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161 David - The Last of Us V 1 Comment
162 Yuna - Breath of Fire 4 V 1 Comment
163 Pig - Minecraft V 1 Comment
164 Team Skull - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
165 Vanitas - Birth By Sleep
166 Contessa - Sly 2
167 Flame Hyenard - Megaman X7
168 Alessia Ottus - Elder Scrolls IV

I hope somebody sends the dark brotherhood after her.

169 Agent Smith - Enter the Matrix

If you hate chaser enemies than you are going to hate this guy, for a start you can't kill this guy until the very end of this game because no mater what you use to kill this guy with he will ALWAYS dodge it, so you use a pistol he'll dodge it, you throw a grenade he'll dodge it, you use a machine gun he'll DODGE IT! What is worse is that if he gets to close to you he'll pick you up and throw you which will do loads of damage and if you get trapped in a corner or inside a small room or especially get cornered on a rooftop, your dead plain and simple.

170 Silver Sable - Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions

She is literally the only Marvel character I hate and for a good reason. 1: In Ultimate Spider-man she tries to capture or kill Spider-man and Venom just for the sake of that so she can get paid and she is a completely heartless scum and when she gets in your way (which will happen a lot) she is a total pain and to make things worse she usually makes her henchmen do all the fighting and in addition they respawn infinitly and she will take all the credit for it even thou she is an expert fighter in combat and speaking of battles they are irritating because she is an annoying fighter and she even threats Spider-man that she will attack his family if he dosen't come quietly and In Shattered Dimensions she is trying to catch Juggernaut and when she sees you she tells her henchmen to go and attack Spider-man and when you defeat Juggernaut and get the tablet piece you have been looking for she takes all the credit.

171 Yuffie Kisaragi - Final Fantasy 7
172 Javier Salazar - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
173 Zangief - Street Fighter 2
174 Darius - Need For Speed: Carbon
175 Laura - Silent Hill
176 Nina Cortex - Crash Bandicoot

I'm sorry why is she not higher!

177 Dimitri Rascalov - Grand Theft Auto IV

I was so glad to finally being able to take him out at the end of Grand Theft Auto IV. - TheDannyMan

178 Valentina - Super Mario RPG

How Has She Never Been On A List? I Mean Mario Is On This List! She Locks The King Up, Sicks Her Bird At You, And Is Offensive

179 Shepherd - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
180 Symone - Dragon's Dogma V 1 Comment
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