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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


I am absolutely appalled by the idiocy of the people who voted for Justin Bieber, Marian Rivera, Rebecca Black, and any other entertainer (or "entertainer") on this list. Especially since some are ranked above the likes of Hitler. Yes, Justin Bieber's music is utterly meaningless... Well alright... It's just altogether horrid. But does that in any way compare to ordering mass genocide? Forming an organization which directly affected the lives of countless Americans, in relation to terrorist attacks and the destruction of a certain monument (I won't name any names). Maybe you should reflect a bit more on what you're voting on before you vote for something of such utter seriousness as pure hate. All Justin Bieber is trying to do is make a name for himself, entertain a few people (does anyone actually listen to that stuff? ) Trust me, I dislike the guys music just as much as you do, but we're discussing the person, not his music. But, don't go hating on entertainers to the same extent as ...more

Hey, do you think some people has gone bizarre (not to be rude, but it seems like it)? I am looking at this list, and the most hated person is Justin Bieber? O_o... Seriously? I think it should be Hilter in that spot, not any old pop star! Use some common sense people! Hilter killed inocennt people, Bieber just sing away and dances. So, your now telling me that Justin is the worst person in the wold just because you hate him and his music?... I don't like Justin either, but having him as the title "Most Hated Person" is wrong:/Maybe second, but not first.

Adolf Hitler is a horrible, horrible person in the entire history of our world. Hitler attempted to rule the entire planet. He killed millions of innocent by-standers and innocent people that were Jewish. Personally, I don't think that Marian Rivera and Justin Bieber should be higher than Hitler. They did not do things like Adolf did, and I'm sure most of you viewing this would agree with me, so please, vote for Hitler as the worst person in history! - Horrible_Username

As a Jewish girl, I am more than surprised to see Hitler second to Justin Bieber on this list. I do not necessarily like Justin Bieber, but let's be real, folks. Hitler is far worse than Justin Bieber in my opinion. However, this is a very opinionated list, so I'm not intending to change anyone's beliefs on who is/was the most "evil" person of all time. I am merely trying to express my deepest concern that we are targeting a young pop singer over one of the most ruthless leaders in history.

This man I absolutely hate. He has caused so much devastation, and we will never forget what he did to the innocent people. So much depression. I even wonder if I was German, and he came along, would I really have been that DESPERATE for a strong leader? And as much as I would've wanted for the country to be strong again, I would've go against hitler, because no one deserves that type of torture. RIP victims.

Osama Bin Laden is incredibly horrible, but there is no doubt that Adolf Hitler is the worst of the worst. He created world war 2 and killed people for the most ridiculous reasons. He was responsible for millions of deaths and the destruction of countries. He left a very poor mark on Germany, and although I have nothing against Germany or Germans, it feel bad that when some people think of Germany, their first thought is Hitler or Nazis. - dragonfly99

He's heavily publicized... Practically everyone in a developed country knows about him. Most people would agree his actions were "evil" and unnecessarily brutal. Lot's of people died, lot's of innocent of people who did not even deserve a sliver of the pain. You can't really even say anything that could be a good aspect about him, besides maybe his "help" towards his country, but even his country despises him. People might say he had a rough uprising and a misunderstood person, but a tainted childhood could never justify a war that killed tens of millions.

Let me get this straight. Justin Bieber is worse than this guy? If you lived in the WWII timeline, and you lived in Germany, you were pretty much screwed. You're LGBTQ? You die or go to a concentration camp. Same if you're a Jew, or if you are handicapped, or if you speak out, or anything besides what Hitler called "the perfect German person". He killed over 11 million people. What did Bieber do? Become well known on the internet and started making songs? He's gone to jail, but he hasn't ordered one execution. It's hard to believe that people are actually voting for Justin Bieber more than this guy.

Justin Bieber does not deserve the 10000 spot on this list. Yes, he is an annoying turd. Yes, he sings like a girl. But Hitler committed mass genocide (6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. ) Hitler was the second anti-Christ, and you don't get more evil than Nostradamus saying you are an anti-Christ.

