Most Hated Video Game Characters


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1 Porky - Mother 3

Please let me burn this awful, awful guy.

At least in Earthbound, he was merely annoying most of the time - though, he had completely succumbed to Giygas's corruption and became his right-hand man by the end. Or at least, while it seemed as though he was his right-hand man, but really, with how much Porky was willing to insult Giygas, it was more like he was tailing along on Giygas's power while the poor thing wasn't even conscious enough to realize the little jerk was there.

But after Giygas died, everybody turned back to normal and was good again...
...except Porky.

And thus, MOTHER 3, WHERE HE BECOMES THE MOST DESPICABLE VILLAIN I HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON. Without spoiling too much, let me just say this: oh god, poor, poor Lucas...

I think Porky sure as hell deserves his fate at the end of the game.
Unless he's actually okay with it, in which case he just should be beat up repeatedly.

I don't hate him AS much. Sure he is a jerk, but at least he does a good job at being a villain. Keep in mind that IF he could have a normal childhood, he might grow up to be a better person. Also, fun fact, in the Japanese version in the Happy Happy village, where he says he regrets what he has done, he really means It, but because Ness doesn't says anything, he thinks he cannot forgive to him. Very sad indeed. - TheDancingGhost

He was the best villain ever. But you wanted to punch him so hard every time he was on-screen. You know he's good because it was such a consistent emotion. He got the only fate that could fit him though.

You can't even have your revenge on him hate that b******

2 The dog - Duck Hunt

I swear, you stupid laughing canine disgrace, I will hire a computer hacker to reprogram Duck Hunt so the ducks can attack you, and then we'll see who's the one giggling like a 4 year old girl when I work so hard only to miss ONE... nevermind, he's just annoying, that's it.

Stop laughing every time I miss the ducks! And don't yell when I hit you! STOP LAUGHING! Okay? - bubbles1111

Uh he is just horrible. It makes me wanna punch the screen every time he appears.

My first video game system. My first cartridge. My first hatred of a game character

3 Waluigi - Super Mario Bros Waluigi - Super Mario Bros Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's partner. more.

Wahhhy do you hate Waluigi!?!?!?

Waluigi is awesome! I don't know why everybody hates him.

Wario, waluigi, and daisy are only used in sports games, they should really make a remake of super Mario land or a new wario game

Why is he annoying? First, he has no reason to exist. Second, WALUIGI NUMBER ONE! With his horrible voice.

4 Jasper Batt Jr. - No More Heroes 2

So, there is this one person who kills your best friend (actually he hires few people to kill that friend instead of himself), he is the only purpose why you climb up assassin ranks (there is 50 ranks before he) and he makes you think he has also killed your twin brother, sort-of-a-girlfriend and fellow assassin of your's. Guess who he is? Jasper Batt Jr.

He is a spoiled brat and he acts like he's god but really he is just a so called assassin that hides behind his men and he makes you think all your friends are dead.


Jasper Batt Jr. ? More like Bastard Twat Jr. !

5 Seymour Guado - Final Fantasy X

He has I'm not kidding every single bad characteristic a character can ever have, he appears out of nowhere at random points in the game and whenever he appears he annoys you with his irritating personality, he looks very ugly with a messed-up outfit and haircut, he betrays you later in the game and causes everyone in the world to hate you, he killed his parents just for the sake of killing them, he has some of the worst boss fights in gaming history especially the third one (Seymour Flux), he steals you wedding and gives off probably the most uncomfortable kiss ever, he kill a ton of people aside his parents like most of the Ronso tribe and two other Maesters, and I can go on for a long time but to top it a off he never dies, but in the end when you finally kill seymour its not satisfying at all I mean he dies by while be boosts and talks about that he will never die, he doesn't even scream "NO"! And personally he is the most hateful character EVER!

