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Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe. Turkey is bordered by eight countries with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, ...read more.


Country has committed over numerous Genocides, It tries to change history so it always favors them, They should be number one, But only the few see the truth, Sadly

You people need more knowledge.

When Turks came to Anatolia in 1071 the war of malazgirt they had fight with byzantians (east rome empire) and captured the east anatolia. And as you see even 1000 years ago there were no Armenian empire on these geography.

Second thing is yes Turks learned the religion Islam from arabs but they have mixed it with their own democracy and with this fair and social culture they had the great empire 600 years on Asia+Europe+Africa. You Armenian fanatic!, you are all speaking Russian language! Because you were a part of Soviet Union and they pushed you to learn it and changed your culture/ And you Armenians, you lived 500 years with Ottoman empire and any of your people can not speak Turkish because Ottomans didnot push you to change your religion and language! After that be fair when you are commenting about a nation!

The Turks have ruined all the countries that they've ever gone to and they have committed numerous genocides over the years, even until the 20th century! It's not a coincidence that the southeastern European countries are the worst in Europe. They were the only European countries to be ruled by the Turks. The same goes for many Middle Eastern counties. The best countries in Europe are the ones that the Turks never got to rule. The Turks stripped the future of Balkan countries by denying them the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Industrial revolution. They ruined their culture and plunged them into an Islamic dark ages that lasted until the 20th century. Even today they are funding ISIS and they oppress minorities. And worst of all is that they rode their hordes all the way from deep Asia just to ruin all the other countries they enslaved. They are like a scourge.

A country is not a territory but people who create it. Turks are very primitive nation. They disobey any possible rule except chosen religion rules. They have not achieved anything important for the world and 100-50 years ago they were "yoruks" which means "walking shepherds". Their culture is based on wars and strict religion which block development. People who are in charge and make decisions in this country are rich but not necessarily smart, knowledgeable or adequate. At schools children are brain washed with propaganda about history and Ataturk (the great leader) and think he is/was a God (but no one will confirm it as Allah is the one). Never professional, never enough informed, they never admit to be wrong, never say sorry. Their pledge which is written on the first page of every school book says: " I am a Turk and I am always right... " which make them very arrogant people. They drive like it is the Grand Theft Auto game not real life (it is what ...more

Turkey is a great country with great civilization and great beautiful people.. famous Turkish history and art and traditions and cuisine and cinema.. every thing.. I like them very much.. but I hate the stupid Armenian mice, they are very ugly vagabond (homeless) and bad and they killed thousands of Muslims and Jews.. Dominique de Lyon.. thanks

Lol you people are full of hate but I don't get the point.. I've never visited such an amazing country like that! If they see you hungry they share their food with with you! EVEN SHELTER! it's obvious that they had a long history full of wars

I would rather have a world without Turkey then a world without Greece any day of my life!

Turkey is an idiotic country of uncaring reactive children. Turks are self-centered users who are willing to say any untruth to get what they want. Turks love hurting other people, including their own family members, and then they love denying what they have done. Turks cannot take responsibility for their hurtful actions.

Violent, stupid, and fanatic nation.

A country built on blood, foreign lands, lies, propaganda and a pseudo religion.

I'm Turk. We have very ignorant people. Our east part is very bad. Our president is such a bad man that he is tricking us. East part vote him for a bag of coal. It means they're selling their votes. We have to change this status or Turkey will collapse. At least our west part still can THINK. But I can say that Turkey didn't genocide Armenians. Please read history.

Racist people that kill and oppress everyone. BIG supporters of Terrorism. Hated by every neighbour!

Overly aggressive, overly emotional, overly reactive, abusers and abused, stupid, backward, barbaric, fanatical, money grabbing and greedy, stereotypes,

I lived in turkey and many other countries because of my diplomatic status, the country sucks the people are strange, mean and rude, they lie A LOT and would do everything to get your money, they may have adopted some modern ways but they aren't civilized at all. Honestly the most Lowbrow people I've ever come across.

