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41 Moth Flight
42 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan . She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out .

SHE IS NOT EVIL DARN YOU! Ashfur was gong to tell leafpool's secret. She stopped him from, and then she got so crazy she did it herself. She almost killed leafpool out of sheer anger towards her mother, SPOILERS for last hope She DIED for Ivypool, If she didn't, Ivypool would be DEAD. - Mewbosses

Hollyleaf shouldn't be on here. You want to know a really annoying cat who deserves number one spot? Ivypool. She betrayed her sister (not like I like Dovewing; she's a complete Mary-Sue) out of jealousy. She's a whiny little brat, and the only thing I don't like about Holly is that she died to save her. ThunderClan would be better of with brave Hollyleaf than bratty Ivypool. Plus, it's Holly's equally bratty foster mother and selfish real mother's fault that she went crazy. Ashfur is to blame, too. And also Crowfeather and Bramblestar.

Wow... She was too scared of allowing Ashfur to betray her secret which would mean disobeying the code she believed in so fully so she killed him. I admit Hollyleaf is my favorite cat but that was really rash. And then she tried to kill her own mother then let her live knowing by her own mother's words that it would hurt her more to live. Cruel much? Then she ran away. After all of that she turned coward. That's her flaws in my opinion. She did die for Ivypool though so she made up for it. (Wonder how awkward it'll be since shes in starclan with Ashfur now.)

You can say Damn you it's not that hard...

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43 Sandstorm

Most of the people hating oh her are CinderxFire fans. Just ignore the haters. She is not perfect, you ramble on about all her flaws. Which makes your argument invalid. Whenever he brings up Spottedleaf her anger is perfectly normal. He's dreaming about Spottedleaf in Sandstorm's place! I'd be angry if someone I love a lot would wish his dead ex was still alive to take my place!

I love her she was a better mate to firestar then he was ever to her at first she was very loveable but after she started warming up to firestar I started really loving her

I think Sandstorm is awesome, she used to be rude but she turned into a sweet awesome she-cat.

I Dislike her and she deserves to be here with a reason of my point of view, let me tell you.
o Well she bullied him and taunted him when he was an apprentice, didn't care about the effort he did and wanted him out of the clan
o Begun noticing him only when he became a hero and got under spotlight after the fight with Brokenstar and after saving her.
o She never loved him truly for who he was but for the power he gained, otherwise she wouldn't have given a single poo about him.
o She was cocky and rude
o If Firestar wouldn't of becoming a hero, she'd still taunt him even til today and be mates with Dustcloud (if I remember his name right).

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44 Blackstar V 4 Comments
45 Cloudtail

I hate him unless he is with his mate and kits then he is lovable when he took it on himself to train his mate after the dog attack it made me not hate him so much but when daisy showed up I started hating him again

He was so sweet towards Brightheart loving her even though she lost an eye. Open your eyes people he is a caring sweet cat! We don't get a lot of those.

Yes, he was a super annoying character in the first serious (most of the time) but he kinda redeemed himself later on

Ok I'm not a huge fan of cloudtail but
You gotta admit
Cloud X bright is adorable

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46 Dustpelt

He was a bully to firestar along with sandstorm but he become a good friend to firestar and good mate to his mate and a good father I love him but not his mate

He is a bully, also he and Ferncloud thing was really random..

"He's a bully he's so mean" keep in mind that was in the first arc. I actually liked him and teared up a bit at his deatj

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47 Briarlight

Briar light is fine she never wanted Millie to fuss over her and she did say she really wants to be treated like a normal cat but Millie won't listen. And she didn't ask for the tree to fall on her, and not her fault she's scared of trees

She was invented for a cheap mini-plotline that has nothing to do with the series. Plus, Honeyfern - and her unborn kits - died to save her, and she turned out as a useless burden.

She is a amazing cat, she never gave up and gave Jayfeather some company.

She's just a poor Cat how go her two back leg's bones broken... - cassiabez

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48 Darkstripe

I HATE Darkstripe, I was really glad when Graystripe killed him.

I HATE him, he tried to kill Stonefur, and almost killed Sorrelkit. (Sorreltail.)

I wish sorrelkit would have died and stonefur lived

I hate this cat! HOW COME HE'S FARTHER DOWN THEN ME AND MY FRIENDS!? - Bluestarleader

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49 Sandgorse

Awful father to Tallstar. He wouldn't leave Tallstar alone just because his dreams were to run free on the moors and not to spend his time in holes. After he died he left Tallstar full of sadness. He threw away his passion to follow in his father's footsteps or at least tried to anyways.

A bad dad to make his kid follow in his footsteps and throws a tantrum about how Tallstar doesn't want to be a tunnel digger.

I agree with ya.


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50 Bone

He killed Whitestorm. And he helped Scourge kill all those cats.

I do not hate him. He was born a rogue and followed his leader's oders, he was acctually very loyal and strong he would of been an awesome warrior if he was born in a clan.

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51 Palebird

What did pale bird do? It was mostly her mate that was mean. Maybe it's because Tallstar felt replaced when she had kits with another cat? I think she's a sweet cat.

52 Goosefeather

He's just so JERKY. How can everyone NOT hate him.

He did a mistake which led him to insanity. Why to hate this tom?
He was filled with omens that came TRUE in the end and nobody listened to him.
Yes he did put all the medicine cat weight on his apprentice but he lost his mind after blaming himself for his sister's death.

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53 Cinderpelt Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.

She didn't obey Fireheart, her own mentor so her leg accident is almost her fault.

CINDER IS AWESOME! You WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT hate this cat if you want to come to StarClan with me! - Bluestarleader

Marysuepelt should've been her name.


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54 Leopardstar

She thought she was the best

Leapordstar was pretty stuck-up and idiotic. She pretty much thinks just because she is a leader she can do whatever she wants. Gosh, I just hated how stubborn she was...

She was kinda no REALLY ANNOYING!

55 Oakstar

Exiling someone for breaking the code is one thing. But throwing Mapleshade's kits under the bus after revealing the father's true identity is not okay! They're just kits! They have no control over their heritage! You've murdered them all!

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56 Lizardfeather
57 Brackenflight
58 Mossykit
59 Doeheart
60 Tawnypelt

What have she even done... - cassiabez

TELL ME, WHAT DID SHE DO!? - Bluestarleader

Why is Tawnypelt even on this list? She did NOTHING wrong to get here! - IcetailofWishClan

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