This guy is also a stalker cause not only dose he follow you around and pretends to be you ally but before you enter Mushroom Rock he grants you permission to enter (still pretending to be you ally) he goes in first and when you follow him, and when you enter Mushroom Rock he pops up behind you, seriously dose anyone notice that?! But not only that but he is also very unorigonal because he just wants to erase all life on the planet, which is cliched because other villains have done that before and better! So as I said "he HAS every bad characteristic a character can have" He's ugly, he unorigonal, he's cliched, he's annoying, he's creepy, he betrays you, he stalks you, he has horrid boss battles, and his death is unsatifying I mean come on I don't think there is a character worse than him!

Seymour is true evil, I really don't play video games that much but he is the worst most hated villan ever!

Oh my fudgemuffin, yes. Yes. This guy needs to be on here.

6 Dr. Weil - Mega Man Zero Series

Weil is evil and Hungary driving monster who shows no remorse what so ever

The definition of evil.

Would have ranked him way higher, but agree.

Let him and porky burn in the fiery pits of heck

7 Ghetsis Harmonia - Pokemon Black/White Ghetsis Harmonia - Pokemon Black/White Ghetsis Harmonia, or simply Ghetsis, is the main antagonist in Pokemon Black and White and the direct sequels, as well as the adoptive father of N, Concordia, and Athea.

He is worse than all the rivals in the Pokemon series combined, he goes around from town to town to lie to people that Pokemon should be liberated but his true intensions are make him and his evil group Team Plasma the only ones to use Pokemon, he also makes his own son N appear as the main problem but really its Ghetsis also after you beat N he comes out and calls his own son "A warped defective boy who knows nothing but Pokemon" also he even makes fun of Bianca and Alder who I think are good characters, Ghetsis also had the potensal to become a coniving and very dangerous villian just to take over the world (the most cliched of all villianous goals) and then there is the fake final boss fight with him and it is awful his Pokemon are very tough and can easily beat you the worst of them all is his underleveled Hydreigon which is not fair, and finally after you beat him Ghetsis blabs out a bunch of words that makes you hant to punch him in the face.

He insults his own son. Need I go on

I most likely slept through his monologue. He is despicable beast (not even a human being), but Zinnia is a lot worse in my opinion. - TheDancingGhost

I hate that guy. But he would surely win most evil Pokemon villain award.

8 Eric Sparrow - Tony Hawk's Underground

I have a list of video game characters that I hate but I couldn't think of hating anyone more than Eric Sparrow. First of all, he's so jealous of your talent that he edits your footage after jumping 40-stories up building over a helicopter doing a mctwist which would earn instant fame and he takes it from you and he doesn't care nonetheless and when it seems like he is going to be your friend again, he rams a building when he steals a tank and blames it on you putting you in jail and even leaving you to rot in Russia. Plus, because of this, you get kicked off the team. But that's not the reason I hate him most, the reason I hate him is that he does all this just in the name of...Yup, you guessed it MONEY! Plus, because of his douchebag and selfish antics, I played the game twice so I could get the alternate ending of seeing him get punched in his stupid horse-like face. - EJ0602

Most jerks would just stop at humiliating you once. However for Eric Sparrow that isn't enough. He steals your footage of jumping across two 30-story buildings over a helicopter leading him to fame. If that wasn't enough he gets you in jail by ramming a tank into a building and blaming it on you. That's a bit too far for a rivalry. The only thing good about Sparrow is finally getting to punch him in the end.

I don't know, in my opinion, he deserves worse than a punch after what he pulled on you.

I love this game, but I hate this a-hole. He at first tries to help, but then he starts screwing you over and over again to get more fame and become the better skateboarder. The most satisfying moment in gaming history is when your character knocks him out cold at the end. - lukestheman4

Oh boo hoo you lost a skateboarding competition to your best friend! Get a grip you worthless sack of crap - bobbythebrony

9 Resetti - Animal Crossing

If you restart or quit Animal Crossing without saving, the next time you reload your save file, you get a very unpleasant welcome from the bane of all Animal Crossing players everywhere: Resetti. His only job in the games is to pop out and tell you not to reset the game again, but during your first encounter with him, he thankfully lets you off the hook. But if it becomes recurring on the hand, he is not going to be anywhere nearly as merciful, he is very rude, impatient and overall very harsh and his speeches are EXTREMELY LONG! In fact: if it happens enough times, he will force you to type a certain line or else you can't continue with your game and these lines can be very insulting to your pride as an Animal Crossing player. And he doesn't just show up if you reset the game/system, sometimes the situation that happens while you're playing the game just makes it even worse, like if the game suddenly freezes and the only way to fix it is to reset the game, if you or someone unplugs ...more - Virtualman

