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281 Woolie - Bubsy
282 Slime - Dragon Quest
283 Arkosaurus - Dinosaurs 3D
284 Indians - Civilization Revolution
285 Plasm Wraith - Pikmin
286 Manfred Von Karma - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Seriously. If you thought Von Karma was bad, you have not seen Bansai Ichiyanagi from GK2. Also, I think Manfred's daughter, Franziska, is worse than the big guy himself.

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287 Jin Kazama - Tekken 6 Jin Kazama - Tekken 6 Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.
288 Albert Wesker - Resident Evil 5 Albert Wesker - Resident Evil 5
289 Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3 Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3

What a douchebag -_-

290 Heihachi Mishima - Tekken
291 Eddie "Killbane" Pryor - Saints Row: The Third
292 Zinyak - Saints Row IV
293 Cyrus Temple - Saints Row IV
294 Kinzie Kensington - Saints Row IV
295 Dex Jackson - Saints Row 2
296 Hercules - Cheetahmen

He is the most powerful of the cheetamen but he can't crowth so making you open to many attacks - ikerevievs

297 Charles Lee - Assassin's Creed III Charles Lee - Assassin's Creed III
298 Haytham Kenway - Assassin's Creed III

After what he did for Kaniehtí:io and the rest, his exposure to the Templar Order has really sparked me with outrage. He never sounds so surprised when his ex-wife died (much to the disbelief of Connor), so this implies his carelessness which is a carnal sin to his character.

299 Kaizor Orowchee - The Wonderful 101

Orowchee is so annoying you spend forever trying to kill him then all that happens is you break one of his three heads! I HATE OROWCHEE!

300 Kat - Halo Reach
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