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Romania is a sovereign state located in Southeastern Europe It borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. It has an area of 238,391 square kilometres and a temperate-continental climate. With over 19 million inhabitants, the country is the seventh-most-populous member state more.


I'm Romanian and voted for my own country. We have an extremely corrupt government which doesn't care at all about our nation and laughs on our pain. Besides that, the government pays too much attention to our religious structures instead of investing into education, hospitals and especially our infrastructure, which is worse than Somalia's.

I like Romania, it has high mountains (for skiing :D) and rivers, plains, hills and seaside (Black Sea). The summer is hot, the winter is chilly but with snow, so the kids can play in the snow. THE GYPSIES. Well, I lived 3 years in Romania to work for a company. (I'm from Netherlands) The gypsies are immigrants from India, I think they are not part of them. I saw polite and rude gypsies there. The people in this country are so polite. They know how to say stories, when you enter in a restaurant the waiter immediatly gives one free beer!
I really don't know why people prefer to go to France, Germany, England and not there. I have only love words for this country.

Stupid or not, that's their opinion and they didn't insult the other countries (like others insult Romania) - Raluca47

Looks like you are stupid enough comparing that country with Western Europe

The gypsy are no longer a minority paying an important role in parliament and government.

It's a beautiful country and people are nice. I guess the only problem is that their reputation is really bag because of the gipsies... they try their best to be a good country. I'm so sorry for the ones that are leaving this country with their heart in pieces... I've been through it.

I am from Norway and we hate the Romanian gypsies, they invade our country with thousands of beggers and steal whenever they have the chance, they also pee and poo everywhere and makes the country look bad. They also kidnap babies and have their in their arms so they look more innocent so they will get more money. And the worst part I think is that they earn more a day than people in the poorest countries do a year, and they only use it on smoke, drugs etc

Whoever hates Romania is Hungarian or Russian imperialist or just butthurt. Period.

"Romanian gypsies" don't exist... all of them can trace their ancestry back to India" Actually we all trace our ancestry to Israel, India is a mistake made by researches cause of the language and, most of people in Romania dress up like as to give as a bad reputation...

Romanian teenagers I met are super rude. They don't listen to what other people are saying. They don't know how to communicate.

Looks like british Nazis are mad and they want to power-vote this up.

This will be like South Korea and Japan all over again :)) - TheoHel

A disgusting racist country, who think they have history in lands they've never been a part of historically. Militarily they never choose a side until they know one of them is going to win, then they'll side with the presumptive winner, in the hope of a reward, or they'll betray their ally when they know their ally will lose. They have no notable monarchs besides a psychopath who impaled people and a bunch of Germans. A war tactic they used to obtain Transylvania under the leadership of Avram Iancu, is a little thing known as genocide, in which they would enter villages and slaughter all the civilians, with the support of Transylvanian Saxons, a people which aided them until they later got sold off as ransom to the Germans or sent to the gulags for Russia. These days they come to my country of Germany and often times work all the bad jobs and on the side they try to beg or steal from us. They always tend to use the excuse that those thieves are Gypsies, however the Romanian people ...more

Always think they are better than the rest with their big, patriotic families.

We are just patriotic, no selfish. Most of us love other countries - Raluca47

Like Italy, people pick-pocket and steal. Long ago Rome used to be a power hungry econemy, its changed. It's a beautiful and busy place always bursting with noise. I just be a bit careful, and check to make sure you still have your wallet.

Been there once never will go there again. It was a HORRIBLE experience. Nearly got robbed by a mob of gangsters- twice! Bucharest train service is godawful, takes ages to get anywhere. Food is disgusting. Stayed at the Hilton in Bucharest Central and never want to go back there again.

My experience with Romanian people immigrating in Europe consistently end up in drama.They work but you can't trust them.Very poor reputation over here.I don't want to believe everybody there are like that but it's consistent that I hear about subhumans behavior stuff and people from holes making a mess in the middle of the night.

Horrible, disgusting, uncivilized place. Romanians are completely useless, brainless cowards who cannot go anywhere without committing crimes. There's a reason why every country has a negative view on these filthy rats.

Please stay in your own pathetic hole and stop moving to civilized countries. No one wants to deal with you.

I think we're one of the most tolerant and patient nations.
Transilvania, as Moldova and Wallachia, is part of Romania.
Do not throw with dirt because some people aren't ok.

They stole a lot of from hungary unduly

Many criminals who emigrate to other European countries and create problems. - Libra888

They stole Transylvania and Szekler land from Hungary. They were coward, they've been coward and always will be coward. A country that never took part in WW1 joined entente only the very last day to steal territories from Austria-Hungary.

They are gypsies nothing more, all Romanians have gypsy blood and they stink

Awful country and even worse people. Capital, Bucharest is a dirty, boring, dangerous place, probably the ugliest capital of Europe. Full of stray dogs, garbage, crazy drivers.

Romanians are superficial, egoistic, false people. Never trust them, all they want is your money.

If you find Bucharest that way, it's just your opinion that doesn't mean it is like that. If all we want is to steal money, why are there so many people that work in other countries? Why don't they just simply steal them? I understand that's your opinion but because you met some people like that, that doesn't mean we are all that way. No hate but you are insulting our nation. You could've just said you met some bad people in Romania and that in your opinion this country is boring... - Raluca47

Romania is a complete dump. You can definitely tell you are in Eastern Europe once you cross into Romania. They also send their gypsies into the rest of Europe which doesn't help their image.

We don't send them, they go by their wish. You can't assume someone is bad by the country they come from. And in that case, who's a bad person: me or you? I haven't insulted you... - Raluca47

The Romanian people are racist. They have no respect for other people or their religions. They think they are the best at everything they do, but the truth is that their country is nothing but a burden on the EU. UK treats them in the right way by throwing them out of their country.

When will the hate for Romania cease to exist? We respect other religions, we just have different beliefs. The ego some of us have it's just a "cover". We are actually good people (most of us, all the countries have bad peoples). We are racist, but who is insulting the gypsies more and who hates them the most? Isn't it the meaning of racism? It's a shame to say all the gypsies are thieves. I know some excellent people that are gypsies. - Raluca47