He is my least favorite character in gaming! So you're playing animal crossing which is one of the most peaceful games but then your system falls and hits the reset button, well prepare for a loong speech from him which will make you stressed deleting the peaceful factor He pretends to reset your game, he calls you insulting names, and he can force the villagers to leave for a weak which leads them to be annoyed at you, and he makes you say certain phrases. I do not know anyone who even tolerates resetti. I wondered why would Nintendo have him? I found out on Wikipedia that they put him there because they didn't want people to cheat. Luckily he only shows up once in New leaf to give a speech but then never comes back unless you rebuild his center. You could turn him off because Resetti's appearance in animal crossing made female players cry. In a way I can relate to them. When I played Animal crossing for the gamecube I was 3 and didn't know about saving, so when I saw Mr. resetti I ...more

No one, I repeat no one likes Resseti from Animal Crossing and for good reasoning. For a start he is completely pointless because whenever you restart or quit playing Animal Crossing without saving he appears right in front of you to tell you not to do that again ever, and in not a nice way either! And the worst part is if that happens enough times he will force you to say a certain line otherwise you can't continue on with the game.

He's very persistent, I'll give him that much, but I think he hates me. One time I was playing City Folk and the power went out. My mom was sitting right there next to me cause she was interested in the game but then when the power went out, it took 20 min. to set it back up. When I went back in, there the little mole was, screaming and yelling at me about how not to reset your game. My mom said,
"Woah, he's a bit harsh.

10 343 Guilty Spark - Halo

As far as I can remember in halo 3 he tells you no to activating the rings then after you argue with him witch is for about 15 seconds he suddenly kills sergeant Johnson with his laser then you fight with him and is not really a challenge. really he was a waste of space probably could of made a more a difficult boss but no you had to waste your time with guilty spark.

I hate him, can't even kill him in combat evolve, I don't have an Xbox so I can't play newer games but I hope so he dies or his system gets corrupted

In halo 3 he helps you activate a halo ring and then gets pissed that you did and kills Johnson 2/10

It is SO satisfying to see that thing get wrecked!


The Contenders

11 Daisy - Mario Series Daisy - Mario Series Princess Daisy is a fictional character in the Mario series of video games, in which she is the princess of the fictional region of Sarasaland.

She is so damn annoying. To me she is just a failed attempt to make a princess for the more "boyish" girls because peach was to girly. - MacabreMoon

Are you kidding me?! EVERYONE likes her. They keep bashing on Peach (mostly) and Rosalina because they're stupid

I can't hear her voice anymore! I don't understand why so many people like her

12 Amy Rose - Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose - Sonic the Hedgehog Amy Rose is a fictional character in SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality, and is infatuated with the series' main character, Sonic. She serves as the first playable female character in the series.

I will ship it - ElSherlock

If you compare amy rose to any other clingy characters you will realize how empty and bland Amy is. If you ask me who juvia lockser, satoko houjou, or homura akemi I can tell you those 3 characters actually resemble other people of their plot personalities and perspectives despite having the same personality disorder that Amy does. Amy is a extremely annoying hollow bland character with no real depth her entire character is I love sonic that is it. - Metalblade94

slag - Danganronpa

I hate amy! she is only 12 and thinks she can be with a 15 year old hedgehog named sonic.

13 Bill Hawks - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

One of the WORST characters ever hands down! He used to be scientist working with Dimitri on a time machine, and one day they finally made a prototype and are ready to test it. But then Dimitri finds an error in the machine and begs Bill not to run it, but Bill dosen't listen and as you would've expected: the machine exploded, killing Claire and several other people in a nearby apartment building, though Bill some how survived. And among those people killed was Clive's (one of the antagonests) Parents. And instead of admitting his mistakes to the people, Bill instead uses this to become the prime minister, which causes Layton to lose his love Claire and robs Dimitri of the lives work. And if you hate people who don't admit their mistakes, than this guy is a nightmare to you. Now I won't spoil the whole game to those who haven't played it, but let me tell you: THIS GUY IS HORRENDOUS, HORRENDOUS, HORRENDOUS!

