Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.


All of you people are just dumb, redneck, racists. We are a nation of immigrants. All you white people make me ashamed to be white. Rot in hell you bible thumping bastards

Whoever put Obama here is the most dumbest person on earth. Saved us from a recession, took major steps in climate change, caught terrorists, and improved common gun safety regulations. To the haters, there is something called the Congress who took every essential step to halt Obama and democrats. And by the way, his approval rating is over 55% which is the majority of the Americans. LOOK AT THE FACTS BEFORE YOU TALK ABOUT HIM BEING A BAD PRESIDENT.

Weaken Americas standing in the world. Put financial stress on me with Obama Care. Does not support law and order. Supports illegal aliens while ignoring the needs of US citizens, especially the middle class. Last but not least, used the us tax money like he owned it. Spend near 100 million dollars on golf outings and vacations for his family. Out of touch, arrogant and unfeeling for the people that had to pay for all his socialistic, redistribution of wealth policy. Glad to see him go.

What is wrong with you Obama haters? In my view he is a great president, my country South-Africa has the worst president in our history. Jacob Zuma took our money that we pay on taxes to build a fortress and Mugabe is destroying Zimbabwe since 1987. Obama haters stop

All you Obama haters on this site, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Whatever you blame on Obama must be shared by Congress, which is Republican and whose approval rate is far worse than Obama's. You can dislike my comment all you want, but that is the 100 percent truth. Live in your world of hate if you want to, I guess.

To the person ranting about what Obama supposedly did to the school system, it would be nice to know what on earth you are talking about. People don't know how much harm he's doing to public schools? Well, that apparently includes you since you can't name anything in particular. Also, it would be impossible for Obama to take any action affecting all schools in America by himself. There would have to be a bill passing Congress first. Mostly schools are run locally, by your superintendent and your school board, not by anyone out of Washington.

History will show his Presidency was the tipping point that mark the end of the "American Century." Seems poetic in that the century of American greatness and Exceptionalism were ushered in by unfettered capitalism, and is no being ushered out by one of the effective advocates for collectivism/socialism. When historians look back on his presidency, they will conclude that it was a giant step forward in the "Greecification" of greatest Super Power in the history of the free world. By the time the country determines that wealth transfer cannot expand in perpetuity, it will be to late. Obama is not the end of America, he is the beginning of the end. Ultimately the real responsibility lies with those who bought into his anti-capitalist collectivism. As for him personally? You can't buy your way into heaven with other people's money.

Why does the left get so much voice in defining who this guy supposedly is? Bottom line: He hates and does whatever he can to destroy the things that I believe in. He takes away the rights of those who are responsible and moral and gives to those who are neither. He defends those who do evil and blames those who do not. He is the figurehead for all of you mindless lemmings who are still defending him. He is evil and will have hell to pay. This is why he is on this list.

He has a bone to pick or if you would prefer a big chip on his shoulder with the white population. He is working to even the score out of his own bitterness. He definitely enjoys having the ability to annoy his critics with often times inappropriate and unpresidential conduct. (Too many examples to site). I am angry that he is our President and that a good number of citizens voted for him based on entitlements and all the other "hand outs" that he endorses and actually implements. What current, important figure with absolute integrity speaks well of his professional life? Fortunately he will be history in 2 years which can't come soon enough.

Have you ever noticed how criticisms of Obama are never specific? I don't like Obamacare (I don't know what's in it, I just don't like it). Obama's been divisive! (Even though he's always the one calling on people to unite). Obama's a Muslim! (He has said on national T.V. that he believes Jesus Christ died for his sins, and frankly since we have freedom of religion in America it wouldn't matter if he was a Muslim). he was born in Kenya! ( He has produced a birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii). He's gonna take away your hunting rifle! (The number of guns confiscated by Obama? That would be zero). He's worse than Bush! (That's rich, coming from Republicans that won't even mention Bush anymore. Besides,the economy has improved by leaps and bounds and gas was expensive under Bush as well, and there has been no 9/11 under Obama). I think Obama's main crimes, according to his internet haters, are being Democrat and being African-American.

Weakening the U.S. in every shape and form, all the while keeping a front of "tolerance" and "acceptance". Has passed some of the most regressive legislation in U.S. history

Getting rid of gaddafi was a BAD thing. It threw libya into disarray, and he did even worse by trying to kick out assad in syria. Notice every time they overthrow these people there is a war where there wasn't before, so just think about that. Also, my healthcare cost is through the roof! Bush was bad, but not this bad!

