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41 Mongolia Mongolia

I liked Mongolia. Their lifestyles in the countryside seemed a lil bit dirty but they herd animals like a pro. The only advanced city is the capital named Ulanbator, and living there made my thoughts about Mongolians change. There were some rude people but unlike many other countries, hell they are not racist. The only country they hate is China and sometimes they get a little bit shocked when they see a black man, but for Europeans and other races, they are nice. Most of the new generation speak English, sometimes Russian, they wear well, and polite, saying sorry for little things. Most importantly they are kind and sweet. Though they drink vodka a lot. Anyways, I wish well for this country.

The home of Genghis Khan. A country that was once rich in empirical glory is now a little known forgotten nation, living in the shadows of China and Japan.

I like Mongolia better

Hope China invades their trash country just like they did to Tibet. - kim1001

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42 Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

You Chinese say many wrong things about Vietnam

I am living in Vietnam. Years ago, their traffic systems were in terrrible condition, now are getting better but still in average. About the people, I think they quite friendly, but not salers who work in markets. MUST bargain whenever you go shopping in the markets... But in total, beautiful country, worth to live

If anyone is commenting about the Vietnam War, the United States had NO RIGHT to be there. We just basically wasted 60,000 young men who had futures and goals they wanted to pursue. The soldiers who went DESERVE to be called "baby-killers" and honestly, South Vietnam wasn't gonna win anyway. - Metalhead1997

Dog eaters - kim1001

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43 Scotland Scotland Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

Very fake people with a false sense of national pride.
There is a William Wallace statue in Stirling, Scotland except it's clearly not William Wallace, it's a statue of Mel Gibson in a kilt. Pathetic.

A nation of disgusting fatbodies. They eat worse than cattle, any nation that gorges on fried Mars bars or deep fried pizzas has no self respect (despite the false pride they desperately try to project to the world).

A nation of drunks who offer no benefit to the world. They're so helplessly dumb a lot of people there actually believe Scotland can be an independent nation and they spend all their time hating on England because they're jealous. Personally I hope they do vote independence, then the rest of the UK won't have to pay for their pathetic lives and the best thing is... The north sea oil will still belong to the UK

A country obsessed with being the victim, Obsessed with England, the national Anthem is about England. Currently run by the SNP a nationalistically, socialist party, NAZI in other words. Drunks, junkies, bad diets, obsessed with hardman syndrome. You can actualy go out and be told how hard (good at fighting) someone is in the pubs at fighting, over and over again. "See big Jim at the bar he is a hard man, your like "OK" no he is really hard, It goes on and on. Massive bigotry, between Celtic and Rangers. Glasgow's the worst, sneering Ned's, nasally accent.

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44 Poland Poland Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine and Belarus to the east; and the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russian exclave) and Lithuania to the north .

I have been living in Poland for a long time, and the country was opening in the years 2000's but unfortunately it is getting very bad now. Atmosphere is really bad, people hate each other and hate every single other nationalities on earth. Wherever you come from, they can cherry-pick a one-sided historical fact, twist it one way or the other, and you are guilty. I even met people who refused to shake my hand when they heard I am from France, or others guests who refused to talk to me (in polish) in my OWN HOME. They have an obsession of historical purity, they do not understand even the possibility of a tiny group of Poles doing something bad in history, their history has to be completely clean and they work hard at denying everything. So they live in their own paralel reality of eternal victim, they have a ready made speech for everything like the 1000 years of paradise for jews (today 11/11 facists are demonstrating in the streets with officials). They cannot talk about common ...more

Before Nazi Germany bombed Poland in 1939 and turned it into a cemetary Poland had been the home for most Jews for the last 1000 years! It was the only country in the world who showed that a Jewish people could live in peace and harmony among a Polish Christian nation. Thus Poles and Jews share a great deal of history and culture with each other, which is slowly being rediscovered by historians today. And some Israeli politicians today also share Polish roots, such as Israeli president Schimon Peres (Szimon Perski), who is a Jew with Polish ancestry. Nowadays however, most of the Polish Jews left Poland and either live in Israel or USA. There is also a great deal of Poles living in Germany and Britain. Poles spread around the world to immigrate, work hard and have a better life in other countries, while maintaining the love for their Polish homeland. This is similar to Jews who live anywhere in the world but love Israel as a home or base.

