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Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.


I'm Saudi but there's nothing I hate more than this country you will never imagine how bad this country is until you visit it, People are ignorant, racist, homophobic, sexist, rude, I can go all day and that won't be enough to describe how awful this country is. people are horribly uneducated and brainwashed by religious people they believe every single word from them no matter how stupid it sounds. there's no freedom of speech at all, you can't criticise the royal family or Islam anywhere and if you did you'll get arrested. you can't practice any kind of belief other than Islam or even wearing symbols of other religions will get you arrested. my life is a misery although I'm a man I can't even imagine being a woman here. Can't wait to finish my degree and leave this hell. - someone23

Call themselves the guardians of the holy cities... In reality they are hypocrites

Saudi arabia is the only country in the world that manages to treat their women worse than people did in the rest of the world in the stone age. - nonofyall

At the end of Antiquity, they took their armies and marched them across as much of the world massacring people and cultures who did not submit to their new islamic god. They burned libraries and tore down temples claiming them to be "haram" (unclean! ) and forced people be islamic either by force or subtle submission.

The worst thing is, they don't or will never admit what they did was horrendous. They have a sword on their flag... What else did you think...

Do not lie here. They did not massacre anyone except for few people. While they were PRAYING, the Christians there threw stones at their heads, threw knifes at them, and whipped them. I'm Muslim and Christianity as changed a lot. I'm not saying anything offensive to Christians as they are very nice people - bosssauce

You have included lies there ^ no one was forced to change religion. Give me some valid links. Don't make lies - Jau37

I'm saudi but nothing here is right I don't know why the people hate my country.. people are making up lies on us.. - happyboy

I'm from Saudi Arabia and it's worse than you can imagine. Religious fanatics think other countries are plotting against them, so they control the way you get your education, the way you eat, drink and watch T.V.. Some of these idiots believe the earth is flat and the sun and everything else revolve around it. Man I can't wait to immigrate from this hell hole.

Worse than evil-worst human rights thanks to medieval orthodox barbaric religious attitudes-yes even worse than North Korea which is simply a fascist military dictatorship-compare the 2-so different-in North Korea they seem normal but for the fact they live in total fear all their lives or are brain-washed or they know no different. Saudi meanwhile do know different and are not a military dictatorship-but in Saudi however every vile view and hateful despicable spiteful cowardly sneaky bullying abuse of children women and animals and any foreigners or non-Muslims are cherished and encouraged and held by almost all the citizens -they torture and control and humiliate and threaten simply for the love of it-they have made beheading de-limbing and stoning to death into entertainment and a high art form-a whole country of people so evil it defines what evil is-even if we took all the serial killers in the west and put them together it would be more honest fairer more humane and civilised ...more

Motherland of extremists. But because they are alien of the states and bribe oil nobody talk about them.

Being a woman in Saudi Arabia means that you have no access to facilities of sports whatsoever, you can't even go to a park alone as men will look at you as if you're the only alive female left on this planet... you'll have to depend on a man for everything.. even if its just a matter of going to the nearest general store.

You can't drive, not even in cases of emergencies.. They say they respect women by covering them. oh yeah? give them freedom and respect them by abiding by their choices.. oh first you must have self respect right? why don't you wear abayas from head to toe and cover your face to the point that you actually start to suffocate?

you can't leave your house unless you have got '"maharam coverage'" and its nothing less than like a life in a jail, captured between the four walls of your room. Worse is when men start to exploit their position and think that women are powerless..and take advantage of their position. They have like 4- 5 courts for ...more

Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that uses capital punishment to execute political dissidents and rivals. Women, among many things, cannot legally drive and are treated as second class citizens. They funded the 911 attacks and are currently funding ISIS. As the major terror state of the middle east, they have caused the divide between the more moderate Shiites and the fundamentalist Sunnis to grow wider by there unlawful military actions in the region, for example Yemen. The USA props up this terrorist dictatorship with billions of dollars while Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the world's richest nations. They have proven themselves time and time again to be untrustworthy and malicious by their constant interference with other sovereign nations. I can say, without much dispute, that Saudi Arabia is the worst country on this planet. A nation of evil and human rights violations. A puppet of American oil interests and the primary reason why the middle east is in the state its ...more

Their "royals" are the root of most of the evil in the world. They claim to be the leaders of the Islamic nations, but have a whole set of other rules for themselves. They live by the golden rule: He who makes the gold makes the rules.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest supporter of ignorance and dictation in the Arab countries. Their kingdom alone has lead literally hundreds of conspiracies to fight every progressive movement in the Arab countries (including the recent miss-fortunate revolutions). It's a country that is literally ruled by 1 family (maybe 2 in the future) along the years, AND THE PEOPLE ARE PERFECTLY OKAY WITH IT, they're even furious towards anyone who dares question their political regime. Even more, they think very highly of themselves and feels they're the most noble-blooded the earth has brought (just as the Zionists). They are actually proud of their ignorance, stupidity, slavery to their king..etc.

