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21 Sunni Islam
22 The Members Church of God International

Contradictions teachings. They have a leader who keeps cursing during worship and saying He is too a god.

Their god has a butt. No knees. But with a butt.

They have a lots of contradiction teachings

That is not nice it's just what they believe you can't blame them

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23 Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh day Adventist is one of Christians church and few people believe in! I'm Adventist and most people hate my church! They only pray on Saturday

Desmond Doss, "The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge" was SDA

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24 Chassidim

It's so wonderful to have men so deprived of any knowledge of interaction with women that they stare at your breasts (which were very well-coverd, by the way), eye-groping them, in a public venue until your skin feels as if it's sprouted legs and begun to crawl. So much for 'religiousness' somehow making you more holy. Wasn't not coveting your neighbor's wife one of those really important rules? -- You know, like in the top ten or something? So much for that...

They are truly asses. They also do not all practice what they claim.

This is not a religion. This is just a sect of Judaism.

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25 Freemasonry

There's no such thing as a Christian/pagan. The Second Commandment (Ex 20:4-6) forbids the worship of any created being or object, which is paganism. "I am the LORD, that is My name, and My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images" (Is 42:8). True Christians keep the Ten Commandments; all of them (Mt 5:17-20; James 2:8-12)--it's the base requirement to being called a Christian (1Jn 3:4; Rev 22:14). Catholics, however, while "professing" Christianity, bow to statues and honor pagan holidays, equinoxes and solstices; these are catholic/pagans, not Christians. Catholics don't keep the Ten Commandments (Ex 20:1-17), they have their own rules and the Second Commandment is unaccounted for. They also changed the Fourth Commandment and split the Tenth into two separate ones so they are still showing ten. Daniel 7:23-25 foretold that they (Rome) would do this after they took the throne from Alexander the Great and then the papacy took it from the ...more

Is this even a religion? I think it's simply a society of people formed during the 1700's or something. - RoleplayerR

Older than 1700's. Bunch of pseudo Christian Pagans trying to rule the world. Real conundrum.

26 Shamanism

The truth? They are high on mescaline or psilocybine and they think that this is the shortcut to see the other world. Really? Maybe ok if you like the drugs but otherwise this is a hypocrit religion.

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27 Shintuism

It is mostly Japanese exactly. That's why it doesn't push others to join, as it promotes the superiority of the Japanese race, their culture, and their ancestors.

You spelled it wrong, it's actually "Shintoism." I actually really do like this religion, it doesn't try to shove it's belief up anybody's a$$. In fact, Shintoism is pretty much nonexistent outside of Japan. I should also mention it's a bit more sane and others... - RoleplayerR

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28 Jedi

In the end yoda speaks more of the truth than Mohamed and Jesus combined

Yep. Some Star Wars fanatics actually made Jedi into a real religion. Look it up and you'll see what I mean.

Very sad they got nearly wiped up - several times! They are severely hated by their sister religion of the Sith.

I swear someone outta green day has worshiped as a jedi

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29 LaVeyan Satanism

"Welcome to the Hotel California..."

This cult is more outright blasphemy than Catholicism.

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30 Paganism
31 Vaishnavism

This isn't a religion, just a group who corrupt Hinduism.

So Zionism is part of Judaism Wahhabism is part of Islam why vaishnabism is not purr of hinduism

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32 Confucianism Confucianism Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.

Social norms galore! -- Don't follow your heart or what your own mind tells you to, that wouldn't be good. Just follow the norms. (Sigh.)

Why is this one even here? Amazing teachings!

33 Santeria

Catholic saints and Voodoo - what more do you need. Oh, a live chicken and some cheap rum.

34 Zen Buddhism

Zen Buddhism is a great path. Very healthy and NO they don't worship Idols.
Neither do the Catholics. I was a catholic once and I won't try that again.

Why did you stop being Catholic?

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