I don't know what are you talking about. You are human. We are human. There's no difference. We all have different personalities, feelings and emotions, and it isn't depending on our nationality. Racism, homophobia, bad government etc. are very big problems, I admit, but not every Pole is like that. If I meet a person nationality, skin colour, or religion doesn't matter. His/her personality and attitude does. And stop this historical-based hate, it's not that Poland which invaded many countries nor Poland which was fighting with many nations. We didn't do anything, it's XXI century, most of us don't even remember the war! Stop hating anyone for being (insert nationality)! That's racist, maybe you have already met people from that country, but it wasn't this person, you don't know anything about him/her. So, this list doesn't make any sense. We didn't choose where we were born, so give us right to live where we want to live, work where we want to work. And I'm not talking about Poles ...more

Nine of ten are liars, scammers, and thieves. Believe it, or learn the hard way.

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45 Norway Norway Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a sovereign and unitary monarchy whose territory comprises the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula plus the island Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard.

Bunch of spoiled brats that think their system works better than anyone else's, even though they would starve without their oil. Bunch of better-than-thou heathens...

Because we rely on money to get food. We can't grow enough food for our people, because of our climate. Our oil is important to us, and we manage it very well.

They think that they are the greatest people on the world.

Spoiled and bratty, I say as a dane. Besides, they try to steal Faroe and Greenland from us ): They think they are so good.

Funny, we had Greenland and Faroe first. And don't forget you took our country when were weak and dying from pest.

What?!?! Why on earth would Norway be on here? I'm personally very proud to be part Norwegian.

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46 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.

Bad government, ignorant citizen, I'm ashamed of my own country and will move away when I'm old enough to make my own money

The most Muslim in Indonesia? They are not living like a Muslim at all!

They gives a Muslim people a bad name. What kind of sick people are they?

They still racist til this day. They worship their religion more than anything, yet they ready to abandon it anytime for money, women, and power.

I can say that the local people is stupid and ugly, but the minority like Chinese is smart as they run the economy there. I know how hardworker they are... while most of the local is so lazy.
Also what they did to Chinese in 1998 is unforgivable. They ashame their own country's motto "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

Well, the country is rich and still developing, they can be a really (I really mean it) great country IF they can WORK together, not being a HYPOCRITE religionist, and STOP corrupting the young. - waqs

My friend, Indonesia is a corrupted country. But if you ever been to their international school the students are smart. - Marauder

bad people

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47 Egypt Egypt Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt is actually a beautiful country full of many beautiful aspects and qualities that people fail to notice. It is a country which has been deprived of freedom for around 35 years due to their single minded dictators. A small minority of people have claimed that they dislike Egyptians personally, however there are 90 million Egyptians excluding the ones who have immigrated and it is a very ignorant to say that you generally hate Egyptian by judging from the 10 people you have encountered. AS FOR THOSE WHO ARE EgyptIAN THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF BEING A HYPOCRITE GO OUT AND CHANGE YOUR COUNTRY CLEAN THE CLUTTERED ROADS FOR A START AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE ADDTIONALLY DO YOUR JOB HONESTLY! THAT WAY YOU CAN CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES. As an Egyptian my family and I try our best to fulfill this, you can't expect a country to miraculously change without going out there and making a change. As for those who themselves who are Egyptian and criticize its people claiming that they can't find trustworthy ...more

Not Because you met a bunch of bad people you could say that all the people are like this we are 90 million people do you think all of them are the same your fingers are not the same Egyptian people are kind helpful and noble by default and of course there are bad people name a country that doesn't have good and bad people This is life there is good and there is bad you could look at the good points and not because some people cheated you or stole you means that a whole country is like that and about education Egypt is the most educated country in Africa and The Middle East Please Think about what you say before you wright anything.

