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21 Raggedstar

One moment you love someone, the next you've become such an ass for adoring your former spouse's child. That ass is THIS guy! He even lets a bad queen to raise his surviving kit to become such a corrupted being! He's like this to Yellowfang, "You know what? I don't love you anymore. Ha ha! See ya in the afterlife! "

He killed his father, was a jerk to Yellowfang, encouraged Brokenstar to attack and harm his foster siblings, didn't care if he was a kit that was abused by his foster family and yet he trained him, showed him battle moves and make him belive kits can train too since he was trained as one himself(I am talking about Brokenstar) Yeah

I dislike him because he turned into a douche.

Eh he's not THAT bad kind of a jerk to Yellowfang but who cares anyway? Brokenstar is the jerk.

He was a jerk to Yellowfang!

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22 Hawkheart Hawkheart

He was not mean. Nor selfish or soulless, if I remember he was nice to hopkit/Deadfoot and he was always fun to be around. He did kill Moonflower but she was destroying their supplies so he had to protect his clan and the herbs. He didn't do it because he was evil. He did it to protect his clan. Yeah it was not right but many cats killed other cats, Blackstar and Leopardstar deserve to be here not him, at least he did it to protect his clan not because he wanted power.

Hawkheart is a selfish, soulless cat, he should die! - SeeU

23 Mosskit (TC) Mosskit (TC)

She's so annoying, I hate her. People are like "oh, poor kit died in the snow, everyone who hates her go hug a cactus" but haven't you realised she is such a silly attention-seeking brat? What was the point of the Erins making her, if she would die, what was the point of having her in a story? And she only lived for a few chapters. She was only there to waste people's time! And just because she's the SAME gender as Bluestar, doesn't mean Bluestar has to favour this indignant little brat over STONEFUR AND MISTYSTAR.

I just hate Mosskit. She doesn't deserve to be Bluestar's daughter! No offense Mosskit fans, but she is such a jerk.

If you love Mosskit, then just leave! It's our opinion! We don't have time for people to say rude things to Mosskit haters! Hate Mosskit forever!

I don't even get why so many people like her

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24 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

How far have you read into the books? If you know anything, Jayfeather STARTED the god damn clans! He was rude to Yellowfang because she kept popping up in his dreams and he didn't even know that she was Brokenstar's mother, thankfully, anyway I don't know whats wrong with you jerks who think Jayfeather is evil! HE IS NOT EVIL! He had to handle knowing that without him and the other two the clans would be destroyed, and part of it was because he thought Hollyleaf died! And he was in love with a cat who died long before he was born and he's a medicine cat when his dream was to be a warrior! 1

I know he started the clans and all but I don't like his personality. He was a whiny brat and whenever some cat was trying to help him, (Like Brightheart.) he didn't appreciate it. Yes, he may be blind, but that's not an excuse to be such a jerk.

Why is Jayfeather on this list?! He's awesome! If people think Jayfeather is on this list, then why isn't Yellowfang? They have a lot in common. - icestorm1116

Jayfeather was literally my fave character! WHY HATE HIM! He is only rude because everyone treats him like a useless kit... what if u were him!

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25 Stormfur

He's not so bad...

Why hate him? He was a loyal cat.

To thensure comment above me, yes he did have feelings for Squirrelflight/paw or whatever she was at the time, but he got over it. He knew it was wrong and pushed away his feelings for the greater good, unlike Feathertail who made it completely obvious her and Crowfeather/paw were into eachother

Well he is a hypocrite for confronting Feathertail for her love to Crowpaw when he gave up his clan to live with Brook but he didn't do anything bad to be on the hate list.

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26 Sol

The only cat he was nice to was to Leafstar. He tried to destroy the other clans and stupid Blackstar had to belive him and put his whole clan in faith crisis. I don't know if I should hate him but his actions weren't good and he was selfish.

So fits perfectly on this list I mean he was such a jerk he was such a moron he wanted to become a warrior and betrayed his clan that is not how a warrior acts! He hid leafstarskits from her I mean that is not fair why hide them to find them and then become a warrior!? he is so stupid I hate him so bad and he helped save the kits but he was still a real jerk and moron! And I mean it!

I mean he helped LeafStar save her kits to bring them to the clan...

Gimme a W Gimme a O Gimme a RST
what's that spell= WORST

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27 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Wake up, Hawkfrost! Who in the world threatens their sister?! I didn't even threaten my brother when he nearly smashed my phone - redhawk766

I only like his name. Everything else about him I hate. - Froststar_of_iceclan

Why did he have to threaten his sister? Who does that?!

At first I didn't care for hawkfost and then he tried to kill firestar I was like what the heck buut he KILLED HOLLYLEAF AND THAT IS MY FAVORITE CHARCTER OF ALL TIMES and why would he try to kill ivypool for fight for what's right like dude be yourself because your father is a jerk - Iceheart

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28 Onestar

He changed after his leadership.

He has a rivalry with Firestar now

He was awesome. Now he is an idiot.



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29 Twotail

Who is that? - Fadingwish3089

30 Berrynose

He is annoying and bossy and for some reason I can't help laughing at his stubbornness, also after HoneyFern died he hut on her sister!

