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Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. ...read more.


Sweden is a nation of middle class white people who are troubled by the fact that they are not American. They have an extremely racist attitude towards people who don't look or think like them. Non-blue eyed, or foreign looking people need not apply. Recently even the foreign minister of Sweden this concerning immigrants that are hiding in Sweden "..most of the people (hiding immigrants) aren't living with those who are blue-eyed and blonde.." like that was even remotely relevant to the debate. Apart from this extreme ethnocentrism, which has it's roots in the fact that Sweden has been relatively isolated from the rest of Europe. Swedes are also very nationalistic people, which bugs me because Sweden tends to have history on their side. One policy of a swede called Per Schlingman, who was responsible for the Swedish right party victory during 2006 was to brainwash the Swedish population with a unit inside the foreign department. Their job was to get good articles written ...more

"... Have always been uncultured, uncivilized vikings..."

Yeah sure, at the moment, I'm in the meadhall, having a massive feast with my Viking pals. We are eating raw meat, and toasting in mead, served from the skulls of slain foes. But tomorrow, we shall set sail for Ireland, in our glorious longboats, and we are to return with precious treasure for the entire village...

No. Just no.

"Troubled by the fact that they are not American" You've got to be kidding me? Sweden was here long before America, and they love their own culture. I laughing so hard at this. It's so arrogant.

Your insecurity is showing: the last thing Sweden wants to be is American.

No wonder, since the standard of life if much higher than in the USA.

The most racist people in the world are Swedes! They have no idea what is a foreigner! They only know one race and that is called SWEDE! They are extremely boring and so arrogant. If you are kicked accidentally by a swede in the street, you better not wait to hear apology! Because they are so impolite and not civilized! They think they are so developed and have the best modernized life ever in the world! But, the only thing you can see in Sweden is ICE people and lots of SNOW! I lived here for 3 years and I almost think my life has been wasted in this 3 years! You can never ever find a friend here if you are not SWEDISH! These Swedish jerks are in love with USA, but they can never be like them! Never go to Sweden, even for a travel!

What I certainly disgust in Sweden is the far left-wing government and their poisonous feminism, which has successfully feminized the entire Swedish society. There are no more men in Sweden to stand against the massive influx of Muslim and Somali invaders, who have been wrecking their society and their environment. Also, Swedes are extremely narcissistic and racist, they despise foreigners, no matter where they've come from, no matter who they are, no matter which skills they may have and no matter their will to integrate in Swedish society and contribute to it (except Muslims, Swedes are so easily turned on by Muslims, it might be the Stockholm syndrome, once Muslims hate them).

Sweden has become too politically correct and 'tolerant'. Feminism in Sweden doesn't mean equality for women, it means feminisation of the entire Swedish culture and subjugation of men and male traits.

Racist, narrow minded, fascist government. The myth about the "Swedish model" is in fact being destroyed by the swedes themselves. Also, they are backstabbing jerks.

Sweden never impressed me that much like other Scandinavian countries, just dull and uninteresting and they think they are the greatest in the world. Politically all Scandinavian countries SUCK!

Anti-social, cold hearted, backstabbers, narrowminded...the list is too long and makes me angry when I think about it.
Sweden is very organised and clean which I appreciate but the people are a big turn off. Think twice before moving here. - daydreamer84

Pretend they are nationalists but pull their pants down to immigrants. Decide one way or the other.

Swedes are arrogant and think they are the best in everything. Also they are very racist and hate everything that's slightly different from them.

In school I got bullied and attack by few Swedish people one ripped her nails on my back and it got red and marks out off the blue outside and one time when I was a child a person beat me up in my own home and then when she left and I was alone crying my mom saw me and talked to her mother and said it was all my fault and as got older I never got invited to anyone's home only wanted hang out with me if the came home to me and my mom always angry and said why don't ever invite you till their home and they use to break things too many times by accident

"They are very sassy people who are racist. If you don't have blonde hair and blue eyes and you go to Sweden then good luck."

Swedish people are full of CRAP

The minute I see Swedish person I want to throw up on myself

Been here for 5 days one thing to say big racists that make your days miserable

These people are slow. They don't acknowledge you're there or speaking, they only reply when they feel the need to tell themself right, then go back to ignoring you and talking to their 'better friend. ' They don't bother to say sorry or excuse me, they don't even notice you're there.

Yet they expect us to think they are so great.

Our prime minister is a radical idiot, 99% of our politicians are idiots and don't care about the problems in our country. Our hospitals and our schools are nearing the "bottom of the sea". Instead of focusing about our problems, we take in new Muslims that litteraly destroy our environment. They're killing each other just because the stupid religion. So to all people who likes to travel: try to avoid Sweden!

They hide the normal people and they travel and live where ever they want and do what they want and dress first class clothes and get their dream jobs but if your foreign they act like you have a life but you don't have nothing and if you have something they take. That away to

They think they are best of Europe and are really racist.

Today Ian moving away form Sweden finally. It's been my dream sense day I was born to live in normal place I can't believe it that I have something to look forward to

The center of the fall of western civilization. Feminists and liberals run this country and totally ruined its culture and heritage.

Swedish blond people are extremely spoiled and sarcastic and rude just attack others to look like better but they don't care if they ruined someone's life and play games like frankincense

Can't wait to leave this place anyway

Swedish people stole so much from foreign people aren't they afraid that they will not die in peace. because they always trying to figure out what else they can do to make you if they hate problem they could go and buy house in different country or leave dose people alone and not try to make effort to make point that they want all maybe if they gave something back they would get the same but once you ruined someone's life and try to even do more damage

I'm not original Swedish and long time ago when I went to social service to help my finance and look for job I hade this one coach pregnant lady in office I went every months anyway I hade her for 2 months because she hade mom vacation and then I was told that would get new office Swedish lady that was supposed to help me and I hade meeting with her then she said that she could not come anymore to get social service help and told me that she would resigned me out social service

What the heck! Why would you vote Sweden as the most hated country. Nice country, beautiful towns, nice people. This list is coming from some Muslim idiot who only admires Saudi Arabia. I tell you worst list ever. No mean people, helpful people. Jerk! This website is full of lies and stupid people!