People there think that they are smart and always right. Egypt is full of impossible people. No respect for scientists or academics. Imagine a country ruled by sadistic ways of police and the army, which results in bad streets, poor people with no decent education (even college grads) and bad water and environment. Egypt may be a nice place to visit only because you are a tourist full of money, but no one respects this country's children, that is why most of the scientists and successful people who wants a good future choose immigration or working abroad.

As Egyptian I can say that We used to be nice to every one we helfen European countries after ww2 and the Arab countries too but every thing has changed after the military Coup in 1952, since the military took the role here we are suffering from every thing no future no Education no health no money just nothing, I hate even the people because they do not act they did in 2011 but the military came with guns and Tanks to take the role again in 2013 and many people are died and keep daying every Single day and the Western governments we Supported before and the arabs too supporting now The military to kill us

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48 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Ireland is a constituent unit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the northeast of the island of Ireland.

Worst country ever, Big bunch of terrorist bastards. Come on the republic of Ireland, down with the prods. They started a big bunch of riots, all because of the worst flag ever was put down. UP THE REPUBLIC!

Whiny bunch of terrorist bastards.

Northern Ireland is a speck of feces on the face of the Earth. It makes England look like a nice place, which is saying a lot. They are all mistrustful and violent. The first thing they ask you when they meet you is if you are protestant or catholic, so they know if they can trust you or kill you. The protestant/catholic thing is a 16th century problem..the rest of the civilized world has moved on. It's a drab place. Belfast and Derry are bleak...the countryside is in the dark ages. The weather is dark, cold and wet. The food is worse then England, but without the Indian food to spice it up. Never go there. It's the worst.

Northern Ireland can pack its bags and get the hell out. I'm I citizen of the republic and hope that some day Ireland can be Ireland without the brits intruding. Personally, I'm strangely a fan of British history (specifically world war 1 and 2)but I hate how they colonized so many countries and committed so many atrocities. Ireland only got independence in the 20's! That's not that long ago. and the independence isn't even full because northern Ireland is still a thing.

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49 Croatia Croatia Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (independence since 1991), is a sovereign state at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Its capital city is Zagreb. It is a member of the European Union. During the Cold War it was part of Yugoslavia. It is a cultural more.

I am from Serbia and I don't hate croats or Croatia. But I give them vote here because they hate Serbia more than they love they own country. Croats get they own country and they need to relax and start enjoying and not be obsessed by Serbia. I will never forget day when NATO start bombarding Serbia (24.03.1999. ), on every single T.V. in Croatia they was so exited and proud about killing Serbs and destroying country, so full of hate, I was shocked about their reaction. Many people die in that period, and they broadcast every single day of bombarding and count how many people die. That is so sad and sick. They are full of complex about Serbians but I understand, after all, we have bigger d**** and their women are crazy about us, I know that from my own experience :)

This nation is obsessed with Serbs. Their history revolves around hating and killing Serbians. Maybe if they took their heads out of their asses they might make something out of themselves ever since becoming an independent nation instead of still having so much hate towards one group of people. The serbs moved on a long time ago and it's time for them to move on as well

"I hate all of you people for saying these had damn things about one of the most beautiful countries in the world. First off, just because Croatia was a Nazi state in WWII, that doesn't mean they are still criminals. What about the Middle-East, Russia, Germany, and other countries? You are just to stubborn and blind, and stupid to say that about a culture. We Croats hadn't got our independence until the 1990's, and the Serbs tried to keep us in Yugoslavia and make us a part of their own sate! And whoever says that Croatia should never exist, or are disgusting people should fall off a God Damn cliff and drown in the water. And since when are we such terrible people. You are all too stupid to see the good in us. Poland, Russia, Serbia, should all just go! WHAT THE HELL DID Croatia DO TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF BULL FROM COUNTRIES LIKE YOU?! WE ARE ALL POLITE, NON-ARROGANT, AND CARING PEOPLE. don't YOU EVEN SAY THAT WE ARE GENOCIDE PEOPLE. LOOK AT COUNTRIES BACK THEN AND TELL ME IF Croatia ...more

Croat are genocidal maniacs, hypocrites and scumbags. they comitted worst atrocities ever imagined, but are still prozd of them. bunch of neonazy sleazybags.

