brainwashing their people.

The Government of this country makes me sick. They have NO freedom of speech, hardly any access to the web, it is illegal to read outside media and practically impossible to get in if you weren't born their. I have never supported China, but if they invaded their it would be the best thing that ever happened to them (North Korea, not China).

Why on EARTH isn't North Korea first! The government is nothing but a group of sick dogs who treat their people horribly, but the citizens of NK put up with it since they're brainwashed from day one. South Korea and Japan are hated MORE than North Korea?

Not only do they ship people to concentration camps, they also have almost NO internet access, NO freedom of speech, nothing that will help the people express freedom and personality. The only things allowed are the ones the dictator at the top allows.

I feel bad for all of the poor innocent people who are starved and tortured in that awful country.

Their government is insane! I'm surprised the country has lasted very long at all. The military can do pretty much whatever they want. (Provided the government doesn't get mad if they do it. ) The people haven't a single right there. If they are to do anything at all, they could be simply killed. Worst government ever. I feel really bad for the people. - raydavidson

They are always using technique Like some propaganda, and they always act Like victim. But, Koreans killed 300,000 people in Vietnam raped and genocide at Vietnam War. Koreans think it was established to teach Korean history. But they are used history for propaganda, so they don't know the truth, they don't know who they are.

North Korea does not deserve to be on this list. For crying out loud, the people in this country is ruled under a dictatorship. They have no choice but to agree with their leader's executive decisions. If they don't agree or acquiesce, they wouldn't be alive. North Korean people are helpless and harmless people stuck in poverty. A great majority of them suffer from oppression and starvation. If there is anyone who deserves to be hated around there, it's there dictator.

How is this below South Korea! Half the time they don't even have electricity. They deny their history more than any other nation. Because of starvation and health issues they are like a foot shorter than South Koreans. As a matter of fact there are North Koreans trying to escape to South Korea.

I'm glad that North Korea is the most hated country in this list because it's the most corrupt country. The people in that country are brainwashed into thinking Kim Jong un is a god and treat the people like pleasure. The truth is he's a murderer and dictator which kills thousands of people everyday. Kim jong un is more dangerous than his father

Activities that are illegal in North Korea; driving,drinking alcohol, phone call, reading outside media, practicing religion, listening to western music, travel to other country, viewing or selling pornography. This country is insane.

This is the country where I would least like to live. Each dictator is crazier (and dumber) than the last. It's a government that has little regard for humanity and thinks everyone else in the world is a simpleton. No other country is perfect, most are not even close, but it is just hard to find anything good to say about this one.

To be totally honest, I don't hate the people of North Korea. I only hate the government. The people can't help that they were born there because they're basically imprisoned and taught that every country on Earth is terrible and your home is peaches and rainbows. In reality they live in a gritty reality and aren't even allowed to know what is going on around the world. The government sucks but everyone else just doesn't understand the truth.

You can't exactly hate all of North Korea. Its government is the biggest fault and unofficial mascot of why it gets so much scorn. Maybe if North Korea wasn't inherited by a single family and was given in the hands of an experienced, veteran leader (Which Kim Jong-un isn't, plus is only leader because of his family tree and father), we wouldn't have much tensions with them. That, and I'm pretty sure the population is mostly benevolent and certainly deserve better. - CrimsonShark