I will never forgive this prick, he never admitted from his mistakes, he was responsible for the death of Clive's Parents, and Claire, and all of Dimitri's life's work was all gone, and Bill Hawks is the one I really want to murder. - TheXGamer

(I'm the same guy who posted the first comment about Bill Hawks. This is a remake with better, more precise detail. ) One of the WORST characters ever hands down! He used to be scientist working with Dimitri (one of the game's antagonists) on trying to invent a time machine, and one day they finally made a prototype and are ready to test it. But then Dimitri finds an error in the machine and begs Bill not to run it, but because Bill was offered a ton of money for the project he doesn't listen and runs the test anyways with the help of Claire who was Professor Layton's assistant and sweetheart, and as you would've expected: the machine explodes, killing Claire and several other people in a nearby apartment building, though Bill some how survived. And instead of admitting his mistakes to the people, Bill instead uses this to become the prime minister, which causes Layton to lose his love Claire and robs Dimitri of his lives work. Later Dimitri then hatches a plan to kidnap a bunch of ...more - Virtualman

Layton lost Claire, Dimitri lost all of his work, Clive lost his parents, and other people died all because of him and then he becomes the prime minister

14 Bubsy - Bubsy Series Bubsy - Bubsy Series Bubsy is a series of platforming video games created by Michael Berlyn and developed and published by Accolade. The games star an anthropomorphic bobcat named Bubsy, a character that takes inspiration from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Bubsy gave us a cliche phrase that means you're worried about something. And ever since, that phrase has been reused to indicate that something is EXTREMELY going wrong."


Bubsy said "what could possibly go wrong? " Everything did.

Five words: "What could possibly go wrong? "

"What could possibly go wrong? " Bubsy made one of the most overused phrases ever ironic when talking about the Bubsy series.

15 Omochao - Sonic Series Omochao - Sonic Series

Like navi but worse. But he has one thing better than Navi: You can kill him and throw him at stuff.

This dude's advice saved me from breaking my controller because of the King Boom Boo fight. You can say, I owe him! - TheDancingGhost

Omochao is like navi he tells you how to play every sonic game -

Omochao: press the jump button to jump!
Me: no dip Sherlock
Him: wow how rude
Me: well you deserve it

16 Slippy - Star Fox 64

Slippy get back here! - GleamingShadow

I just want to let him die every time he tells me to help him

I actually don't have a problem with slippy... It's Andrew who's the annoying one...

Who likes slippy? You can only hear NO! So many times before it drives you insane... - ah31415

17 Tidus - Final Fantasy X Tidus - Final Fantasy X

With a main character like that I guess I'll never play the game

I can't stand him. Can they just take him out

He is awesome screw those haters - ParkerFang


18 Stuart Zurgo - Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Even though Ratchet and Clank is my favorite video game franchise, Zergo is hands down the worst villain in the whole series, espescially when you compare him with other villains in the series that have been done before and way better. He is - I'm not kidding - an idiot internet fanboy who used to love Captain Quark before starting hating him and he even talks like a fanboy, saying things like "troll the Holonet" and "you're a noob". And when he turned evil (as you find out in this game) he made his own army, I think he wants to take over the galaxy as his goal; while being a moron, he never shuts up on those floating TVs or on the loud speaker and to top it all off: the battle against him is atrocious! The battle is extremely repetitive and takes forever due to the fact he has so much health, he can end the battle instantly by setting of bombs if you don't disarm them quickly, he has a lot of attacks he can throw at you in the giant robot and it's simply just not fun. The good thing ...more

