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Spottedleaf must have felt that she had Firestar first and it wasn't fair, but she also made Sandstorm feel terrible about herself, and depending on Spottedleaf's kindness, she probably never intended to do that, at least she lied to spare Sandstorm's feeling in Skyclan. that was the best she could do. Speaking of Skyclan, THAT WAS SANDSTORM AND FIRESTAR'S HONEYMOON, I MEAN IF YOU WERE ON A HONEYMOON, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOUR EX SHOWED UP? TERRIBLE! But I also don't like how Sandstorm gets jealous too easily, and it was pretty unfair that Spottedleaf never got to be with Firestar, I honestly think that rule in the warrior code is STUPID. So, I have mixed feelings on this, I don't know whose side to take.

There is NOTHING wrong with Spottedleaf. She was an amazing medicine cat, one of the best, and even if she knew she could never have Firestar she helped him to get to SkyClan NOT ONLY when she gave him a life she mentioned to use LOVE on SANDSTORM which is highly suspicious from my side, because I think Firestar did it after Spottedleaf had told him. Not only she died saving Sandstorm but she was watching over their kits, gave him prophecies and at least she loved him when he showed his abilities against Longtail and he probably liked her when she supported him even if he was a kittypet unlike Sandstorm who gave him attention Only when he became SOMEBODY to the clan A.K.A. a HERO and when he saved her sorry rump. Spottedleaf tried to make him happy by making him notice Sandstorm and she died for them, yeah I never saw a single drama caused by her unlike Sandstorm who had to make Firestar's life a living hell with the taunts. Spottedleaf does NOT deserve that hate.

I hate her so much! She made sandstorm feel terrible about her self and felt like her mate loved someone else. And I don't get sandstorm haters, like ya she was mean and first but firestar saved sandstorms life and she realized how wrong she was. Spottedleaf did nothing but stalk firestar's dreams.

Spottedleaf was gonna run off to have kits with firestar and spottedleaf was so old she could have been his mother sick she-cat I'm glad she was killed off and she should stopped stalking Firestar and his family from beyond the grave

Spottedleaf was a pervert and a stalker. Firestar loves Sandstorm, she has to accept that! She literally once said, I am not kidding, she said that she had wished Sandstorm was dead and she was still alive. She fell in love with him after 2 sentences, and she is way too old for Fire(paw? ). Nothing is wrong with any of us. Yes, she wasn't the worst, but she was one of them. My least favorite medicine cat. (She was actually nice as an apprentice anyways! )

She didn't have any character development, keeps getting shoehorned into the story, and is in love with someone that she talked to less than six times while alive that is young enough to be her son, just to name a few reasons.

What annoys me most is how cats can smell her "sweet scent"

Spottedleaf is a 'nice' cat. I mean, she's kind and caring, but somewhat a pest at the same time. It gets painfully annoying every time she's in Firestar's dream. It annoys me how it's a fact that she's in love with him.

I absolutely HATE her! She made sandstorm feel like she wasn't good enough. She is a Mary Sue! She's just little miss perfect and I can't stand her. GO SANDxFIRE!

She's always so perfect.And one look oh I'm in love with him really wow.l got to emit her death was sad but that doesn't mean everyone should like her all of a sudden. And every time she's there they always put a SWEET this and a SWEET that.I'm sorry guys but I feel like she's pointless.

What is wrong with you Spottedleaf haters?! Why does she deserve to be on this list? She was one of ThunderClan's best medicine cats. If you hate Spottedleaf, you hate Firestar, Leafpool, and Squirrelflight. Spottedleaf has helped them through many difficult situations. Plus Sandstorm was a jerk to Firestar at first. When did she all the sudden fall in love with him. Why hate Spottedleaf for falling in love with Firestar? Firestar fell in love with her too. So why don't you just hate Firestar too?

I like Spottedleaf, but she can be annoying though.

I'm actually happy to see her on the top ten. She was a stalker to Firestar, she barely have character development and they brought her back to life even she was supposed to die EARLY In the series. Spottedleaf was bland and boring. Everyone loves her, she's pretty(even I hate her, I have to admit she does have some great design), and she had an oh-so tragic death scene. Firestar was crying for her,EVEN He had someone better like Sandstorm who had a character development and a far more interesting personality, contrast to Spottedleaf's bland personality. And yeah, she Is a mary sue. She barely had flaws and is good at at least almost everything. And FireSpotted is a pedophile relationship as If Firestar was an under aged loli and Spottedleaf is a lolicon. She's just the same as Shirley Fennete from Code geass. - MLPFan

WHAT she deserves first place on the list

She deserved to die, I mean, Firestar was like 7 moons and she was like 20!

Why would you hate a character that did nothing to anyone except healing them? She wanted a mate that she never had the chance to be with! What's so annoying!

Spotted leaf and firepaw barley talked to each other in the first book. How does that make them IN LOVE? 2

Spottedleaf is just a creepy Mary-sue stalker. Sorry FireXSpotted shippers, but I HATE FIREXSPOTTED! And don't get me started on how it always describes her "sweet scent"

Spottedleaf didn't ever try to hurt anyone and reassured Sandstorm when Sandstorm doubted that Firestar loved her. - Moonblaze

I DON'T LIKE SPOTTEDLEAF AT ALL! Ooops,... caps lock. In mt opinion, she is a quiet brat who loves someone who is much MUCH younger than herself. And, she made Sandstorm feel terrible! I JUST HATE HER SO MUCH!

(My opinion) Spottedleaf's character is a bit 'boring'. Her character mainly is a love interest for Firestar.

Spoddedleaf is okay, but Sandstorm is way better. She might be a mary sue, but she did save Sandstorm and died again knowing she could never ever come back. Now, as I said before, none of you wimps would ever do that, so stop hating on her, Spoddedleaf haters. She's better than you could ever be in your whole life. - Pebblepaw

Shes a creepy stalker. She dies, she falls in love with Firepaw/heart/star, then she stalks his dreams. And how everyone can smell her, it always describes her "sweet scent". No.Just no.

Spottedleaf was awesome she never even did one thing wrong! She helps so many cats in dreams what is wrong with all of you!

Do not like her. She fell in love with Firepaw at first sight. Really they knew almost nothing about eachother! Plus shes way older than him and SHE'S A MEDICINE CAT PEOPLE!