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1 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

I hate him, and I'm like what the heck why is Firestar liking tigerstar as a apprentice? He even has the nerve to be mean to yellowfang! Poor yellowfang. My favorite cat is scourge, and I'm glad he killed tigerstar. I love scourge! Now down to scourge, all of you. NOW!

I think that thistleclaw was partly the reason tigerstar was evil, but tigerstar was always evil. Here's a list of bad things tigerstar did. 1. Almost killed scourge as a kit ( who was known as tiny when he was a kit). 2. Almost killed Bluestar. 3. Made Hawkfrost with Sasha. I'll think of more later.

Well, I suppose he is already dead. But he should have been put through torture before he died. Extreme torture I would write it down, but it's probably too long and too violent.

I love him! He's so evil and everyone knows that good always wins so that's a bummer...

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2 Millie

Millie is the Erin's just replacing Silverstream. And then if that wasn't enough, she's an ass to blossom fall to the point she goes to the dark forest. Great going Millie. Just get eaten by a badger already my god.

Another warrior cats mary sue and a terrible mother!

Just another cat. She would have been fine, I don't really care about her not changing her name, and gosh people there is such thing as two mates, and Graystripe mentioned MORE than once that he still really loved Silverstream, so Millie did NOT steal him, but really, please just stop being so fussy about Briarlight. AND open your eyes and see that you have two OTHER kits.

Hmm... Is it just a LITTLE coincidence that Millie SORTA looked like Silverstream...? That's probably one of the top reasons why Graystripe became her mate. Yeah, yeah, Briarlight does need more attention, BUT STILL! You have more than one kit that you treat like a helicopter parent. Bumblestripe and Blossomfall!

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3 Dovewing Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.

I'm sorry Dovewing fans, but everything about Dovewing makes me want to vomit. She could've been a character I would've like, but ever since that omen "After the sharp eye jay and the roaring lion, peace will go on dove's gentle wing", everything went downhill. The only useful thing she has done in my opinion, is help the clans when the lake dried up. This did cause Rippletail to die, but we saw that coming, because the same exact thing happen with Feathertail. (note that they both had tail at the end of their names) After that, Dovewing just became a character who couldn't use her powers correctly. Sure, she was just an apprentice when she figure this out, but so were Jayfeather and Lionblaze! They adapted to their powers when they were apprentices and used them rightfully, and made sure they blended in with every other cat. But Dovewing, she just didn't go that way. She used her powers to do different things other then helping her clan. Heck, if she wanted to be useful to her clan ...more

Dovewing is just a mary-sue. Just plain out. She thinks she should be the center of attention in her clan. She has the nerve to yell at Ivypool for training in the Dark Forest (Ivy thought this was going to help her Clan), BUT was breaking the code as well for meeting Tigerheart! She also told Tigerheart about Jayfeather's herbs and when Tigerheart stole them (ShadowClan was in desperate need as their only medicine cat, Littlecloud, was very sick), Dovewing yells at him and blames HIM when she TOLD him first about it! I just hate it. When she loses her power, she thinks she's so useless now and just sits around now. Lionblaze and Jayfeather weren't like that, they actually DONE their warrior/medicine cat duties, unlike lying around and crying because they lost their powers. Speaking of powers, Dovewing NEVER used it for her Clan. Only for spying on Tigerheart. I feel so sorry for Bumblestripe.. Dovewing keeps on playing with his emotions, even though it's CLEAR he loves her. Ugh, I ...more

Here's the thing; Dovewing isn't a Mary Sue. You know why? SHE'S TOO SELFISH TO BE A MARY SUE! Which makes her even worse than a Mary Sue. I mean, her sister could get killed in the Dark Forest, and all she does is complain about her prophecy and pointless relationships! I might have liked her if she hadn't been another she cat who cares more about herself than the warrior code, but she betrayed what ThunderClan lives for so she could be with Tigerheart. Ivypool did warn her about Tigerheart, but NOPE, she has to be a mouse brain and go be with him. Also don't kill me when I say I actually like Tigerheart and Dovewing together, but would actually only aprove of them if they were in the same clan. I'm sorry Dovewing, but you've got to tell the Erins to add a BRAIN INTO YOUR HEAD. Also, she hates Bumblestripe, who is far more of a better choice then Tigerheart, and broke his heart by breaking up with him! But, I do understand if she didn't feel like it was love. More honorable mentions ...more

Dovefart stinks. Ivypool should of been one of the three. Dovefart: ! I can see things and hear things good! I thought everyone could do that! " Me: Idiot! why do you think other cats can hear or smell miles away? "
is says to much from her
Very stupid
Eek! she is ugly!