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50 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh, on the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, is surrounded by India, with a small common border with Myanmar in the southeast. The country is low-lying riverine land traversed by the many branches and tributaries of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.

I agree, Bangladesh is corrupt, even though I live here. But we don't bully other countries and we are quite friendly with foreigners. Yes we have many problems, but we are still developing, and many developed countries are corrupt as well, but people don't say anything because they are powerful and rich.

Look Bangladesh is kinda like my country, but Bangladesh needs more improvement. I mean like its like a great country but, the government is stupid! Some of the people are and aren't. Here are some of the following problems:
Government: Some of them are working hard for our country but, some destroy there plans so our country gets ruined! Killing people from all religions for no particular reason and shooting them down! Oh come on! Everyday I see a person getting killed on the news I always have to see a dead person!
Ads: I'm not being mean here but, ads such as "Fair & Lovely, Lux, Ponds, etc" They do "work" but not a lot of treatment is required in it. They show it like everyday and it never works for me... I'm not saying to get rid of it but, to change it make more improvements and Happiness.
The Homeless & Animals: This isn't the first country with homeless people but, there is too many! The little kids I see staring at me and asking me for food when ...more

Bangladesh is the BEST! The only reasons Bangladesh is in such condition is because they literally just gained their independence 45 years ago...FROM STUPID Pakistan! look at it's history, their soil is considered the most fertile and you guys gotta admit that being such a new country Bangladesh is doing pretty exceptional. The only reason Bangladesh hasn't gained much is because the citizens have morals and hearts. They don't brainwash and strip people off money like India and nor do they mass slaughter and colonize other countries like the west. They are still one of the most the happiest people in earth and always maintain pride LITERALLY (ranked 11th happiest in 2012 reports)

I'm from UK.I live here for 8 years of 2000-08.Bangladesh have many problems but it us a good country to live.Traffic jams and other main problems in here.

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51 Nigeria Nigeria

This is the worst country on Earth, and everyone knows this. The can only steal, lie, kill, they are born to cheat and almost everyone is a criminal. They are disgustingly dirty, there is just nothing to like about Nigeria. They are even proud of this creepy place. Ridiculous.

You are a fool, what have you done to help your country? Ignorant idiot

Yes, I am a nigerian that lives in europe, we have all it take to be the riches and the wisest country in Africa but our leaders have vowed not to develope and invest in the future, they loot millions of dollars everyday to different countries in Europe and America, if the money they have looted out of nigeria since our independent was invested in the country we would be very much ahead of many countries in the world because we are blessed with a lot of mineral resources like zinc, caol, oil and many more but only oil is been menssioned as our resources, the citizens are hardworking, everybody struggles to survive on his own without the support of the government and have a lot of secret billionaire without international recognisions.

This is Nigeria... Experience.. You can't imagine all of them

For the last time, STOP INSULTING MY COUNTRY! It's my home country (even though I live in Chicago). It's not the worst country on Earth! I'm not a liar! I'm not a thief! It's not a creepy place! I'm not dirty. I'M NOT A FOOL! I'M NOT AN IDIOT! STOP! JUST! STOP! *massive sobbing*

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52 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is a country located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran.

This evil and fraudulent country, should cease to exist. The way they treat workers from South Asia and South East Asia, is pure evil and inhumane. One day, the UAE, will vanish forever, because it has no conscience and is living off the greed and ill-treatment of South and South East Asian's, who the UAE hate.