The lack of ethical values of this country sickens me. It is unacceptable that today in 2013 women are still treated as a severe under class. Humanity has gone to the moon and back yet we are still not living in an equal world, countries like this are dragging us back towards ignorance and corruption.

The worst part is the fact that they think that it is right to treat women so badly to the point they are unable to show their face in public. Now, I know that every civilization discriminated against women in some way, but none were this bad! Another point is the fact that they also think it is right to kill people who do not submit to Allah which is wrong and disgusting in every way! At least Christianity doesn't massacre and destroy civilization just because of a difference of opinion! I feel very sorry for the women who have to suffer under the Islamic law in this country

Saudi Arabia, is always racist to non-Muslims (white and non-white) and also one of Israel's terrorist lapdogs.

Why ISN'T this at least in the top tens? They treat their women awfully, not to mention that their laws are outdated and discriminatory.

Some Arabs are the most boastful people ever lived. They have expensive cars that when a time where they drove them and hit a person they blame the person who's been hit by the driver. They blame others even if it's their fault. Also they are stupid that they use their firearms as fireworks. They only take pity on their property than living things. I wish they never had oil to sell, so make them the poor ones.

These closest friends of the US (and I mean the Saudi family by that) are the major reason why there is terrorism, wars and a lack of human rights in the Middle East. All this state is interested in is money and power and life of human beings is worth nothing for them, as long as they can not make profit by it.

They are responsible for the hatred against Islam, one of the most tolerant religions just as history has proved. Just hope that this devil government will be gone soon!

Disgusting. I hate this country so much. What the hell is wrong with the men there? Why do women have to cover up and wear those black clothes in summer, do you know how hot it is there in summer? I know they do it because of their religion but there are rights for women that are rules and count for all countries that what they do is illegal against the law against human rights and against the rights of women so why doesn't anyone do anything, oh yeah I forgot they've got too much money to be in trouble for what they do. Do you think it's right, do you think it's fair? Someone should do something about it.

Arrogant flashing sports cars all over the world... Sexist as hell. Unappreciative, half of them are brainwash.

I spent 6 months in Saudi. I was overwhelmed by their behaviour on the roads, with foreigners, eating habits, littering, lazy and childish.

Super boring no girls no freedom you can't go to the mall alone if you are a man or a teenager the only way to get laid is to travel to Europe or marriage people are sucks and keep talking about their religion all the time very even SUPER RACIST about being Saudi if you are not Saudi you will be treated like slaves THE ONLY GOOD Thing is MONEY IS AVAILABLE AND THE COUNTRY IS RICH

Saudi Arabia sucks 1584587963267158%. I'm doing a project on this country with a few people, and we learned some really stupid things. First, you can only live there IF you're Muslim. I'm not religious or anything, but I feel anybody can live anywhere, no matter if they're Catholic, Christian, Athiest, Islam, or Muslim! Second, women have literally no rights. The government recently said that women can now vote! That's basically taking away one of the things they really want. And they're also not allowed to drive! It's ridiculous, and really unfair. To sum it up, women are treated like 5th class citizens and they only allow you to be Muslim there. - kaitlynrad11

Maybe a country with an interesting history but definitely one of the backward thinking countries in the 21st century!

This entity should be on the top of this list. The people is simply full of hatred, Malice and racism. They belong to a generation that witnessed nothing but beheadings, enslavement, killing in the name of their counterfeit god and criminal religion. Women there are treated like animals. In Muslim culture, before you perform your prayers, you are told not to shake hands with a dog or a woman because a woman can spoil ablution. They are the principal founders of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Nusra and at one stage the Muslim Brotherhood. They also enforce a law called that law of guarantor aka modern slavery.

The Israeli puppet terrorist state of Saudi Arabia, is playing a sick double game by bombing Yemen and at the same time pretending it seeks to help civilians. A kind of thing the British would also do.