Shame on you. Its because of your type of people who called themselves as Christian but knows nothing about Jesus Christ accept spreading lies and hatred you are sure one of evil agent. Look deep to the scripture with deep and genuine curiosity and you'll have true revelation and your eyes will be opened wide to see the truth and you will say...oh.. This never occur to me. Vast majority of Christian have the same perception like you about Christianity. They know nothing but lies and lies handed down by your parents and your parents by their parents so and so forth... Christ never utter a single word to kill or even harm anyone. Infact, He rescue the prostitute woman who was condemned to death by the law... He teaches us to show the other cheek too if anyone slapped. Whoever kills in the name of Christ is false Christian and anti-christ. Christ had already warn before that numerous false ChristianS (ANTI-CHRIST) finally, you may not even think this in your wildest dream that there are ...more

On the first persons thoughts some of them are wrong. For example the Old Testament in the bible was written way before Jesus, and we don't know when he was born so we just picked a date to celebrate his birth. Circumcision is only the cutting off the skin. We don't know if animals have souls or not. We don't hate everyone who believes in science or other religions we just disagree. Santa Clause has nothing to do with Christianity. The bible doesn't say "thal shall not Haveth a Christmas tree" Just because it is enjoyable doesn't mean it's a sin that wouldn't even make sense. Christians did enslave and kill many people but so did many other religious groups. And the devil is evil.

(My top 20's)1. They tried to convert and/or kill all pagans 2. They tried to convert or kill all Muslims 3. They hate anyone who believes in science 4. They stole 5 pagan holidays and claimed it as their own ( Santa Clause is Hiemdall) 5. Jesus wasn't even born in the winter 6. You can do what ever the hell you want as long as you repent 7. Animals don't have souls 8. Christians disagree with every religion that isn't theirs 9. Religious wars were only caused and recorded after Christianity 10. Walk on water my ass 11. "Lets cut off the tip of our dicks guys" 12. Christians continue to argue even when they know they are wrong 13. Didn't god promise the end of all wicked people? 14. The BIBLE wasn't written until 400 years after Jesus's death 15. The BIBLE forbids Christmas Trees 16. Anything enjoyable is a Sin 17. Sadamy is forbidden 18. Christians enslaved and killed a lot of native Americans 19. The devil gave us knowledge and modernism yet he is still evil? 20. God is an ...more

You need to at least look into some of your points or look into their relevance of your points. You just generalized a bunch of 200 year old policies and Catholics aren't required to get circumcised.

Read before and after where you read that. It has an explanation for most of that. And don't say all Christians hate other religions because that's not true. Never blame Christianity blame the individual Christians

Your point about how enjoyable things are all sin is flawed. Sex and drinking alcohol are allowed by God, but using it incorrectly is sin (adultery, getting drunk, etc. ) - ethanmeinster

Why are you people angry that Christians don't think animals have souls? Have any of you died and seen your dog/cat in heaven or hell. My point exactly where do animals go if they die they have no religion only instinct. We didn't steal Christmas and we didn't steal Santa if you believe in Santa you shouldn't even be commenting on this website. The truth is most people hate Christian not Christianity. And you often take scripture completely out of context example all of the Ten Commandments. You are also most likely offended by Christian who tell you what to do or are rude to you. This is also to Christianity it's Christians walk away if your that emotional (run and cry) I can't wait to get responses if I get enough dislikes I'll post my email

Religion is something man made. Christianity is THE TRUTH. It's the only truth. It's not a religion. A lot of people don't like Christains because they think we are all extremist and hateful and hypocrites which I will admit does happen. It's really sad. BUT most of us aren't like that. One thing that is unique about Christainity is that we know we are all sinners and aren't perfect. If you had a bad expirience with a Christian I am truly sorry. Most of us aren't like that. We love God and we know he loves us back. I personally want others to experience that same love for themselves and if some of us seem pushy or like we are forcing our faith on others it's only with others best interest in heart. God will work magic in your life. It won't be perfect but getting through trails is a LOT easier with him than without. There are a lot of different types Christians and just because you don't agree with everything the Bible says does NOT mean you can't enjoy the love that is in Christ. I ...more

I just don't really understand how Christians commit numerous crimes on Muslims, and when a Muslim does anything wrong, it becomes world news. They have a lot of good morals in the bible, but most tend not to follow. All religions teach about peace... But a lot of 'religious' crimes are mostly started by the Christians to the Muslims, Muslims are not actually allowed to take revenge, but most of them do, and at that moment of a Muslim's revenge, Muslims are seen as the starters of war in any country due to the Christian majority. - CielKitty