Countries that get there wealth from ( and only) natural resource IE oil then brag how good they are while every other nation pays them for the privilege of listening to there toxic religion and ways. NO UAE National works a full day, if they did it would kill them.

The way they treat workers would really be only surpassed if the Nazis had won.

Oh and I lived there for 10 years so this is not a drone beefing off about the place.

They think they have the most billionaires of anyone else, they think they can invent everything, they think they own the world with their palm island and 7 star hotel, and they think they have the worlds largest zoo!

Evil, A subsitute for Saudi Arabia. They claim to live in a society for the rich while the fact this nation is made up of foreign employment. unfair payment, rules, guidelines. Eventually this country will run out of oil rapidly. Lets hope for the best - paranoid_police66

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53 Netherlands Netherlands

Being racist and denying colonizing and enslaving others. Imperialistic enforcement of their wicked ways onto previous colonized people. Robbing them of their culture still, like they did when they occupied them. Laugh and cry with you but stab you in the back if they get a chance. Covertly extremely racists. To them integration is to assimilate and humiliate.

Integration includes not harassing women, abiding by the law and being tolerant towards other cultures (including the Dutch culture).

Unfortunately, some immigrants find these concepts hard, and because we give much more intolerant cultures too much leeway, you actually believe you have a reason to complain.

Racist (remember apartheid in South Africa was originated by Boeren, from Netherlands), very hypocrite (judging other countries for inappropriate human rights practices, but denying colonizing and slaughtering of people in Suriname, Indonesia), egocentric, rude. If you give one, they will demand more.

I hate because if you don't care about bikes or even if you don't know how to ride a bike you'll certainly be mocked. The same will happen in Denmark. - Hakner

Listen, we dutchies aren't as bad as you think our 'common dutch rudeness' is directness to us, if you'd ask for help lots of us would like to help you. We have been living in solitude for pretty long. So we don't know if something is racist or normal. And we don't like some foreigners because a lot of them disrespect our traditions and rules. Some people go too far and want to send them away, but I agree that's bull. If we speak broken English: Hey you try learning Dutch and speaking it right ;). Culturally we have a lot to learn from the other countries, but if you'd live with us for a while. You'll love it here

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54 Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine is a sovereign country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

I'm half Ukrainian and I am deeply insulted by some of these stereotypes! What you hear about Ukraine is often lies. To the person who stated that we are Russians without souls: Both Russians and Ukrainians have souls. Everyone has a soul, at least that is what I believe. Anyways, just because some terrible things have happened in Ukraine, they do not define the country nor the people.

Because the Jewish bankers have destroyed Ukraine, the Ukrainian men are drunkards and violent, and their women are desparate to marry men from different countries, just for their bank ballance, for a ticket out of their country, NOT for genuine love. They also hate non-white men as well. There are plenty of fake dating websites, were these women, pretend to look stunning, but are nothing more than emotional prostitutes or appear to resemble porn stars and escorts, with or without children. They do not even like the men they seek a relationship, from outside their own country. Let them vanish off the face of the earth.

I absolutely hate these people! Their women marry men to destroy their lives. They show themselves as conservative women, but they are nothing but prostitutes! Every man I know who married an Ukrainian woman, destroyed his life. They know how to turn a man's life to a living hell! Stay away from these prostitutes!

I'm a french slav, I love Russia and I also love Ukraine. Beside the corrupt government, people are nice, girls are pretty, and men are loyal and respectful. What is their mistake? To defend their own country against terrorism and invasion? - schmitnationale

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55 Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo, DRC, DROC, Congo-Kinshasa, or simply the Congo is a country located in Central Africa.

Poorest nation in the world

Congo is a useless country with useless people that cause civil unrest in any country to move to. They are both Race-Hustlers and Closet Racists at the same time. I hope they get slaughtered and killed by their own people, their own dictator (s) and the Congolese Army.

