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61 Shadow - PowerUp Heroes
62 Moneybags - Spyro Series

Moneybags is the ultimate cheapskate even outclassing Tingle from the Legend of Zelda series, because Moneybags exists for no perpose other than endlessly striping you of your gems in the games he appears randomly to ask you for "a small fee" to open doors of to push a switch that triggers a bridge and so on, and the amount of gems you have to pay him is ranged from 300 to 1300 gems and if you don't pay him, you don't go any further in the game

Can't stand him... he makes you pay for just about EVERYTHING! The only thing I liked about him was how upset he would get if you said "no" other then that... I just want him to SHUT UP and go away!

This greedy nepotistic, jerk! The only character who I hate more is Redd White from ace attorney.

In spyro 3 he is only there to take your gems! Who's idea was it to put money bags in the games!

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63 Dr. Zomboss - Plants vs. Zombies

So hard and is ugly in PvZ 2 there is five doctor zomboss

64 Adon - Street Fighter
65 Kaguya Houraisan - Touhou
66 Unown - Pokemon Unown - Pokemon Unown is a Psychic type Pokémon from the Johto region, taking on the form of letters and punctuation. It is often considered the weakest Pokémon, with low stats and access to only one move, Hidden Power (which can be learnt by nearly every Pokémon anyway)

A Magikarp is even better than all of them combined. A SINGLE Magikarp.

They look cool but I don't know much about them.

One time, and this is a true story, my mom bought me a Pokemon card pack. When I opened it, ALMOST EVERY CARD WAS UNOWN! The only card that wasn't Unown was a piloswine.

Two words: Aegis Cave! - TheDancingGhost

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67 Lou - Guitar Hero III

How is this lower this guy would cheat by using his damn whammy bar which would make me rage quit while watching my brother play this I just want to deck him in the face for cheating so much

68 Ashley - Resident Evil 4

Like Slippy the Toad. The game was already hard but working with someone who DOES NOT help you and uses your health. The only help she was when I used her as bait for an El Gigante or The Giant. I used her as bait while I shot it in the back! It worked! - sdgeek2003

The part in the castle were the enemies are strategically arranged like a chessboard is already hard enough on Professional mode with Leon running out of ammo, but then they make it even worse by forcing you to escort this spoiled female stereotype through the madness, making it virtually impossible.

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69 Ada Wong - Resident Evil Ada Wong - Resident Evil

The only thing that's bad about her,is that she points a gun at Leaon almost every time they meet

70 GLaDOS - Portal GLaDOS - Portal GLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.

GLaDOS wants nothing more than to watch the world burn. She forces you to risk your life by doing dangerous tests for her amusement, while she insults you. Sure, she sets you free at the end of portal 2, but one act of kindness won't make up for killing the hundreds of people who worked at Aperture.

I am surprised people dislike her. Also, she never killed Wheatley. He lived, he's just floating around Nirn in that one Skyrim mod.


71 Silver - Pokemon Gold and Silver

He is just like Gary/Blue from Pokemon Red and Blue exept Silver is even worse, first off Blue/Gary gets his Pokemon normally Silver on the other hand literally steals one of the starter Pokemon at the very beginning and just like Blue he always picks the one that has a greater advantage over yours also just like Gary he also appears at random points to get in your way and unlike Blue/Gary he is extremly disrespectful and thinks that Pokemon are all about power and nothing else but the good thing about silver is just like Gary/Blue you can name him anything you want

Look, I hate Whitney's Miltank but I can't find it in this list so instead I vote for the annoying rival that keeps making me raging

He makes Kanye West look like a nice guy

Smell ya later, Silver!

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72 Iris Sepperin - Rosenkreuzstilette

She's basically a combination of Dr. Weil and Yuuki Terumi when it comes to personality. - Genosan742

73 Hakan - Street Fighter
74 Mr. Game & Watch - Super Smash Bros.
75 Lysandre - Pokemon

Guy below me says Lysandre is well written. NO! That "man" is the worst Pokemon villain by far! He even makes Ghetsis look innocent, and that guy's in the top 10!

He is the Hitler of Pokemon, why else?

Lysandre was a well-written character, why is he here?

This is what you get when you put the Doctor from Cave Story in a Pokémon game. Lysandre - Hitler, but with Pokémon.

76 Minion - Minion Rush
77 Riku - Kingdom Hearts Riku - Kingdom Hearts

How? - yunafreya648

78 Shepherd - Modern Warfare 2
79 Vexen - Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Easily the most underrated/overhated Org. Guy along with Lexaeus. Don't like him, but he doesn't really deserves this much hatred. - TheDancingGhost

Larxene is not the only hateable character in Chain of Memories, in fact he decerves as much hate as Larxene (In my opinion) because Vexen may be a scientist he is a smooth talker and I don't like smooth talkers but when you combine smooth talking with narsasium you get one annoying character like Larxene, and just Like Larxene ha has very annoying and not-fun-at-all boss battles also he never knows when to keep his mouth shut! I mean he talks to much and always talks when he should not also he makes all scientists look terrible and if you ask me he is just as hateable as Larxene

80 Exdeath - Final Fantasy V

Oh, come on! This guy is a great final boss. Fighting him solo is indeed annoying, but he shouldn't be on the list.

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