All religions came in for betterment of mankind and because humanity comes first, we should respect all religion. Religion for people who are living in India should be followed in one's own home and out side he should be an indian first. The people who thinks their religion is superior to others are free to preach nice things in their texts. But Lo and beholds people who don't want us indian people to stay peacefully, divides us for their vested interest. But out of 100 only 17 or 18℅ of population understands this and others are being stamped to be like slaves to make the generic people to rule them in the name of religion, caste, creed, language, river water distribution etc etc. All I say is we should see the other of the coin also before reacting. And I feel people who are judging people by their religion are being used by their religious thoughts

I'm a Christian, and I assume that this is an objective list rather than subjective, and so it's true, Christianity is the most hated religion in the world. A lot of these jihadist groups exist to kill Christians and Jew, and also, in the Middle East and even other parts of the world, people have been killed for being Christian. We're not liked by a decent amount of people. Maybe in the West we're not the most hated, but the Middle East, may God help you if you're a Christian.

TOPTENS SHOULD NOT ALLOW THE PUBLISHING OF SUCH LISTS, ISLAM is already being used in derogatory terms, is rather the most understood Religion, definitely the media and average extremists and those who use Islam for their agendas are To BLAME. But also, you should ALL be ashamed, I'm sure you are raised better than that. Religion should be studied. And its also a personal thing so at least with that in mind leave one to his religion and you to yours/your life.

In all honesty I don't hate any religion. In this case I don't like how Christians push their beliefs on others in legislation. As a lesbian I found it irritating that so many Christians were against gay marriage which didn't affect them. Then there is the abortion issue. I'm fine with religion but there not my beliefs and I don't want them taking my rights away.

I'm a Christian and I never push others around into believing in God. It's their beliefs, and I'm not gonna force them to change. I also don't judge people based on their sexuality. I think that everyone has rights and I won't stop them. - HyenaLover

Christian people try to make Islam people feel down as much as they can. Islam isn't a bad religion why hate on it when it was just 3 people bombing the towers not the whole religion. Christianity is the most wrong religion ever teaching everyone to follow them kin wrong ways. Why should we follow them when the bible was man written 400years after Jesus died it's totally wrong

They are not hated, at least not where I am from. I'm an atheist, and where I live there is a church on literally every street. I once saw two churches right by each other. Most people are Christian, they have the United States Government on their sides, and its not going away

I think one of the Church's largest problems is that we've had a bad rap of becoming worldly and of being stupid or being hypocrites, not knowing what we're talking about and giving the impression our message isn't true. I am partly to blame too, I'm not innocent as I'm not perfect and sometimes I give in. But Jesus forgives anyhow, and He can do it to you too if you'll let Him.

Catholics and Christians are two different religion. Catholic adopted some of Christian's belief only to control the population and get people to do as they say. catholic's belief system is totally different than biblical scriptures.

Ever since a week before Easter Sunday of this 2017 year, my entire family, one very kind friend I used to be friends with, and all of the people at my work place have made my life as miserable as they possibly can all because I'm a theistic Satanist/devil worshipper. So with that said what religion and group of people are the more hate filled and evil ones? Hhhmm? Yeah, CHRISTIANS are. END OF STORY PEOPLE.

I hate religion, but Christianity the most. It holds itself on some high horse that other religions don't really have, as the 'one true religion' or whatever and just thinks that every other religion is stupid. Actually, it is just as stupid as those other religions.

Feel like anyone who has a problem with religion in general typically direct their hatred towards Christianity, but that could be because it's the most popular religion, I personally don't have a problem with any religion whatsoever, unless this religion deals with the destruction of communities or people, in which case, it is not ok. Christians will sometimes stereotypically try to downsize other religions or covert other people's beliefs, which I don't believe is what the biblical God would want, ironically.

I feel shamed of most Christians but some are nice people. Just because someone in Islam did something bad doesn't mean the whole religion is bad. Even though Osama Bin Laden is a complete ass doesn't mean the religions bad. I hate you guys who afflite Islam badly. You devils who JUDGE. Don't do it!

They like to push their bible right up people's faces. Like seriously, understand that people have different beliefs and rubbing your beliefs on them is just plain rude. Don't get me started on how strongly they are against Gay marriage.

I am Christian and can I just say WHERE THE FLIP IS MUSLIM THEY RUIN MY LIFE TOTALLY! Christianity shouldn't be on the list but Muslim should be one with Islam at 2

I'm not a believer of religion but I believe in a divine power above us all. Who send his son Jesus Christ to shed blood and pay for our sins. For us to be given the gift of salvation. - userkosatoptens

Christian as jewish believe that only them will go to heaven and we muslim we are rubbish, Islam teach us that even no religious people can go to heaven because of his good deeds. Do well get well.

I been there and found out that Christianity doesn't make sense.

Racist people they think they are superior and that everybody should and if they don't worship jesus

First of all I don't hate Christianity, but I just don't get it there are lots of evidence indicate that reincarnation is a true thing, but Christians from what I know, they just keep denying it. - golin