Sick man. Six million people is too many lives to be taken in under a century by one force of evil. Plus the innocent communists killed. And the millions of soldiers who fought him in the name of freedom. Brainwashing an entire country to kill Jews and communists based on their beliefs? Are you out of your mind?! Some leader. When he loses, he orders his men to eat cyanide while he shoots himself. Dick to innocents and his own bodyguards. -

I'm a german and I'm really ashamed of my nations past.
I can't believe there are people posting things like: " Apart from Taylor Swift Hitler's the most hated person" or "justin Bieber is more hated than him" That is outrageous! If the only thing Hitler did was singing awful or writing terrible break up songs, many horrible things never would have happened. But he was a callous murderer and an abhorrent person! Think of that! Sry for my bad English...

To say he is the most evil person in all history is an understatement. This man tried to commit genocide, he wanted to remove the Jewish population from the world, he killed 6 million men, women, and children in his death camps and started the single most catastrophic war in history with 60 million casualties. The fact that some people on this earth could think of anyone more hated, more evil, or more insane than Hitler baffles me.

Adolf Hitler is a very bad man he should be number one on this this honestly. the man is crazy he kill so many Jews and he is 1/4th Jewish. Hitler only liked people with blue eyes, blonde hair, and white skin any else he would kill or they would go to concentration camps he should really be number one not Justin Beiber.

I think Adolf Hitler was a disgrace to man kind. He killed innocent people for being born a certain way or believing a certain thing. He killed 10,000,000+ people and he should burn in hell for that. What a horrible person.

Really Justin Bieber is ahead of him? That poor kid never did anything wrong to you guys. Sure he has music that makes your ears want to cry but he has talent. Anyways Adolf Hitler is the evilest man ever. Killing Jues just he is plain horrible killing more then thousands of people just because of their religion. Seriously he should be number 1

Adolf Hitler will keep his title as one of the most insane Dictators For Thousands of years. 6 MILLION jews died at concentration camps such as Treblinka and Auztuwiz. They were beatean, made fun of and made to look inferior at every chance. The Nazi party in the '30s killed hundreds of jews in one night of utter, utter madness. Hitler was so furious when Jesse Owens, a black (Hitler hated blacks) American, won 4 olympic medeals at the Berlin games, he would not publicly congratulate him, just because he was black. Why is Justin Bieber even on this list? He hasn't killed a single person. Singing like a girl is really not the same as starting a world war, being the most racist man in history and mass genocide.

He was a truly evil person. He murdered the innocent in cruel ways for things they couldn't control. You cannot compare him to Justin Bieber because Justin Bieber is not as disturbed and is not as cruel. The fact that anyone would compare Justin's music to the disturbing, evil, cruel murders that Hitler had made happen is truly disturbing.

How can Justin Bieber be compared to Hitler? Hitler is one of the worst people to have ever lived! Hitler should be way up top with Fred West second and Dr Shipman third. (Look up the other two if you don't know who they are.

Adolf hitler was a very rude man. He sent Jews to Concentration Camps because he wanted to wipe out an entire religion. All because of their beliefs. I can't believe Hitler started the worst war in history. Hitler is very stupid and rude. Stupid religious killing freak. My friend's grandfather was German and lived in Germany and was forced to say heil at the Nazis.. - TeamRocket747

Adolf Hitler is at #2?!?! He was the worst man in history. He murdered people because they were Jews. He hunted them down and murdered them because they did nothing. He was the one who set up concentration camps which were death machines. He sent the Nazis to kill every Jew. He basically started WWII. I am glad he killed himself.

Wow... Justin Bieber is literally more hated than ADOLF HITLER by you people...
I'll never understand the internet. - worstmusicoftheyear

It's seriously really sad that Justin Beiber is ranked just one below Adolf Hitler. This is comparing a genocidal maniac who is responsable for the deaths of millions of people, to someone who made some bad music. Hitler was the most disgusting, vile piece of filth ever to plague this planet. He sent people to death camps because they were different then him. No one but Hitler deserves the number 1 spot. Rot you vile piece of trash.

I think he is the most hated man in the history because he thought he was God and that he could kill every person he wanted to kill. And he was so coward, that he prefered the suicide instead of the defeat when the nazis were defeated. - rock2metal

So Osama is in the top 5. Whatever. But then the man who carried out the mission to kill him is a mere two places behind him! Bush is in the top 15, but the man who turned this country around after the mess Bush left the country in is 10 places ahead of him. This is beyond a joke. This is insulting. and the fact that Bieber, who might have wrote some bad songs is above a dozen people who combined together killed over 75 million people is ridiculous.

The man who slaughtered millions of people and caused the worst war in history is number 2 on the list behind Justin bieber. Yes he's a horrible singer but come on people get real! - llamaboy17