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4 Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She one of the leaders of ThunderClan. She is mates with Oakheart of RiverClan and her kits, Stonefur and Mistyfoot, live in RiverClan

EXCUSE ME?! Bluestar does not deserve to be on this list, if you hate her, you must love Tigerstar, Brokenstar, and every idiot in the dark forest! Bluestar is the kindest, fairest, most intelligent cat in the history of warriors, dating all the way back to Grey Wing and Jagged Peak's time! She gave her LIFE to save Firestar and all of Thunderclan, I don't understand how anyone hates her! Yes, we know she lost her faith in Starclan and went a little insane, and thinks everyone was a traitor, but she went through a lot! She gave up her own kits, because Starclan had a different path for her. The cat she loved died, and talk about Greysripe and Silverstream. She has suffered th deaths of so many cats, and a traitor who should get killed slowly and painfully over and over again, so you can not blame her for any of it! Bluestar haters, beware! Firestar is out to get all of you! Bluestar does not deserve to be on this! Go to Bloodclan!

SAY WHAT?! Bluestar does NOT deserve to be on this list, I mean sure she went crazy at the end but she had lots of losses and never gave up. I disagree 100% :I

Blue-star is crazy as a fox in a fit! I do like Tiger-star, Broken-star, Hawk-frost, Maple-shade, and every other GREAT cat in the history of the Clans. Fire-star the DEAD can eat mouse-droppings and go die in his two-legs' toilet! I do like Scourge and maybe I WILL go join Blood Clan! How dare you insult Scourge like that!? The only cat he considered to be his friend was BLUE-STAR! MOUSE-BRAIN!

Meh, I'm not the MOST dedicated fan of Bluestar but a lot of people seem to like her. For one, she let Firestar join ThunderClan. So everyone who loves Firestar has to have at least some love for Bluestar. I hate her for naming Brightpaw, Lostface. SHE'S AT WAR WITH STARCLAN NOT THE WARRIORS. She completely gave up on her Clan but that's Tigerclaw's fault. Although I really don't like her for going insane, if she hadn't been mates with Oakheart, Mistyfoot wouldn't exist. Plus she's RiverClan's last leader.

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5 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

Man, I noticed a lot of people hate him. Then again, he is the main character of the series.

People are obviously going to get pissed that he gets spotlight. And how is he a mary sue? He has some flaws, (not bad) give him a break, guys.

Yeah, Firestar in my humble opinion was okay, except for the fact Erin didn't make him have any real bad flaws. There are the ups and downs to a personality ya know?

To be honest, I like Firestar but he is a little tied up with peace and teamwork, but personally I think Firestar is awesome.

I like Firestar - RedTheGremlin

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6 Breezepelt Breezepelt

Breezepelt is just an ass. That's pretty much it besides that he's evil, bitter, stubborn and a show off. Oh did I mention how he desperately wants to kill Jayfeather? Jayfeather happens to be my favorite character because he's so sassy I just love his sass. BREEZEPELT JELLY OF HIS SASS!

He is mean, stubborn, annoying, and he tried to kill Jayfeather! He is plain evil and a show-off who thinks he is better than everyone!

He's just such an IDIOT! All he ever did was whine and be stupid and try to kill multiple cats all because he felt like he wasn't loved! I do kind of understand BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME LIKE HIM!


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7 Daisy

When I first heard that Firestar let this cat in the clans, I just wanted to know how the hell he thought she'd serve any sort of purpose to Thunderclan. She had no sort of personality whatsoever, and had an unsteady relationship that had been equivalent to the outcome of a train wreck. To say that they ever had true feelings for each other is pure bull. Daisy is just a cat who can't fight and is basically like Cody but much worse and more annoying. The way she interacts in front of Cloudtail with Brightheart around disgusts me. The poor shecat had her face ripped off and daisy decides to flirt with the only tom who she thought had loved her. What an ass.