First of all I am the same guy who posted the other comment about Zurgo Even Though I absolutely hated Stuart Zurgo a lot already, I began to hate him even more when I played Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus. Remember when I said that I thought he just wanted to take over the galaxy? Well in Into the Nexus I found out about his true motivations. All he wanted to do was get this frame Captain Quark and make him look like a bad guy. ARE YOU F KING KIDDING ME ZURGO?! You spent all this time building an army that you could have used to take over the galaxy with, but instead you decided to use that same army, just to frame the same person that you used to idolize?! It's not just that but Insomniac Games just took that annoying Captain Quark fanboy from Going Commando, who only served as a side quest character to give you the Armor Magnetizer which is useful because it attracts bolts which you need to buy stuff and turned him into the main villain of Full Frontal Assault. I'm going to ...more

19 Neyla - Sly 2: Band of Thieves

Neyla ruined my hopes for what would be in by opinion an awesome rematch against Clockwerk, but when she conjoined with him, it gave me in my opinion the worst final boss of all time.

She back-stabs literally everyone in the game and she does it at the best time possible where you have no chance of escape, plus she always gets in your way just to hinder you and she just wants to make everyone in the game enraged just because she hates everyone

Traitor to everyone I would rather trust scar from the lion king

We all have that one character, that one character that you personally hate but nobody else seems to. Or that one character that gets some hate, but you think that one character should get more hate. And to me - that character is none other than: Neyla from Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The backstabber cliche is - to me - the absolute worst cliche in video games. Why? Because these characters are - 97% of the time - just there to add drama, are not interesting even in the slightest, spawn other cliches I hate like: ability loss, one-way levels and forced failures, and often have some of the worst character traits and personalities you'll ever see and are just unbearable to watch. Neyla is the biggest backstabber I've ever seen! She literally backstabs every single character in this game. If you think that is bad, here is an entire list of what she does in this game and basically why I HATE HER SO MUCH!
- She betrays the Cooper Gang.
- She betrays Carmelita.
- Sly, Murray and ...more

20 Big the Cat - Sonic Series Big the Cat - Sonic Series

He does nothing but fish and look for his frog friend in most Sonic games! Sure he had a use in Sonic Heroes and Sonic Chronicles, but he really doesn't have a need to be in ANY Sonic game (besides Heroes, that's the only game where Big had a huge role besides fishing and looking for that frog)!

Really, he is one of my favourite sonic character. - bestgamer

I think he is amusing, but yeah, the fishing levels are awful. - TheDancingGhost

Fishing is good for you. Big the Fat

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21 Mashtooth - The Legendary Starfy

This guy has killed many innocent rabbits, has a terrible final battle and is completely lazy. The final battle against him comes right out of nowhere. He has four phases that keep getting worse. The first phase is an unwinnable boss battle which is self explanatory. The second phase is pathetic until he has two hits left. Then, he uses his inhaling attack which blows you right in which makes it hard to dodge. If you touch him, he'll eat you and you have to do a quick time event to get out. This quick time event is one of the only two quick time events in the game. I'll get to the other one later. In the third phase, you get THE REAL SUPER POWER OF TEAM WORK which apparently does nothing. It's really annoying to hit him because you have to do many hits to do just 1 damage. He only has two attacks but these two attacks are very annoying. His first attack is a lightning attack which can be very annoying to dodge. His meteor attack is easy to dodge and is the easiest way to attack him ...more

I personally didn't have much trouble with this guy...

He made me stop playing the game I REALLY LOVED AS A KID. I finally beat him though.


22 Bowser Jr - Super Mario

He’s a baby koopa

Am I the only one who doesn't hate Jr?

He's okay, a little bratty, but okay.

Nope your not, he's actually my second favorite character

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23 Hazama - BlazBlue

Trolls with green hair that cutted off the main protagonist's arm as a child is not my kind of taste.And trust me, his unlimited form is gonna cause some insanity.

I seriously don't care if he's a snazzy dresser, he's a 'magnificent bastard', he's an epic troll, he's basically unoriginal, shallow and only enjoys gigantic power that was given to him through lottery. And HE'S ANNOYING AND FULL OF BULLSHIT! SHUT UP ABOUT DESPAIR AND GO KILL YOURSELF!

