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Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern third of the island of Great Britain.


This literally pains me. This page is to say which country has the worst history and society etc. But to say that all Scots should die is just messed up. Being Scottish myself, let me just say we are NOT jealous of England. We all think they are racist, arrogant and stuck-up. I have come to understand that independence may not be the best path to our future after-all, but if it means we can get freedom from a country holding people wanting to NUKE us then I'll give it a shot.

An nation with a false sense of victimhood. Love to play the "oh Celtic Brotherhood against the english" nonsense whenever it suits them, bear in mind that a sizeable proportion of the population aren't even celtic per se but a mix of anglo saxon, viking, pict etc. A nation that conveniently forgets about it's own militaristic policies while constantly demonizing the english for it every time it crops up in conversation. Despite never being occupied by England, some Scottish Nationalists see themselves as being in the same position historically as the Irish and Welsh, which isn't true at all.
Finally, despite claiming to eschew english culture and anglo saxon history, scottish gaelic is effectively a dying language with many scots having a very indifferent perspective towards it, compared to irish and welsh, which appear to be thriving compared to its scottish counterpart. Not all scottish people are like this, just a minority, but in this situation they are a very vocal minority

Miserable, xenophobic, grey, hole of a country whose inward looking population appear to be under the illusion that they are still (or ever were) a 'great' people. After many decades of riding on the back of the British empire, this truly pathetic country has spent countless more standing in the dole queue whining and blaming since the decline of said empire (when it should have been 'getting a job'). Too little, too late Scotland you depressing and disillusioned in kilts.

25 millions Scots in the world and only 4 million can stand the country enough to live there.

When Alba/Scotland becomes an independent nation, they should abolish the English language within a couple of years. Northern England should also join Alba/Scotland.

They are England's doormat and deep down they know it which is why they overcompensate with vulgar displays of national chauvinism.

As a Scotsman, I have the right to say that everyone who voted for Scotland is a generalising, racist, hypocrite who are probably from the Land of the Angles (we get the most hatred from them) or have heard ridiculous falsities about this fine land. Sure there are racists and homophobes and all manner of disgusting people but most aren't and besides, you can find them anywhere. One last thing, Kenneth MacAlpin came 3 generations before Alfred the Great, how do you like them apples?.

Believe that English people are this and that, wants to become independent, yet rely on England, Wales and Northern Ireland for money and to pay of debt in which they have also created!

Scotland are a nation of cowards and hypocrites. They had just as much to do with the British Empire and all it's wrong doings as England did. However where as England is coming to terms with it's failings and imperial past which I can respect, Scotland sticks their head in the sand, pretends they were forced into it and cries freedom to make them seem like the victim. As I said, cowards and hypocrites.

Who ever put this is a retard I find that offensive I'm SCOTTISH NOT EVERYONE IS DRUNK SCOTLAND HAS AMAZING PLACES I wish we were independent British bastards.

I hope Scotland does go independent so that we don't have to put up with you offensive and retarded English bastards that get pissed all the time

The weather is terrible and they are angry all the time.

Scotland is not that bad because there's a Loch Ness Monster

Some Scottish people are not so nice

"All scots should die" Get cancer, kid.

Quite possibly the most depressing place on the planet.

They never mentioned leaving british empire when it had it's golden age but now scotland is trying to steal wealth that builded up by English.

Meat-eating, whiskey-guzzling, loud-mouthed morons who cannot even run their own country.

We've had the highland clearances, now it's time for the lowland clearances.

Most of them are lairs, thieves and bigots. They should simply be exterminated.

Bagpipes borrowed from the Middle East, Whisky borrowed from Ireland and the Kilt stolen from the same Highland people that they conspired to wipe off the face of Britain.
Scottish culture and identity is a cartoonish copy and paste job invented and romanticised in the 19th century.

The utter dregs of humanity.
I would fully support nuking jockland but would anyone even notice the difference? The 'people' already look like mutants and place is a complete dump.

I'll never set foot in the place. They're about as sophisticated as a fart in the bath.

Constantly banging on about being 'geniune' 'friendly' people. It's just the same as anywhere else with some bad people and some good people. Plus William Wallace was a bloody and vicious criminal, not a hero!

A country obsessed with being the victim, Obsessed with England, the national Anthem is about England. Currently run by the SNP a nationalistically, socialist party, NAZI in other words. Drunks, junkies, bad diets, obsessed with hardman syndrome. You can actualy go out and be told how hard (good at fighting) someone is in the pubs at fighting, over and over again. "See big Jim at the bar he is a hard man, your like "OK" no he is really hard, It goes on and on. Massive bigotry, between Celtic and Rangers. Glasgow's the worst, sneering Ned's, nasally accent.