All she cares about is herself and her kits. She never loved any of her mates, anyway.

She has and always will be selfish and useless! If anyone gives me three reasons to like her, I will be impressed. To me she is just an annoying, whiney, spoiled brat! She called Brightheart ugly and tried to steal Cloudtail from her. Only 20% of the warrior fandom think not. LITERALLY!


She's a kit-producing machine.

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8 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

I beg heavily to differ. No one, and I mean NO ONE, insults my son without a fight. He, as a character, actually has many flaws. I'd call falling in love over the border, killing a deputy and disliking his powers FLAWS. He loses his powers eventually, and all, ALL he wanted was for Cinderheart to love him. Anyone who calls him him idiotic clearly has not read past OotS. I bet if HOLLYLEAF had that power, everyone would love her, as if the whole fandom didn't adore her already. He may be invincible (for a short amount of time), but he honestly is the ideal spouse and father since Berrynose. Look not upon a cat's flaws, but on their personality. Jayfeather is a pain in the butt, as an apprentice especially, and is the most overrated of the three; Hollyleaf is a downright stickler, so much so that it is often very annoying, and is the most overrated cat of all time; and Dovewing is whiny and conceited. In Bramblestar's Storm, he is worried for Cinderheart constantly, in the sweetest, ...more

He's hated. He's annoying. He couldn't die. Wait, what are his flaws again? Someone tell me. I forgot. Oh wait he doesn't have any? Click. Vote.

Lionblaze is such a Gary Stu. He has the ability to NOT DIE. That's the whole point of being a warrior. You will fight and die for your clan. Not to just live forever and do anything you want. Lionblaze is just plain idiotic.

EI don't lik Lionblaze first of all! He knows he has powers, but he only shows off to the ones who know. He should be in Starclan instead of Firestar. Even though it would probably be hard to kill Lionblaze.. I can't even belive Firestar or Bluestar are on this list! These must be villian lovers! Although I love Tigersatr and Scrouge as my favorite cats...

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9 Ashfur

Does it annoy anyone else when people are like: " How could you not like poor, innocent Ashfur? " Oh, I don't know, maybe they have a problem with how he tried to murder Firestar, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather because he was mad at Squirrelflight. And for such a stupid reason. Yes, I get it-Squirrelflight dumped you. But that was YEARS ago! Move on already! Give this a thumbs-up if this annoys you to.

I really liked Ashfur in The Prophecies Begin, but I really despise the outcome of his personality. I didn't have a problem with him until the SquirrelxAsh thing came about. As you probably recall, Ashfur was a full-grown warrior when Squirrelkit was born. When Squirrelflight was old enough to have a mate, it would be like a 18 year old girl dating a 35 year old man. I also feel like Ashfur would be way too possessive of Squirrelflight if they were mates, and the reason I think this is because Ashfur was a bit too clingy and controlling, not to mention tried to kill her family when Squirrelflight simply wanted Brambleclaw as a mate. In fact, Ashfur treated the situation as if he and she were a couple, even though Squirrelflight had not really mentioned being true mates. Squirrelflight liked Brambleclaw: well, I guess it's time to murder her family and "kits" because she happens to like another cat more than me. In other words, I think the SquirrelxAsh pairing really wouldn't have ...more - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I hate him so much! Come on, he was not even mates with Squirrelflight but he still got all prickly when Squirrelflight became mates with Brambleclaw again. Then, MOONS later, he takes out his anger on Lionblaze by being the worst mentor in the history of the clans! Lionblaze is an arrogant jerk but he at least should've had a mentor who didn't ATTACK HIM! Then he tries to kill Squirrelflight and her adopted kits! He deserved a much worse death. And no, I'm not apologizing to Ashfur fans beacause you'd have to be as crazy as him to not hate him. Ashfur should be first. - Goldenflight

I think its REALLY stupid that he got on here before Scourge! MeXAshfur all the way! 😻