I knew from the start this guy was gonna screw up big time. Look at his face-nothing pleasant about it. First he was pulling that gun crap, going against our 2nd amendment. Then it was the schools, he basically altered our learning system with "Common Core" basically a completely ridiculous and complicated method. Then with the terrorist attacks, he refused to bomb Iran. We all know this guy's a terrorist himself. Screw all the people that voted for him he's ruining the US. Anyone else could do a better job then him. This man has no common sense. He was NOT born in Hawaii, he's going to pull some Hitler move. He deserves to be number one.

His policies are all based on hate. He has done nothing but destroy a struggling economy and now is intent on eliminating the middle class by imposing massive tax hikes, all in the name of health care. He totally disregards the Constitution and runs the country like a dictator. I fully expect him to open concentration camps so he can kill anyone who disagrees with him.

Um, hi. Just no. Thanks for ruining the school systems and destroying the future generations! Said no one ever. People seriously don't know how much harm he's doing to public schools. And they say it's gone but it's really not, it's becoming worse. The new schooling curriculum is creeping it's way into all schools, to collect data from the children so they can put them in the exact place they want them to be in. Thousands of people are fighting this! Its unfortunate that so many are clueless though.

I can't believe that people still think that he is the best President ever. He cares more about his golf game than actually running the country. He also praises paid athletes and illegals who desecrate the american flag and national anthem.

Obama seemed like a nice guy at first, but then he started Messing up everything, and the country is in a worse state than when bush was here. Bush wasn't great, but he isn't nearly as bad as Obama. His ego has inflated to the point that he flat out refuses to compromise his principle for the good of the people. Gas was 1.46 a gallon when bush was in, and has since doubled under Obama. He also acts like a snob because the media loves him. If bush had sent us to Syria without the consent of congress, he would be hated by the media, but when Obama does it, nobody bats an eye. He got reelected only because he kept the poor poor so they would vote for him and his welfare, and because he played the race card, saying you were racist if you voted for Romney. I hate him, I hate him. I hate him. Obamacare is a massive failure, and people are finally starting to see that he is stupid. Barack Obama, worst president ever.

The man is even a American he didn't do it for america he made it worst, plus he's a Muslim And wants to bring 10,000 Islamic Muslims to our country "america" and give them money, homes, Jobs how about let there Country Do for them... How come Obama our president of the United States doesn't take the bombs off our streets of America and give them homes and jobs and money and a life? Think about that for a minute

I don't think Obama is that bad but he's not the best either. I mean come on, the whole immigrant thing was at least hope for the Latinos but the democratic people appose of the idea. Obama wants to do so many things to people but its hard to pass without the democrats denying. Not to be rude of them but I'm just saying and its been going around because of that. Even my teacher said it and she's a democrat

This is ridiculous. Out if all the people on this list, Obama belongs to it the least. I really believe he wants to make the world a better place, but even if he is/was the president of USA, he can't just snap his fingers and save the world. He's a man, not magician.

This man is the most destructive force in the United States. We have no need for foreign enemies with Obama in the White House. He champions racial divisiveness, disregards our laws, shreds the US Constitution, spends our money like it's his own, caused the border crisis, is embroiled in uncountable illegal activities and cover-ups and makes Richard Nixon look like a saint. These and countless other reasons are why he was recently named the worst president since WWII. He's a disgrace as a man, an American and to the office of the President of the United States.

Obama is the best he worked hard to get to where he is today and stop ‚úč hating on him he's awesome

Agreed, the people who were illegal immigrants before he made it legal for them to be here. All of them people who are not registered American's don't have to pay taxes. How is that far? People who have lived in this country for years families, generation after generation; though he lets people live here, who haven't even lived here for at least a year, and they don't have to pay them. I find like extremely messed up unfair and I'm surprised our country hasn't submitted protest to him yet. Maybe it is the fact that this is his last term but either way the people had the option our options I limited I believe we should be allowed personal and exceptional options that allows us to choose between a more diverse selection of beings who are running for a spot in office. A much, much larger selection. I also, believe this man is a disgrace to America for what he has done which is worse then G. Bush ever did or Clinton. No body wants Hillary in office because of what her husband did to our ...more

Barack Obama isn't a very hated person, he was left to rebuild the economy that Bush destroyed.

Typical Republican comments: 100 percent criticism, 0 percent solution. He's pulled any gun crap, he hasn't taken anyone's guns away, but it doesn't do any good to talk to people that are just looking for some reason to hate him. But you didn't know anything from the start and frankly you still don't.

Obama has caused more harm than anyone realizes. The only thing worse than his foreign policy is his disdain for following the constitution and enforcing our laws. ERIC HOLDER IS A CLOSE SECOND. We will be paying for his presidency for decades to come... Literally, the man has accumulated almost 6 trillion in debt in 5 years.