Annoying two-faced tom. 'Our kits would be wonderful Honeyf-- oh wait you died, I will bang your sister now now because why not'

Berrynose may be hellishlly fussy and bossy but that does not mean he is evil! - Moonblaze

Sunstar mentored Bluestar
Who mentored Firestar
Who mentored Bramblestar
Who mentored Berrynose...

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31 Foxheart

BIG JERK get it?! Fox-heart lol.

The only thing I know is that...Her name suits her 100% - cassiabez

Such a brat. I was so happy when she died.


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32 Snake
33 Pinestar

Cause he left his mate when her kits were sick

Well, he was so awkward when Leopardfoot was having kits, THEY WERE HIS KITS! Why WOULDN'T he want to see them? Then, he called HIS KITS "these kits." And FINALLY, he wasted his LAST LIFE on being a kittypet, so Sunfall only recieved eight lives during the ceremony instead of nine.

Wut why him

34 Ferncloud

Honestly, she looks after queens and the kits she is a gentle and caring cat. How can she be evil. Plus, she entertains the kits and an evil cat wouldn't be able to do that. - Moonblaze

I feel like all she did was have kits, fret about something, have more kits, fret about something else and so on and so on.

She was always helping the other queens just because u don't fight doesn't mean u suck

She isn't really that evil

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35 Clawface

He killed Spottedleaf! And (my opinion) Lionheart. He is evil. I read Yellowfang's Secret and I now appreciate him a bit more and he is more complex. But I still hate him and I think he killed lionheart and he DID kill Spottedleaf, one of my favorite characters, and Lionheart is my favorite warrior cats character.

Nasty nasty tom. He killed Spottedleaf when almost no one else was in the clan camp. So he was 1. A coward and 2. He killed a medicine cat. A MEDICINE CAT.

What's wrong with Clawface? Okey, I hated that he killed Lionheart. Lionheart was one of my favourite characters in the first series. But so, what more did Clawface do that everybody is so sad about? Oh, he killed Spottedleaf too, right? I LOVE him for that.

Spottedleaf is my favourite character in the series! How dare Clawface destroy her? When he did, I was ready to kill Clawface. Why? Spottedleaf would have lived! Uggg. I hate him! He is my least favourite character ever! Like why? Why a medicine cat? And why Spottedleaf? Kill... I don't know Tallstar or Lionheart! Not Spottedleaf! He doesn't care about anything and kills inoccent cats! I get if he killed a warrior, ok queen, but a medicine cat? That's my most favourite character of all times? No. that's just plain evil and cruel. Cats should treat others that way! I will never forgive Clawface for,what he has done! Hope he feels guilty that stupid fur ball!

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36 Crowfeather

Before you judge, hear me out. Crowfeather was an awful father to Breezepelt. Maybe Breezeplet wouldn't have grown to be so bitter if he had been nicer. Crowfeather also completely abandoned Nightcloud after pretending to love her just so he could get accepted back into his clan.

His only good moments where in moonrise, everywhere else he's back to annoying standoffish tom

Blames leafpool for something that's both their fault, is all understanding when she chooses her clan over him until he isn't (I'll never forget you leafpool --> You mean nothing to me), uses nightcloud for nothing but to prove his "loyalty" and treats nightcloud and their son like dirt. Cares more about his thunderclan kits, that he never new about, more then his own son he raised simply because he didn't have feelings for the mother of breezepelt but did for the mother of his thunderclan kits. Is it breezepelt's fault he exists?

He was awful to his kits, awful to Leafpool, awful to Nightcloud, selfish because Leafpool left him for a whole clan that NEEDED her and he was simply grumpy and give 0 attention to Breezepelt, when he could of been a sweetheart to him.
It was Breezepelt's fault because his father was an irrensponsible cat.

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37 Redstar

He sounds like brokenstar

Top comment: pretty funny cause there is tc leader redstar who was pretty bad and helped exile a clan

No way I have an OC named Redstar! He's a white cat with red ears and a red belly(I don't know) he's a total jerk because his mate died his sister and brother aren't even in his clan and his apprentice literally abandoned the clan. But this is my OC, so I guess you shouldn't be voting for him.

Look, I know that some peeps will get mad at me, but I wanted to put my own cat up here. You who hate peeps putting up their own cats, hate away. I couldn't care less. Redstar is a russet Tom who was the evil ThunderClan leader. He named his cats things like Dropshriek (for what happens when ThunderClan leaps on their opponents from trees) and Crushingjaw. He attacked all three other clans at a gathering, badly wounding the RiverClan deputy, Flywater, who then was attacked by an apprentice who didn't see the majestic ginger and white Tom was wounded and killed him. Redstar also forced kits too early into apprenticeship.

38 Lizardfeather
39 Starstarstar

I don't know man, Starstarstar was there sinse the very beginning and had GREAT character development... Starstarstar was the best

Tell me... What kind of Queen in the Dark Forest names her kit "Starstarkit"... - cassiabez

Star., star... star.. WUT

40 Shrewclaw

I REALLY hate this guy. I mean, he called his Clanmate WORMCAT just because Tallstar's father was a tunneler. AND he blamed Tallpaw for Brakenwing's death. I HATE him. I can't stress that enough. - Froststar_of_iceclan

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