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10 Spottedleaf

I don't mean any offense to people who were FireXSpotted fans, but I REALLY hate Spottedleaf. I mean, seriously. She fell in love with someone who was basically HALF HER AGE. She was a mary sue, she stalked Firestar, and I am so glad that Mapleshade killed her! She was little miss perfect, and so bland and boring, and I'm creeped out by the number of times she was described by her 'sweet scent.' If Spottedleaf wanted to love someone, then she should've been a warrior. She chose the path of a medicine cat, and she knows that she isn't able to have a mate, so why did she keep prancing into Firestar's dreams? And I'm mad at Firestar for LETTING her follow him around when he was with Sandstorm. In Firestars Quest, Firestar told Sandstorm that she will never be second best. He shouldn't lie! I was so mad that Spottedleaf made Sandstorm feel bad. I bet that if Mapleshade killed Sandstorm, then Firestar would be like, "So, she's dead. It doesn't matter at all." At least Sandstorm had a ...more

Spottedleaf is so annoying and one of the most undeveloped cats in these books. Firestar just looked at her like "Oh she's cute... she should be my mate forever" and then she silently agreed. At least that's what I feel like happened. It was so stupid. How many conversations did she have with him? Like three?! Honestly they barely even knew eachother. The only reason he liked her is because she was pretty and smelled good. Didn't know a single dang thing about her. And then when she dies and Sandstorm becomes a love interest Girestar feels guilty about SPOTTEDLEAF! A CAT HE BARELY KNEW! And then she prances around in his dreams like "Remember me? I'm that pretty cat who smelled nice, LOOK AT ME". So Sandstorm haters screw you because Sandstorm actually got her butt up and worked for her love. Fire star didn't like her because of looks and smell. It was her personality and that just makes me so upset and I hate Spottedleaf

Spottedleaf must have felt that she had Firestar first and it wasn't fair, but she also made Sandstorm feel terrible about herself, and depending on Spottedleaf's kindness, she probably never intended to do that, at least she lied to spare Sandstorm's feeling in Skyclan. that was the best she could do. Speaking of Skyclan, THAT WAS SANDSTORM AND FIRESTAR'S HONEYMOON, I MEAN IF YOU WERE ON A HONEYMOON, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR EX SHOWED UP? TERRIBLE! But I also don't like how Sandstorm gets jealous too easily, and it was pretty unfair that Spottedleaf never got to be with Firestar, I honestly think that rule in the warrior code is STUPID. So, I have mixed feelings on this, I don't know whose side to take.

Ugh, just drop dead already Spottedleaf!

Okay, I'm going to try to stay calm so no stupid and delusional FirexSpotted fan gets offended.

Let's us start with her character. To say the least, she had little time for development. We're soon going to get a novel on her (not reading that, I'll just want to burn that trash, that UTTER TRASH BOOK WITH HER STUPID PERFECT MEDICINE CAT) so maybe we'll see development, but honestly, I'd rather read all the deaths of my favourite characters 10 times in a row than LOOK at that disgusting filth. She was barely in the first book as well.

Now for Sandstorm. Everyone who hates Sandstorm in general, I'm okay with. But if you hate her for the whole love drama, I'm sorry, but you're really delusional. She had to earn his love, but just get it like perfect Ms. Spottedleaf. Sandstorm was much more interesting and fun to read about because unlike Spottedleaf she made mistakes, learned from them, and started slowly to realize Firestar ...more - Spottedleafsucks

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? Brambleclaw

He is a horrible, horrible cat who deserves to die! Squirrelflight deserved Ashfur! Graystripe deserved to be Greystar! - WarriorCatz

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11 Squirrelflight

Squirrelflight is awesome and deserves to have a part in the book and I think she is a good character. She doesn't do anything wrong and just because she is in the book a lot it doesn't mean you need to judge her. I strongly think that she is an important character because she is a good warrior with something different inside and that's why she is important.

She didn't ruin her life for her sister. She CHOSE to do so. Squirrelflight and Leafpool shared a very close bond together, and Squirrelflight just loved her sister so much that she gave up on everything and decided to lie for her sister. Besides, I loved her determination, too. - WatchItBurn

She shows up way too much in the series, and is a highly annoying character that gives me a headache. Too clingy to Bramblestar. Should've been left mateless. And started the second (I think second? ) love triangle. In the series.

