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Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.


Why are there so many comments about Vietnam stealing land from China? China is way bigger than Vietnam, they are much more wealthier. So why should they be complaining so much?

Vietnamese people are unethical, obnoxious, mannerless, nasty, dirty, immoral, unscrupulous, decietful, filthy, stupid, violent and barbaric hypocrites who can't stand the fact that they are so barbaric and stupid that they have never contributed anything to art, science, philosophy and culture, their country and cities are so dirty, dull and revolting, tourism in vietnam is one of the most lowest in the world, and vietnamese architecture looks absolutely ugly and revolting, luckily vietnamese architecture before the 17th century were all destroyed or collapsed and thus there are so few vietnamese arhcitecture left, but that alone makes the vietnamese look even more barbaric and appalling to tourists and foregin visitors. A truly disgusting filthy barbaric people and country. - Dazhonghua

Where are you living at? The worst place possible in Vietnam? Or the prison? Because the people are NOT barbaric nor stupid. Stop insulting. - Goku02

My maternal grandmother lives in Vietnam.

Who put this on here? It's so nice you should see pictures of it it's not the 1970s anymore

The Government is selfish. just want to get money

Not only will the United States come to Vietnam and ruin their youth, they will also make a movie about it 20 years later telling that they felt bad while doing so. - styLIShT

Vietnamese people are some of the most ignorant people on earth and also very arrogant and dirty and ugly, much similar to China.

Great people & country but they take land from Cambodia which is not right, they do not like when China bullies them they should not do to Cambodia.

Ugliest people in southeast asia - kim1001

To be honest, I live in Vietnam and I hate the people, the government, everything they do is full of crap. They're all lies. They rip you off because you're from a different region of the country. The people, the generation of the kids are messed up. Zero education from the old to the young. I mean like if someone does something, everyone have to follow it, don't care about if it's right or wrong. They try to prove themselves rich, stylish and give lots of craps about the big thing but all they're doing is polishing their names. I hate my own country.

People here are really racist and mean.
SURE, WE VIETNAMESE KILLED MANY PEOPLE DURING THE WAR, BUT EVERY COUNTRY AT LEAST KILLED A PERSON DURING THEIR WARS. Shut up if you say that us Vietnamese are stupid, dirty, liars, e.t.c. I bet your country has as much or more liars than our country. For those filthy people who comment about our country saying rude things, THINK AGAIN. You Americans, get over the Vietnam war, since we already did. This proves how immature some people in America are. Smh. (And yes, I am Vietnamese). So selfish. What did we ever do to you? Can't you just UNDERSTAND that YOUR country and all the other countries in the world have (usually) a lot more rude, selfish, greedy, dirty, stupid, and liars in your country?! Society these days. It's already 2017, and we can't just learn to forgive?

Yeah, I'm American and we had no right interfering in your country. Our soldiers massacred innocent people in villages and we used napalm EVERYWHERE, destroying a lot of the farms. I'm only one person, but I wanna say I'm sorry for what we did to your country all those years ago. - Metalhead1997

So many porn hackers in Vietnam! Gross!

All those negative comments in this Vietnamese section have been voted down severly, because there are lots of Vietnamese paid trolls on this website. The fact is, in the history, it was the Chinese fishermen who firstly got use of those islands in the south China seas, and those islands were claimed by China long times ago before Vietnam, and now, Vietnam is trying to steal islands from China. - golin

I guess that's your problem not theirs. Face it, there are bad apples in every country. Yeah, I know the truth hurts but get over it. You're not Vietnamese yourself so it gives you no right to act like you know everything about Vietnam more than Vietnamese people do. Doing this is not justifiable in any sense of the term. - RedSpiderLily

People are ignorant and traitor

These Vietnamese don't even like each other.

South China Sea is considered "Mare Nostrum" by China, It's South China sea not west Vietnam sea or east Philippine sea, there must be reasons why do People call it South China Sea, think about it, please, Vietnamese. Vietnam is trying to occupy as many islands as they can in South China sea.

Vietnamese are uncivilized barbarians who have no culture, and nobody cares about their country's history, culture(if they even have any) or just who their leaders are., when you say 'Vietnam' to any international person they would respond with 'Vietnam war', that's the ONLY thing they know about Vietnam! This is the reason the Vietnamese have make noise and riot like the crazy violent stupid barbaric savages their ancient barbaric Vietnamese ancestors were before the Chinese civilized them, so that they can get the attention of foreign people to their country. - Dazhonghua

Vietnam betrayed our trust, in the 20th century, we China used to give them lots of resources and other kind of support to help them win their independance and freedom from the French and the American, and later they killed our civilians around the Sino-Vietnamese boarder area and tried to provoke us, these were how they repayed our kindness, and nowadays, they have gone too far, starting to steal territories from China. Bunch of ungrateful bastards. - golin

I hates the flag of North Vietnam(I mean communist)
I loves the flag of South Vietnam(republic)

This country is full of stupid proud people and mongoloids

The people in Vietnam are very dishonest

Vietnam is a filthy country of barbarianism and savagery, this barbaric atrocious hole called Vietnam has been around for more than two thousand years but the oldest temple structure in Vietnam dates to onl the 17th century because the native Vietnamese were incapable of building a sustainable arcxhitecture whih would even last for 500 years, their dirty barbaric disgusting overly-decorated dog house at hue they call a 'palace' is already falling apart, were barbaric Vietnamese were too stupid to, this is why no one wants to and travel to Vietnam because rhere are no ancient structures to see, that's so shameful and sad for the Vietnamese. And then the vienamese can have the balls to claim they are civilized, why isn't that just hilarious?

Vietnamese is the worst sounding and the most annoying language I've ever heard.

I have lived here, and it was the worst time of my life. The people have no manners and are worse than Chinese, the traffic is horrible and Vietnamese are pretty racist too

People living this country are thief ignorant and proud... they even not wearing underwear, bad smell people they smell