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Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, and often referred to as the Lion City, the Garden City, and the Red Dot, is a global city and sovereign state in Southeast Asia and the world's only island city-state.


I'm a Singaporean, and to be honest, I have mixed feeling about my country. People here are friendly, kind and helpful. However, similarly to other country, there are ass, backstabbers and hypocrite everywhere. One word to describe my country - materialism. In school, be it primary school, secondary school or university result means the world.

In addition, this country is not free, I repeat not free.

The army, stole patent rights from a doctor, who invented SWIFT and made him close his company. Prime minister suing blogger for their comment


Just do a simple Google search on statics of Singapore and you would know Singapore being one of the 1st world country has one of the highest poverty rate, least spending on healthcare, people working the longest hours and the most unhappy country in the world.

Heartless people, all of them. (the adults). They try to pretend they care by giving vouchers and health care to the elderly, but there are so many conditions, like they have to have been Singapore citizens from when, and stuff like that. But reality is that they are all heartless ice people

Country which abuses its own citizens. I don't care for the PAP government, they always ignore the people's demands. Disillusioned by the system. I will never forgive PAP for doing what they have done.

Communitarian society where the patriarchal government enforce what it feels are the right values to have for a "safe" society on everyone. It appeases the careerist and consumerist appetite of it's citizens, just enough to tip balance in it's favor during elections and to perpetuate the system. As a result, it's populace is voted the most emotionless people in a global survey, a symptom of a people unable to breakout from the invisible forces that lull it into apathy with the carrot of careerist/materialist benefits and sticks of shame and punishment for dissenting voices, branding them as haters of social stability and material progress.

Racist, selfish, and thinks that they are the best, or how powerful they are

I have to admit that I love Singapore because its cleanliness and the most complete shopping centers, you could find any brand in Singapore. But hell no for the people in here, they are really selfish and very judgemental, they always looked at me like I had something weird, I thought it was because my fashion, but no! What's wrong with using a marvel crop tee and jeans?! Even they were pointing towards me then laughed, I ask my cousin what's wrong with me? She also confused and answered there's nothing wrong with you. When I used MRT, some people also looked at me, I feel really annoyed with that! When I bought some souvenirs to carry home, the sellers are rude. Their singlish is also annoying, I couldn't hear them! It's bull when I heard that Singaporeans are nice and friendly, but in fact they are really not and so arrogant!

The most materialistic country in the world... everything about Singaporeans' brain is about wealth...They think that money can buy happiness.. disgusting

For generations, countless human tragedies had occurred all over Asia, due to its notorious role as the 'Swiss Bank' among its neighbors. This is a nation popularly known for its double standard society, compulsive materialism, and highly superficial people - all the while morally bankrupt within.

It is a racist country despite of their self-proclaimed as multiracial. I refer this to the Chinese. In fact for me, IT IS A Chinese COUNTRY..

I'm always believe in what I'm seeing rather that what being heard. Thus, my advice about the truth of Singapore is by going there by yourselves..Chinese EVERYWHERE..features are clearly shown. Of course, when it is a 2nd China, you're about to listen to Mandarin everywhere too. It's so annoying--no much difference with a visit to China itself.

I had a coffee talk with a group of local people at arab street, and they even feel not comfortable with the scene. The worst case--as I've heard before, this Mandarin language is among the prerequisite to job hiring...what!..I wonder what is so multicultural for that?

This negative and anti-establishment remarks probably influenced by my personal stand against the Chinese (I hate Chinese. I'd meet them everywhere, even in Europe..such a spoiled view! )..However personally, Singapore ...more

I am from Germany, can't stand these people. The people from China are fine, I'm not xenophobic. Some entitlement issues these people have. A polite Indian guest paid for a business class ticket. Singapore people insisted they should get and they are willing to pay. Never mind business was full.

Disgusting country. The people are the rudest and most arrogant I have ever met, especially the Chinese. I will never go there again and refuse to even transit through their airport or fly with any of their airlines.

Do you know what's the worse than the government? The people. Always complaining about strict laws. Have you ever stopped to think why it is like that? To keep the country safe. That's why you feel safe to do last minute shopping at night, sitting down in a public place without gum sticking to your pants or why you don't dare to go out because of protestors in your area. And for our English, it's what that makes us unique.We are not arrogant. The most arrogant and the people who detest Singapore the most are Filipinos. Shame on you.(not referring to all)

Singaporeans are selfish and inconsiderate in general, and this is beyond the point of racism because it happens even among one race. This is coming from a Singaporean. It's also similar to China in the aspect that it developed way too quickly for a major part of its citizens to catch up; it's as though half of the nation are arrogant, educated pricks while the other half behaves as though they're still stuck in their kampung days. Government effectively seizes control over the entire nation, and often makes policies which may sound nice for the regular citizen, but are actually benefiting the government itself instead, monetarily in particular.

Born in Singapore, soon to migrate to other country. Racist, love to gossip about others, unfriendly, educational is one of the worst, don't care about citizens needs can be compared to North Korea for me

Singaporeans are just a bunch of show-offs to their neighbouring countries like Thailand and Malaysia, as well as other poor countries.. The people there are sick, having doubt and suspicion of anything towards foreigners, especially Malaysians. They stole and claim every of their food and cultures from Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. They also boast about their country being richer and better despite their country's flaws.

I don't get why people are saying that Singaporean people are racist, arrogant, materialistic, judgemental, selfish etc. There are always bad people in every country and I would say that those who are arrogant, materialistic, judgemental, selfish etc. are just the minority. However, I do agree that some people are rather judgemental but they usually won't show it. Most Singaporeans are actually very friendly, kind and helpful. Many are just shy to help sometimes. Also, Singapore is certainly not racist, since young we are being taught to respect others, regardless of race, language or religion. Many of them are humble, happy and fun-loving people. People also complain about Singapore's government, but really it isn't that bad as compared to so many countries. Banning of chewing gum is also not a really big issue, it is just to maintain the cleanliness of the city because of incidents which have happened before. Singapore bans things for a good reason and I don't find any problem with ...more - CherylS

The society and future of singapore is really one of the most enduring moments to be part of however the laws in the City State are way too strict. Like caning as a formal punishment for children, like seriously what. I do understand why this country is clean because of the ambitions towards their infrastructure. - paranoid_police66

Singapore is actually a commie port city for the Chinese in south east Asia. rich Chinese around Asia pump their money into safe heaven tax free Singapore. king of money-laundering & stock manipulation.

I DO NOT GO TO THERE PLACE AGAIN!... I have stupid time when I go to there

I currently live in Singapore I used to not, but three words for ya "discount North Korea"

MONEY...MONEY...MONEY..! they are obsessed with money, indeed this is a "fine" country.

People hate it for its poor human rights record and strange, punitive laws - bsadasiva16

Almost every selfish adjectives you can think of off the people.

I noticed a lot of people saying we are selfish cold etc and all that. This is in part due to the marvellous life we had in 1960s to 1980s with mass detainments/disappearances, isd spies everywhere, terrorists, Indonesia wanting to "liberate" us. The climate of fear is so harsh and so we learn that to survive we cannot rely on other people because dunno who will backstab you and also to just shut up and keep out of politics or people will bang on your doors at night. I guess the mentality still lives on within a certain few of the older citizens but not really with the new generations.

Dude, I have friends in Singapore and yes, they all are good as ever, (Some of them a little bit naughty but everyone got a dark side) - EmilyEgberts