Squirrelflight is an awesome character. She is funny, silly, and cheerful. I always loved her. And it's not her fault she lied Lionblaze, Brambleclaw, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather! It's all Leafpool's fault! Squirrelflight was so awesome in each book, she doesn't deserve to be on this list. She doesn't deserve any haters. Look: She was so funny always! No matter what, she's always funny, kind, cheerful, and awesome. Squirrelflight I <3 you no matter what. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you and I love you! Go ahead, press the thumbs down thing if you don't like Squirrelflight! I don't care! Squirrelflight is a loyal, brave, strong warrior, nothing will change my love for her! She's sooo much better than Leafpool, who is boring and annoying! Squirrelflight in The New Prophecy was so awesome!

Squirrelflight rocks! Squirrelflight rules! Squirrelflight is one of the best characters! Please love her! Please stop hating ...more

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12 Nightcloud

Nightcloud's only wrong was mating with the brat Crowfeather and then having like the worst EVER cat named Breezepelt. (he was a brat too.)

How do people like her? She was a jerk to Crowfeather and Breezepelt. Even if they were jerks as well, she could at least love her son. Maybe he wouldn't have gone off and betrayed everyone then

Brat. The way she treated Breezepelt was so annoying!

She was whining like: I'M SO SAD SO IL BE A JERK TO MY KID AND HUSBAND. It is annoying. Crowfeather only found the wrong love... thas all.

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13 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

MAPLESHADE DID NOT KILL HER KITS. It was an accident! You guys are so dramatic. This is what happened:
She was carrying them and slipped then she almost drowned trying to save them. And that was no exaggeration, it states that in The Ultimate Guide.

And anyways, she never killed any of the cats in " Crookedstar's Promise." She just somehow knew they were all going to die and made Crookedstar believe that it was his fault... After all, She's just misjudged and thought to be a terrible cat..

Okay well, everyone normally doesn't like the evil cars... But honestly, they're the best! Scourge, Tigerstar, Thistleclaw, Hawkfrost, etc., But Mapleshade.. Just her life brought tears to my eyes and made me wanna sit in a corner and cry for the rest of my life. If only she would of just had a better life, then Eveeything would be good.

Honestly, I hate this cat. She's an overrated brat and she thinks that just because she had a hard life she can make other cats lives miserable. Honestly what a brat!

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14 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .

I can hardly stand scourge-lovers.. I DON'T feel sympathetic towards this character. Wanna know WHY? Because, just because your brother and sister were teasing you, and made you feel bad, doesn't mean you take it on everyone else- by murdering plenty of innocent cats. Just why? Scourge deserved the fate he got! Sure he's a good villain, but not someone to be sympathetic for. -For something that happened a long while ago to lead him to insanity, it's kind of pathetic really if you ask me. My lord guys. We all have nasty siblings, and especially when you're younger, you get picked on a lot, :right? DO we learn how to cope with them, most of us, yep! Do we get beat up once or twice in our lives? Probably, but then we move on! -We move on, and learn, and we try not to hold grudges. But scourge must of been a little stubborn edge-lord, because he didn't move on. Just as an old saying goes, your not weak if you don't hold on, it just means you were strong enough to let GO! 10 year old ...more

I feel sympathetic towards him. He did took the wrong choises but it was part his fault and his siblings'. If Ruby never scared him off by telling him unwanted kittens must die, he wouldn't have run away and he wouldn't be found by the rogues where he was forced to kill one of Brokenstar's followers to prove himself to the rogue gang. Then was when he lost his sense of everything good and became heartless. I am neutral towards him because I feel bad for him and he could've have had a better future but he is indeed one of the best villains of all history, since he was so calm and collectedwhen killing other cats.

He's became evil by a desire to have power over others, in my opinion. He's was tyrannical and cruel, but I feel bad for him for the events in his past. Despite this, he's overrated and nothing will justify what he has done.

