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Ukraine is a sovereign country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.


I absolutely hate these people! Their women marry men to destroy their lives. They show themselves as conservative women, but they are nothing but prostitutes! Every man I know who married an Ukrainian woman, destroyed his life. They know how to turn a man's life to a living hell! Stay away from these prostitutes!

Unfortunately there are many Russians who are mistaken for Ukrainians. Ukraine is a beautiful country and real ukrainians are warm, educated and hard working people. Russia wants to destroy their economy and take up the territories.

Yeh you make great death camp guards as well mate.. At least the Nazis loved you - pidgeonslayer

Nazi scum, who claim that Russians are mongols who stole their (Ukrainian) name and history. Disgusting.

Ukraine is a prime example of how badly a change of sides can result.

A large part of the population supported the coup of illegal coup, which resulted in the elected president fleeing to Russia. You believed that taking down the government would help you to get into the EU. By the Maidan coup, you started to limit the rights of the Russian minority in the East of Ukraine, resulting in high tensions between the two. Things went so bad, that Crimea, which has a big majority of Russians, started to protest against the new Government. Finally, the Russian Federation had enough. They sent the Airborne troops to Occupy/Liberate Crimea. (A matter of personal view)

Donets and Donbass started insurgency, and declared independent. The Civil War in Ukraine had started. Although I blame Russia for the big involvement, I still think that the main responsible for this are the Ukrainians itself. You could have prevented this by granting more autonomy to the Eastern regions of Ukraine, ...more

The land of brainwashed zombies.

Disgusting people! They do not take a bath! Especially women! All the Ukrainian women in U.S. , sorry to take baths and they smell horrible! STINKY, NASTY UKRAINIAN WOMEN!

Yes, you exactly know what I am talking about. Now it is out in the open. There is nothing wrong with me. I hate stinky people and they do stink! Don't blame me for revealing the truth! Every one I knew said that they do not take showers everyday and it shows because they smell bad!

What are you talking about? Are you crazy? How can you say it about all women? Something is seriously wrong with you!

I'm a french slav, I love Russia and I also love Ukraine. Beside the corrupt government, people are nice, girls are pretty, and men are loyal and respectful. What is their mistake? To defend their own country against terrorism and invasion? - schmitnationale

I love Ukraine why they even put them here? They seem a genuine people

I know. Russia has been trying conquer your country. PICK ON SOMEONE ON YOUR OWN SIZE, Russia!

Unfortunately Ukrainians were associated with Russians for too long. Hopefully it will change now and Europe will build big and tall wall separating these two countries, so Russian influance will stop there.

Lovely and humble people. They deserve more than the butt end served to them by the rest of Europe. They are undervalued, cheated on, taken advantage of, but at least have a sense to fight for their rights.

Ukraine is established by Lenin and tries to removed all Lenin's monuments.
Ukraine was financed and developed by USSR and now makes hard to erase own history by re-writing new version of their history (fake nation).
Ukraine has no national idea, own culture, own history - that where this complex of inferiority comes from.
Ukraine has nothing their own, so all they are talking about is Russia, Russia, Russia. Each comment, each complain, each phrase, each "name it" contains "Russia". Ukrainians are so empty and useless that unique sense of their life is Russia. They stick to Russia like a leech to obtain just some meaning of life. Russia is so sick of this madness.. USSR built to them infrastructure, factories, hospitals, universities, army, etc and after USSR collapse Russian Federation paid all (! ) ukrainian debt. Also Russia, from own pocket, paid the debt of all other ex-ussr countries. No one mentions this fact, isn't it?
One more thing to ...more

I'm from Ukraine, and everything that Russia says about Ukraine is a lie

I hate Ukraine they shot down a plane with almost 300 innocent people who died

How do you know it was Ukraine? And what side of Ukraine, the Eastern or the western side? - TheoHel

Mistaken for Russia or Belarus too often to count... somewhat sad.

I'm Albanian and I love Ukraine. all of the Ukrainian people I have met are very friendly and very proud to be from Ukraine.

Ukrainians are Russians without souls.

Idiots: think whole world relies on them for weapons FOR FREE. people from this country are arrogant and are brimming of false pride.

People who cruelly murdered many innocent people are national heroes here.

I hate every single Ukrainians in sight for two reasons 1. Because they shot down a Malaysian airline with 298 innocent civilians onboard & got away with it 2. They are nothing but a bunch of sadistic low-life scumbags and degenerates with no morals, and definitely no souls whatsoever!

They just love to ruin other peoples' lives for their own mischievous benefits just to take out on their misery...bunch of animals that deserves to be treated as such! - AryanPrincess

These Ukrainian scumbags who sided with the Nazis during the war and our still neo Nazis to this day with a us and eu backed puppet leader who is a traitor to Russia like all the Baltic states they can deny it all they want they are Russians not Ukraines just backstabbing traitor Russians just like Poland

They praise Bandera and other fascist who killed almost 200,000 innocent people during 40s

I like Ukraine There having a war with Russia Ukraine just want to keep their blumming countrie to them-selves Russia think their the biggest countrie they have any right to take countries if I was a adult and their was not war I would go here #Hate Russia

Why are people against Ukraine for some reason? Recently, Ukraine has fallen on hard times ( Crimea, etc). So hating the Ukranians doesn't help the situation at all. - Pony

Mostly because the situation is two sided and the other side has a rather negative view - Yordridge

They kill strays for fun. They have no empathy they are like Neanderthals.. Modern people do not slaughter dogs like they do...