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The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state which consists of the political and economic union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a member of the European Union (EU) from 1973 to 2016. ...read more.


Destroyed India and its ancient education system and spirituality just because of material wealth.

Northern ireland is every as irish as southern ireland, the quicker we have a united ireland the better all northern ireland loyalists, can call themselves british all they want but the fact is their accent is irish and they are born and raised in ireland the british government should stop wasting british tax payers money and let go of northern ireland, the british have lost most of their colonies and their empire is continuing to disappear into history to this day all empires are built and eventually become a thing of the past a united ireland is very much an eventuality

England by far has caused the most deaths and division, every invasion of an independent country cause civil war, the british let the divided invaded countries population encourage to kill each other for money and power. They are better now but don't admit to there failings they are aragant manipulative and wont admit to their terrible past. It took nearly 100 years for the queen to visit Irish heroes graves Michael Collins Dev and the easter uprising guys who the british executed. Imagine the out cry if one countries army today executed its prisoners of war Ed.

Hate this country. Can't wait to leave as sadly, I was born in this racist, arrogant place.

Me too, worst place in the world, the people here are incredibly stupid and arrogant

There was nothing ever compassionate and comparatively humane, about the evil British and never will be. Always the root cause of most of the evil and ills in our world.

What the hell, the United Kingdom not on the number one. It is most hated country of India because the UK destroyed the whole world for some wealth it ruled India for 200 years. It killed almost 3 million civilians and freedom fighters of India. It would be the most hated country in the whole world. It not only ruled India but also the Ireland, South Africa etc. Almost 20 countries hate the UK.

Britain deserves to be #1! British colonialism has ruined so many countries. If I could go back in time I would travel the world and warn every non European country to kill any white person that stepped foot on their land. All whites should be deported from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and so many other European invaded countries. Britain being the worst!

I think historically you will find that the English are without doubt the most hated, from the days of empire where we ruled the world, to the more modern exports of football hooliganism and loutish nationalistic tourists. If you asked people anywhere in the world I would have thought that the English would be considered the most hated without any shadow of a doubt. The term English pigs has become famous not just in Europe and unlike the Americans who are considered to be ignorant and small minded the English are considered to be nationalistic scum whop throughout the history have destroyed thanks to England having more influence on the world throughout any other country. The world of course doesn't realise however that the English language that is generally considered to be the generic language spurned in England. I would also point out that the Welsh the scots and of course the Irish hate us so much that they are trying to get out of the U. K and the way in which the Britain (soon ...more

British Arms Dealers = British Terrorists in Suits, without any level of conscienceness, empathy and humanity, who always profit from death, debt and destruction of other nations, for exploiting and plundering etc. , far and distant lands and condoning and glorifying the murder of innocent people, who have never been a threat to the permanently greedy, humanity-hating and selfish United Kingdom.

Throughout history, Anglo Saxon's, are forever immorally compassionate, xenophobic, toxic, dumb, intolerant, threatening and narrow-minded people, who also lack any moral ethics. It's a sad and well known fact, they only think about themselves, they are tarred with the same brush and are utterly offensive and insulting etc, towards anyone who doesn't share the same ethic group as them. What they reap towards humanity worldwide, is what they sow and the chickens will come home to roost on them.

I've never heard such venomous and bigoted hatred in all my life. You must be describing yourself with those words. You've never even set foot in these islands. You have no right to judge us. You also have no brain, but that's another matter. You lack the critical thinking required to take part in any international debate. You are a sad, pathetic human being. And, as far as your sickening threats to wipe out my race are concerned, well I guess you are forever immorally xenophobic, toxic, dumb, intolerant, threatening and narrow-minded. - TheBrit

Not a safe country to raise children. Guaranteed child abuse in Children's Homes, by British Politicians, British Policemen, British Royalty, British Celebrities, British Businessmen, British Judiciary, British Freemasons - need I say anymore.

They have oppressed many countries throughout the world. They came in the guise of trade and then started building their army in that country. One should ask how did they get the money to make so many ships to oppress other countries, how did their aristocracy class got rich, by looting the other countries.

If the British never want Assylum Seekers, Refugees, Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities (including British-born) in their own country's backyard, it would make permanent logical sense, to keep the English/British away from my country (Eire/Irish Republic) and all non-white countries, forever, in every shape, way and form. At the same time and to balance the books, it would make logical sense, to permanently ban the English Language, English/British Culture, English/British people, English/British Inequality, English/British Discrimination, English/British Zionism, English/British Racism, English/British Ignorance, English/British Weapons of Mass Destruction (including Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, Race-Specific, Weaponized at targeted individuals), English/British Trade, English/British Denial, English/British Bigotry, English/British Fascism, English/British Hypocrisy and Double Standards, English/British Interference, English/British Terrorism and Warmongering, English/British Child ...more

England only ever got it's wealth from being bullies & going around the world colonizing & raping other countries for all there worth. What they did to the Irish & how cruelly they treated them was terrible. The English government will never admit they are in the wrong though, no matter how blatant it is that they were & still are the biggest cowards. They rampaged through little villages in Ireland, shooting the Irish with rifles when all the Irish had to protect themselves in a battle was pitch forks & there farming tools. They were no match for military but they fought the Bullying scum with all there courage to protect there family & there land. The English Parliament should be ashamed of themselves & Even today they don't have the decency to let Ireland be free & give it back to the Irish, and as for all them Northern Irish who want to be English so bad, why don't they feck off out of Ireland across the sea & live in England, if they wannabe English so bad? Whats more funny is ...more

Great Britain is a permanent greedy, selfish and Terrorist State, that never wants Peace with other nations and also partakes in illegal wars for destroying other countries wealth, identity, economies, sovereignty, minerals and resources etc. , for the Bilderberg Group/Committee of 300.

