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161 Robert Kardashian
162 Salman Abedi

The suicide bomber that killed 22 people and injured over 50 people in Manchester.

163 Amy Schumer Amy Schumer Amy Beth Schumer is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and producer. She is the creator, co-producer, co-writer and star of the sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer, which debuted on Comedy Central in 2013 and has received a Peabody Award.

Two homeless people are eating out of a dumpster.
One says to the other, "Does this garbage taste funny to you? "
The other replies, "Yeah, it does. That's the only way we can be sure it's not Amy Schumer." - BlueApparatus

164 Idi Amin Idi Amin Idi Amin Dada was the third President of Uganda, ruling from 1971 to 1979. Amin joined the British colonial regiment the King's African Rifles in 1946, serving in Kenya and Uganda.

This should be #1

Mad corrupt blood thirsty dictator
Ruin his own country

Shame you

He's evil

165 Ruhollah Khomeini Ruhollah Khomeini

Many people were murdered by his command. Many were hung. Young girls got raped before hanging and so on...

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166 Katy Perry Katy Perry Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. more.

Why the hell would anyone support a racist, cultural appropriation-loving singer anyway? And have you heard her live? She is the worst singer ever!

She is so beautiful and an amazing singer

Suck your dick she is a good singer

I agree with this one, she sucks!

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167 Kane Larkin

Tells fans to get cancer and die

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168 Roger Goodell Roger Goodell

Let's all stop watching football and put asses like Goodell and Kaepernick

Out of a way of life...what possible good could they contribute to anything?

Put a lid on Kaepernick or we all will put football out of business

He makes the worst desicions and always finds a way to piss me off

Yes I hate him allowed the 49ers quarterback to do what he done also what about those rape cases weak man and that's why I do not like him or the nfl

169 Wendy Williams Wendy Williams

Another NO talent. And,, did you see her on Dancing With The Stars? How can a person be so uncoordinated? !?

Utterly disgusting WHOOP WHOOP

No talent, she should go away.

She don't have a life, but to critisize human beings

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170 Omar Mateen Omar Mateen Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was an American mass murderer who killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016, before he was killed in a shootout with the local police.

A waste of oxygen, along with all the other Islamic Terrorists

Omar Mateen did something terribly wrong, shooting 50 people during lgbt?!

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171 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in North. more.

I Honestly don't get the hate for her! Her haters on the other hand are offensive people who don't know what they are missing out on!

She is my G

172 Whoopi Goldberg Whoopi Goldberg Caryn Elaine Johnson, known professionally by her stage name Whoopi Goldberg, is an American actress, comedian, and television host.

Boy, this site sure hates Whoopi for some reason - Spark_Of_Life

Warped. Brain stuck in left gear.

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173 Mariam Hussein
174 Bart Baker Bart Baker

He's just suck a weirdo and a creep!

175 Mitt Romney Mitt Romney

Have you seen Mitt Romney anywhere? I'm the deliver guy, and he requested 10 binders full of women. There will be more coming, they're just late. - username34

At least he hates Donald Trump he is still a horrible man

Said london 2012 were going to be awful

He's better than Obama? Would you like some sour cream with your sour grapes?

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176 Joffery Baratheon

A fictional character-who cares.

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177 Julien Blanc

Period people need to focus more on them selves instead of other people.

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178 Eminem Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce more.

Eminem should not be on this list at all and defiantly not number eight

Yo give him a break its his career and his musics good

He writes about his most personal feelings how con you hate that

To the dummy that said that nobody hates him, you're wrong. True fans of rap music don't like him.

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179 Ssundeee

He has made a lot of people happy, I don't see much hate with him.

He is nice he makes people happy

Why is he here, he is awesome!

I hate this guy.

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180 Danielle Bregoli

Why is she famous?

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