The Turks are horrible people. I have personally witnessed barbaric acts of cruelty to animals when I was there on holiday in 2013. I actually saw a young Turk, who was about 15, kick a pregnant dog in the stomach and he laughed as he walked away leaving the poor dog rolling in agony. I approached him and he pulled a knife on me and then ran off. On the last day of our holiday my wife, children and I saw a gang of youths throwing a dog off a high wall, when they had had their fun they walked away. When I looked over the wall I saw the lifeless body of the dog 40 feet below. That was the one and only occasion we have been to Turkey (Marmaris) and needless to say we will never visit that horrible country ever again. The Turks are sub-human and a total disgrace. - skeeter

Please stop telling a bunch of lies. I'm not from Turkey and I love it everywhere you go people smile at you they are very kind and respectful people. I don't know why you don't like them so much

Turkish people are racist and they always make war

Lol some people hating on turks because their lands were conquered. Where were your greek Armenian ancestors when turks arrived?

Most racist. The level of racism is well underrated in this country. The last 100 years of Turkish history is one that is full of blood, blood and more blood. Since it is a secular country, Turkey appears to be a very civilized and a unique Muslim state; in reality, it is the best example of a country with an institutionalized racism practiced in secrecy. Almost nothing remains of the multi-ethnic and cultural past. Horrendous record of human right violations.

Blah blah blah, people talking down below about their education, history and people

Have you guys been to Turkey? 100% no, I'm sure

Armenian Genocide and that stupid Greek Genocide is a international lie, yet calling them primitive, but being so primitive yourself, you anti-turk people are full of propaganda and bull, Past is past, you can't change it you Europeans are so butthurt about the genocide and fake ''slavery'' they have caused, You guys can't adapt modern-day Turkey but you can always blame the history, what history? It's the past? Can you change it? No! This is survival of the fittest, Conquer or get conquered, and you can't do anything about the ''bad'' things they have caused because its left behind in the PAST, we are now living in the Modern-day era, and Turkey isn't like before, Some people probably say ''we will get Constantinople back! '' lmao when you're ready come and get it, just like the Ottomans did, oh no you can't come and get it because you are ...more - Jordann

Of course Armenian Genocide happened! Turkey did a genocide against Armenians (more than 1 500 000 victims... ), Greeks (750,000-900,000 victims) and Assyrians (over 750,000 victims) all at the same time.

Seriously? Are all these nations crazy? Why would they blame Turkey in the greatest crime without a reason? Really...?

Everyone knows that the Genocide happened, it's a fact, you can't erase the history.

Countries such as Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Cyprus, Canada, etc, etc all have recognized the Armenian Genocide.

Now... Why do Turkey and Turks deny the genocide? Because firstly; their reputation. They don't want to accept the fact that they had the most barbaric, children-killer, women rapist... People ever. (In fact Turkey should accept the genocide in order join the EU)

Secondly.. If they accept the Genocide, that leads to paying compensations

And territorial claims. They should ...more

Turkey should be in the top ten of this list. Many generations of Turks have commited unspeakable atrocities towards the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and the Kurds. Modern day Turkey still persists to torment (as if they hadn't done enough already) through Arson attacks. Long story short, Turkey and their ancestors have commited crimes against humanity for at least 500 years to innocent races that had settled in Asia Minor during Ancient times.

Turkey has destroyed half of Europe and continues to conduct war crimes and other forms of infringement of human rights. Regarding people, I really don't know how to feel about the turkish people, since the majority accepts and believes the government's lies. Freedom of speech simply doesn't exist in Turkey and the manipulation is so extensive, the people lost the scene of reality. Maybe second to Kim's North Korea

They caused THREE damn genocides and they refuse to acknowledge them. Why aren't they number 1?

As a Turkish person myself I don't care about what the ottoman empire has done and if the revolution was more in effect I think this country would be much lover in the list. half of the country are douches and overall rude in general and the government is even crapper. The kurds littering the streets is another problem.

I don't hate Turkey but I sure find their insane nationalism annoying. I believe it is a compensation mechanism for severe trauma due to embarrassing losses against the Templars. Some 500 monks massacred many of the 200,000 invading Turks. Today's Turks have an intense fear of going to war against smaller countries and potentially losing. They don't want to feel gay again. Hence the fake bravado. - Philos48