Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland is a constituent unit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the northeast of the island of Ireland.


Northern Ireland is a speck of feces on the face of the Earth. It makes England look like a nice place, which is saying a lot. They are all mistrustful and violent. The first thing they ask you when they meet you is if you are protestant or catholic, so they know if they can trust you or kill you. The protestant/catholic thing is a 16th century problem..the rest of the civilized world has moved on. It's a drab place. Belfast and Derry are bleak...the countryside is in the dark ages. The weather is dark, cold and wet. The food is worse then England, but without the Indian food to spice it up. Never go there. It's the worst.

What a hole. Most people are so messed in the head you wouldn't believe. It is filled with more than it's fair share of murdering bastards and fat unhealthy people that contribute nothing to society or the world, save for a couple of sportsmen and musicians and even they wouldn't be missed.

They have recently built a museum for a boat they built 100 years ago which sank on it's first voyage ffs - they're proud of things other countries would prefer to quickly forget.

It is a permanent drain to the UK and contributes zero. Their politicians do nothing other than argue about the past and whether a flag that isn't even theirs, should fly above public buildings instead of trying to sort out the mess that their crappy little non-country is in. A truly pathetic place that has too many bigots, to ever be able to be a normal place to live. 99.9% of people in the UK would be glad to be rid of the toxic hate-filled place.

Protestant's and Orangemen, are terrorist's, extremist's and racist bigot's. They hate themselves and love to cause death and destruction everywhere they go, regardless of their prejudice and inhumanity against Irish Catholic's (I am a former Irish Catholic and non-religious since 1978) and non-whites. Any Protestant who thumbs this comment down, lacks a conscience and regrets their evil existence to humanity.

Oh for goodness sake, give over. Most of you have said that you are from the Republic of Ireland. Well, I wonder if you have ever actually been here. It's a nice country in parts and obviously there are 'bad' places but there are also really nice neighbourhoods and towns. There is good educational help for foreign nationals moving to the country and most people show no racism, except maybe young children, but what can you expect? Most people aren't homophobical either, and there are plenty of people that support equal rights. As for religion, there are Protesents and Catholics, and there is no sectarianism where I live. The Troubles were horrible, but luckily I wasn't born at that time, and they were mostly resolved. As with all countries, there are problems that occur, sometimes even being on the scale of bombs or riots, but that's in every country. No country is perfect. Everyone has their own beliefs and views and if you don't like a separate Ireland, move. I'm not trying to be ...more

Protestant's, are a racist/terrorist/extremist threat to Irish Catholic's, Irish Republican's and also mostly against non-whites.

They use to fight over religion but now they fight about what race people are. Most of the people there are super nice but there have been a numerous amount of times when I was racially abused. Sometimes I feel like I hate this country but then again I hate every other country. There's worse people out there. Just saying. Northern Ireland's alright like. - Hatred

Northern Ireland can pack its bags and get the hell out. I'm I citizen of the republic and hope that some day Ireland can be Ireland without the brits intruding. Personally, I'm strangely a fan of British history (specifically world war 1 and 2)but I hate how they colonized so many countries and committed so many atrocities. Ireland only got independence in the 20's! That's not that long ago. and the independence isn't even full because northern Ireland is still a thing.

Northern Ireland is a beautiful place full of very nice and kind people. The Protestant and Catholic feud is practically over and there is absolutely no reason to hate Northern Ireland.

All these comments are complete and utter nonsense! I'm a protestant from Northern Ireland and I'm not a racist, bigoted, homophobic terrorist. Don't believe everything you read. - wolphert

This is not a country. The place is full of murderers and religious zealots. They also seem proud of building a ship that sunk on its maiden voyage killing large numbers.

All those British racist and bigoted Protestant wannabe's, should leave occupied-Ireland and pack their bags and suitcases and head for England and live inside Queen Elizabeth II (their terrorist monarch).

Whiny bunch of homophobic terrorists. Think they're the biggest thing in the world. Produce nothing and cost the UK millions. At least the republic doesn't have to pay for them - Countrylooker2202

I don't like this place at all. All I can say is that it would've been great if the USSR toke it over during the Cold War

Beautiful the best of Ireland & England & they are smart they don't let many foreigners in

I voted these guys for two reasons, I'm bored and I live in the republic of Ireland so, ya

Protestants are racist and terrorist bigots, who should all return back to mainland UK. Ian Paisley like all Unionists, will always remain the Cancerous Tumour and HIV/AIDS virus to all Irish Republican's and Catholics.

The British version of Detroit, only difference is that it is a country.

Worst place ever, RIOTS EVERYWHERE. Proud to be on the republic! DOWN WITH PRODS!

We are all not bitter excuse me. Typical free stayers think they are better... well looks like you would rather be part of the north sinice we are not in debt as much as you lot

Northern Ireland is not a country. Most of the so called 'people' are religious nutcases.

I'm sad this isn't part of republic

Uneducated racist predujice biggots, and that's being polite