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221 Richard Speck Richard Speck Richard Benjamin Speck was an American mass murderer who systematically tortured, raped, and murdered eight student nurses from South Chicago Community Hospital on July 14, 1966. V 1 Comment
222 Stephen Harper Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative more.

Harper is a changeling a real sociopath destroying our liberties our health our educations and our integrity

Narcissistic, money hungry and horrible leadership from a man who has ruined Canada's reputation at home and abroad.

The worst thing that's ever happened to Canada. He literally hates the citizens & the country.

Quit picking on harper.

V 7 Comments
223 Jim Jones

One of the worst people to walk this earth

Responsible for over 900 deaths in the "Jim Jones Massacre"

224 Tony Blair Tony Blair Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, originally known as Anthony Blair, but later as Tony Blair, is a British Labour Party politician, who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, from 1997 to 2007. From 1983 to 2007, Blair was the Member of Parliament for Sedgefield, and from 1994 to 2007, Blair more.

Greediest political couple in the world: Tony and Cherie.

His legacy in the Middle East speaks for itself but his face alone makes me detest him. Him and his family = massive tw@s.

225 Julie Anne San Jose Julie Anne San Jose
226 Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the very largest offenders in the onslaught of social media that is a disease upon culture and human evolution. And the personal privacy infractions are a new kind of criminal. What makes all this worse is how the idea for Facebook was neither original by a long shot, nor the best of it's kind, and how he backstabbed and swindled all who helped him get where he is with crooked, underhanded tactics. He is an anti-human if you will. He represents all that goes against proper humanity. Hence being one of the worst humans on the planet. Thanks to all he's contributed, we are taking huge strides towards the future being severely unpleasant and regressive.

Mark Zuckerberg is the most despicable human being ever to exist. He has made hundreds of millions, if not billions from Facebook, and he still has the audacity to buy out Oculus Rift and increase the pricing.

227 Fred Durst Fred Durst William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.

No talent at all. And the songs are completely irrelevant. The only reason I might like him is because of my uncle


228 Piers Morgan Piers Morgan Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan, known professionally as Piers Morgan, is a British journalist and television personality currently working as the US editor-at-large for Mail Online.

Not on CNN anymore, Good riddance.

He should be fired.

Should be number 1

229 Arvind Kejriwal

A good for nothing goof who's misguiding the youth of Urban India... shirking away from his responsibilities and blaming others for his failures.

He is joker. Doing nothing and blaming to other person

He's a lunatic,deserves much higher position in this list

He is selfish, dunb.

230 Brooklyn Decker Brooklyn Decker
231 Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner

Another no talent hooker

232 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

He is the master of Selfishness.

I hate

233 Anita Sarkeesian Anita Sarkeesian

Liar, hypocrite, and slanders the gaming community.

Doesn't even accept to debate with anyone else because her ideas would be destroyed so easily.

Unfortunately she has the public on her side thanks to the idiots who sent her death threats...

234 Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan

He is a Pakistani jerk

235 Hafiz Muhammad Saeed

The mastermind behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks on taj and oberoi hotels and in the railway station sivaji terminus.

V 1 Comment
236 Kim David V 1 Comment
237 Joey de Leon V 3 Comments
238 Alparslan Türkes
239 Kristján Loftsson

He's the owner/operator of Icelands biggest commercial whaling operation at the Hvalfjordur whaling station. He's the one man that exports fin whale meat to Japan. He doesn't even claim that he is hunting whales for 'research' purposes (not that I agree with that either).

This escalation of the hunts is matched only by an escalation in trade. In May 2014, Loftsson exported 2,000 tonnes of fin whale meat to Japan aboard the Alma, taking a circuitous route via the tip of Africa. In August this year, another vessel chartered by Loftsson, the Winter Bay, travelled via the North East Passage to Japan with her cargo of 1800 tonnes of whale meat.

FP reports that Kristjan Loftsson, Iceland's millionaire whaler, doesn't really see the difference between whales and fish, "whales are just another fish". He went onto say,

"If they are so intelligent, why don't they stay outside of Iceland's territorial waters? "

"Whales are just another fish for me, an abundant marine ...more

240 Joe Jackson

He was an ass to his child because of fame that didn't belong to him

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