Scourge is my mate. I love him! -Horestar of HorseClan

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15 Rainflower

I HATE RAINFLOWER. She is a terrible mother who judges her own kits by their looks

If he'd stayed in camp he'd never have had the accident. Then he wouldn't be the ugly mess he is now. He'd still be my handsome young warrior.


She should be first..

Rainflower is and forever will be the worst mother of all time. Why isn't she number one!

Who judge's there own kits. Can not like for being bratty but not judge them

She's the worst cat ever! She's a messed up bitch who treats Crookedkit/paw/jaw like crap!

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16 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

Leafpool is awesome jerks!

THis list is just plain stupid. Many of the cats on here are good and don't deserve to be here

Why are people putting friends here that don't deserve to be here!? AND THE EVIL CATS ARE BEHIND HER! - Bluestarleader

I bet how hate her doesn't understand a single thing.She suffered so much and you thrown hate at her?.Would you like that,You Watch Your Mentor's death,You're forced to break up with your Mate,You're hated by your Mate,You Watch your Mate getting another Mate and a Kit,You're forced to give up your Kits to your Sister and don't raise them,You Watch your Kits grown up without having the chance of saying how much you're proud of them and how much you love them,You're hated by part of the Clans,You're hated by your own kits,youWatch your daughter's ettempt of trying to kill you and receive the new that she ran away and died smashed by rocks,you Watch your daughter dying for the second time...Leafpool just made some mistakes that if we try,we can forgive. - cassiabez

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17 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

I HATE how people call him evil. He never tried to kill anyone and Bluestar chases him into The Dark Forest that is a little harsh ya he was ambitious but so are many other toms like Brambleclaw/star but they're not evil

You can hate him if you want to but you just need to know: Thistle didn't "make Tigerstar evil." Goose feather saw the evil in Tiger when he was just a kit. Read Bluestar's prophecy.

I think he was not a bad character when he was alive. But in the Dark Forest he was plain mean and evil. But Thistleclaw chose to be there.

He caused many deaths making Tigerpaw evil... - cassiabez

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18 Brokenstar

" I personally love YellowFang and like BrokenStar is a horrible cat far worse than TigerStar ( In my opinion ) and he killed his own father, kits ( I think in the warrior code your not supposed to kill kits )

Brokenstar was born evil. At least Tigerstar was an innocent kit in the start. It was just Thistleclaw that turned him evil. - RisingMoon

Brokenstar was by far worse than Tigerstar* sigh. - Paint

I think we can just say that it wasn't completely Brokenstar's fault he was evil. It was Lizardstripe's. She's all "Oh, I have kits. Now I have a Clan leader's kit, and I don't care, I am just going to torment it for my own pleasure."

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19 Lionheart

How is that even possible? I think he is a pretty cool character.

He is a very loyal cat. Why hate him? Lionheart was a wise and noble deputy. I wish he didn't died.

Lionheart, as an apprentice, was so cheerful and his wisdom was found then where he told Pinestar to announce his news to the clan. He was an amazing cat and a noble warrior, died too soon before he was able to show off his deputy skills. He does not deserve hate.

Lionheart, yellowfang, bluestar, Leafpool, hollyleaf, graystripe and sandstorm are bad characters? That doesn't sound right(at least to me)I'd hate on characters like Tigerstar because he's evil AND a traitor or some mary sue like SpottedLeaf or Dovewing. - MLPFan

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20 Ivypool Ivypool

Such a drama queen

Should a jealous brat. I hate Ivypoop.

Too much of a drama queen. Her sister gained a power she never wished for yet she was nice to everyone and people loved her for herself but Ivypool had to be under the spotlight, he became the miss drama queen of ThunderClan, had to complain about everything, be jealous of her sister who tried to give her attention and LOVE her, acted like a scumbag to her sister and had to train to the dark forest, tried to kill Flametail's spirit to prove loyalty and when she suddenly realise how stupid she was acting she decided to become a spy.
Yeah suddenly loved her sister and oh suddenly realised how much of disloyal she was and yet she still hated her father for training in the dark forest as well.
Do not judge cats when you have done worse, k girl? I dislike her.

Everybody thinks she is a saint.

Nope. She is the demon to me. - Sunadayh

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