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Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.


I hate Russia, because I live in it. There are no more open-hearted people here. They'll never show some respect to you. Education is poor. Very poor. Degradation is everywhere. I don't want my children grow up in Russia.

I agree with you absolutely. I live in this country too. Russia has no good future and I would prefer not to see 'Russian Federation' on the world map!

Russian government never cared for their own citizens, killing hundreds of thousands in Soviet gulags. Today they have a grotesque and perverted "democracy" where the same guy gets to be president over and over again. Russia blames Europe and the US for their socioeconomic problems. They claim the the US is trying to police the world while having their own wet dream of ruling the world.

Most disgusting people in the world. They read history in their own way.

It is very sad to see all the hateful comments. I wonder who are the people commenting and if they have met or been to Russia themselves, because to speak out of ignorance or based on what you see in movies (Russians are always portrayed either as alcoholics, villains, spies or prostitutes) is not very smart. If speaking from personal experience, fair enough, otherwise all these comments just seem racist. Although I am Russian I have lived in many different countries and can say that all nations have the good and bad qualities. I am not going to be biased and say that Russia is the best because its not, and most Russian people (that I know at least) know that Russia is corrupted and by far not the best place to live in. Unfortunately there is not much the people can do about it. I was in Russia when the Malaysian airplane was shot down, and the news said it was shot down by Ukraine. Whether it is true or not, that is what the people are being told by the media. Hate the Russian ...more - S9

It really bothers how much the internet users (especially YouTubers) support Putin. Obama isn't doing well, I agree. However, people will criticize him for sneezing wrong. The guy barely has supporters in his own country. Then you have Putin being praised and justified for every action. And can I just say that RT news is PURE propaganda. I enjoy watching it and all other news stations from around the world for a different perspective, however, I can see that is sickeningly biased. Its disturbing to see how people follow it's every word. Russia is no better than the US. They both have hidden agendas and neither should be trusted. But to be completely honest, as annoying as it is, I'd prefer the US be the world police over Russia and China any day.

We have special organizations here in Russia funded by government, who write YouTube comments and fill other internet resources with fabricated information.

I'm of half Russian origin, and half Ukrainian origin. But I am Ukrainian. Russia always tries to show some superiority before post soviet countries like Ukraine and Georgia. Their aim was and is to occupy Ukraine using different dirty means. Russia is full of chauvinists, xenophobes, ukrainophobes, racists. But besides, it's absolutely sick country (people like zombies consume info of corrupted mass-media without even analizing what they are provided with), a lot of drunks, and simply bunch of uncultivated skin-heads, criminals, idiots, and other crap bullying normal people.

Most disgusting and forlorn country ever.

How is Russia not number one! Russians are rude and disgusting! It should be illegal for Russians to move any where else but Russia!

Totally agree. Russians are one of the most opinionated people in the world. They are hell bent on everyone for their own faults. They are a language police when people try to learn their own language. They look at other countries in a very sarcastic and rude manner. They need to be isolated and be kept to themselves.

Russians has historically deep complexes about being backward and underdeveloped in comparison to Western nations. It has lead to development of hateful attitude of Russians to the developed part of the world, and extremely arrogant view on smaller nations, especially those once being part of Soviet dominance. At the same time Russians form main part of non-educated, criminal-minded, alcohol addicted lower social class in the countries they have immigrated and forming "Russian-speaking minority". It is difficult not to hate them.

Most disgusting people in the world... Silent killers, Gnocida of Caucasians, invasion in Finland, Georgia, Czech, Hungry, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, North Caucasus, easter Germany. People who believe only in Vodka, no god, no Culture, no Brains just oil and Nuclear bombs.

Russians "no brains " make nuclear bombs and space program. You are so smart... Lol.

Russians are rude and cruel. They are ill-mannered and conceited. Russian nationalism and ultra right wing are extremely horrible and even more than the Nazis. Today's Russia still reminds the world of its evil red empire and merciless czars

Almost all European countries hate Russia. Through Stalin and the USSR they killed millions and massacred and humiliated ethnic groups such as the Poles after WWII.

Yeah, that's smart of them. Hating the nation that saved their asses.

Most Rude and unpleasant country in the world, they make their own version of history and read other's history in their own illusive way thus creating many fallacies. They always have superiority complex and consider most of the world nations as inferior. They watch American movies and even like them but ignore it when Russians are shown as enemies or bad guys or prostitutes.

They think that they are over all. They humiliate other nations. They copy other ideas (technologies, films, music... ) and then state that they are original - Magnolia

They are liars. They lie about everything. Russia have in every country their spies and they are manipulate other people. Don't trust in any word from Putin's mouth. Russia is like cancer for the whole world but some countries don't want to realize it.

Holy crap you all are dull bigots who clearly have too much bias in their hearts to have a single opinion. I don't even understand how you all can even think to put Japan and South Korea on here. Japan is probably one of the greatest countries in the world, and South Korea is extremely nice and hospitable. The fact that you all are just trying to be edgy hipsters or nationalist bigots disgusts me, and I'm from the US. Russia should easily be #1. Not only do they have one of the worst histories in the world, what with Stalin and all (the only redeeming factor of their history being Catherine the Great), but they are extremely racist, homophobic, and over all bigoted people today. Their culture seems to be a fad today, which saddens me. People, behind that very thin line of culture they have is a dark place which you would never want to delve into.

Russians are stingy, racist, mean and unfair people that's why I hate them.

I've put my likes everywhere, but this comment is stupid. Russians are corrupt, racist, aggressive, xenophobic, etc, etc, but "stingy"? "Mean"? This is very far from the truth! One of the best positive characteristics of this nation is that they ARE HOSPITABLE, GIVING and FAR FROM STINGY!

Anti-gay violence just to cover the mafia's corruption, who still govern the land!

Russia intentionally creates conflicts between China and America, Japan and Europe in order to weaken its main competitors and grab the world domination.
The consequence of this policy of Russia could be a third world war. Russian President Putin - terrorizes all the neighboring countries that do not want to obey its dictates, including Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
Putin promotes armed conflicts in the Middle East in order to increase the price of oil. Russia is the most drinking country in the world.
In Russia, the lowest life expectancy in Europe.
As a result of corruption, about half of the national income in the country is stolen.
Most Russians believe Americans, Europeans and Chinese are their enemies and hate them.

They are mindless sheep that believes whatever propaganda their government fees them even they should know better. Their government lies and steals and want to regain their empire with any means necessary. It's a shame Putin has taken the world back to the cold war mindset.

Imperialist murderers that hate intellectuals and feel as the whole world is out to get them. Never apologized for their crimes during the USSR days and to this day deny any occupations, even after revealing that the MRP's secret protocol.

Russia has created more problems in Asia and Europe than any other country. Russia is so worried about Ukraine but really they just worried about being left out of the spotlight

Extremely racist, homophobic, and xenophobic. 'Russia for Russians, ' they say. will apparently even attack Asians or non-Russian-looking whites. that is scary.

Russia is a poor excuse for a world power. The corruption and abuse of countries like North Korea, China, or the US is obvious, but the Russian government is able to fly under the radar. Makes me sick...

It is one of the few places in the world where people not capable to learn from their own mistakes. Never ever. In their believes it is always someone else responsible for these mistakes. It is country that give a birth of many great thinkers, scientists, writers and artists. And if they did not manage to run away they stoned or oppressed them to death with pleasure.