24 Groose - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

He actually changes a lot and becomes a very beneficial character

I have no other words to describe this guy besides the fact he has slapped the word "Pride" on his forehead. He's an obvious, generic, and unoriginal narcissist!

Bull, Groose is Awesome.

25 Louie - Pikmin

After all the effort Olimar went through to recover his missing ships parts on the Pikmin planet only to come back and have it repossessed all because this idiot Louie lost his cargo and the company had to take out a huge loan all because of Louie. - egnomac

He is evil :( that means olimar is evil :(


26 Alfred Drevis - Mad Father
27 Kaepora Gaebora - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Am I the only one who actually likes Kaepora Gaebora?

Why do they always have to put No or would like to hear it again on first. - ZZDOORAL



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28 Cuphead - Cuphead Cuphead - Cuphead

The Many Video Game character are better way character then Cuphead. - sonicsonic039

Overrated as Hell

Worst character ever made

I love Cuphead! - ArcticWolf

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29 Laverne - Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle
30 Creeper - Minecraft

! I hate creepers they are always blowing up all my hard work! Like what the heck! I mean I am one of those people that think creepers are kind of cute (mostly the ones in the mod that make the tiny) but sometimes they really get on my nerves no matter how cute they might be.

MY Minecraft STORY: Once upon a time, I was walking with stuff that took me a very long time to collect and then an ugly faced creeper blew me up and I lost all my stuff

Creepers are so annoying! They always sneak up on me and destroy things that took forever to build. They are the only enemies that I can't stand.

The bane of your big mansion in Minecraft. Their's only one enemy worse than Creepers: Other Minecraft players.

31 Wario - Mario games Wario - Mario games Wario is a character in Nintendo's Mario series who was originally designed as an antagonist to Mario. His motives are driven by greed and he will take the side of whoever will give him the most pay. Although he may seem like just a mean man with no heart, he does have a very tragic past.

Wario is awesome WHO put this on the list

I like the Wario Land games I never got why everyone hates Wario and Waluigi.

Depsite the fact that Nintendo hates him. I love Wario though. Wario and Pauline date though and I'm confused.

I don't hate Porky. I feel bad for him. He was forced to do that because Giygas would kill him if he didn't

32 Sepiroth - Final Fantasy VII

I Can Expect Cloud Strife To Be On This List Before Sephiroth.


Why Sepiroth

"Kefka is better" "Kefka destroyed the woorld" I'm like stfu I don't care about a Joker Ripoff! - ParkerFang

33 Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn is a boss, announcer, and recurring playable character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Introduced in Mortal Kombat II in 1993, he is the primary antagonist of the video game series and extended franchise.

The cheapest boss I've ever faced. Also, his personality is completely unlikable. Kitana's whole life was nothing but a lie and who is to blame for that? THAT DOUCHE SHAO KAHN!
He is also a cold hearted murderer. At least he gets what he deserves at the end.

34 Chun Li - Street Fighter II Chun Li - Street Fighter II

Why is this here?! I love Chun Li!

35 Lucien - Fable II Lucien - Fable II

He killed your sister in the beginning AND he killed your dog! Oh, and what's worse is that his boss battle is ANTI-CLIMATIC! Play the music box on him to drain his powers, and then shoot him! THAT'S IT! I'm serious! You can't even call that a boss battle at the slightest!

36 Zhang Jiao - Dynasty Warriors
37 Larxene - Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

I only have to say one thing... That laugh

Finally! A character even I can't find any good at! Manipultive bitch, who laughs on others folks's sorrow! end of the story! - TheDancingGhost

38 Tingle - The Legend of Zelda series

In Four Swords Adventure, he steals from you.

He make you slip die in a hammer fight and burn every one and the screen zooms in but worst of all he just has balloons and fly away - s646463

He's hilarious. One of my favorite game theories involves Tingle being a psycho. In Windwaker, when you free him, you find a bunch of skulls in his room. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to free him.

He's horrible

39 Carl CJ Johnson - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
40 Chicken Zombie - Plants vs. Zombies 2

These enemies are so fast and if they are summoned in a lane with no plants and a lawnmower, you'll die very fast. When Chicken Zombies are in a level, bring along some defensive plants and a Lightning Reed.