Well, it is a little corrupt and people can be annoying at times but there is the odd nice thing to see

I expected terrorism serves a large purpose in this poor primitive, underdeveloped african nation - paranoid_police66

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56 Singapore Singapore Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, and often referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City, and the Red Dot, is a global city and sovereign state in Southeast Asia and the world's only island city-state.

Singapore isn't that bad. How could you say that the people are racist? They live in a MULTI RACIAL SOCIETY. Children are taught from a young age to respect one another no matter what race you are or which country you come from. In schools, they teach Civics and Moral Education. They aren't all rude or disrespectful to foreigners or those of a different race.

I'm a Singaporean, and to be honest, I have mixed feeling about my country. People here are friendly, kind and helpful. However, similarly to other country, there are ass, backstabbers and hypocrite everywhere. One word to describe my country - materialism. In school, be it primary school, secondary school or university result means the world.

In addition, this country is not free, I repeat not free.

The army, stole patent rights from a doctor, who invented SWIFT and made him close his company. Prime minister suing blogger for their comment


Just do a simple Google search on statics of Singapore and you would know Singapore being one of the 1st world country has one of the highest poverty rate, least spending on healthcare, people working the longest hours and the most unhappy country in the world.

Country which abuses its own citizens. I don't care for the PAP government, they always ignore the people's demands. Disillusioned by the system. I will never forgive PAP for doing what they have done.

Fake country - kim1001

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57 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Uzbekistan to the north and east, Afghanistan to the southeast, Iran to the south and southwest, and the Caspian Sea to the west.

Is this even a country

What is wrong with you people?!? Turkmenistan never did anything to anyone.

Really. Turkmenistan?!

Eaven has an ugly persian mat on its flag what country does that seriously?

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58 Kosovo Kosovo Kosovo is a disputed territory and partially recognised state in Southeast Europe that declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo.

Oh, that's a surprise for you! I'm a Christian Orthodox Albanian from Albania, living abroad and I hate Kosovo. Why? Many reasons: First of all, they are boasting all the time that they are the best at everything. But seriously, they are delusional, mentally retarded and have no respect for you, even when you show them the maximal respect. I hate when Albanian media (escpecially Top Channel, which is a servile pro-socialist, pro-Soros, pro-American, pro-Kosovan and anti-Trump national T.V.-station) talks all the time about Kosovo and "talents" from Kosovo (in football and in music). Also, their disgusting "hip-hop/house" music (is far from the genuine hip-hop/house music) and turbo-folk (a mix of traditional music with turkish, Serbian and gypsy elements) plays all the day in radio and T.V.. In Albania, trash-T.V. shows degenerated people from Kosovo all the time (strippers, prostitutes and criminals). The young Kosovars are extremely lazy, evil, double-faced, ...more

Everybody hates Albanians from kosovo

Very racist people. They always think they're better than everyone else.

I disagree with first part I have been living in Kosovo for years (I am a African-Brit) and I have been treated like family with pretty much every person I have met they have ad's campaigning for anti-racism for if any of you know they were once subject to racist treatment.

Kosovo is Serbian, you're stealing their land because there's more of you there, if you hate living in Serbia so much, how about you just move BACK TO ALBANIA?

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59 Denmark Denmark Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Europe. The southernmost of the Nordic countries, it is south-west of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany.