Their empire caused a lot of suffering to millions of people all over the world, many times through inaction (famine etc.). They were the most adept at draining the resources of their colonies during their reign. Concentration camps, opium wars, divide and rule (leading to mistrust between ethnic groups EVEN TODAY), arbitrary drawing of boundaries (which led to border disputes that exist EVEN TODAY), you name it, (not so) Great Britain have done it all.

Britons today have a superiority complex that is unbelievable. They are cynical, obnoxious, pretentious little fannies. BRITONS ARE THE MOST ARROGANT AND REPUGNANT PEOPLE ON EARTH. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, their days in the sun are coming to an end.

Dear Great Britain: Please do not tell the rest of the world that you are not racist, because other nations know you truly are. In public, your country turns a blind eye against all unpunished crimes against humanity, from the Republic of Ireland to Mali (also terrorized the people of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, on behalf of the powerful, evil and fraudulent bloodline Zionist/Ashkenazi-Jewish banking family, Rothschild, yet you privately admit it and won't ever accept, let alone acknowledge it. How does any nation ever expect to reason with a backward, fraudulent, corrupt, boastful, selfish, threatening, Zionist and insane nation (that likes to behave in a racist colonial mindset), like you, without any shame or guilt, and also without a clear conscience? Imagine if a film was made about the British and exposing all YOUR true, inhumane and evil and deceitful actions against other nations and our respective ethnic groups, white and non-white and were forced to view it - how would you ...more

I'm Irish and I'm also related to General Michael Collins who fought for Ireland. If you read the last sentence then you'd know why I hate United States. A lot of my friends are English so I don't mind the people but Damn the Queen and the army.

All those hundreds of years of unpunished incurably cancerous tumor of Rothschild-Zionist crimes of lies, deception, deceiving, fraudulence, selfishness, manipulation, mind-shaping, mind-conforming, greediness, anger, bitterness, racism, bigotry, hatred, terrorism, hostility, extremism, fascism, intolerance, ignorance, espionage, theft, tyranny, starvation, enslavement, poverty, denial, arrogance, warmongering, ethnic-cleansing, depopulation, satanic and ritual child-abuse/pedophilia, anti-immigration, inequality, xenophobia, overthrowing other nations governments etc, invasions, colonization, imperialism, waged against Eire/Ireland and non-white nations, will forever and finally come home to roost on Great Britain, PERMANENTLY. Great Britain, always deserves to remain permanently in the top 10 of most hated nations, whether it likes it or not. Great Britain, always hates peace, equality, humanity and never posses any genuine levels of conscientiousness, shame or guilt and also THEIR ...more

They arrived in India as traders and took over the whole country. They looted most of India's wealth and forced Indian tribals to become tenants under the british. They also applied a tax on salt in India which was really high. They said they would help Indian peasants by starting Ryotwari system but they forced Indian Peasants to grow Jute, Cotton, Rubber and Indigo and sold them at really low rates. When there was a famine in Bengal, they refused to allocate adequate funds for relief camps saying that Relief camps would make people LAZY. They introduced Equality before law in India, which means that all the people are equal before law, however, in reality, the British were bossing around our country applying HIGH taxes. They nicknamed the First war of Indian Independence as 'Sepoy Mutiny' which angered many Indians. In Jallianwala Bagh (A huge park/open area)in Amritsar, there was a meeting scheduled among Indians to get Independence. However, General Dyer, the Military Commander, ...more - Animefan12

I was sadly born in this intolerant, racist and arrogant country. Can't wait to leave!

Good riddance, we need less treacherous weaklings in this country. - Lavapool

The British always complain about Immigration, Refugees, Asylum Seekers etc. Well stay away from our countries, FIRST and keep your racist and terrorist British Troublemakers of the world, your language, culture etc., in your own backyard.

I must have missed all the wars where we invaded Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kosovo because that's all we have where I live. Stop kidding yourself. Wake up and smell the free welfare.

Brits are horrible human beings and their country reflects this. Many years of imperialism, torturing natives and destroying other countries to feed their empire have been forgotten. Maybe one day they will get what they truly deserve.

They are rude people and then talk trash and don't care about other peoples feeling but them self which is really selfish

Must be worst overpopulated small island in the universe and with such a bad track record from all the invaded "commonwealth" countries down to modern day Ireland and scotland they sure must be the most hated on earth? Oh and let's remember their flag? Made up from the countries they invaded or bribed is no more than the " butchers apron"! And their "queen" is aluvin it! X

Sorry, but please elaborate as to how the hell Britain has done anything bad to Scotland? Scotland stole loads of land that had been part of England for thousands of years. And the English were forced in the union by.. Wait.. What? Oh that's right a Scottish king because their economy was in the toilet and needed propping up by the superior military and economic power of England. Hate on Britain for what happened in Ireland but don't you dare accuse them of doing anything to the Scottish when they have done nothing but sponge off of Westminster.

As a British person with this history mentioned I'm surprised we're not higher in the list.

Even in the 21st century Britain alongside the USA has been causing misery to other countries.

The Iraq war, which started in 2003, has caused the deaths of between 100,000 and one million people, depending on whose estimate you believe. Two men were ultimately responsible for the decision to start it: George W Bush and Tony Blair.

As a result of this event, there has been a significant increase on radical groups that give Islam a bad name that pose constant threats to innocent people that live in the UK and even broadcast it from the Middle East such as the incident with Jihadi Joe where he slaughtered 2 innocent British workers. And yet our current greedy government does nothing about it!

Not only that in recent years our government has also managed to Brainwash a large majority of millennial's to single out groups of people in which I could name a bunch of ...more