I will get revenge on these pricks

41 Annoying Dog - Undertale
42 Zack - Dead or Alive Series

An people thought Johnny Cage was bad but at least Johnny Cage had style Zack consists of doing idiotic dances plus he blew his casino winnings on an island which ended up going under twice and what fighter wears a costume that looks like he could be the 5th Telitubbie. - egnomac

43 Princess Elise - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Entire bad game aside, Princess Elise just amazes me on how utterly pointless she is. Sega has made a lot of bad Sonic characters but she definitely tops them all. First of all: I should point out her entire roll in Sonic 06, she is yet another living plot device and wouldn't you know it, its not done well here either. And I'm not kidding, she has ALL of the common living plot device problems: she has little-to-no personality, she only exists as a tool, she is a love interest for the main character (this will come back later), she can't fight or defend herself and she has to be saved constantly the the main character. Speaking of which: she has to be saved not 3, not 4, but 5 times throughout the entire game! And she doesn't do anything to defend herself during ANY OF THEM! Sonic always has to carry around her sorry, lazy, a** because she is clearly completely helpless! Also despite the fact that both her parents are totally dead she is still "princess", yeah I know that ...more - Virtualman

Amy's higher than her? At least Amy didn't kiss a human and get kidnapped 3 times in one game. ONE GAME! Princess Peach, being kidnapped once a game in pretty much every Mario game is annoying, but being kidnapped 3 times in one game? And she cries over everything. She almost destroyed the world crying. I'm not sure why Sonic helped her. I would've let her stay kidnapped. The whole reason Sonic helps her at the beginning is probably because Eggman's there! Next time, Sega, don't do the damsel in distress plots. Make something original, like Shattered Crystal. Another puzzle game. And make Fire and Ice a good game that can hopefully bring Sonic back to fame. End of rant.

She is a complete idiot, I mean she is responsible for arguably the most disturbing moment in the sonic series so far I mean come on the game show a disturbing love relationship between a human princess and a hedgehog and when Sonic is killed by the game's main villain Elise litteraly kisses Sonic, and its not just the romance that is hateable about Elise, she is also a bigger damsel in distress than Amy and Princess Peach combined I mean they get kidnapped 1 to 2 time per game but Elise on the other hand is kidnapped not 3, not 4, but 5 times in the whole game!

She only appeared in the worst sonic game and she had the worst role in the game especially when she ruined it how she ruined it was when she kissed sonic she should be arrested

44 Brenda Carlton - Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes
45 Balloon Boy - Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Balloon Boy - Five Nights at Freddy's 2

He is sucks he will not go away and laughs like that dog

He should be number 1 because all fnaf fans even me HATE him and he's so annoying!

When he is in your room in five nights at freddys 2 he will not get out

I swear that he and Foxy are super annoying! Balloon B**ch is the reason why I can never get past night 2! No one else ha the same problem but me!

46 Helena Harper - Resident Evil
47 Navi - The Legend of Zelda Navi - The Legend of Zelda

Hey hey listen hey watch out listen listen hey watch out hey watch out listen listen.

Even when you do listen, I'm sorry I can't help you link, I don't know what his weakness is link, I have no idea how to kill him link. Can you see that cloud link, can you feel that cold wind link.

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP - TheGrammarPolice

I actually kinda like navi.

Hey listen hey listen hey listen I'm annoying HELLO? - Lord28

Made me rip my ears out of pure annoyance

48 Li Mei - Mortal Kombat series Li Mei - Mortal Kombat series

Why is she here? She isn't hated, she's one of the best and most underrated MK characters, she has cool design, moves and story.

49 Dr. Zomboss - Plants vs. Zombies

So hard and is ugly in PvZ 2 there is five doctor zomboss

50 Mr. Dream - Punch Out

From Dreamland! No, not that Dreamland. At least, I think not. Hmm, he should appear in the Kirby series sometime... - Maplestrip

Dreamland?! Rats! That reminds me!
It's squeak squad squishing time! FOR THE SHORTCAKES! 🍰

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