Warrior Cats: Love is Stronger Than Hate

There are many characters in the Warriors series that I used to hate. But then I realized they were all okay. All the cats make mistakes, but it doesn't mean you need to hate them for life. And when I say I used to hate some of the cats, I really mean that. Like I hated them so much that I got so angry whenever someone wrote anything positive about them. I have changed, and here I can show why.
Love is stronger than hate.

Hollyleaf is one of the many cats that I used to hate so much, and now I'm fine with. In fact, I love Hollyleaf way better than all the other cats.
I used to hate her since I thought she was a hypocrite. She claimed she cared about the warrior code, yet she killed a cat. I thought she was stupid. Right after she killed Ashfur to protect a secret, she revealed it herself. I thought that she was evil. She had forced her own mother to eat deathberries.
Then I realized I was the one who had problems. Now that I look back to that, I really wonder why I hated Hollyleaf so much.
She wasn't being a hypocrite. She killed Ashfur to protect the warrior code, as a matter of fact. Ashfur had overreacted and tried to kill five cats, so it was neccesary, and Hollyleaf had no choice but to kill him. Hollyleaf wasn't being stupid. She revealed the secret because she had found out who her real parents were. When she killed Ashfur, she didn't know who her real parents were. But later on when she found out, she didn't want to let everyone continue believing a lie, so she told the other cats about the secret. She wanted to keep things the way they were supposed to be. Hollyleaf also wasn't evil like I thought before. She gave Leafpool deathberries since Leafpool had lied to her, and she wasn't able to take that in. I understand why Hollyleaf did that. She was also an emotional cat, so you shouldn't take it against her. Hollyleaf even apologized after that, so it's perfectly okay.
She returned to ThinderClan even though she knew oh hers would hate her. Hollyleaf also saved Ivypool, and died doing that. So why did I hate her in the first place?

I also used to hate Leafpool. At this time, I was already kinda obsessed with Hollyleaf. Anyway, yeah, I really hated Leafpool. Why? Well, I thought she "wronged" Hollyleaf and lied to her kits. I didn't really like how she broke the warrior code when she mated Crowfeather. I also got mad at her when she just watched Honeyfern die, and didn't bother to try saving her.
The more people said positive things about Leafpool, the more angrier I got. But now when I look back at that, I just wonder why I hated Leafpool so much. I just kept trying to tell myself to hate her, when she didn't even do anything too bad. Why couldn't I just learn to forgive Leafpool? Even Hollyleaf forgave Leafpool in The Last Hope.
So if Hollyleaf had forgiven Leafpool, then why couldn't I?
Leafpool didn't even do too much wrong. When she never told her kits that she was the real mother, she was doing it for their own good. She didn't want to interfere with their lives when they were so young and just living it so well. And when she mated Crowfeather, it was meant to be that way. Leafpool had loved Crowfeather, and he had loved her back. So what if they broke the warrior code? Firestar and Graystripe broke it countless times, and even Hollyleaf broke it before. As of forbidden couples, Graystripe and Silverstream, Bluestar and Oakheart, Yellowfang and Raggedstar, there are so many! When Leafpool didn't try to help Honeyfern, it was because there was nothing she could do. Leafpool was a great medicine cat, and if she couldn't save one cat, oh well!
Leafpool also had such a great personality. She was always calm, always kind. She loved her kits, though they had hated her. She helped Hollyleaf, and didn't tell anyone about how she knew about Ashfur's murder. Leafpool is awesome, and I don't get why I had even hated her before.

This is one of the cats that I just overcame my hate recently. I hated Squirrelflight since she had caused Ashfur to go nuts. I also thought that she was the one who caused Ashfur's death, and that all the blame should have been on her.

But I was so wrong. It wasn't Squirrelflight's fault that Ashfur killed five cats. If Squirrelflight didn't love Ashfur, then he just needed to find another mate. It was Squirrelflight's choice whether she wanted to love Ashfur or not, not his. (I feel sorry for Ashfur still.)
She had cared so much for her sister, that she had took the responsibility in taking care of Leafpool's kits. I don't think that she should have deserved all the hate from the kits, because she and Leafpool kept the secret of who the parents were for a reason. Squirrelflight had tried really hard to be a good foster mother to Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. Though she did have to keep a secret from them, it was to help her sister Leafpool, and to let the kits stay happy.

I know a lot of people hate Millie. It was because she had stolen Graystripe's love from Silverstream, and didn't treat her kits equally. It actually makes a lot of sense to hate her. But Millie had reasons for what she did.
She became Graystripe's mate since she had traveled with him to the lake. If Millie was not with Graystripe, then he wouldn't have been able to survive alone, or at least it would have been much harder.
It also made much sense for her to show favoritism to Briarlight. She was scared that other cats would not care about Briarlight because she had broken her leg, so Millie decided to show some love. Millie also didn't hate her other kits. She just loved Briarlight a bit more.
There is also a difference between Millie's show of favoritism and Rainflower's. Rainflower hated Crookedkit because he broke his jaw. Millie decided to show more love to Briarlight. So Millie's way of acting was clearly better.

Thanks for reading!!!