I am Danish and I have never ever felt any sense of belonging to this country ever since I was born. I don't hate Denmark but I certainly don't love it or have any feelings towards this country whatsoever. I can't stand to live in it anymore, there are to many things that I dislike about it. The list is so long. The Danish culture sucks, it's all about drinking and getting wasted. The weather is so damn depressing, its rainy and cloudy almost all year round. People are very cold, rude, disrespectful, and have no manners at all. They are so reserved - especially if they see a foreigner, then they're the first ones to run. They would rather avoid you, they would never approach you and try to get to know you. They are not social, they think they are better than anyone else and they are too proud to admit their flaws. Did I say they're rude? Oh yeah, they're rude. I can't stress that enough. Rude and reserved. Even if you are born to non-Danish parents, and you've lived in this country ...more

Swap citizenship done! I've never been in Denmark, I bet it isn't as bad as you tell. Every country has people who are unhappy with his country. There is not a perfect country on universe. I think my country, Spain, has more problems than Denmark, as the same way, other countries has more problems than Spain. - AlejandroG

I am Danish and I have never ever felt any sense of belonging to this country ever since I was born. I don't hate Denmark but I certainly don't love it or have any feelings towards this country whatsoever. I can't stand to live in it anymore, there are to many things that I dislike about it. The list is so long. The Danish culture sucks, it's all about drinking and getting wasted. The weather is so damn depressing, its rainy and cloudy almost all year round. People are very cold, rude, disrespectful, and have no manners at all. They are so reserved - especially if they see a foreigner, then they're the first ones to run. They would rather avoid you, they would never approach you and try to get to know you. They are not social, they think they are better than anyone else and they are too proud to admit their flaws. Did I say they're rude? Oh yeah, they're rude. I can't stress that enough. Rude and reserved. Even if you are born to non-Danish parents, and you've lived in this country ...more

Homogeneous, Brainwashed, Racist, Depressed, Cold blooded xenophobes who would not even notice if today all non Danes moved out. And by non Danes I mean anyone who doesn't look Danish ( yeah I know, how horrible is that! ) born in Denmark to non Arean looking parents = a life of being second questioned "yeah, but where are you really from? "
Who live in the most bland, boring landscape, in the worst planned towns and villages. What makes it worst is that they keep telling everyone how happy they are and how life in Denmark is amazing to revert from killing themselves in the 500 days of winter each year. Anything outside Copenhagen is Hicksville central. Come on Danes! Would it hurt to smile, say thank you, hold the door for others, use compassion instead of ze rules.

I have been working and living here for 2 and half years. They are officially the most happy people in the world, and probably even the most narrow-minded. Their strenght is based on a high level of social coesion and respect for (their) rules. Everyone basically follows the rules and pay the right amount of taxes, and I think this is the best thing they are able to do. Expect to have a good life as much as you become like them..
other aspects of their lifestyle: because of this high sense of common sharing, they basically grow up with the same behaviours and mentality and nobody is allowed even to feel better than anybody else. Therefore, they basically know only one personality and one race: thatÂ's called the Danish!
As a conclusion: If youÂ're wishing to erase your personality and become like a Danish, youÂ're more than welcome to live in Denmark

now I am going to copy this summary and paste to Sweden, because basically itÂ's the same thing - storyteller

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60 Cambodia Cambodia Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation whose landscape spans low-lying plains, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. Its busy capital, Phnom Penh, is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum's historical and archaeological exhibits. In more.

This nation copy everything from their neighbors. Both Thailand and Vietnam get tired of them so much! They also claim other culture that's not different from South Korea do with China or Japan, their land are full of landmines and we don't think their government care about tourism security.

The ungrateful Khmers survive by aids from China and investments from Thailand and Vietnam, but they create conspiracy theory to bespatter Thailand and Vietnam. Khmers claim themselves as the artistic Angkorian's descendants without possible evidences and Cambodia is very stupid country with uncreative people, they just copied everything from their neighbor countries.

This country never learn from the pass. Khmer kill Khmer for Million Cambodia destroy everything in their country because they hated each other.Thailand help this country back from stone age so now they blame Thailand and teach people to hate their neighbors. Cambodia nation of hatred.

's Cambodia is not only the 4th world country, its like Asia's Afghanistan because of the killing fields comitted by the Khmer Rouge aka Kampuchea. Like there is no histroical highlight in the country beside the culture. Their past was all about genocide and ethnic cleansing all responsible by Pol Pot - paranoid_police66

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